Introduction to Essays

Introduction To Essays


The following was found in the book “The Coming Anarchy” by Robert D Kaplan,. Published 2000

“. . . we are no longer in a world where the old rules of state warfare apply. More evidence is provided by the destruction of medieval monuments in the Croatian port of Dubrovnik: when cultures, rather than states, fight, then cultural and religious monuments are weapons of war, making them fair game.”

Here Kaplan quotes Martin van Crevald , a military historian at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Author of The Transformation of War. “. . . . Once the legal monopoly of armed force, long claimed by the state, is wrested out of its hands, existing distinctions between war and crime will break down much as is already the case today in . . . Lebanon, Sri Lanka, El Salvador, Peru, or Columbia.” [And I will add it is happening in the United States and the West at this time.]

“If crime and war become indistinguishable, the “national defense” may in the future be viewed as a local concept. As crime continues to grow in our cities and the ability of state governments and criminal justice systems to protect their citizens diminishes, urban crime may, according to van Creveld, “develop into low intensity conflict by coalescing along racial, religious, social, and political lines.” As small-scale violence multiplies at home and abroad, state armies will continue to shrink, being gradually replaced by a booming private security business, as in West Africa, and by urban mafias, especially in the former communist world, who may be better equipped than municipal police forces to grant physical protection to local inhabitants.

Keep in mind the Democrat Party is advocating reducing military and law enforcement. Sanders has proposed cutting 80 billion from the defense budget. This at a time when China is building their military and has surpassed us in some areas of defense. Many are calling to defund or even abolish both police and prisons when crime, much of it violent, is increasing rapidly. These people are mentally ill and live in an imaginary bubble.

“Future wars will be those of communal survival, aggravated or, in many cases, caused by environmental scarcity. These wars will be subnational, meaning that it will be hard for states and local governments to protect their own citizens physically. This is how many states will ultimately die. As state power fades – and with it the state’s ability to help weaker groups within society, not to mention other states – peoples and cultures around the world will be thrown back upon their own strengths and weaknesses, with fewer equalizing mechanisms to protect them. . . . “


I was fortunate to have had two teachers that taught students how to think, or at least they pushed whatever button triggers the process. In high school I had two political classes taught by the same teacher.  He wrote in my annual “Thinking  is very difficult, you meet so many that can’t, you meet so many that won’t, you will be alone.” I now understand what he meant and that is the reason for this site. He taught one how to trace history back to find the origins of present problems and find the hidden or seemingly unrelated events that led us to where we are. He also introduced us to Oswald Spengler who felt the future could be predetermined and wrote the thought provoking “Decline of the West.” If the future can be predetermined then it would be possible to alter a foreseeable disaster. Another teacher I had in college when explaining the class said he did not place the emphasis on rote memory but wanted to teach us to think. He said the class isn’t over at the end of the semester he said “the class is over when you die.

In the essays I will often use quotes from authors much smarter and more eloquent than I am. I will also post many links that you can refer to. Some may seem unrelated but I will try to weave them all together as I get towards the end and hopefully they make sense.


 I have said and say in numerous Essays the US is on the verge of collapse and will collapse without draconian measures. At this moment it IS collapsing. I realized how fragile civilizations were, and are, while standing at the base of pyramids in Mexico. I was always fascinated by ancient civilizations many of which accomplished feats we could not do today. (While we might technologically be able to do them we could never get through the red tape.) Some of them were very large and very advanced. They may not have had automobiles, airplanes and computers but were quite sophisticated and organized but even so they collapsed. In Tikal, Guatemala they did a recent flyover and sent down signals that gave the topography of the land and discovered there are over 60,000 man made structures still covered and buried in the surrounding jungle. Wrap your mind around that. All civilizations collapse due to almost identical reasons. Reasons that are slightly different when adjusted for differences in technology and culture but basically the same. Driving through the surrounding countryside made me realize the Mayans suffered a social, economic, environmental, military and intellectual collapse all rolled into one. Human nature has not changed all that much since the beginning of time. Our science is making the prospect of altering that human nature very real. Social scientists, business interests, and the shadowy agencies that make up governments, ours and the world’s, have been studying and researching it and altering it gradually for decades. Our future is frightening. Our present predicaments have been foretold in writings from the Judaeo-Christian Bibles, the religious writings of other major religions and in much science fiction.


