9 Separation 2020


NOTE////// 06/12/2921  This is only half of the Essay on Separation. I have decided to do it in two parts. I am now working on it and will then redo Essay 10 on Military Intervention. Both were of sufficient length to warrant being divided into two halves. I believe, as well as many very knowledgeable people, the Western world is economically and socially collapsing. We also are becoming militarily impotent. We will not win in a military engagement with China. This collapse has been planned. If we do not take draconian measures our descendants will be impoverished, illiterate, and starving living in third world conditions at the mercy of people without mercy.  


9 Separation 2020




Numbers 9 and 10 were the last two Essays written but I placed them first on the reading list because people’s personal plates are usually so full it is often difficult to find time for anything other than their personal issues.  We are between that oft talked about  “rock and a hard place” and the gap is narrowing like a vice being slowly closed. It has literally come down to a matter of survival, life or death. It is obvious the left has gone collectively insane and those that don’t or won’t see it are also insane. Mass hysteria is a very real phenomena that takes on a life of its own. How easily and quickly mass hysteria over even something minor can sweep through the population was made apparent during the “Great Toilet Paper Panic” of 2020. The absurdity and the lesson of it should not be lost to memory. There were fistfights over toilet paper, over masks and we all know Walmart has fights over toys at Christmas sales. Wait until the system collapses and there is no food or water or fuel or medicine or power. Wikipedia has a good entry under the title of “Mass psychogenic illness.” After reading Essay 9 on Separation and Essay 10 on Military Intervention, I know most of you will reject both, read the rest to see why I feel they are the only two options. If the left gains control they are not going to suddenly become sane they are going to be empowered as their insanity will have been validated. (They have won, albeit unethically, and that last sentence is being proven true.) They  are already talking about a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” to persecute Trump supporters. There is talk of taking the children of Trump voters away from them and reeducating them. They are banning conservatives from media and preventing them from working. This is right out of the novels of the dictatorships of “1984” and “The Handmaid’s Tale” and right out of Communist, Fascist and Nazi playbooks. These people are crazy, stupid or traitors, or all three. Before Trump even took office the left planned a coup against him and set the simpleminded, emotionally motivated liberals up to support it. Imagine the violent scenes you were seeing nightly throughout the summer of 2020 mushroom in size and in level of violence. We are running out of time. Things are moving and changing so fast I will be adding to these existing essays new information, thoughts or items that are pertinent. If the Democrats win in November (they did) we will be out of time (we are).. We must avoid violence. These two (9 and 10) are both a bit long but in order for them to be close to stand alone writings I had to refer to numerous things from previous essays.

This was written on the day after the “election”:

We know the Democrats are corrupt and if they run the country it will be over for America. If you are playing poker in a syndicate run casino and there is a crooked dealer and you know both facts and you continue to play and you get ripped off you basically asked for it. If you sleep with an unknown you met in a bar and get an STD or play with fire and get burned what can you possibly say? If they win it was by cheating we all know it. (They did and the “cheat until caught then lie about it” scenario is so obvious.) They have prepared the population for it by giving numerous scenarios they can fall back on and claim a “see we told you” position. If they win there are only two options. (It has happened and the media and tech industry support it. In fact they helped manipulate it.) The red states and blue states need to separate. If we don’t and we get what they want to implement we deserve it. If the military allows it to happen one of two situations exist: they are woefully short of competent leadership which means we will lose the next war because the Chinese are smart and smart people win in an advanced world or the military has been compromised. If the military has been compromised, which is beginning to take on the need for closer scrutiny, we have lost. I have been thinking about this for a long while. I did the series of essays and #9 is on separation and #10 is military intervention on the hope the military has not been compromised..


“Now when man’s future seems so vast, catastrophe threatens to cut us from it. The dangers with which depression, dictatorship, false recovery and war are having us in have become so grave and imminent that we no longer need concern ourselves with proving how grave and near they are. We need concern ourselves instead with the problem of escaping them and the cruel dilemma we face: whether to risk peace or freedom? . . . .”

“It is not an easy way – who expects one? – And to many it will seem at first too hard to be practical. But this is because its difficulties and dangers are greatest at the start; other ways that seem easier and safer to begin with, grow increasingly hard and dangerous, and lead nowhere. . . . . “ That is from “Union Now” by Clarence K. Streit  (1940) (He advocated a type United States of the World modeled along a structure similar to ours.)

There should be very little doubt that the United States is on the verge of collapse. According to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll in USA Today 06/09/2020,  80% of  Americans feel the country is out of control. Things are either in control or out of control. If partially in or out of control they are out of control. It is like being half dead. If you are half dead you are alive. You might be dying but you are alive. The odds definitely favor a collapse and a gambler would bet on it. Without draconian measures the system is going to collapse under its own weight, complexity and trying to be all things to all people. We in the red areas, states and counties, need to let the military know we support them 100% because I have a feeling things are going to get ugly and they are between a rock and a hard place also. They have responsibility to the nation which is divided into two totally incompatible visions. They realize which side has their backs and support them (the red) so they should have the red’s backs. They also know which side wants to slash their budget by upwards of $80 billion and has nothing but derision for the Space Force which is needed if we are to survive in a modern world. I get into the military in the next essay. The Speaker of the House pointing her hands and fingers at the President as you would hold a gun and ripping up his State of the Union address is representative of everything you need to know about the left. It is obvious the Democrats have been compromised by foreign interests, undoubtedly China. Two motion pictures come to mind, “The Manchurian Candidate” and an episode of the early 1960s television series “The Outer Limits” titled The Hundred Days of the Dragon.  Both are about Asian interference in our nation’s civilian politics. We have too many Benedict Arnolds that value power and money over honor.  As far as the military is concerned is it possible they has been compromised also? Yes because the plan to undermine and over throw the US has been in play a long time but of all our institutions they would be the one that could best resist it and would. The military has a code of honor, discipline and structure that civilians do not have. If they have been compromised we have lost anyway so not much would matter. Like all democratic states America is going to collapse because it has become too large and too dysfunctional and tries to satisfy too many conflicting goals and has “too many termites in the woodwork.”. And, of course, everything comes back to our flawed human nature.


Since this was originally written and posted many Democrat controlled cities have gone up in flames with riots and looting in the summer of 2020. There have been thousands of buildings looted and burned and a number killed and the toll keeps going up at this time. The American left has literally gone insane and the basic ingredient of the left is hate for virtually everything. They don’t know what they are for.  They are like children whining and fussing without and understanding what they are fussing about. Ask them and you get answers so vague and general they have no meaning whatsoever and the answer will often come in a nasty, self righteous tone. If not ask them to explain their position then the tone will get ugly. Democrats and the left are motivated not by reason and rational thought but by emotion. They have placed a symbolic face on that hate by using President Trump as the unifying factor representing, to them, all that is wrong. They are the exact same type of citizens in the novel “1984” but don’t see it. They have literally gone clinically insane and democracy is impotent in the face of mass insanity. In fact it is politically and economically advantageous for the  left to cater to it. The United States is so fractured and the divide so wide there is nothing united  about the United States anymore. It is so polarized there is no depolarizing it, no repairing the divide. In the words of Milton in his epic poem “Paradise Lost”: “For never can true reconcilement grow Where wounds of deadly hate have peirc’d so deep.

This was planned by those that want to collapse America and the West and have used our freedom and democracy and desire to do the right thing against us. It is the goal of globalists to have a one world government and has been in the works for a long, long time and was organized beforehand much of it by foreign influence. If you remember in a previous essay I gave the explanation of fifth columnists which is how it was accomplished. I explained “fifth columnists” in a prior essay  but do so again in case you have skipped the previous essays due to time constraints.

Fifth Columnist from the Encyclopedia Britannica:

“Fifth column, clandestine group or faction of subversive agents who attempt to undermine a nation’s solidarity by any means at their disposal. The term is conventionally credited to Emilio Mola Vidal, a Nationalist general during the Spanish Civil War (1936–39). As four of his army columns moved on Madrid, the general referred to his militant supporters within the capital as his “fifth column,” intent on undermining the loyalist government from within.

“A cardinal technique of the fifth column is the infiltration of sympathizers into the entire fabric of the nation under attack and, particularly, into positions of policy decision and national defense. From such key posts, fifth-column activists exploit the fears of a people by spreading rumours and misinformation, as well as by employing the more standard techniques of espionage and sabotage.”.

The fact the movement is global shows it is part of an organized  movement involving foreign influence to bring down the United States. The United States stands in the way of a “one world government.” Many of the Democrat leaders are in on it or are staying passive because of being targeted themselves or being blackmailed. Many businesses are supporting it because they  have been threatened. That is called extortion. Either that or they have the plan of being in the ruling class. Their being untrustworthy, greedy and emotionally unstable makes that unlikely as China does not value those qualities and China will be gaining influence over the world and us.. Economically we are on the verge of bankruptcy. We are blindly, and for accuracy and added effect I might add stupidly, entering the formative phase for a type of Orwellian 1984 nightmare or a science fiction “com” world (communist). As we know many science fiction books have been quite accurate in their predictions. There are many science fiction books that contain future dystopian societies as a theme but it seems very few read books anymore. I cited in prior essays studies that show our kids want to be YouTube stars while Chinese kids want to be astronauts. That shows our future and many on the left are not capable of understanding the ramifications of that. Philip Wylie in “Generation of Vipers”, written in the 40s, wrote of the average American’s  English abilities and reading tastes.  “. . . . has no adult wish, ever, to read any book printed in it except such stuff as wet dreams are made of.”  He was right then and it has only gotten worse. When you get a substantial number admiring some worthless trash like Cardi B singing “Wet Ass Pussy” social collapse is near.

