8. Choices Part 5 Why The GOP Cannot Remain In Power Much Longer

Why The GOP Cannot Remain In Power Much Longer

“You can wheel and deal the best of them,

and steal  it from the rest of them,

You know the score, their ethics are a bore.”

                                               “Mr.  Businessman”  Song by Ray Stevens

I have spent a lot of time on why the Democrats should not be allowed to regain the White House but have said little about the Republicans. I will say again what I have often said; I detest both political parties equally. Both are hopelessly broken and corrupt beyond repair. My detestation of the GOP became solidified when they made a sideshow impeaching President Clinton embarrassing us to the world. Clinton was no prize as a person and was a terrible president. The amount of technology Clinton approved going to China was nothing short of treason. The present pandemic we are in the midst of can be dropped in the laps of the last several administrations his being a primary one. Now it is the Democrats that are making us look like fools with their deranged obsession of wanting to impeach President Trump. This started before he even took office. We will discuss him later but I am now going to explain why the Republicans should not be allowed to remain in control much longer. What they are doing works now but it is not sustainable and like the actions of the Democrats will destroy our society and economy in the long run. Human failings are many and a primary one is the lack of interest in the future. Like the Democrats the Republicans are also heading up a dead end canyon just a different canyon. The key words are dead and end. The online dictionary definition of dead end is: “an end of a road or passage from which no exit is possible.”  I guess the actual main word we should be concerned about is dead. Capitalism today is a far cry from the capitalism that developed post WW2. It is now based on theft as much as socialism is. I hope no one thinks these individual Democrats and Republicans made millions upon millions by being frugal and taking bag lunches from home to their seats in state and federal legislatures. I also hope no one believes that the dividends paid to stock holders came from ethical practices such as properly disposing of toxic wastes. Capitalism did not start out that way but it is what it has morphed into with corporate capitalism. That can be verified by thousands of national and international examples of betrayal, corruption, dishonesty and bloodshed.  I think of corporate capitalists as Star Trek Ferengis or the Trade Federation worms of Star Wars. Creatures that have a lot of intelligence but a proportionately inverse amount of ethics, scruples, conscience, and morals. These corporate execs might ponder the reward given to the Trade Federation worms by the Emperor Palpatine for their support. China knows they are not trustworthy and has a way of dealing with those they consider risky. About businessmen Philip Wylie wrote: “Any procedure that was technically legal, or could be made so to seem, became the businessman’s definition of ethics and, thus, the public definition of morality.” I am sure many Republican and Democrat elected officials started out with altruistic ideals toward the average citizen and believed what they were doing was right but end up under the control of handlers who are under the control of corporate interests. The movie The Candidate is an excellent portrayal of that.

In one of my high school government classes the teacher had previously taught government in Texas. He would occasionally take students on a field trip to the state capital in Austin to observe the legislators in action, or maybe inaction would be more accurate. He said it became discouraging when a bill would come up for a vote and the legislators would all turn  and look to a skybox built into the back wall of the chamber. The box contained the lobbyists for the oil companies. If they put their thumbs up the bill passed. If their thumbs went down the bill failed.   The elected officials are the faces of the government that we elect. The elections and witty little sayings like “I like Ike,”  “Yes we can,”  “I’m with her,”  “Keep America Great,” and “Riden’ with Biden” that keep us deluded thinking that we matter. The business interests control the state which actually controls everything. The state has been given the name “deep state.” The state and the government are two separate entities.  Soros’s foundations (on the left) and the Koch Brother’s foundations (on the right) are among the behind the scenes controllers of the state. Bill Gates is also in the mix. So is Mark Zuckerberg. They are just a few. The organizations and those that are the members of these organizations are global in nature. Money has no borders. Many meet in secret to discuss problems of the world and a meme on Facebook said it all. “Do you really think the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world are meeting in secret to discuss something that will benefit you?” Another Facebook meme about Bill Gates who has presented himself as a philanthropist was also interesting. Gates believes the planet is overpopulated and the population numbers have to go down. He has also been in the forefront of developing a vaccine for the coronavirus. On 12/19/19 Bill Gates tweeted: “What’s next for our foundation? I’m particularly excited about what the next year could mean for one of the best buys in global health: vaccines. B-gat.es/2r89yAC.”   Notice the date. A Facebook meme about Bill Gates was posted that said: “The same guy who says we need to depopulate suddenly wants to save everybody with his vaccine.” People are we that stupid? Apparently so. Although their names and organizations may be identified with different parties and groups in different nations globally it is logical to think they are in league with each other. Remember the old saying about “the ties that bind” and tying money and power make very tight knots. The following quotes come from Generation of Vipers by Philip Wylie, a newspaper columnist for the Miami Herald in the mid-1900s. Wylie was a brilliant man that saw the fatal flaws in American society long before anyone else. (His book has been long out of print but can be found on Amazon, eBay, or at a used book store. There are some more quotes from it in the Books Worth Reading section.)

“The economic system of theft has one immense advantage: it works. But it also has one great disadvantage: it works only while there is something to steal.”

“The chief hypocrites of A.D. 30 were the businessmen and they are still tops.”