The intelligence level of humanity, at least in the West, is declining. With our eyes focused on televisions, computers or cellphones our ability to reason and think (what little there was) is being dulled and diminished. Our lack of discipline, declining morals, the use of drugs, legal and illegal, and our mindless entertainment all are both symptoms and causes. Looking back clues to the beginning of the decline of Ancient Rome could be first noticed in their declining literature. Since reading anything worth reading is becoming a thing of the past ours can be seen, not in books but in our entertainment. (Actually reading anything is becoming a thing of the past.) The mindless groupthink of celebrities, media and sports figures and the mindless groupthink of many of our college students make that apparent. Groupthinking has replaced critical thinking and independent thinking. Television and cinema, our substitutes for cerebral stimulation, have gone from “Star Trek” and “Law and Order”, shows that actually had thinking and intellectual substance behind them, to shows of  such mindless entertainment as “Honey Boo Boo”, “Hip Hop Nation”, “Life After Lockup”, and “Marriage Boot Camp”. Our music has also become a substitute for intellectual stimulation. Things that promote what today passes as intellectual growth in the past would have been from books or interaction with others of intellectual substance. From the music of Mozart and Beethoven to recent songs such as “The Wayward Wind” and “The Tracks of My Tears” that were about romance to songs glorifying drug use such as “White Rabbit” to songs glorifying violence as Rap music often does and then to crude music glorifying immoral behavior such as “Stupid Hoe” and “Wet Ass Pussy” (That is an actual song.). A large percentage of our visual entertainment consists of violence, violence and more violence and sex, sex and more sex. Our morals and civility have declined to the level of those of all past collapsed civilizations. The violence, destruction and looting now occurring are a breakdown of law and order.  Economics professor Walter Williams said: “We must own up to the fact that laws and regulations alone cannot produce a civilized society. Morality is society’s first line of defense against uncivilized behavior. . . .”


The uncivilized behavior is more noticeable and rampant in the larger metropolitan areas. There negative aspects of cities that dense populations are certain to produce are now being purposely manipulated to magnify these negative traits. I do not include suburban areas with the urban. These urban cities are run by liberal Democrats and have become basically third world in nature and it is purposely being done to collapse the present West and replace it with an authoritarian, socialist state that is global in scope with the UN as a type of capital. Note: I do not hold the Republican Party in much higher esteem. They would create a corporate state with the UN building as corporate headquarters even though a large segment of billionaires support the Democrats. The billionaires support the Democrats because they know the Democrats are the most easily manipulated and deceived.  Our only two chances to avoid these nightmares and the violence and cruelty that will follow are for the red and blue states and areas to go their separate ways or the military to intervene. (That is if the military has not been compromised which is becoming obvious they have. The colleges and civilian governments certainly have. Recently the new Democrat administration has made some policies and given orders that if followed will lead to foreseeable and inevitable defeat in a war.)  The red and blue going separate ways is best viewed as an “if you are in a crooked poker game that you know is rigged and you stay what do you expect”  situation. I  have explained our only choice in Essay 9 and in the Essays previous to 9 I laid the foundation and reasons why that is our only option. I removed the military as an option as they are now “woke” and are shills for the Democrats. The Democrats are also manipulating various ethnic and cultural groups into a coalition and pushing for several changes in the system that will ensure one party rule as is the case in China, Russia, Venezuela, and Cuba to name a few examples. One party rule is a dictatorship. Doesn’t matter if the party is political or the corporate company store. The fact that people can vote in the political one is only a show to give the illusion of freedom to those with lower intelligence.  Once a  one party rule is established in the US the UN will have a clear path to a one world state. China and the UN and the WHO (World Health Organization) are in league and once the US collapses the rest of the world can be brought to heel with a series of phone calls. Then the collectivization and culling of humanity will begin. And it will begin as the reality is the majority of elites who will control everything feel the majority of humanity is basically useless when it comes to progress and advancement which is, unfortunately, mostly true. They also believe that the majority are actually millstones around the necks of the abler and are more trouble than they are worth.