I do not know if it can be reversed as it seems history has sadly demonstrated that a large percentage of the human race is not given to critical thinking and is not self-governing. They have the curiosity of a cow. Unless under a certain level of control humanity as a whole reacts emotionally from its basic instincts and goes from one crisis to another wildly swinging from one extreme to another like Luther’s drunken peasant who when prevented from falling off a horse on one side falls off the other. Perhaps Mencken was right when he said civilization and democracy may be self-limiting diseases and have suicidal tendencies.  I am, as I have said, an avid reader especially of history, science fiction, and books that discuss and analyze the human condition ( fiction often has great insight or a profound message). I have followed current events since high school in the 60s and I see nothing that gives hope to the contrary. Looking back with that wonderful hindsight humans have I can see various points we took the wrong turn at many of the forks in the road. Unfortunately when you take a wrong fork every fork after that is on the wrong road. If on a foot path or on a highway you can turn around and backtrack to the correct fork, however, in life you can’t go back to the fork because it is in time not a direction on a physical plane. Looking back, after the fact, the correct choice is usually so obvious we should have seen it then and chosen that fork.  One of my basic core beliefs is that overall humanity as a mass, if given a choice, will almost invariably do the wrong thing. People are not self governing. They are up to a point .but the point has limitations and it is obvious we have passed those limitations. They don’t want freedom they want security. They want a comfortable life. Mencken said that when the government outlawed alcohol during Prohibition the average worker didn’t mourn the loss of his freedom he mourned the loss of his beer. President Franklin Roosevelt in his Four Freedoms speech said the four freedoms were: freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from fear and freedom from want. I think it was Harry Truman that said something to the effect that the average person didn’t want four freedoms he “<em>wants four sandwiches.”  Fear is one of the major motivators of humanity and politicians play up to it. The pandemic, economic turmoil and the rioting have vividly demonstrated that. Bertrand Russell wrote in his book “Power”:  “The ordinary quiet citizen, we said, is led largely by fear when he submits to a leader. . . . .”  “The kind of mob that the orator will desire is one more given to emotion than to reflection, one filled with fears and consequent hatreds, one impatient of slow and gradual methods, and at once exasperated and hopeful.” “The cases in which fanaticism has brought nothing but disaster are much more numerous than those in which it has brought even temporary success.” “The impulse of submission, which is just as real and just as common as the impulse to command, has its roots in fear. The most unruly gang of children ever imagined will become completely amenable to the orders of a competent adult in an alarming situation, such as a fire; when the war came, the Pankhurst’s made their peace with Lloyd George. Whenever there is acute danger, the impulse of most people is to seek out authority and submit to it; . . . . “   [The Pankhurst’s were women’s suffragettes in England prior to WW1. Their bitter enemy was Lloyd George whom they considered the worst enemy of women but felt the threat of Germany was so great they placed their confidence in him. They felt he was the person most capable of dealing with the war.] Both parties are equally guilty and responsible for our present situation but the Democrats and the left are the greatest threat at this point. The Republicans are close behind though. Although the situation has been building for over a hundred years of errors the Republicans actually made the fatal move that led to our present predicament of being in danger of losing to China by picking the wrong forks in the road where it could have been prevented. (That was Nixon recognizing Communist China and Reagan opening the door.) I explained my reasoning in Essay 8. It is not so much it was the wrong fork it is they rushed in without proper preparations owing allegiance to big business. (I believe in  capitalism so don’t take that remark as me being a socialist. I just don’t believe in crime or treason.) The first thing to do would have been to understand the terrain and inhabitants so to speak. In plain words they should have understood China, Chinese history and the Chinese mind. Businesses picked that fork for us long before it was taken. They had their eyes on China for a long while seeing a large market and a source of cheap labor and watched the student demonstrations in the 60s and could predict the direction of the nation. Whatever liberals think of  capitalism capitalists are not stupid. Rich people are rich for a reason. Of course when the Republicans were not in charge the Democrats picked up the ball and with great gusto ran with it acting as shamelessly as the Republicans. Actually more so as they have exceeded a low never achieved before. I have gone into both in previous essays. The Clinton, Obama and both Bush administrations are responsible for our present situation. They and their cronies personally profited greatly due to their policies on China.

The Republicans are of no less a threat than the Democrats in the long run even though at this brief instant they are a stabilizing anchor. Whether they remain so remains to be seen . Very doubtful because if human nature enters the picture it won’t happen and dealing with humans makes its entrance a given. Neither party contains command material and we need that quality now more than anything. There are far more in the Republican Party though. Donald Trump views the world through a business lens, which at this point is to our advantage, and has been doing a better job than any of the others of both parties whose hat was in the ring in the 2016 primaries would have done and is presently better suited than any of the Democrats. He recognizes the threats posed by China and also is better suited to repair a broken economy. His achievements prior to the pandemic were excellent. He was bringing some businesses back from out of the country and had the lowest unemployment rates for blacks, Hispanics and women.  Unfortunately he comes across as rude and obnoxious and, as I said prior, he often doesn’t think before he speaks which usually gives his enemies ammunition. Never arm your enemies.

We are at the point we have only two viable options, only two. Due to the coronavirus pandemic we had startling revelations of just how much we depend on China for the goods of our needs and wants. We no longer even manufacture the basic necessities required for our basic survival needs including medicine. There has to be accounting by those responsible and we have to take our own negligence into consideration for not being more mindful. We also have to realize when we bought a microwave for $100 dollars over one that cost $200 we were contributing to the problem. While we were collecting coins, assembling model planes, or watching baseball or football or “<em>Honey Boo Boo” or “Hip Hop Nation” or “Love After Lock Up” or wrestling or some other totally mindless entertainment or doing who  knows what we should have paid some of that attention to those we put in the driver’s seats but we didn’t. We also should have purchased the $200 microwave but we didn’t. Also while our attention was focused on nonexistent Russian collusion China took many large steps forward while we were oblivious. China has pulled ahead. They do not have to tolerate rioting, looting, arson and people wanting to destroy China or picking a person for a job to satisfy some quota. In China endangering public safety can be a capital offense. Had China been running the U.S. there would have been thousands of missing rioters. 

China plans ahead decades while we only look an election ahead. Shortsightedness is a fatal flaw of democracy and a shallow pampered humanity. China is not a diverse nation and does not play the losing game of identity politics. Nor do they waste time and money for touchy feely, group hug training. They don’t divide their nation up into pockets of diversity they are all Chinese and have a united goal and that goal is to displace the US as the global powerhouse. They do what is best for the country while a large percent of our leaders, both business and political, look to what they can legally steal.  Look at our leaders economic worth and how they got it. Many that tell us to be willing to sacrifice have mansions and fly in private jets. Those are forms of theft and there are countless examples we know about and undoubtedly hundreds we don’t know about. The universities are under control of communists who bought support, one way or another, for their positions this is why universities turned out class after class of students indoctrinated instead of educated. We gave them money without enough oversight and strings attached.  That is as much stealing from the system as is outright robbery.  We are an example of what happens when non self governing humanity governs itself. The reality is if there was/is any collusion it would be between the Democrats and the Chinese. They both have benefited immensely from the present problems. So much so you have to look at the situation with a skeptical eye.

Let’s look at the results of what was accomplished that benefited both Chinese Communists and the Democrats in this “accidental” pandemic.

  1. The pandemic placed us in a locked down, quarantine status creating situation that Americans are unused to and adverse to and is taking a psychological toll. This benefited both the Chinese and the Democrats and hurt Trump in an election year.
  2. It all but collapsed the economy causing the stock market to drop thousands of points. This benefited both the Chinese and the Democrats and hurt Trump in an election year.
  3. .It caused massive unemployment among all segments of society including Blacks, Hispanics, and women three groups that had the highest level of employment in decades. This benefited both the Chinese and the Democrats and hurt Trump in an election year.
  4. It created fear of the pandemic, fear for the economy and set the stage for violence. This benefited both the Chinese and the Democrats and hurt Trump in an election year.
  5. It disrupted the trade war with China in which Trump was attempting to bring about an economic equilibrium in trade between the U.S. and China. This benefited both the Chinese and the Democrats and hurt Trump in an election year.
  6. It allowed the Chinese to make great strides to replacing us as the world’s number one economy. This benefited both the Chinese and the Democrats and hurt Trump in an election year.
  7. It weakened our ability to aid our ally Taiwan in their continuing attempt to stave off Chinese aggression towards annexing the island nation. China is building up military forces in China across the Taiwan Strait. This benefited both the Chinese and the Democrats and hurt Trump in an election year.
  8. It weakened our ability to come to the aid of Hong Kong in their battle to maintain their autonomy from China. Many in Hong Kong carried American flags asking the U.S. and Trump to support them. Many of these have been rounded up and held by the Chinese communists. Also China is building up military forces across the border from Hong Kong. This benefited both the Chinese and the Democrats and hurt Trump in an election year.
  9. The Chinese have made more progress claiming the South China Sea as Chinese territory. It has diminished our ability to counter them. This benefited both the Chinese and the Democrats and hurt Trump in an election year.
  10. It allowed the Chinese to gain holdings in foreign nations hit hard such as Italy and Spain by the pandemic by buying assets of troubled companies at bargain prices strengthening their economic position. This benefited both the Chinese and the Democrats and hurt Trump in an election year.
  11. It has majorly disrupted our educational system keeping students of all school levels, from grade schools to universities, from a smooth flowing education exacerbating an already in progress educational decline. This benefited both the Chinese and the Democrats and hurt Trump in an election year.
  12. It has created an even wider and deeper divide between the left and the right due to the violence and has facilitated and promoted rioting, looting, arson and lawlessness. This benefited both the Chinese and the Democrats and hurt Trump in an election year.
  13. It has created an atmosphere of hate between the police and local residents and a sizable segment of the population. This benefited both the Chinese and the Democrats and hurt Trump in an election year.
  14. It has jeopardized the prospect of many businesses to rebuild in the neighborhoods affected by the rioting increasing poverty in those neighborhoods. This benefited both the Chinese and the Democrats and hurt Trump in an election year.
  15. It has made some large companies rethink investing in the United States due to continuing violence. This benefited both the Chinese and the Democrats and hurt Trump in an election year.
  16. It has taken the United States closer to collapse. This benefited both the Chinese and the Democrats and hurt Trump in an election year.
  17. It aided China in what they considered their “Dangerous Decade” the decade between 2020 and 2030 when the U.S. could not ignore China’s growing economic and military power but they were not sure they could best us in outright conflict. This benefited both the Chinese and the Democrats and hurt Trump in an election year.
  18. It has aided candidates that want to drastically reduce our military budget which places our ability to defend ourselves and our allies in jeopardy. It also has placed NASA in a position of having budget cuts. This happened in the Obama administration. Social programs for artificially created social problems take precedent in a democratic socialist society. This benefited both the Chinese and the Democrats and hurt Trump in an election year.
  19. It has aided candidates that are in favor of Marxism, a system that has never worked. China and Russia are moving away from Marxism because it did not work and moving towards one that did work while we are<em> moving towards</em> a system that does not work  moving away from one that did  work. This benefited both the Chinese and the Democrats and hurt Trump in an election year.
  20. It has facilitated people with political agendas to manipulate statistics on the COVID19 pandemic death rates to indicate a much higher number than actually exist. Some places list a death from a cause other than the coronavirus as a death from it if they tested positive at time of death. Some test sites were reporting a 100% positive test rate when it actually was as low as 10%. A 100% positivity rate is impossible. This benefited both the Chinese and the Democrats and hurt Trump in an election year.
  21. It has disrupted religious activities in the United States, mainly Christianity, something both the Chinese Communists and the Democrats hate. If services are only possible on line there are some that won’t return when they can reopen. This benefited both the Chinese and the Democrats and hurt Trump in an election year.
  22. They have given permission to rioters, which they call protestors, to assemble in large numbers but have banned conservatives from gatherings. This benefited both the Chinese and the Democrats and hurt Trump in an election year
  23. Prosecutors in some Democrat run cities are refusing to prosecute crimes involving theft under $950. This benefits both the Chinese and the Democrats and hurt Trump in an election year.
  24. Many Democrat run cities and counties are releasing thousands of criminals including some with crimes of violence due to leftist prosecuting attorneys. This has made honest, law abiding citizens unsafe, This has been facilitated by Democrats and their “owner” George Soros (provable fact). This benefited both the Chinese and the Democrats and hurt Trump in an election year.
  25. It has emboldened those attacking Western culture by allowing statutes and symbols to be torn down and destroyed. This benefited both the Chinese and the Democrats and hurt Trump in an election year.
  26. By creating confusion and destabilizing society it has allowed and even facilitated the revision of history to fit a narrative rather than facts. In order to learn from the past it is necessary to accurately know the past. This benefited both the Chinese and the Democrats and hurt Trump in an election year.
  27. It has forced many small businesses out of business. Large companies owned by the elites have flourished. These are the companies that have supported the Democrats. his benefited both the Chinese and the Democrats and hurt Trump in an election year.