The first issue I have fault with the GOP and the right on is climate change. There are numerous scientists that believe in it with stacks of graphs, charts, reports, statistics and so forth but I am not going to use them and their findings. I am going to tell you what I know and why and how I know it. I moved to the Florida Keys in 1988. The Florida Keys is a chain of islands stretching from south of Miami connected by a series of bridges ending in Key West over a hundred miles away. In that span of time, from 1988 to the present (2020), I saw the water level rise, most noticeable at high tides, by about 8 inches. At the end of the dead end street I also lived on was a beach. The street ended at the beach and over the years I watched the level of the high tides gradually get higher and higher finally touching the street then gradually moving up until at the super high tides it was covering the end of the street. I was looking at it one night and a woman that was born and raised in the Keys came walking by and I commented to her “It never used to get this high” and she shook her head and replied “Never!”

The charter boat marina I worked at also had a noticeable water level rise. I used to live on my sailboat there in the late 80s and early 90s and the dock where I had my boat now has a water level higher by about 8 inches at high tide. I am talking about only normal tide cycle conditions not during storms when higher tides would be expected. One of the main docks during the annual “super tides” has water sloshing over it, something it never did. I have pictures and videos of it. Many of the boat captains that have lived there, some 40 or more years, also have witnessed it rise. The county has determined it would cost over a billion dollars to raise all the roads, around 317 miles, in the Keys but that would only delay the inevitable. How many times can you do that? There is one neighborhood in Key Largo that the streets were underwater for over 90 consecutive days. It made the national news so many of you may be aware of it. There are some neighborhoods in the lower section of the Keys the county and state aren’t even going to try to save as they consider it impossible at this point. I know the earth goes through cycles and the Keys have been underwater several times in the last 12,000 years but it is happening again and the main difference is now we are here. Rising oceans mean all coastlines of the entire planet will be affected and be flooded. At least a billion people will be displaced. Not only will there be the displacement of people losing their homes and jobs there will be the loss of factories, hospitals, farm lands, food processors, oil refineries and storage, strategic oil reserves, shipping ports, airports, and military bases to name a few things. That will be chaos. The rate of rise is not determined at this point but it could be faster than predicted exacerbating the chaos. Ignoring and denying it as the right is doing will not solve the problem anymore than ignoring cancer makes having it not so.

We need to think ahead and plan for the worst. It is better to plan for the worst case scenario and have the best happen rather than planning for the best and the worst happens. You can’t buy car insurance after you have an accident. The Republicans ignore or deny the problem and the Democrats come up with the harebrained Green New Deal. That will only make things worse because it hasn’t addressed any of the root causes of the problem. What we need to do is begin far inland and work towards the coasts and redo the facilities that are necessary for organized society and survival. Hospitals, military bases, farms, food processing plants, manufacturing plants of basic items, fire departments, emergency medical facilities, law enforcement facilities etc., need to be made self-sufficient so if the coasts do go under there will be a solid structure to maintain a semblance of order in areas that will be above the water line. They need to be outfitted to be solar and wind powered. Also jails and prisons need to be. Many will say no to that but releasing prisoners is not an option. Many jails and prisons are now releasing prisoners due to the coronavirus. I am not going to go into a tirade about that but the consequences will soon be apparent. More stupidity by those in charge. This has been added after this was originally posted but in New York the looting is now going on and over 500 looters and rioters were arrested in a short time and were released with no bail. Just open the door and let them out. That is shear stupidity.

Upshot is don’t tell me the ocean level isn’t rising I watched it rise over a 30 year span of time. Climate change/global warming are real. The right and oil lobbies might be able to convince someone from the mid-west but not me or anyone that has lived on the coast for any length of time. Are we at fault? No but we do figure into the equation and we need to take that factor into account.  (If you remember we talked about the necessity of equations being complete and accurate.) Why can you believe me? Because I am not running for public office, I am not owned by oil companies and I am not asking for money. I don’t care what the oil lobby says I believe my wet feet.

Another issue I have with the right concerns medical care. Again I will use a personal experience rather than all the volumes of special interest crap (and it is crap) used to “muddy the waters”. I became soured on our medical system in the early 70s. At that time a young woman I had met at one of the bars that I frequented had suffered an overdose of drugs. Some of her friends rushed her to a hospital and the hospital refused her because she had no money or insurance. They rushed her to another hospital where they did admit her and she did make it. She was not a Cinderella but she was not a bad person just an unhappy young woman. I do not know what ultimately happened to her later in life and it would not surprise me if the saving of her at that hospital only delayed a possible, even probable, outcome. I have thought about that incident numerous times throughout the years. She, and others like her both male and female whose numbers are many and growing, will always be a drain on society and the money and effort spent on them would be better used elsewhere but in Western civilization one of our core beliefs is that we are our brothers (and sisters) keeper. What if these brothers and sisters won’t or can’t keep themselves? Many are mentally not capable of caring for themselves so what then? To ignore them is callous and to try to “save” them is social suicide. Many are born with negative inclinations, in the words of Milton “Crooked by nature bent.” I do not necessarily mean evil and malicious. The vast majority will always consume more resources and energy than they produce which is a negative drain on society as a whole. The essence of the situation is like Commander Spock on Star Trek The Original Series assessing tribbles on the episode “The Trouble With Tribbles”:  “They remind me of the lilies of the field. They toil not, neither do they spin. But they seem to eat a great deal. I see no practical use for them.” That young woman is not the only one I can think of. I retired from working in a jail so I could come up with a list a mile long. Most men and women in jails are not evil just troubled. Most men in jails have problems with two things: some type of substance and women. Most women in jails have problems with two things: some type of substance and…………………, you guessed it, men. There is an answer to the problem we will discuss later.