Once a person is dependent on a single authority for their source of food, medicine, transportation, energy, education, housing, clothing and finances that authority owns that person completely. You can go nowhere without them knowing exactly where you are, what you are doing, what you are spending on what and with the advancing technology ultimately what you are thinking. That is the point at which they can and will reduce the population. Like I said the general consensus among the elites is there are too many useless people. These people consume resources, add to pollution, add to crime and contribute nothing of value equal to their consumption either in a practical or an economic sense. To the elites these people will always be a burden and a menace to the abler elements of society. These elites will have at their disposal the entire arsenal of power including, eventually, mind control. They will have control of the water supply which will make control all the more easier in urban areas. Rural areas mostly have wells. If they control the medical systems they can determine who can and should have children and medical treatment. They can starve populations like China and Russia did. There have been many novels with this type of dystopian future that is unfolding before our eyes but the intelligence of such a substantial portion of the population has been diminished or been molded to the point they are oblivious. Many leftists will say that is rubbish but it is logical. The fact  they cannot see the possibility, actually probability, of it shows they lack basic thinking and reasoning abilities and should never be entrusted with responsibilities in areas of safety, security and stability of society. Remember we have but one realistic choice. Our fates depend on our actions or in-actions and even more so on the actions or in-actions of others. Ours we can control but those of others we cannot so we better do the right things.


If the Democrats win in November we MUST go with our one option.  The only other option is to allow the left to gain dictatorial powers. They have pulled too many dishonest and underhanded moves that should prove beyond a doubt they can not be trusted. I am sure the military is watching the goings on of the political landscape and realizes that if the left gets into power they will be relegated to obscurity or be used against productive civilians. In reality even though it is a nondemocratic institution the military would be better upholders of the Constitution much more so than the Democrats IF (big IF) the military has not been weakened or compromised. I now sadly think they have been. The Constitution is a remarkable document but in order for it to be functional requires a population with a certain level of civility, education and intelligence. The military (and paramilitary) are structured and have guidelines known as policy and procedures and they use them as controlling documents much like the civilians use the Constitution and laws. The Democrats are the epitome of the world Orwell’s 1984 depicts. The red and blue states and areas need to go their separate ways. The cities have the greatest concentration of wealth and they also have the greatest concentration of poverty, crime, drug use, immorality, and decay. The red would flourish better without them as a human body would by removing malignant tumors. They would also have control over who came in and they would be less tolerant of criminals burning down and looting their cities. Either end up like Baltimore, Minneapolis, Chicago, Portland, Atlanta, and Seattle or remain orderly, secure, safe, stable and relatively free. While the left has contempt for the red areas they cannot survive without them. The red could survive without the blue.


If Trump loses the election and there are mail in ballots it is with 100% certainty it was stolen and it cannot be accepted. I will delve in to voter fraud later. The Democrats and left are using the playbook of the communists. The violence now rampant has been engineered by George Soros and other communists and communist sympathizers. The pandemic has been incorporated into their election strategy. They are purposely dragging out the pandemic lock down, the economic crises and the opening of schools crises to defeat Trump. This shows the low level to which they will stoop. Mail in ballots are a source for massive fraud and the fact they deny it shows their lack of honesty. The only way to prevent increasing widespread violence is with the one choice we have left..  At the end of Essay 8 I have posted links to the problems with mail-in voting. The left has proven itself to have nothing beneath them..

The red states and blue states separating would not be without difficult issues but would be much easier to solve if the separation occurred without violence. I mentioned some of the issues in Essay 9. Medicare and Social Security would be two. Another would be some pensions. Some are state and some are federal. Another would be military personnel and equipment. None of them would be overly difficult. The debt owed nationally and internationally would not be overly difficult to solve with intelligent and rational discourse. The money would be another issue. At first both countries using the same currency would work but the blue would ultimately print it indiscriminately and make it as worthless as Monopoly money. It is now happening using the COVID pandemic as an excuse. There isn’t another choice unless you consider letting the Marxists have the nation and ending up like Venezuela a valid choice. To me President Harris would not be a choice at all. If you think of the violence taking place all over America and realize that the only other option over the one I mentioned is to let President Harris run the place is a choice you need to rethink. (A vote for Biden is a vote for a Harris presidency.)

Considering the flippant attitude of the mayors and governors of the states and cities going up in flames and prosecutors refusing to prosecute crimes I think you understand why the opening quotes from “The Coming Anarchy” unsettled me. They hit close to home.  It saddens me to think there is only one option but there is no other. If they get in they will do exactly what all communists and revolutionaries do: kill opposition. It will start with persecution and ultimately get worse.  It does not take a genius to see that and insanity is written all over the rioters faces. Those behind these movements will let them reek havoc just to show who’s boss. Then after that the rioters and protestors will be disposed of. They are too emotionally unstable to be of any use for the new regime. Merely a superficial look at history will prove that. If the governors and mayors and many elected representatives in the capital are afraid to stop them now what do you think will happen once they build more momentum.  We defeated communism abroad and might die of it grown within our borders.