I am more than skeptical of something that just happened to show up at a time convenient to the Chinese Communists and the Democrat Party. Two groups that have similar goals and agendas while having a common foe, President Trump. The Democrats tried for three years to get rid of Trump via the sleaziest methods and failed then in an election year a “wonderful” thing happened.  A pandemic hits originating from China and gives the Democrats a boost. The Democrat nominee and winner in the election is pro China. We can now call the White House Traitor Joe’s. Watch the movie “The Manchurian Candidate“ or the 1960’s TV series “The Outer Limits“ episode “The Hundred Days of the Dragon.” Wikipedia has an entry on it and they start with summarizing the plot. It goes: “An undisclosed Asian government, presumably Mao Zedong‘s Communist China, based upon the description in the opening narration, plans to take over America by infiltrating and substituting officials at the White House.” No I do not believe that has happened but I do believe the government has been infiltrated by communists and other enemies of the United States and they have holds of one type or another on government officials. Here is a link to a Chinese professor saying as much:


Here are some videos of reports about China’s military discussing using coronaviruses as a biological weapon in 2015. There have been reports of this from foreign news media sources, India and Australia for two. There are many in the West that deny this is possible. These are usually ones quick to point out the faults of the West and deny faults in Communist nations. I have to admit this is something that we would not be above doing. I believe in the “clean hands” philosophy and that means to condemn others for something we have to have what in the legal field means our hands have to be clean. Our hands are no dirtier than the hands of others and often they are cleaner. We are in a fight for survival and have to consider everything and not poo-poo something because it goes against our narrative.







In Essay 7 I quoted a passage from the book The China Threat by Bill Gertz [2000]. I have copied it here again in case you are reading this Essay first:

“China’s changing views of warfare are outlined in the 1999 book Unrestricted Warfare by two PLA [People’s Liberation Army] colonels, Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, who advocate expanding combat beyond the battlefield to include computer warfare, international terrorism, biological and chemical warfare, economic and financial warfare, and more: . . . . ‘

On cyber, techno –warfare, the authors conclude: ‘”learly, it is precisely the diversity of the means employed that has enlarged the concept of warfare. Moreover, the enlargement of the concept of warfare has, in turn, resulted in enlargement of the realm of war related activities. . . . . .

“To Qiao and Wang, the modern warrior will be a combination of traditional military commander, modern computer hacker, international financier, and global terrorist. ‘Obviously,’ They continue, ‘warfare is in the process of transcending the domains of soldiers, military units, and military affairs, and is increasingly becoming a matter for politicians, scientists, and even bankers.’ “

Also in the book is the following and very interesting passage. In light of the dates and present situation it is not only interesting it is disturbing:

“. . . . Chinese military writings predict that China’s “dangerous decade”—, when it faces a strategic checkmate—is the period between 2020 and 2030. [Remember the book was published in 2000] By 2020, America will not be able to ignore China’s growing might, and China’s military and strategic planners fear the country will not be powerful enough to take on the United States until 2030. What China wants is three more decades of Clinton-Gore “engagement,” which downplays Chinese military capabilities, encourages decreasing American defense spending, and gives China major technical and financial boosts.”

The Pandemic was meant to get rid of Trump and distract the public from the Democrats collapsing the system. Everything the Democrats do is to destroy the US and Western civilization. They hate the US. The lock down and the fear being peddled every day by the politicians and their puppets in the media. It changes on a regular basis to keep people off guard. The lock down was only for two weeks to flatten the curve. A year later it was still in effect. Schools were closed. This hurt the education of the students and our future economically. The lock down isolated us from much social contact. Isolation causes problems for social beings as we are. The isolation, the stopping of education, the loss of jobs, the loss of freedom, the damaged economy, and the gains made by the globalists in the UN were not random events. At one time it could be caught easily from touching surfaces. Then it was thought to be able to be caught through the eyes from from minute droplets of contaminated air.President Trump said the virus could have come from a lab in Wuhan China but was excoriated by the Democrats, the media, celebrities, sports figures the WHO (World Health Organization a UN organization) and even some scientists. All had economic interests in China. They all vehemently attacked Trump and denied any connection to a lab. They even refused to investigate the possibility.  Now it is becoming apparent it was a virus that escaped from a Chinese lab but the left refusing to investigate may have allowed the Chinese to get rid of the evidence. This is why liberals should never be allowed near positions of safety and security.

Trump put operation “Warp Speed” into action almost immediately to develop a vaccine and Dr Fauci, the Germ God, said it was reckless. Then when the vaccine came out he said it was reckless to not get it. Pfizer withheld the development of the vaccine until after the election to hurt Trump. Kamala Harris said she would get the vaccine unless Trump had anything to do with it. Then she got it when it came out even though he had initiated the development. Everyone had to wear a mask. Then it became two masks. I went to the doctor and was wearing a mask. The doctor scowled when looking at the oxygen level indicator on my finger and I was told to take the mask off and take a couple of deep breathes. The doctor took the oxygen level again and said good back to 98%. That was with one mask. I can imagine what it would have dropped to with two masks. I can tell with one I am being deprived of adequate oxygen. Businesses were closed then allowed to open at a certain percentage of occupancy. Many small businesses went out of business but big corporations flourished. The left always complains about  big business not paying their fair share of taxes then implements policies that make its profits mushroom and the CEOs get richer and their control over the government and citizens greater.

While we are being held in thrall to the pandemic China pulled ahead. The Democrats won the election and have started doing as much damage as possible to further the interests of the globalists. The stimulus bills passed amounting to trillions of dollars had little to do with the pandemic but giving money to their cronies and their pet projects. One bill had 5,593 pages. Wrap your mind around that. If you can’t see what it was all about you have no mind and are useless. These trillions of dollars are going to bring on massive inflation which will be disastrous. I hope everyone remembers who did it and who voted them in.

Also the open borders are going to bring in millions that will be wards of the state. The policy will also bring in many criminals and is strengthening the cartels. These Democrat operatives leave headless corpses around. They are Democrat operatives in the figurative sense.

They have used the pandemic to alter voting regulations enabling many non-citizens to vote. No IDs needed. Mail ballots to everyone everywhere with no oversight. The move to make Puerto Rico and Washington DC states giving Democrats and communists total control forever. Packing the Supreme Court is on their list. Lower the voting age to 16. All those things are like stuffing the ballot boxes.

The Democrats have condoned and encouraged violence. They have allowed sections of cities to be occupied, to be burned down, and stores looted without consequences. They have prevented the police from preventing these wanton acts of destruction. All these things are designed to collapse the United States.

The policies of Biden should confirm to even the densest liberal he is on the side of the Chinese and the UN. Senator Diane Feinstein (Democrat California) had a Chinese spy as a chauffeur for 20 years. Eric Swalwell (House Representative, Democrat California) had an affair with a Chinese Spy, Christine Fang. Joe Biden’s son Hunter has extensive business dealings with China. MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow once said on her show we have to consider the possibility that the sitting president (Trump) is an agent of the Kremlin. I think it is Biden that is in bed with the Chinese. He is literally the epitome of a Manchurian Candidate. Everything he does is something that weakens the United States and is by forethought designed to collapse America. His stance on immigration, His sowing racial division. His spending money like a drunken sailor that defy sensible recipients that will benefit the Us is going to bring on a financial collapse. His anti-police stance. His picking people to head various departments that are fifth columnists with far left agendas. Below is a link about Biden reversing an order by Trump restricting China involvement with our electric grid. The article starts out saying: “President Joe Biden has rescinded an executive order of former President Donald Trump that was designed to prevent foreign countries meddling with the U.S. power grid. Trump’s order specifically prohibited “any acquisition, importation, transfer, or installationof bulk-power system (BPS) electrical equipment by “foreign adversaries.” “


The Democrats and the left poo-poo the idea of Biden and other leftists being controlled by the Communists or the pandemic being anything but an accident and do not consider them seriously shows they should never be trusted with any position of responsibility or authority in any agency that has responsibility for safety, security and stability. People this stupid or dishonest  will get you killed. It is best to stay away from them. If you were in a bar or restaurant and people with this level of intelligence surrounded you common sense should tell you to leave. The Democrats condone people that endanger and harass people. I am sure most of you have seen videos of people harassing and threatening people eating at restaurants.

The Chinese think decades ahead while we tend to think short term. Our vision clouds after the next business quarter or next election. The Democrats also follow the short term thinking pattern but are quick to latch on to a crises that has an emotional basis and milk it forever. Democrat politician Rahm Emanuel said “You never want a serious crises to go to waste

Both options, whichever chosen, require the first item on the agenda is to take inventory of three categories: what we have, what we don’t have and what we need. We need to evaluate our positions with everything and that includes, but not limited to: allies (especially allies there is a vacuum globally that needs to be filled and there are numerous nations that would be eagerly willing to help fill.) China is making inroads into Australia. Here is a link to an article on China buying up Australia the title of which is: From farms and coal mines to airports and water supplies: How China is gobbling up millions of acres of land, vital infrastructure and companies – as part of its’ disturbing plan to exert greater influence and control over Australia.”


There are other nations that are being gobbled up by China. China is basically colonizing Africa. Africa is a large continent loaded with minerals. We have become too stupid to understand our future by worrying more on being woke than gaining resources we are in short supply of.

Here is a link to a post by WION (World Is One News), a news media outlet from India. The link is followed by the title and the first few sentences of the article:


China has been gradually and stealthily invading its tiny neighbour Bhutan for years now, reveals new research findings.A paper published by journal Foreign Policy stated that China has built an entire town, replete with roads, a power plant, two CPC buildings, a communications base, military and police outposts and a warehouse, almost 8 kilometres into Bhutan, reported the Australian news, site news.com.au.