Another problem I have with our medical system is the cost of medication and medical supplies. While living in North Florida one of the men in the area was bitten by a rabid fox. The treatment for rabies consists of a series of ten shots. The cost of the shots was $1000 a shot. A SHOT!!!! The alternative was a slow agonizing death. Rabies is 99+% fatal. After that a person I personally knew was also bitten by a rabid fox and I asked if the costs I heard were accurate. His answer was yes. Why does any shot cost a grand? Legalized theft.

Years ago on one of the public radio shows was the case of a woman traveling in Asia and was bitten by a rabid monkey. (Interesting factoid: Monkeys carry rabies and in India they are the second most common transmitters of rabies to humans. Dogs are first.) She had to get the series of rabies shots and went to the hospital in whatever country she was in and the shot was something like $2.50. It was a long time ago and I am not 100% sure of the cost but I am reasonably sure it was $2.50, but anyway it was definitely under $10. Her next shot was in another Asian nation and it was something like 7 or 8 dollars. Again under $10. She returned to the states and went to the hospital and the shot was $1400. That is fourteen hundred not fourteen. When she went to her doctor he said she should have come to him as he could have given it to her for $700. That is seven hundred not seven. I just felt I had to make sure the costs were understood as there is a vast difference between $2.50 and $1400 for the same exact thing. I am basically a capitalist but unlike many on the right I can see the flaws. I think I understand Adam Smith who the right holds in esteem for his Wealth of Nations. He was for capitalism but had a poor opinion of capitalists. I am of the opinion that capitalism doesn’t have to be regulated but capitalists need to be under a microscope. Much of our private sector, especially corporate, have become criminal enterprises.  On the other side of the coin much of our public ventures are run by incompetents (bureaucrats) that are under the wings of criminals (corporate capitalists) that own sleazy frontmen (politicians) elected by fools (us). Following both to their ultimate ends you find the robber barons on one side lording over the poor working for basically change under sweatshop conditions and on the other side the socialists like the late Hugo Chavez that socialized Venezuela turning it from a vibrant economy to a poverty stricken third world, crudely put, “shit hole” where the poor were reduced to eating their pets and zoo animals and rummaging through garbage cans for food. Chavez was voted in by the poor who see themselves as victims and confiscating the wealth of the robber barons and living like kings but it turned out to be the same age old story of criminals elected by fools replay. By the way his daughter is worth about six billion bucks. So much for democratic socialism.

Overall Medicare for all would be a good thing if done right. Medicare has four parts: A, B, C and D. Part A covers the Hospital and Hospice expenses. Part B covers doctors (those that choose to participate and accept Medicare. It is voluntary on the doctor’s part.) Part D is the prescription plan. Medicare Part A is automatically received at age 65. It is not charged for as a person pays for it by a payroll tax throughout their employment years. Part B which covers doctors can be purchased to coincide with B. How Part A works is if a hospital bill is say $1,000 for some service Medicare has some type of formula and determines the procedure was worth $300 or some amount and that is the amount they pay on. The $700 is written off by the hospital. Medicare pays 80% of the $300 which is $240 and the patient is responsible for the balance which is $60. Many purchase a supplemental policy which pays the $60 or a portion of it depending on which supplemental policy they purchase. More expensive policies pay more up to the total amount which could be thousands, tens of thousands. Part B works about the same way. Part C is the Medicare Advantage plan. The Part D is the prescription supplement and works much the same way as Parts A and B. While Medicare for all is a good idea it has to be done right. It should be available to all at the time of employment. It should also be purchased. They should pay a reasonable amount for A and B from their paychecks. Now Part B is around $110 a month or so. (That is roughly what I am paying.) Part D is about $70 a month. (Again that is roughly what I am paying.) These are the figures from about 3 or 4 years old so costs are probably a little more now. A schedule could be worked out taking in factors such as age, student status, marital status, children, and income, etc. There is no such thing as a free lunch. This is something liberals do not understand. Someone pays. It has to be analyzed and a plan crafted. Our medical system can best be described as “robbery in progress.”

Many think the government can just print money. They could but the consequences would be catastrophic. The result is hyper inflation. I have an actual 100,000,000,000,000 (100 trillion) dollar bill from Zimbabwe. It is virtually worthless. The government just printed money and gave everyone money. It took on the value of money from the game of Monopoly. Germany did the same thing prior to WW2. Their money also became worthless which helped pave the way for the rise of Hitler. You can’t bend rules of some things, economics is one. Mathematics, gravity and physics are three others. You can sometimes artificially bend or suspend them temporarily but ultimately the “piper must be paid.” An airplane can defy gravity with proper aerodynamics and power but cut the power and it falls. You can rob Peter to pay Paul but sooner or later Peter runs out of money or gets fed up and he comes looking for his money.  It is beyond the understanding of  people to not comprehend that. The trillions of dollars in bailouts for the coronavirus will bring about inflation. Bet on it. Our government can also be described as “robbery in progress.”

I am for college education being free under some conditions. One is it is something that is of value to the nation. There was one woman with a sign protesting her student loan. She was over $200,000 in debt. Her major? Greek mythology. Greek mythology is a waste of money. Another was a guy in debt $33,000. He majored in music playing the guitar. Taxpayers would have been better served if the money was handed out for people to wipe with. Gender and ethnic studies are a waste of money and are useless. These people are parasites. As well as something of use for society there should be a period of time that is owed to the government. A doctor or nurse or technician or dentist etc could work for x number of years for the VA or a clinic. THWEY would get paid of course and a certain amount would come off their debt each year.

The environment is another area I have issues with the GOP on. I am for transitioning to sustainable, renewable energy. Petroleum is finite meaning, of course, that it is not unlimited in supply. It is also a nasty substance that pollutes the ground, water and air, three things we need for survival. The GOP being in the pockets of the oil industry opposes any change to solar or wind for energy. Other nations are investing in solar and wind and having some success while we have had almost no success, at least when the government was involved. Steam and petroleum had setbacks initially. I mentioned earlier the fallacy of not keeping up with advances in energy. The Dutch used sail power and created a large Empire. The British began converting to steam as a propulsion system and overtook the wind power of the Dutch. Wars (there are always wars) also figured into the rise of the British Empire but steam powered vessels gave them the added edge that helped create their empire. The Titanic was steam. Not only did it power their ocean going vessels it powered transportation on land. Britain had large deposits of coal within its borders so it was an easy conversion. The British Empire lost its dominance to the United States when the US began using oil for power. The conversion to petroleum for ship power made the steam power of the Titanic obsolete. There were a few automobiles made that were powered by steam but they never took off as steam was not practical in private use. Petroleum made the private automobile possible. Petroleum also made airplanes and submarines possible. Submarines ran on batteries while submerged for obvious reasons. There was no supply of air to make combustion possible and even if it were available the exhaust would kill everyone on board. They charged the batteries while on the surface with the generators while running on the diesel motors. The US had large quantities of oil within its borders so it was also an easy conversion. Wind, coal or oil all translate into energy which any society needs. In past history energy was human or draft animals but it was still energy. The US is going to lose its dominance due in part to failure to convert to the energy of the future which is solar and wind. The GOP in the pockets of the oil industry refuses any attempt to convert. The right listens to them and will have the same look as the shopkeeper in The Flim Flam Man when he realizes he was flim flamed. To those on the right sorry but that is reality. Both sides are being used.

Oil is highly polluting to the soil, water and air. Due to the lack of traditional type wells we are now fracking which will turn into an environmental nightmare down the road. Fracking is basically shattering the rock layers far underground to release the petroleum.  In the process highly toxic waste materials are produced. It also contaminates the underground water supply and it creates weak spots deep underground. The entry under fracking in Wikipedia starts:

Hydraulic fracturing (also called fracking, . . . . ) is a well stimulation technique in which rock is fractured by a pressurized liquid. The process involves the high-pressure injection of ‘fracking fluid’ (primarily water, containing sand or other proppants suspended with the aid of thickening agents) into a wellbore to create cracks in the deep-rock formations through which natural gas, petroleum, and brine will flow more freely. When the hydraulic pressure is removed from the well, small grains of hydraulic fracturing proppants (either sand or aluminium oxide) hold the fractures open.

“Hydraulic fracturing began as an experiment in 1947, and the first commercially successful application followed in 1950. As of 2012, 2.5 million “frac jobs” had been performed worldwide on oil and gas wells; over one million of those within the U.S. . . . . ”

No superior species would do this. (Of course no superior species would build New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, London, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, Beijing, Manila and a long list of other filthy, crime infested cities.) The wastes contaminate land on which is grown the food we eat. It also contaminates the water we drink. The burning of oil pollutes air we breathe.  The leaders of the right and the fracking industry tell us not to worry. Decades ago the oil industry also told us there was plenty of oil making it sound like the supply was infinite.  I remember as a boy growing up outside of Long Beach California where the land under the oil fields began to sink at one time. The site www.longbeach.gov has the following in an article: “Long Beach was once known as the “Sinking City”. Oil and gas production from the giant Wilmington Oil Field, where 3.75 billion barrels (42 gallons per barrel) have been produced, created a land surface “subsidence bowl” of up to 29 feet deep in and around the Port of Long Beach (Port) and along the coastal strand of the City of Long Beach. Over 20 square miles have been affected adjacent to the shoreline from the Port to Seal Beach. Early 1940’s groundwater pumping contributed to the land sinking, but the majority of the subsidence resulted from oil and gas extraction. Damage to public and private property and the rebuilding of Port facilities have cost billions in today’s dollars. I can remember the adults talking about it in the late 50s. The general consensus was the oil companies said not to worry. I was reminded of that when during the Congressional hearings about tobacco I watched tobacco company executives lying through their teeth saying tobacco was harmless. If you can’t trust the oil and tobacco companies who can you trust? The bottom line is petroleum is destroying our life support systems.

I am not advocating the absurd Green New Deal of the Democrats. We are set up for petroleum and to attempt to convert quickly will result in disaster. You can’t go “cold turkey.” It has to be a gradual conversion to solar and wind. The reason the investments in wind and solar fail is because they are run by bureaucrats. Bureaucrats are necessary and have their place and no society can thrive without them but they do not have the abilities that business requires for such ventures. Bureaucracy and business are contradictory. The failure of socialism has always, always, always been laid at the feet of bureaucrats. It is driving round pegs into square holes. The outcome of the Green New Deal will be totally opposite of what they fantasize it being.

I quoted Hayek in a prior essay about sometimes the results of actions are the opposite of what was intended. Naturally everyone else is to blame rather than realize your actions caused, at east partially, the consequences. Case in point was the student demonstrations of the 60s. They were opposed to the Vietnam war, the pigs (cops), capitalism, and were for free speech, free love and dope. They did not realize that regardless of how much they despised capitalists the capitalists were not stupid. They observed the students and the college professors and could see the writing on the wall. They could see the direction of the country. They bailed and outsourced their manufacturing. Whether you think the very wealthy are dishonest, corrupt, unethical, sleazy, and/or whatever that is basically irrelevant. They do not have the fatal flaw of stupidity. The rich are rich for a reason. If people running around in masks tipping over garbage cans and setting them on fire and breaking store front windows and looting think they are going to outsmart the Bill Gates, the Koch Brothers, the Bezos’s and others of the world it shows just how stupid and infantile they are. The same mindset today screams for increased wages and tax the rich and corporations but fails to look at the consequences. They left because they could manufacture cheaper in China or elsewhere overseas, and pay less in taxes and benefits.. Duh!!!