Also we must inventory resources, petroleum reserves and deposits, gold and other minerals especially rare earth minerals (which China has in abundance), our land and resources owned both by us and by foreign nations and foreign firms, our factories and manufacturing capabilities. What we make that is necessary and what is the equivalent of useless toy Chinese finger traps. (If you don’t know what they are Google them.) Our transportation system (trains, planes, automobiles and trucks), our farms and food supplies and processors. Our housing, debts, human resources (skills, education, occupations, etc.) our population and of the following not only equipment and supplies but personnel: medical facilities, emergency services, fire departments and military. We are deficient in many things even basics. We have only one major aircraft manufacturer left, Boeing, and they were closed for a while due to the virus. As I said we do not manufacture the majority of even our pharmaceuticals. Our manufacture of tools and vehicles is far less than it was and way less than we need. Once most of the world  drove American made cars and flew in American made planes. Our manufacture of steel and metals is way down also. We are in serious trouble.

All these wonderful things the Democrats talk about like free food, free healthcare, free housing, free energy, free education, free money, reparations,  guaranteed income, etc., requires an economy that produces something of value, even professional skills, to exchange in order to get these things. Much of the left’s base support are those that have neither skills or practical value and are, in reality, more trouble than they are worth. That is one of those unpleasant or inconvenient truths we like to ignore. They apparently think the world is just going to give everything to us free. Considering most of the parasitism is within the ranks of the Democrats it is not possible for them to build something. Their rising star economist and international relations expert, AOC, is a socialist and dumb as a rock. (I was being kind.) She was probably passed because she had the right political views according to her professors, the right gender, the right culture or was being eyed by political operatives as she fit a desirable profile and would be a perfect Judas goat. She has never said anything sensible or of value in her political career. She is a socialist Judas goat. Several years ago I was talking with a woman from Russia. She was married to an American and had been here some years and we got talking politics and she was just dumbfounded over the socialists that were popping up. She said it didn’t work in Russia and their satellites  and it won’t work here. She knew we had been outsourcing for decades and she said what killed Russia was it didn’t make anything. Go to Walmart and find something made in Russia. We don’t either now.

We are faced with only two options. The riots and looting that are taking place have placed us in that position. The Black Lives Matter group that is responsible has been extorting and shaking businesses down for millions of dollars. Many small businesses will either just close and go out of business or some large businesses will leave the US if the situation is not brought under control. The loss or exit of jobs will add stress on an already overburdened system and put more strain on the remaining businesses and workers hastening the collapse of the nation and violence will result which is what the left wants. The Black Lives Matter and antifa groups that have reeked so much havoc are Marxist organizations and businesses can read the writing on the wall just as they could in the 60s. Part of the reason so many businesses outsourced in the first place was they could see the direction of the country watching the student demonstrations during the 60s. At that time American businesses virtually controlled the world economically from here in the US. To relocate was expensive and although they recouped the cost it would have been easier for much of it to remain headquartered here and go with satellite facilities elsewhere. It seems the left always sets up actions that undermines itself. Those students and protestors back then were not smart enough to see the consequences of their actions. The protestors today are not smart enough to see that Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with George Floyd or black lives. The protestors are being used and will be dumped or disposed of in the future. They do not have the intelligence or emotional stability to be of any practical use. If the Marxists do prevail the rioters will learn a hard lesson they did not learn in school. Liberal professors did not tell them that after a revolution revolutionaries become more trouble than they are worth to the new regime. Read what happened to the universities, students and many professors after Mao’s “Cultural Revolution” in China.

Option Two, which I am discussing first. is the red states and hopefully as many counties as possible and the blue states and counties go their separate ways. It should be and could be by mutual consent. The only reason it would not happen that way is the hate and arrogance of the left. I know it would be a radical and complicated undertaking but if the system collapses it would have to be done anyway and under much worse conditions with far less favorable results. The first item on the agenda would be to repair the destruction the left induced chaos created. Let’s avoid the death and destruction the left so relishes.  The longer the delay the more difficult it will be. Like ignoring cancer. Towards the end of the essay I have listed a few issues that I can think of that would need to be addressed and I am sure the combined thinking of everyone else could come up with many more. I just superficially touched on them as it would take many minds to detail them out. I think everyone needs to consider the possibility that one of the options is necessary. Better start thinking ahead. It is plain that the goal of the left is to collapse the US. The left knows it is the parasitical and undisciplined side and will not survive without the red. Separate the parasite from the host and the parasite dies and the host usually recovers. I don’t like the word secession as it is one side seceding rather than both going separate ways but often reference to separation come under the heading secession so I sometimes have to use it. I also don’t like secession because that sounds permanent and I can envision an eventual reunification to some degree. The blue areas will ultimately continue disintegrating until they finally outright collapse. At that point they can be merged back with stipulations they make improvements and adjustments to their systems and basically do things the logical way. Also the choice of who is allowed to merge back with them gets figured into the mix. No sense in having the people responsible getting a second chance to collapse the red again. I don’t like the idea of even temporarily separating but we are coming to the point that the violence that is brewing will do more harm with less chance of repair. It is almost like quarantining the infected from the healthy, something we can all understand at this point all too well. As an autonomous nation border security could be established. When looking at current events I know many of us are feeling like William L. Shirer, the author of the “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany”. He was in Germany during the rise of Nazism and pre WW2 years as a correspondent and wrote the following about his observations:

“I myself was to experience how easily one is taken in by a lying and censored press and radio in a totalitarian state. Though unlike most Germans I had daily access to foreign newspapers, especially those of London, Paris and Zurich, which arrived the day after publication, and though I listened regularly to the BBC and other foreign broadcasts, my job necessitated the spending of many hours a day in combing the German press, checking the German radio, conferring with Nazi officials and going to party meetings. It was surprising and sometimes consternating to find that notwithstanding the opportunities I had to learn the facts and despite one’s inherent distrust of what one learned from Nazi sources, a steady diet over the years of falsifications and distortions made a certain impression on one’s mind and often misled it. No one who has not lived for years in a totalitarian land can possibly conceive how difficult it is to escape the dread consequences of a regime’s calculated and incessant propaganda. Often in a German home or office or sometimes in a casual conversation with a stranger in a restaurant, a beer hall, a café, I would meet with the most outlandish assertions from seemingly educated and intelligent persons. It was obvious that they were parroting some piece of nonsense they had heard on the radio or read in the newspapers. Sometimes one was tempted to say as much, but on such occasions one was met with such a stare of incredulity, such a shock of silence, as if one had blasphemed the Almighty, that one realized how useless it was even to try to make contact with a mind which had become warped and for whom the facts of life had become what Hitler and Goebbels, with their cynical disregard for truth, said they were.”

On January 6 in Washington DC a riot broke out. Many were Trump supporters but there details have emerged that implicated leftists. Infiltrating and instigating violence are their tactics. The left is calling it an insurrection but it was not. It was a riot plain and simple. Changing the meaning of words is something the left has perfected in the last few decades. They can get traction out of the word insurrection more so than riot so that is their narrative. Those people knew they could not take the government by merely taking the capital building. They were doing exactly what the BLM and antifa rioters were doing in the summer just causing destruction. Using the word insurrection gives them an excuse to round up opposition. A communist, fascist and Nazi tactic. The left is proposing things such as deprogramming and removing kids from Trump supporting parents. They are doing a blacklist of Trump supporters to prevent them from obtaining employment. Exactly what Senator Joe McCarthy did in the 50s to members of the entertainment industry. The left has become a mirror image of what they  claim to oppose. In this case the old saying you eventually become what you hate is coming true.. There have been incidents throughout history that are a mirror image of the capital riots. Nero burning Rome and blaming Christians. It gave him an excuse to go after Christians. The Reichstag fire in Germany in 1933 was set by Nazis but the Communists were blamed giving the Nazis an excuse for going after the Communists. The movie “Mr. Jones” had a person trying to tell government leaders it was the Nazis when everyone was saying it was just unrest. He said: “The Reichstag fire was not unrest it was a tactic. The Nazis now have an excuse to end all opposition.”

While we were occupied by the mindless things we missed the infiltration by communists into universities, social justice movements, elected and bureaucratic positions of government, television, sports, social media and newspapers. We have watched once credible news papers such as the New York Times and magazines such as Time, Newsweek, and The Smithsonian spout such outrageous twisting of truth and censorship they have become no more than a tabloid level fish wrapper. We have watched the televised news media become so egregiously deceptive and false that what are obvious falsehoods are accepted as fact due to shear repetition. What is shocking is how many actually believe them. The reason is the millennial generation has been taught falsehoods in schools and universities and history has been distorted to them and they believe it without question because that is the way they learned it. Our liberal college students are as dumb as rocks (example AOC) and at talks given by conservatives they have proven themselves to be blithering idiots. Check out some on  Youtube. By their appearances they show their inner nature. If they could realize the reality of what really happened I am sure they would be outraged at being lied to. I would like to think so anyway. Another thing we learned from the pandemic was some schools that had to teach over the net had teachers that wanted assurance the parents would not eavesdrop on the schooling. That can be read a few ways. Why would teachers not want parents to know what was being taught to their children? The parents pay these teachers salaries. I have been in a couple of unions and overall I am a union man but I think it is time to reevaluate the power unions have over the ability, or inability, to have standards for teachers. To have incompetents or deviants or enemies of the state teaching children needs to come to a screeching halt.

The opening of the schools from lock-down have had and are still going through a confusing time. What would have been logical is to have some classes resume and some not. The basic classes such as math, reading, English and history should have resumed with smaller class sizes. It would have been easy to maintain social distancing and also give students more individual attention and basic education.  Instead of one class with 30 students have three classes with 10 students each. It would also minimize the overall number of students in the school classrooms at one time thus reducing the potential for infections. I know some teachers would be upset because of the reduced class subjects but many were complaining about returning at all. Another way would be to have the teachers change classrooms instead of the students. Also stagger breaks that would make for less contact in the bathrooms and hallways. Those measures would reduce much congestion and interaction in crowded hallways and restrooms.  You can’t have it both ways. It would be like the classification of workers and businesses: essential and nonessential. Subjects would be essential classes and non essential classes. Why the people with positions of authority that get paid to administrate don’t think of these things is hard to fathom. Actually it isn’t hard to fathom. They do it because they are intellectuals and intellectuals have the attitude they are superior and what they can’t fathom is they could be wrong. They also have been compromised in some way or another by foreign interests.