F.A. Hayek said in our flaws are seen better by our enemies than ourselves: “As is so often true, the nature of our civilization has been seen more clearly by its enemies than by most of its friends………….” Outsourcing was predicted long ago before the US became the hegemon it is. It was predicted by one of our enemies, Lenin. The following is a quote from the book Against Empire by Michael Parenti:

“As early as 1916, Lenin pointed out that as it advanced, capitalism would export not only its goods but it’s very capital, not only its products, but its entire production process. Today, most giant US firms do just that, exporting their technology, factories, and sales networks – and our jobs. It is well-known that General Motors has been closing down factories in the USA. Less well known is that for many years GM has been spending millions of dollars abroad on new auto plants in countries where wages are far less than what American auto workers are paid. This means bigger profits for GM and more unemployment for Detroit.

“Over the last 20 years, American firms have tripled their total outlay in other countries, their fastest growth rate being in the Third World. Nor is this trend likely to reverse itself. American capitalism is now producing abroad eight times more than it exports. Many firms have shifted all their manufacturing activities to foreign lands. All the cameras sold in the USA are made overseas, as are almost all the bicycles, tape recorders, radios, television sets, VCRs, and computers.”

An extremely large percentage of our goods are made in China. China is now a threat to our economy and our safety. We have helped make it so. Let’s look at our China problem.

The GOP has traditionally sided with big business over the greater good believing business serves the greater good. I agree business serves the greater good when it is run ethically. There is where the problem arises. I believe capitalism is the best system and the flaws are not with capitalism itself they are with the capitalists, corporate capitalists to be exact. They can’t be trusted. There has always been the old tale of the butcher putting his finger on the scale or the “flim flam” con man and snake oil salesman and criminal organizations such as the La Cosa Nostra, the Mafia and the drug cartels in Mexico and Columbia  but corporate capitalism has taken crime to a whole new level. Just as I have said there probably is nothing in the universe as dumb as a human teenager I am willing to say there is probably nothing in the universe as dishonest and unethical as a large percentage of human corporate capitalists.

Our China problems started in earnest with Richard Nixon. Let’s do a quick look at the situation.

At one time there were two Chinas. The PRC (People’s Republic of China) and the ROC (Republic of China). The ROC consisted of the island of Taiwan and the PRC consisted of mainland China. When the communists under Mao Zedong took control of China the leader of China, Chiang Kai-shek, fled to Taiwan and established what is known as a government in exile. We recognized Taiwan as China and did not recognize mainland China as they were communist. Chiang Kai-shek was no prize. He was a brutal dictator but he was not communist so we sided with him as we often did in these cases. As I said our China problems started in earnest with Richard Nixon. When Dwight Eisenhower ran for President Richard Nixon was the vice presidential candidate. Nixon was a hardcore anticommunist and was on the House Committee of un-American Activities. Nixon when running for President made comments that hinted he would be open to thawing relations with the PRC. (While in high school, even though I was anticommunist, I always thought that to ignore a nation the size of China was unrealistic.) Anyway, when Nixon was elected President he went to China. The first President to do so in decades. He went with his National Security Advisor, Henry Kissinger who was actually a sleazy worm. I am being kind. Kissinger had secretly made contact with China the year before and paved the way. Henry Kissinger was not the person you would want to guard your back. Many think he was the instigator encouraging Nixon to begin relations with China. It is no secret that American corporations looked upon China with greed lust thinking about the cheap labor and the large numbers of consumers and they salivated at the prospect.

The main blunder by the GOP was actually not the Republican Parties fault it was the conniving by corporate business. People vote for what or who they identify with. We call it identity politics. The name has just become vogue and into common use but identity politics have been around since there have been politicians. The average voter was white and middle class. Now there just happened to be a person that the average voter could identify with. The middle class American identified with the good guy sheriff type. There just happened to be someone like that, Ronald Reagan.  Problem was Ronald Reagan was a Democrat so he was taken under the wings of General Electric and educated or programmed or indoctrinated or whatever you want to call it. When it has a motive or goal they are all basically the same. I am not saying it is always bad but it is what it is regardless of how you try to disguise it.. There is a good book called The Education of Ronald Reagan: The General Electric Years and the Untold Story of his Conversion to Conservatism by Thomas W. Evans. The following is from his own description of the book. The link to his entire article is: https://historynewsnetwork.org/article/32681  His words:

 “In my book, The Education of Ronald Reagan: The General Electric Years and the Untold Story of his Conversion to Conservatism, I trace Reagan’s evolution from liberal to conservative, from actor to politician. The changes took place during the time when he served as host of the General Electric Theater on television. His contract also called for him to spend  a quarter of his eight years (1954-1962) with the company touring the forty states and 139 plants of GE’s far-flung decentralized corporate domain, addressing 250,000 employees and their neighbors.

“When he joined GE in 1954, Reagan was a Democrat and a self-described “New Dealer to the core.” One of the early photos in the book shows him at the White House – the Truman White House — where he was thanked by the president for his strong support in the 1948 election. He had been a leader and organizer of California’s “Labor for Truman.” He was then serving as president of the Screen Actors Guild, which opposed “Right-to-Work” laws. Two years later, he supported Democrat Helen Gahagan Douglas in her U. S. Senate contest against Republican Richard Nixon. In 1952, he backed the Republican candidate for president, but as a Democrat for Eisenhower.”

Reagan turning Republican was a crown jewel of achievement of indoctrination and programming by American business up to that time. Being the “good guy” sheriff and a former Democrat, which most middle class Americans were at that time, got him elected governor of California in 1966. Many Democrats at that time began changing to Republican including my parents and most of the middle class that lived in the bedroom communities of Southern California. (Bedroom communities were cities that consisted of mostly tracts of houses that were of only three or four styles. They were basically cookie cutter houses.) The stage was set for Governor Reagan to become President Reagan. When Reagan became President he implemented what was the Reagan Doctrine. It took a hard line towards the Soviet Union and he came up with what he called the Strategic Defense Initiative or as some called it Star Wars. It was a network of advanced defensive and offensive weapons systems. In order to counter it the Soviets had to spend large amounts on their military. That played a large part of why the Soviets collapsed in 1991. From Wikipedia:

“The Reagan Administration implemented a new policy towards the Soviet Union through NSDD-32 (National Security Decisions Directive) to confront the USSR on three fronts: to decrease Soviet access to high technology and diminish their resources, including depressing the value of Soviet commodities on the world market; to (also) increase American defense expenditures to strengthen the U.S. negotiating position; and to force the Soviets to devote more of their economic resources to defense. The massive American military build-up was the most visible.”

“By the late years of the Cold War, Moscow had built a military that consumed as much as 25% of the Soviet Union’s gross national product at the expense of consumer goods and investment in civilian sectors”

Reagan’s policies were not the only reason the Soviet system collapsed but it did play a decisive role. The Soviets depended on oil for a large part (60%) of their import revenue as they do today. The price of oil dropped and they could not maintain the military and their domestic social programs. They collapsed economically. They basically went bankrupt. The Soviets and the Chinese both were communist nations. They had different views of communism and how communism should be enacted which was known as the Sino-Soviet Rift. It became heated from time to time including clashes at the border. After Nixon’s visit to China the Soviets began to become more amenable to the American side being concerned over China’s hand being strengthened by relations with the United States. However they were both communist and if push came to shove they would have been side by side against America. When the Soviets collapsed the major obstacle to business outsourcing to China for cheap labor and a large market was removed. In the late 80s American businesses began outsourcing in earnest. A couple of the first were Kodak and General Electric. General Electric…..Gee go figure.

That is part of an effort to bring the US down and establish a one world order. This plan has been in the works for a long, long time. That is unsettling to me for a reason that is not obvious to all but should be. I am not opposed to a global community but what the elites have in mind is a global third world. Given the available vs the necessary required resources and the existing human resources it is the only type it could be. H.G. Wells in his The New World Order mentioned a book by Clarence K. Streit titled Union Now. I have not read it but will in the future. Wells said what Streit proposed was a type of United States of the World established along the lines of the Constitution. That concept intrigues me and I want to examine it more in detail. (After writing this paragraph I just ordered it 60 seconds ago from eBay.)

China is a threat to not only the United States but the world. Their goal is global domination and they are on their way to achieving it. They are ten years away from it by their schedule. They are being aided by those that believe in a “One World Government.” These are the elites, the leftists, college professors, and liberals. the “intellectuals” (a gross misnomer. Remember what Packard said in The People Shapers:A person can be high in learning ability and memory and still remain a fool. The two do not add up to either brilliance or wisdom in thinking.”)  I believe in a global community but on the order of a United States of the World as just mentioned. The structure has worked well for the United States and allowed for more freedom and prosperity for a larger percentage of the citizens than any system in history. The leftists, college professors and liberals that are the foundational support for this New World Order move  live in the West which has prospered and they have no idea what will be the consequences if they succeed. Like the previous quote by Hayek on results opposite of dreams. Or, Russell with his saying that fanaticism has brought misery more often than improvement, even temporary improvement. Well’s said it accurately when he said the Haves have never developed a conscience and the Have nots have never developed the intelligence to make an improvement. The reason these brilliant men knew is because the revolutions were done emotionally not intelligently.  The emotions of the left coupled with their lack of knowledge are now allowing China to overtake us. If they succeed they will find their services are no longer needed. They might consider the fates of the intellectuals that aided the communists to take China. I do not hold the right blameless either.

Numerous businesses have relocated to China and taken millions of jobs. As I said Nixon and Reagan were largely responsible but on the scales of culpability they weigh no more than Clinton, Obama and both Bushes. In search of an article I read on China buying property in the US I came across a frightening amount of information on China’s acquisitions in the United States as well as the world. I came up with an article by Tim Fernholz is from August 19, 2013 on the Quartz website titled “Ecuador abandons its rain forest protection to pay its China debts”. First couple of paragraphs:

“When a poor nation finds a massive oil reserve beneath a rainforest with more species per hectare than in all of North America, it makes for a nettlesome problem. When you add in a huge amount of debt to resource-hungry China, it makes for an environmental catastrophe.

“Oil companies, anticipating the decision, have already built roads and drilling infrastructure adjacent to the park, and expect drilling to begin within weeks; Correa says the development will affect about 1% of the park’s land.” The following is a link to the article:


Another article in Money Morning June 1, 2015 by Tara Clarke titled “Insatiable China Gold Demand Is Ruining Ecuador’s Tribal Lands”. The first three paragraphs (each of the paragraphs consist of the following single sentences) go:

“We can’t be beggars sitting on a sack of gold.”