We are at the point where we have been backed into a corner with only two choices. Many of the problems we have and will have are the same whichever way we decide to go. If the Democrats win (they did) they will start pushing their agenda (they are) which is so radical it will be a major factor in the collapse of the nation. Those Democrat supporters that believe in this agenda show the deficiency in intelligence that is the fatal flaw of democracy: ignorant, dull minded, and emotionally motivated unstable  people vote. Many members of the government are fifth columnists. The four Democrat members of what is known as the “squad” definitely are. They are outright enemies of the country and we have allowed them to infiltrate the government. After listening to them only someone that lacks basic intelligence would not realize it. Everything they are for is designed to collapse the nation. What they propose costs money that we do not have. We do not have the tax base to support it either. Some of the large businesses, of the few that are left, will bail to a friendlier environment reducing the tax base even further. It will be a situation like New York on a national scale. Governor Coumo of New York is begging the rich to return to New York. There are numerous nations that are better environments for them. That is why many businesses left in the first place even for China. China found out Marxism didn’t work so they began a slow controlled movement towards a freer economy. These businesses could see the future something most liberal millennials do not have the stability, the intelligence, the education, the maturity or the experience to see.  To even consider such radical ideas shows a complete lack of intelligence and a lack of understanding of history, human nature and economics. It shows what I have said all along that the Democrats are a party of social workers and are unqualified for command positions. California is a good example. California once one of the wealthiest states in the US has now become a haven for homeless vagabonds and criminals. I grew up in one of the suburbs of Los Angeles and have watched the steady deterioration.  It is rapidly going into debt and is looking to be bailed out by the national government using the pandemic as a cover for their poor leadership. The left would just print money which only creates more and more poverty as more and more money is printed. It could actually fall under the economic “law of diminishing returns.” I can also use a reality mentioned in this paragraph as proof liberals are crazy or flawed (in this case stupid). They flee high crime and high tax blue areas for red areas and vote blue, the very same philosophy and governance they fled turning the red area into a blue area, i.e. a high tax shithole.. Remember the old maxim that to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results is the definition of insanity. If not insanity then deeply flawed (stupidity). It is also the same as is done by many refugees and immigrants. Thy come to the US and create the same conditions they fled.

Two members of the “squad” have proposed the BREATHE Act which virtually eliminates law enforcement. Defunding police results in declining law enforcement and an increase in crime. Some of the emotionally motivated governors, mayors and city council members that proposed defunding the police are now starting to realize it. It was a no-brainer as what would happen. Link to BREATHE Act is:


Excerpts from the article

“Washington, DC – Progressive U.S. Representatives Rashida Tlaib (D-Michigan) and Ayanna Pressley (D-Massachusetts) on Tuesday unveiled legislation to defund police and pay reparations to African Americans and people harmed by police brutality.”

“The proposed legislation – the BREATHE Act – would eliminate the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and ban the use of surveillance technology, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

“Banned technology would include ankle monitors and drones currently used for monitoring by law enforcement.

“An overview of the proposed bill showed that it would eliminate federal funding for local police departments and federal agencies, the New York Post reported.

“Instead, the money would be allocated to social welfare, health care, education and environmental programs.

“The bill also aimed to dramatically reduce spending for the U.S. Department of Defense . . . . ”

The financial and natural resources are no longer there and never will be again. How we got to the point where legislation as absurd as this would even be thought of much less than seriously considered shows we no longer have the basic intelligence necessary to advance and survive. It shows our intellectual level is declining in both the elected representatives and those that elect them.  Read the excerpts from “The Decline of Intelligence in America” in the Books Worth Reading section of this site. I think much of it has to be the “genetic twilight” many scientists believe in. As well as intelligence and  physical illnesses many believe that mental illnesses are also heritable. The actions of a certain portion of the population are not sane. A large number of those that support them are also not sane either. Sane people do not champion such outlandish, impossible ideas. The quotes below are from The People Shapers (Excerpts are in the Books Worth Reading section) and sciencemag.org on the declining physical and mental state of humanity in the West: This figures into our present problems to a significant degree.


“Among the causes, some scientists cite the advance of medicine first. We can now keep alive many people who suffer from mental or physical genetic ailments, or who are genetic carriers, until they are able to – and do – have children.”

 “Some point as well to our easier style of life. The automobile, central heating, and packaged foods make it easier for the physically weak and defective to survive. Natural selection today is not as rigorous a people-culling effect as it was a mere half-century ago.”

“Dobzhansky has predicted a ‘genetic twilight ‘if present trends continue. Some put the pollution of our genetic pool more specifically. They contend that in each future century the number of defective people dependent on medical technology to survive will increase by 8%. . . . . .[I believe it increases each generation and I also believe that in the United states and Europe where the technology is greater the percentage is greater than 8%. Read a newspaper for proof.]

“Others make the more controversial assertion that we are also trending genetically towards duller-wittedness. Through the ages, those endowed with genes that contributed to higher mental ability had a better chance of surviving. Today, these brighter people, it is argued, are more often involved in family planning and having small families than the less-endowed mentally, who are more likely to be among those with large families.”

“Some suggest that welfare policies, in United States at least, have the effect of encouraging many of the poor to have children they might not otherwise have. In a much-argued-about article on IQ differentials published in 1969, the educational psychologist Arthur Jensen asked: ‘Is there a danger that current welfare policies, unaided by eugenic foresight, could lead to the genetic enslavement of a substantial segment of our population? . . . . . “

And from an article in sciencemag.org

By Roni Dengler Feb. 8, 2018

“Researchers have long known that genes influence mental illness. Five years ago, for example, the global Psychiatric Genomics Consortium found that people with autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder frequently share certain DNA variations. But that 2013 study did not say how those genetic alterations might lead to symptoms.”

“Dan Geschwind, a neurologist and neuroscientist at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), who spearheaded the new work, wanted to know what happens at the molecular level in the brains of people with these disorders.”

“The analysis revealed that certain psychiatric diseases are more similar biologically than their characteristic symptoms indicate.”

We are at the point Shirer was in with his above quote watching the takeover of a society happening before his eyes. Separation is one of the two choices we are faced with. If someone has a better idea don’t keep it to yourself. It wouldn’t be easy but we would be left with no choice if the Democrats win in November (they did) and the #1 option is not possible. We, of course, hope and pray our side wins but we have to be realistic and again rethink the words of Yoda: :”Always in motion is the future.” It is remiss to not have a back up plan. We would have to cut our losses and accept the reality that a half a loaf is better than no loaf. If one of the only two choices we have fail to come about violence and break up will be the inevitable result. After a civil war reconciliation would be impossible.  Violence is occurring now on a large scale nationwide. It is like a fire that starts as a controlled burn and gets out of control. It will burn until it burns everything combustible and burns itself out leaving nothing but rubble. We better get it under control as we still have a lot that will burn.. The two sides are too incompatible to remain united and the reality is they are not united. They can’t even engage in dialogue when faced with a pandemic, the potential for mass casualties, an economic disaster and communists violently attacking the government and nation from within. They say liberals but as Shakespeare said “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet“ or in this case a communist is still a communist regardless of what they call themselves. Like a boy is a boy and a girl is a girl regardless of what they say.  Many leftist leaders have even admitted to being communists. Instead of trying to solve the issues they purposely complicate them and politicize them and their emotionally motivated actions undermine and prevent any realistic effort to properly deal with them. They use the word racism and sexism so often it is like the “little boy that cried wolf.”

 We are watching at this time Democrat cities going up in flames being rioted in and thousands of stores are being looted and burned and people are being killed (written in summer of 2020 but it hasn’t changed in 2021). Democrat leaders approve as we know silence is approval, or it is cowardice or stupidity. They are refusing to let the police do anything which resulted in at least one death in the “summer of love” zone in Seattle. (Since this was written the number of dead has risen.) One of the injured survivors is suing the police for not responding when it was his companions that blocked police access. Those arrested are being released with no bail a few hours after arrest. Many Democrat cities are doing this and there have been many crimes committed by these released hoodlums including rape, robbery and murder. This chaos has been carefully planned to take out Trump and collapse America. The red does not approve of rioting and looting or other senseless acts of violence so they would be better off being separated. The rioters and looters and arsonists and killers can stay where they are appreciated so they would not be hindered by red states and counties with laws prohibiting such behavior. The liberal leaders don’t even consider the reality these criminals are still out there after the riots cease waiting for the next golden opportunity to get a free TV or destroy something. That is their idea of shopping and some liberal leaders have openly said so.

Separation would also answer the question of which philosophy is correct. (I will answer that: actually neither completely.) Separation is an option even though I am opposed to it except as a last resort. It would ultimately become necessary if the Democrats win in November and the other option did not come to fruition. It has to be, and I can’t emphasize this enough, a separation without violence. A civil war is to be avoided but the left may make that impossible. The idea is to prevent violence if we can but the left is pushing for violence. I flipped positions on the order of our choices after an extremely interesting by chance conversation with someone I would have considered one of the last persons I would have had an enlightening conversation with–a Muslim. After the conversation I did a lot of critical thinking and reevaluating. I will give the synopsis of the conversation at the end of this essay. Look at the following maps. Some of you may be in for a surprise.


The Red Area Features A Total Population Greater Than The Grey (Found on the site Ranker)




The Red And Orange Sections Have Equal Populations (Found on the site Ranker).

Blue States Have A Smaller Population Than Los Angeles County (Found on Ranker)



The Red Area Features A Total Population Greater Than The Grey (Found on Ranker)


Counties With A GDP Over $100 Billion (Found on Ranker)


2016: Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton (Found on Ranker)

On a political map the blue areas are metropolitan. The reason the Democrats want to abolish the electoral college is so those few areas will dominate and dictate to the rest of the country. Since the blue areas have greater populations they could and would. It would basically be mob rule with no controls. There are numerous drawbacks a major one being the red and blue have radically different values and philosophies. The blue imposing their values on the red would end in violence. The red imposing their values on the blue would end in violence. The electoral college was originally put in place to prevent the larger and more populated states from bullying and ruling the smaller and less populated states. The left always brings slavery and racism into everything including the electoral college. Like the pharmaceutical industry that thrives on disease the Democrats thrive on racial and social problems. They will create racial division and social problems if there are none. They will keep something artificially alive on life support for political gains. There was a meme on Facebook that had a teacher in a medical school pointing to words on a blackboard that said “A patient cured is a customer lost.” The left has the philosophy of “Problems and racial division solved are voters lost.” It is a way to control select populations. By abolishing the electoral college they would win every election effectively making a one party state. A one party state is a dictatorship. Of course if you are not stupid you knew that. They are the fascists. Their platform and philosophy verifies it. They want dictatorial control and the abolishing the electoral college would give it to them. Most people that are on the abolish the electoral college bandwagon are emotionally motivated and ignorant of the facts. It gives them a feeling of superiority for being so “avant garde.” Other tactics they are proposing are the addition of Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico as states giving them 4 more votes in the senate.s

How they bring slavery into the electoral college debate is because of the 3/5 compromise which the left twists to their advantage by making it emotional and create dissension. When the country was formed the North wanted slaves to count as property because property was taxed. Obviously the South did not want them to be taxed. They wanted slaves to count as people. The North did not want that because that would give the South more representation in the legislatures. They settled on them being counted as 3/5 of a person. Had this compromise not been reached the South would not have joined the union. Had it not joined the union there would be no United States. If there was no United States you who are now reading this would probably not exist. Had there never been slavery in human history none of us would exist. The entire ancestry patterns would have been altered beginning about 12,000 years ago when slavery originally developed. The majority of founders did not approve of slavery regardless of what the left tells you. Many owned slaves because they inherited them and to free them was not as simple as opening the door and saying “You’re free.” The owner had to prove they were capable of supporting themselves and surviving. Booker T. Washington wrote an extremely interesting perspective on when the slaves were freed by “The Emancipation Proclamation” and the end of the Civil War. It is in his book “Up From Slavery.” Read it. It is a fascinating and informative book. Until I read it I did not know many things including slaves could own guns. Also the founders put a clause in the Constitution that would end the slave trade in 1809. It prohibited the importation of any more slaves from that year on.. Most figured slavery would eventually end. Things the left does not tell you.