 “This was socialist Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa’s favorite catchphrase during his reelection campaign that ended in a sweeping victory on Feb. 17, 2013.”

 “Correa’s “sack of gold” referred to the Cordillera del Condor, a rainforest mountain range laden with precious metals – especially gold and copper, but also silver and platinum.”

The link to the article is:


In the Books Worth Reading section of this site I did a report of Winner Take All by Dambisa Moyo. Here are three paragraphs:

“In the summer of 2007 a Chinese company bought a mountain in Peru. More specifically, it bought the mineral rights to mine the resources contained in it. At fifteen thousand feet (forty-six hundred meters), Mount Toromocho is an imposing land mass– more than half of the height of Mount Everest. It contains two billion tons of copper, one of the largest single copper deposits in the world. For a hefty fee of US$3 billion, Mount Toromocho’s title transferred from the Peruvian people to the hands of the Chinese.”

“…………. In just over a decade China has risen from relative insignificance to pole position in underwriting numerous resource-related transactions across the globe. China’s Chinalco, the company that bought the rights to exploit the Peruvian mountain, also spent nearly US$13 billion in 2008 for a state in Australia’s aluminum sector. In June 2009 Sinopec–a leading Chinese petrochemical company – purchased Addax Petroleum, which has sizable assets in Iraq and Nigeria, for US$7.2 billion. Sinopec also bought a 40 percent stake in the Brazilian arm of Repsol, a Spanish energy company, for US$7 billion in October 2010 and part ownership in a joint-venture oil company with Russia’s Rosneft (a leading oil and gas company) for US$3 and.5 billion in June 2006.”

“……………….. Of all the world’s great powers, only one, China, has focused its economic and political strategy on anticipating the considerable challenges presented by a resource-scarce future.”

The following are links to articles I Googled looking for China buying up the world. In the US they are buying industries, land, power companies, mining, food producers such as dairy, milk and meat. They are buying land in Australia, Europe, Africa, and in South and Central Americas. I will just post links as if I quoted the articles it would be pages and pages. This way you can click on them if you have doubts. (if they don’t scare you you have issues.) Even NATO is concerned with China buying up so much. This is April 18, 2020, AFTER the coronavirus began ravaging the Western economies. The link:


Some links to what and where China is buying:

http://www.takepart.com/article/2016/02/22/china-syngenta-smithfield/   The title of this article is: China Is Making a Major Play for American Farms and Farmland





Title to the above link is: “From farms and coal mines to airports and water supplies: How China is gobbling up millions of acres of land, vital infrastructure and companies – as part of its ‘disturbing’ plan to exert greater influence and control over Australia.”

In the following China threatened Australia with economic sanctions if they investigate the COVID19 virus:


The left does not seem to mind the damage done to the environment or human rights abuses by China. They rant and rail against long past Western Imperialism and colonialism but overlook China’s imperialism and colonialism taking place globally at this moment. Nor do they realize if it wasn’t for Western imperialism and colonialism most of the world, places like China, Asia in general, Africa, and the South, Central and North Americas would still be in conditions from primitive to feudal. If it wasn’t for the West China would be still be in a state of dynastic rule. Actually with the communists in charge they still are the only difference is the technology that has allowed them to go for global domination. Technology they mostly stole incidentally.

China will do as much damage to the global environment and human rights as their capitalist counterparts in Western nations that are so badly assailed by leftists. Actually more because not being a democracy they have no voter oversight. They also are in dictatorial control of business as they own a majority stake in businesses as most are state financed ventures. They are hell-bent on being the number one global economy and the population has their back to the wall. They have a flaw, an Achilles Heel, the West does not have. They must rigidly follow the party policy and procedures on business and life which allows very little, if any, innovation. Much like Orwell’s 1984. What innovation China can lay its success to has been stolen from Western minds. That bureaucratic rigidity can only be enforced by a rigidly bureaucratic mind which is always the failure of socialism and totalitarianism. China realized Communism, which is actually socialism, didn’t work. In the late 70s they opened up some of China to foreign investors and in a few cities allowed people to start their own businesses. It was a success so they opened more and more. American companies left the US and outsourced to China. While China has been successful it has the drawback of being too rigidly controlled. This stifles innovation by stifling imagination. This rigidity of China has been part of their history and is virtually an inborn Chinese trait. China has stolen much of its technological advancements from the United States. A good example of stifling imagination can be found in their attitude to science fiction. Much of our technological advancements were found in science fiction and fantasy prior to their becoming reality. The imaginations of authors such as Jules Verne, Aldous Huxley, H.G. Wells, George Orwell, Isaac Asimov, Jack Chalker and many more paved the way to the technology that gave us virtually all we have today.

The following few excerpts from Wikipedia on Chinese science fiction will show the flaw in a rigidly controlled society. It stifles imagination which endangers the state. The same flaw can be found in George Orwell’s The Party in 1984. From Wikipedia on Chinese science fiction:

“Science fiction in China was initially popularized through translations of Western authors during the late-Qing dynasty by proponents of Western-style modernization such as Liang Qichao and Kang Youwei as a tool to spur technological innovation and scientific progress.

“With his translation of Jules Verne’s A Two-Year Vacation into Classical Chinese (as Fifteen Little Heroes), Liang Qichao became one of the first and most influential advocates of science fiction in Chinese.