What does the Constitution say about secession (separation)? The following was found on the American Historical Association’s website under the title Can a State Constitutionally secede?”A couple of sentences from the article. An interesting read:

“This is one of the questions of the day, and it appears to be no longer a mere abstract or theoretical question. The Constitution makes no provision for secession. A Government is not a corporation whose existence is limited by a fixed period of time, nor does it provide a means for its own dissolution. . . . . . “

“But it does not follow that because a State cannot secede constitutionally, it is obliged under all circumstances to remain in the Union. There is a natural right, which is reserved by all men, and which cannot be given to any Government, and no Government can take it away. It is the natural right of a people to form a Government for their mutual protection, for the promotion of their mutual welfare, and for such other purposes as they may deem most conducive to their mutual happiness and prosperity; but if for any cause the Government so formed should become inimical to the rights and interests of the people, instead of affording protection to their persons and property, and securing the happiness and prosperity, to attain which it was established, it is the natural right of the people to change the Government regardless of Constitutions. . . . . . . “

It is apparent that the blue areas are incapable or unwilling to maintain and provide safety, security, stability and liberty. The following are a few sentences from the Mises Institute explaining secession (separation) followed by the link. Again quite interesting:

“Sometimes, though, states are forced to contract in size and scope. This usually happens when the cost of maintaining the status quo becomes higher than the cost of allowing a region to gain autonomy.

“Historically, the cost of maintaining unity is raised through military means. Examples of this tactic being successfully employed include the cases of the United States, the Republic of Ireland, and some of the successor states of Yugoslavia.”

“But secession and decentralization have also often been achieved through bloodless or near bloodless means. This was the case in Iceland and throughout most of the post-Iron Curtain states.

“Bloodless secession movements, however, only occur when the parent state is weakened by larger events beyond the secession movement itself. Iceland, for example, seceded in 1944, when World War II ensured that Denmark was in no position to object. The post-Soviet states seceded when the Soviet state had been rendered impotent by decades of economic decline and (in 1991) a failed coup. . . . . . ” [I will add that here in America the parent state, meaning the federal government, is being weakened by the pandemic, the economic conditions and the lawlessness taking place at this time.]

It is possible to envision largely “amicable” separations. The model for this is the separation of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand from the the United Kingdom. . . . .”


By typing in secession many links come up. All interesting reads. Separation is still on the table if Option One, which we will get to soon, does not occur.  No one will like either but the two options we have are the only ways to avoid the violence that is brewing. If violence results the worst case scenario will happen in which the country breaks up violently into several sections with massive destruction. That would be much much worse than either option I am advocating. The third option is to allow the Democrats to collapse the nation with  their communist agenda or weaken our military to the point it is surrender or lose a war.  Basically this scenario, or a minor variation it, is what has been happening on a global scale all throughout human history. In an amicable separation one side and philosophy would prove better than the other and it could be possible for the other side to merge again or at least the sections that wanted to and many would. A violent breakup was predicted by Igor Panarin, a Russian professor and former KGB agent, which I mentioned in an earlier essay. (Look up Igor Panarin in Wikipedia.) He said we would have a civil war and break up into several separate regions due to our “mass immigration, economic decline,” and “moral degradation.” He said it would happen in 2010 which has passed but we are seeing it beginning now and if we do not act it will happen. In his scenario each of the several separate regions would be occupied by a different nation or coalition of nations presumably picked by the UN. China gets the Western coastal states and Russia gets Alaska. The left is pushing these three issues he cited and they will bring about the collapse. They have disguised them and are touting them as positives and are three legs of their platform and agenda.

Hating Trump is the fourth leg of their platform. Their hatred is appealing to the intellectually deficient, the emotionally unstable and the parasitic, is unfounded and is steering us towards violence and the red must not play into their hands. In the event of large scale violence between two actual opposing philosophies and if in power the Democrats could, and I wouldn’t put it past them, call on the UN for help which will only make a worst case scenario worse. I previously mentioned the possibility of the UN getting involved. In Chicago abc7chicago.com  Dec 14, 2017 had an article with the headline that read: “Boykin asks United Nations for help fighting Chicago violence.” It started out: “Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin headed to the United Nations in New York Thursday to ask for help fighting violence in Chicago.” What this fool thinks they could do is a million dollar question If it wasn’t for liberal mismanagement they would not have landed in the position they find themselves in. There is also an article in the New York Times (10/05/2020) titled “America might need international intervention.” Google it. It is not out of the realm of possibilities as we see at least two have already thought of it and others will follow. It is not hard to imagine the mayors and governors of the states and cities going up in flames to call for it. Our military would be assimilated into that peace keeping force.

Leftists are like lemmings to the sea when it comes to harebrained ideas..Having the unconstrained vision they believe the end justifies the means and are purposely being unreasonable to bring about violence and collapse. I discussed the constrained vs the unconstrained vision in Essay 6 part 5. They are backed by George Soros a man that has a God complex. In his book, “The Age of Fallibility”, which I mentioned earlier, he says he thinks America is responsible for the problems of the world. Something our “intellectual” (HA) college professors also believe and now a sizable portion of an entire generation of college “educated” (HA) millennials do as well. They run around chanting “Death to America” not understanding it is the death of all the civil rights advances that have been made too, as well as many human rights advances. The death of them not only in America but everywhere. They don’t have the intellectual capacity or reasoning ability to see the authoritarian nations that are arrayed against us. They will use America’s collapse to clamp down more and persecute their opposition. The demonstrators are for the most part useless and lack the ability to critically think otherwise they would not be there.

Soros writes of wanting to influence the world for the better (at least what he considers better) and admits to actively doing so. Below I have posted a video of an interview with him titled “Is George Soros a sociopath?” In it he admits in his own words by his own mouth some of the unethical things he has unashamedly done. He like many other leftists and/or elites, like the Clintons, Pelosi, Schumer, Bezos (Amazon), Zuckerberg (Facebook), Dorsey (Twitter),  do not have a conscience. In his book I just mentioned he writes he is getting despondent at his age and  at the slow progress of accomplishing his goals which would make him desperate and push to collapse us out of desperation and revenge if his victory of an open society is not obtainable within his lifetime.  In July of 2020 he donated $220 million to various leftist and communist groups. The bulk of his fortune, $18 billion,  will go to his  foundations. Link below to the article and below that is the video of Soros being asked if he is a sociopath.  He is acting as a form of a “doomsday machine” for democracy. The words “doomsday machine” were coined by science fiction writers in the 1940s and 1950s when nuclear weapons were developed. It is a device that would set off nuclear weapons after the nation that had them suffered defeat and would continue destroying and killing even if the builders were dead. It would keep on killing until there was total destruction. It was developed to discourage nuclear war and if unavoidable it would be revenge. In Soros’ case it would mean his agenda would go forward. George Soros wants to be sure  he is victorious or gets revenge and has set it up for one course or the other to continue after he is dead. Also there are links in Essay 6 of his hatred for Trump and other aspects of America. 

If you read his books and look into his organizations you will see that hate and unethical behavior are part of his basic psychology. Terrorism can take different forms. There is physical terrorism, sexual terrorism, political terrorism, intellectual terrorism, and psychological terrorism. Soros is an economic terrorist. He is a financial bully. You might do well to ponder the words of Garak the Kardasian on Star Trek Deep Space 9: “Enemies make dangerous friends.” The Democrats anticipated collapse but had anticipated being in charge if the system collapsed due to their fiscal irresponsibility, their immigration policies, their destruction of education, their pro crime stances and their encouraging and validating aberrant behavior.  After the collapse they would declare martial law with themselves frozen in power. Most liberals do not have the intellectual capacity and emotional stability to foresee the consequences to be in charge of anything. If they do they are outright committing treason. Any intellectual capacity they have is tainted and corrupted by emotions.  Look at any of the cities they have been in charge of for 30, 40 or 50 years. Look at them.  As I just mentioned earlier they say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. More proof the liberals have become insane. Below is the link of Soros leaving most of his wealth to  his Open Society Foundations:


The following is a video that reveals exactly who and what George Soros really is. It is an interview with him in which, in his own words, shows the dishonesty and unethical behavior he would go to to achieve his ends. This was in the mid 1990s if I remember right. He is speaking. Listen and decide for yourself.



The word racism is tossed around by liberals cavalierly and it is used by the left to answer all questions and silence people. When someone disagrees with them they just call them racist and that is suppose to be the end of it and win the disagreement. Race relations were improving in the U.S. slowly but surely. The black community was receiving more and more education and making gains in the work force two things they fought hard for. They valued education and had a work ethic. There was a stable home life with the majority of children being born into two parent households. Then along came the liberals and the government to help. When Lyndon Johnson introduced his Great Society and his War on Poverty it basically made welfare an occupation. It became easy for a single mother to get a government check. This destroyed the black nuclear family and now the majority of black children are born to unwed mothers. This translates into a less structured and less stable home life which adversely affects the children in school and employment. They lack the discipline necessary for success. Walter E. Williams, a black economics professor at George Mason University said it quite accurately: “For somebody to do well in school, somebody needs to make him go to bed on time and get a good 10 hours sleep. Someone must make him do his homework. Somebody must feed him breakfast in the morning and somebody must make him mind the teacher. If those things are not done, I don’t care how much money you put in the school system, education will not occur. “ Those without education, direction, purpose, etc., are the recruits of organizations such as The Nation of Islam and Black Lives Matter. They can blame whites for their plight and in a way it is true but they are blaming the wrong whites. They should be blaming the white liberals that rushed in to help using emotions rather than reason. Malcolm X could see the damage done by white liberals.

The conservatives are always being accused of racism in politics but all the conservatives I know would vote for a black, female, gay conservative over a white, male, hetrosexual liberal. If the red and blue separate. Candace Owens would be a good candidate for President of the red country. She is black but not gay. She would probably win with a landslide. She is actually qualified to be in a command position. She is intelligent and articulate. She thinks logically.  Most of her liberal counterparts have a victim psychology and Candace Owens does not. Listen to her and then the governors of the states and the mayors of the cities going up flames and analyze what they are saying and not saying. You can learn as much by what someone does NOT say, sometimes more.

The liberal coalitions are only temporary because once they collapse the system their unity crumbles because they have no actual values holding them together. The core values holding them together now is they hate Trump and want free stuff. Those are not core values that will build a durable future. They are displaying the intelligence of the zombie like groupthink mentality of Orwell’s 1984. That level of intelligence does not have the ability to design, build, maintain or repair anything.

The military would be better off with most of their bases and personnel  in red areas. The red area residents would be supportive of the military while the blue areas despise them as they do the police. An uncompromised military can see both sides and to them it would be obvious which was the most reasonable, the most supportive and least problem side. They are witnessing which side is the most violent and least disciplined by their actions at present. They also know which side the support from elected officials would come from. They know where the majority of recruits would come from. They also know which areas would support them financially and which side would defund them in order to give extra food stamps to voters. Of course there are bases they couldn’t or wouldn’t abandon in urban areas for various reasons one being as the blue crumble they might invite foreign nations or the UN to set up in them.  Leftists do not think rationally. The large metropolitan areas are lost and the military understands strategic withdrawals. Most withdrawals would only be temporary. There are many blue areas that would opt to go with the red when the inevitable became apparent. The losses would be the large metropolitan areas which are the problems so no real loss. It would actually be a gain. Over 90% of the land area of the US would be red and those blue that could see the writing on the wall. (Refer to maps above.) The Roman Empire shed some areas out of necessity when they became more of a drain and more trouble than they were worth. Many of their myriad problems did not come from from shedding them but other problems that often developed in those areas and bled over into the retained areas. Only fools would think the disasters the blue areas have become are worth saving without a change in attitude by the residents. Blue areas are crumbling due to years of leftist mismanagement and businesses fleeing. The condition of the cities are conditions that cities always produce because of mismanagement and size.

People breakdown in overcrowded conditions but the welfare policies of the left have exacerbated the problems and made them unsolvable. The crime and unsanitary conditions are taking a toll and it is only going to get worse. The recent violence and looting should make apparent they have very little concern or respect  for law and order. Law and order and morals are essential foundation stones of a civilized society. The videos of the hysterical screaming and rantings and looting of the demonstrators make it apparent they do not believe in law and order and lack the emotional stability and intellectual wherewithal to do so.. The actions and reactions of the governors of the states and mayors of the cities affected are Democrats and it is plainly evident they haven’t a clue, or they don’t care or have Marxist motives. Democrats have run those cities for decades and the conditions have gotten worse. The reason is the social problems allow the Democrats to get large sums of money from the federal government for programs that obviously do not work. They have human feces and drug syringes on the sidewalks and schools that turn out many students that can’t read, write or do math proficiently and they spend more per student than red areas.. They have more violence in the schools. They have more homeless because the left has made homelessness an acceptable lifestyle and they subsidize it. They have more crime.

The coastal blue areas will also succumb to rising oceans eventually. I explained my position and why in Essay 8. The blue areas will become more and more unmanageable and ultimately the military would have to step in eventually. The police are on the defensive and that is not good from a safety and security perspective. Crime is skyrocketing in cities that are reducing police budgets. The military has to be, at least I would hope, watching these events with concern. On the weekend of Father’s Day 2020 Chicago had 104 people shot with 14 of them dead. The large cities have become areas that if compared to a human body would be considered malignant tumors growing and will eventually kill the entire body or in this case the nation. If the germ fighting soldier cells of the body do not recognize the germ cells such as cancer as bad they let them grow they will kill the host. Same with human societies.

The military knows which side of the spectrum is the most stable and the side they can count on. They also know which side supports them and which side  has the work ethic and are of practical value and have the healthier outlook and attitudes. The question is has the military been compromised? Under normal circumstances if they have not been they would side with the red areas. If one word had to describe the basis of everything military it would be honor. If that ever disappears there is no hope. My advice is pray.

One of the stupidest things I have ever heard of is the defunding the police. With cities being torched and looted and letting criminals out of jails and prisons the last things to defund would be the police and military. That is another reason for the red and blue to separate. As an independent nation border security would be easier to maintain, provide traditional law enforcement and prosecute criminals. The trend will be in many blue areas to go with private security for the wealthy. As police and military are defunded more and more there will be less and less protection for the citizens. Red areas will not be defunding police which will be good for red  areas and bad for blue. Criminals go for the easy “pickin’s.” Plus blue areas will be passing gun control legislation making blue areas more attractive to criminals and less safe for the average citizen. Many corporations, both national and international, where police are hamstrung by politics are providing housing with private security. If the blue areas defund and/or eliminate the police private security will increase to pick up the slack. The following is from The Coming Anarchy: (We better look at what the future under radical socialists will be if they win.)

“The number of residential communities with defended perimeters that have been built by corporations went from one thousand in the early 1960s to more than eighty thousand by the mid-1980s, with continued dramatic increases in the 1990s. . . . Then there are malls, with their own rules and security forces, as opposed to public streets; private health clubs, as opposed to public playgrounds; incorporated suburbs of strict zoning; and other mundane aspects of daily existence in which – perhaps without realizing it, because the changes have been so gradual – we opt out of the public sphere and the “social contract” for the sake of a protected setting.

While the left rails against the police and private prisons they are actually opening the door for more private security. Private security does not have the regulations that police departments do. They also do not have the accountability either. But as usual the unthinking, emotional left undermines the house it is building.

As I said I am sure many businesses would jump at the chance to build or rebuild in a safe area.  Many that have been burned down cannot be rebuilt in the cities that just had looting and rioting. Cost to do so and insurance would be prohibitive and why should they? The next time something happens or someone won’t kiss their rears they riot and burn the place down again. It is a pattern that has been repeated over and over throughout the years. It is easier to torch businesses and loot than it is to get an education and a job. These are no doubt communist and radical left instigated but they may be doing normal people a favor. They have alerted us to a disease that was known but underestimated and has now reached a stage of being terminal without draconian measures. Get out of a burning building or city. I am sure some big businesses that left the US could be persuaded to return. People will flee the blue areas for the stability and safety the red areas can deliver. Many are moving now.  The educational system could be brought back to actually teaching instead of indoctrinating with rewritten history. Who in their right minds would want to send their children to failing, unsafe schools where two plus two equals five? That is insanity adding proof liberals are insane as if we needed more proof. In mass hysteria they are rushing out to do something to look like they know what they are doing. The old joke of do something even if it is wrong takes on a serious and tragic meaning. Many leftist groups are playing pied piper to the ignorant masses. Like in the story of Pinocchio and Pleasure Island irresponsible bad boys fall into bad behavior and are turned into jackasses and sold as slave animals. I find it an interesting coincidence that the symbol of the Democrat Party is a jackass. The Democrat leaders are playing social engineers using the population for guinea pigs. They themselves bare no responsibility or receive no adverse consequences from being wrong but you do. They are well protected away from the common people they consider dumb herd animals. Dumb herd animals that vote. They have gained the support of the ignorant, the weak-minded and those of lower intelligence.

Another advantage is the red areas would maintain the concept of the individual. Group organization is necessary but the ultimate out come of the Democrat and leftist tactics will be the establishment of a Star Trek Borg type collective. They cannot think independently. They cannot think out side their ideological bubble. They make great social workers but are terrible in command positions. They should never be in positions of responsibility and authority in any areas involving safety, security, stability or economics. Red areas would retain the ability to think outside the box. In times of war or civil unrest conservatives tend to be realistic while the left likes to pontificate and write theoretical ideas that are often impossible.

Maintaining records of the past would be a major responsibility of the “red nation.” We need to consider the future as proposed by the emerging radical left represented by antifa, BLM, socialists, communists and Democrats. They are rewriting history to fit their future vision. They believe that by doing so they can usher in an age of perfection. They believe that by collectivization they can mask individual weaknesses in the group thereby raising them to equality. That is somewhat true but it comes at a cost. Newton’s Third Law comes into play which they want to ignore. That law, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” shows up by raising the bottom you lower the top. You can hide the weaknesses but also hide and lose the strengths. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. You can hide weak links by painting them all but it does not alter the weakness of the weak links. The chain will fail at the weak link taking the strong links down also. Innovation comes from exceptional talent of top minds. Both the mediocre and exceptional are lost in the merge to a collective. A good example of the ultimate end of the momentum they are building and the direction they are headed is the Star Trek Borg collective. Their basic philosophy does not allow for any deviation in thinking. This has been the theme of many works of fiction. A few that come to mind are “1984” by George Orwell, “Atlas Shrugged” and “Anthem” by Ayn Rand, and “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury. The philosophy of the Party in 1984 was to control the future you must control the present. To control the present you must control the past. This is why they are rewriting history.

These books and others are dangers to the left so will be banned just like the books mentioned had societies that banned books. They are already banning books that they find offensive.  In the rewriting of history the ability to learn from the past is lost. As in the passage from Orwell’s “1984” taken from the secret manuscript written by Emmual Goldstein that supposedly is the enemy of the people, the leader of the underground organization opposed to the Party, : “. . . to be efficient it was necessary to be able to learn from the past, which meant having a fairly accurate idea of what had happened in the past.” It would be the responsibility of the red “nation” to maintain accurate history of the past. This could be done by maintaining libraries of all works that can be accumulated. To lose the knowledge of the past and of the thoughts of many brilliant thinkers would be to doom the human race.

Here is an excellent take on the left’s vision of the Future. Steven Pinker in his “The Blank Slate” quotes from “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut:

“The year was 2081, and everybody was finally equal. They weren’t only equal before God and the law. They were equal in every way. Nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else. Nobody was stronger or quicker than anybody else. All this equality was due to the 211th, 212th, and 213th Amendments to the Constitution, and to the unceasing vigilance of agents of the United States Handicapper General.

Pinker goes on and says:

“The handicapper General enforces equality by neutralizing any inherited (hence undeserved) asset. Intelligent people have two-way radios in their ears tuned to a government transmitter that sends out a sharp noise every 20 seconds (such as the sound of a milk bottle struck with a ball-peen hammer) to prevent them from taking unfair advantage of their brains. Ballerinas are laden with bags of birdshot and their faces are hidden by masks so that no one can feel bad at seeing someone prettier or more graceful than they. Newscasters are selected for their speech impediments. The hero of the story is a multiply gifted teenager forced to wear headphones, thick wavy glasses, 300 pounds of scrap iron, and black caps on half his teeth. The story is about his ill-fated rebellion.

“Polices that insist that people be identical in their outcomes must impose costs on humans who, like all living things, vary in their biological endowment. Since talents by definition are rare, and can be fully realized only in rare circumstances, it is easier to achieve forced equality by lowering the top (and thereby depriving everyone of the fruits of people’s talents) than by raising the bottom.”

When there is a difference of 30 IQ points between two people they have very little in common. Their thoughts and thinking patterns and solutions to problems are too different to be compatible. It is also true if there is a vast difference in emotional stability. They see the world from radically different perspectives. In marriages these differences make it almost impossible to overcome to get any positive things accomplished. In the past when life was harder and it required the efforts of both to survive and marriages usually survived often only because of necessity. It can also work when one is completely dependent on the other or in cases of what we have come to call “trophy spouses.” The same is true in social affairs between liberals and conservatives. There comes a point the two opposing philosophies conflict to a state of dysfunction which will ultimately deteriorate to the worst state which is violence. We are now witnessing that. Violence if unchecked will always lead to collapse which creates anarchy which creates the conditions for an authoritarian state. This is what the left is attempting to achieve. There is no other alternative but a separation of the two. Think of it much like in the series Star Trek when occasionally, in the interests of necessity or survival they have to separate the saucer section from the rest of the ship. The two can always be rejoined once the crises is over if both sections survive.

It is at the point the ship of state is being commanded by those not qualified or that purposely have the ship on a suicidal course. The red states and counties should be considered the lifeboats. Life in lifeboats is not as easy as life on the ship because there are many amenities lifeboats do not have but the key word is life. The ship is going to sink there should be no question about that.

You better make up your minds soon as the election is coming up and the blue areas are collapsing and will want the red to bail them out for their inability to control the violent rioters and lack of fiscal responsibility. I feel relatively safe in saying they are going to want some federal assistance to rebuild the cities they allowed to be destroyed. (Added. They did win and do want federal money.) The Democrat leaders destroyed these cities by giving approval to those destroying them. If you remember right the mayor of Baltimore said give them space while they were destroying the city. The mayor of Seattle described the rioters that took over 6 blocks of the city as a “summer of love’ like it was a hippie love-in. In a few days they had several shootings and rapes and wouldn’t let the police in. The mayor of Portland Oregon went out to join them and show his support and they turned on him. Everyone that is sane knows this is not sane.  The result of the blue areas will be like when a large ship sinks. It creates the water equivalent of a sinkhole  as it slips beneath the waves and pulls whatever is on the surface around it down. Much like a tablecloth being pulled off a table with the silverware and dishes still on it as the ship goes down the momentary hole it leaves in the surface. It closes quickly but acts like a whirlpool sucking surrounding debris and lifeboats and people down with it as the water rushes back in to fill the brief void.  They are indoctrinating and sexualizing your children long before they should be. This weakens the family sucking the family unit down the sinkhole. The destruction of the nuclear family is part of the BLM goals. They state it and they admit they are Marxist. Their goals coincide with much of the socialist agenda listed in Essay 2A. Even China and Russia hold the family in more value than these mentally deranged liberals. The blue areas are lost. We would probably be able to salvage some as time went on though. They have created pension shortages and large “cities” of homeless people. They support parasites at the expense of safety, security, stability and infrastructure. Dams in California and Michigan have collapsed so they could support people that will not work or enter the country illegally. That is vote buying. They encourage crime.  The blue areas say the red are the parasites and many blues say they would be glad to get rid of the red. They know the red could survive without them but they could not survive without the red.  Call their bluff. I mean it. Their howling would be proof enough. The Democrat blue areas are on a suicide mission and want to take as many with them as possible. As they say misery loves company.

With the election looming the Democrats are in a quandary. Joe Biden is their nominee but he has some cognitive issues. The Democrat party is going to pick a running mate for vice president for him as he does not have the ability to do so himself. The problem is the entire Democrat Party is a party of social workers. They are going to pick a social worker electable by identity politics. Democrat mayors are releasing criminals with no bail. Prosecutors are not prosecuting crimes, sometimes even violent ones. They have made homelessness an acceptable lifestyle. They want to do away with law enforcement. They want to weaken the military. They claim they want to redistribute wealth  but Philip Yancey said it best: “Political revolutions may have redistributed wealth (though most proved better at redistributing poverty) but at a horrific cost in violence and death.” 

All revolutions have produced mass murder of their own citizens. A social worker is fine in a social services office but not in the oval office as a national leader. Obama was basically a social worker. He was described as such by a Russian government official. In the next Essay I have provided a link that describes the military being turned into a social justice experiment under Obama. If elected the odds favor Biden being ultimately replaced by his VP. The VP will have a social worker mentality with no experience dealing with hostile regimes and complicated economic issues. Social workers belong in social services offices not in command positions of nations, armies or businesses. Since this was written the Democrats have picked their VP. It is Kamala Harris. She was picked due to identity politics and is extreme far left. She is a former District Attorney and Attorney General of California. She got her start in politics by the sexist actions of sleeping with a married man (Willie Brown) twice her age. Since the odds are Biden will not make it an entire term it would become a Harris presidency. If Pelosi is still the speaker after the election it will be a Harris presidency and a Pelosi vice-presidency. At that point there is nothing left to lose with either secession or military intervention. Secession should be dominating the conversation if the Dems win and plans should be discussed. Eventually it will reach a point in the Democrat administration that it will be apparent their policies will destroy America. At that point it will be known whether the military has been compromised. or not. If they stand by and do nothing while policies that are jeopardizing the safety, security and stability of the nation are being implemented they have been compromised. At that point secession will be the only option available. Literally we (the red) are the last hope of sanity and Western civilization. It boils down to logic vs emotion. You cannot talk sense or reason with people that think men have periods, two plus two equals five, that are rewriting history to fit their imagination, that want to ban books and ideas, that approve of violence, that has hate as their guiding light and are too stupid to see their actions are what they claim to hate. Better start thinking now.

The conversation I had with the Muslim I spoke of was an extremely interesting one. It was just by chance I met him and we got to chit-chatting and for some reason he mentioned he was a Muslim. He had hazel eyes, a light complexion, sandy colored hair and looked as Middle Eastern as I do which is not at all. I must have had a noticeably startled look on my face and he must have felt an explanation was necessary. He came from Yugoslavia that used to be communist but broke up very shortly after the Soviet Union collapsed. The area he was in was basically Muslim and his family were business people and converted because non-Muslims had to pay an extra tax and were not well thought of and were often in physical danger. He said many converted for those reasons. I  pulled from my memory what I learned in my international relations class in high school and news items I remember from the past. Tito, who was the leader of Yugoslavia, was considered a WW2 war hero to Yugoslavia. He was a communist but a renegade as he broke from Stalin and Russia that almost resulted in armed conflict. His was a socialist nation but it wasn’t modeled after the Russian model. He was a dictator but he was a fair one. He was considered brutal by some and benevolent by others. Yugoslavia was a multi-ethnic nation and Tito maintained order by giving each region what could be considered a good degree of autonomy. However he did whatever was necessary to keep the nation together though. Before his death he kept the religious conflicts in check. After the Soviets collapsed Yugoslavia broke up and chaos and violence were common which most of us baby boomers and Generation Xers can remember from the news. Bloodshed and violence were the norm and finally after years of internal wars, negotiations and treaties and intervention by other nations Yugoslavia ended up as several nations that had and still have ethnic and religious bitterness towards each other. I asked if he felt Yugoslavia was better off together or as several independent nations even if some heavy-handedness had to be used to maintain order. He said yes the average person was better off and business was better off in a united Yugoslavia because it could operate safely. People were safer under a united country also. Also the money situation was more stable in a united Yugoslavia. He left when the violence and chaos and instability just got too much for him. I did research and thought a lot about it and that is why I changed to secession as the second choice. If break up does occur it is in the best interest of the red areas to retain as much and remain as large as possible. If the Military has been compromised and the red and blue have to go their separate ways as long as the red states and areas stay united and back each other they will be fine. They have a better work ethic and there is plenty of opportunity to attract business.

I close this essay with a quote from “The Coming Anarchy” by Robert D. Kaplan. It is from the section in the book titled A Premonition of the Future. This future will be brought on by liberals and will be felt in blue areas first which we can see they already are as witnessed nightly on the news. The separation of red and blue will at least isolate the blue and put a barrier between the two cultures. The blue will continue to take in refugees beyond their ability to support. They will continue to release criminals into society and crime, including rape and murder, will skyrocket. Their educational system will continue to produce undisciplined and illiterate young with no practical skills and no work ethic. They will eventually collapse and in fact they are collapsing now.. They do these things because it makes them feel superior and self-righteous when they are actually stupid and sanctimonious. When you have friends like these  you don’t need enemies.

“West Africa is becoming a symbol of worldwide demographic, environmental, and societal stress, in which criminal anarchy emerges as the real “strategic” danger. Disease, overpopulation, unprovoked crime, scarcity of resources, refugee migrations, increasing erosion of nation-states and international borders, and the empowerment of private armies, security firms, and international drug cartels are now most tellingly demonstrated through a west African prism. West Africa provides an appropriate introduction to the issues, often extremely unpleasant to discuss, that will soon confront our civilization.” They are now confronting our civilizations. If we do not go with one of the two options we deserve what we get. We will have proven ourselves too stupid to be under our own rule and will have proven communism is superior.

Next essay is the first choice. (I have to add maybe due to recent developments).

Our most logical choice is military intervention unless one condition is present.  There is  one issue that could derail it and if that situation exists than secession is the only choice. It is if the military has been compromised. (They are between a rock and a hard place and are torn between being loyal to the country and its leaders but see the imminent collapse and ensuing anarchy. If they support the coup the Democrats have planned then they have been compromised. If they have not been compromised then both possibilities exist and we must choose one if not one will be chosen for us by circumstances forming on the horizon. If they have been compromised then the only option is secession. If not eventually there will be a civil war and violent break up of the country into several sections. If the red stick together and all secede at once the nation will be only split into two separate nations and in the long run, for the most part, economically and politically things will be much as usual in the red. There are serious and unpleasant issues that will confront the red states but the right is more rational and less emotional than the blue and is open to discussion whereas the left is not open to exchange of ideas. The blue will ultimately collapse from their own policies. By separation the red will have a head start on solving these problems.