“In 1903, Lu Xun, who later became famous for his darkly satirical essays and short stories, translated Jules Verne’s From the Earth to the Moon and Journey to the Centre of the Earth from Japanese into Classical Chinese . . . . . .  “

“In 1979, the newly founded magazine Scientific Literature (《科学文艺》) began publishing translations and original science fiction and Zheng Wenguang again devoted himself to writing science fiction during this period. . . . . “

“This rehabilitation suffered a setback during the Anti-Spiritual Pollution Campaign (1983–1984), when Biao Qian labelled science fiction as “spiritual pollution.” This led to authors such as Ye Yonglie, Tong Enzheng, Liu Xingshi, and Xiao Jianheng being condemned for slander and the publication of science-fiction in mainland China once again being prohibited indefinitely.”

It had a brief period of resurgence but then:

“Meanwhile in the area of film and television, works such as the science fiction comedy Magic Cellphone (魔幻手机) explored themes of time travel and advanced technology. On March 31, 2011, however the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT) issued guidelines that strongly discouraged television storylines including “fantasy, time-travel, random compilations of mythical stories, bizarre plots, absurd techniques, even propagating feudal superstitions, fatalism and reincarnation, ambiguous moral lessons, and a lack of positive thinking”[13] indicating that in the near future science fiction shows will likely not be allowed to be aired on mainland Chinese television.”

As you can see imagination is stifled. People with imaginations are dangerous to the state and have a habit of disappearing. Those that ask too often or too loudly where is so and so also have a habit of disappearing.

These corporate execs will find out what China’s true attitude towards them is if the US collapses. China knows business has no borders and no loyalty. China has stolen intellectual property from these corporations which was developed in America by these corporations. China got the information without doing the research. These executives have often complained but what did they expect?  In China anything on Chinese soil is under Chinese jurisdiction and becomes Chinese property. China knows these executives cannot be trusted and China has no problems properly dealing with people that can’t be trusted. Once the United States economically falls to China they will deal with the execs. They will also deal with the Antifas, the liberal millineals, the college professors and the BLM movement. They will also deal with criminals properly where we tend to mother them.

Now I have another link which will help me transition into my last bit on this essay before the next when I give the only two options we have. We have a second chance due to the virus believe it or not. It is about President Trump and his trade war. Here is the link:


In the last election I voted Republican. I voted Trump. Notice I did not use the word for. A technicality?  Yes but technically correct.  Election night I was at the local cinema watching Inferno, the movie version of Dan Brown’s novel, which interestingly is about a plague unleashed on the world by a geneticist to reduce the population. The reason I was there is I did not want to watch the election returns. I thought Hillary was going to win and I did not want to watch the insufferable leftist media and Democrats. If they won it would have been all over for the United States and Western civilization as under the Democrats the strengthening of China and the weakening of the United States would have continued. When I got home and turned on the television and saw Trump ahead I was surprised. Actually shocked might be a better word. I did not expect him to win and neither did many others. In fact I think he did not think he would win either. I think he got into the race merely to express support for an America that was once number one in everything and was slipping into third world status. Initially when he won the primary everyone, including him, was surprised. When he won the Presidency everyone, including him I think, was like me shocked. I voted Trump last time this time I am voting for Trump and against the Democrats. Not because of so much as for him but for what he represents, a second chance for America. He brought to light the hatred and dishonesty of the left. A hatred and dishonesty that was concealed behind their past record and their present soothing words and smiling faces which we know often hide lies.

The hatred started before he took office. There was talk of impeachment before he took office. From there it became worse and worse and worse. The conniving of the Democrats with a phony Russian Dossier and the FBI trying to set him up. It has since came to light General Flynn was set up also. General Flynn was an honorable career military veteran. The Russian dossier has been proven to be false and the Mueller investigation also proved to be a fraud. Then came the fraudulent Brett Kavanaugh sideshow confirmation hearings. Then the absurd impeachment circus. There is now an ongoing pandemic that came from China and they are so obsessed with hating him they are politicizing a plague. They are talking investigation and impeachment in the midst of national crises that consists of a pandemic, an economic meltdown and a growing Chinese threat. I don’t think the plague was a complete accident. If you look back I quoted a couple of passages from The China Threat published in 2000 which told of a book written by two Chinese army colonels advocating biological and chemical warfare. Also the Chinese military believing the decade between 2020 and 2030 would be their “dangerous decade.” The decade when we could no longer ignore their growing economic and military threat but they were not sure they could beat us. Trump upset the apple cart. They would prefer the Democrats in office that would continue to ignore and downplay their growing threat. Trump’s tariffs placed their goal of global domination in jeopardy. The Democrats complained about his attempting to get a more equitable trade agreement for us. We send 500 billion a year to them and they send 150 billion a year to us. This plague has collapsed the economy of the US and the Western world and given the Democrats a foot in the door to win back the presidency. I think enough of America woke up to danger at the 11th hour though.

This is an addition since this was first posted. We now have thousands of criminals rioting, looting thousands of businesses, burning down hundreds and hundreds of buildings and killing people. I have to add in Democrat cities. The Democrats are approving of this thinking it will help them get the presidency. They are letting the criminals run wild and approving of it. They are releasing them without bail. Letting them back out to loot and kill.

As I said I am going to vote for him this election. He is exactly what was needed at the time. He turned the light on in the cellar and the roaches scrambled. I admit he is not a polished politician. When he tweets I and many others that voted Trump cringe. One group has a picture of Jesus with his arm around Trump’s shoulders. If Jesus got that close to him he probably would stick that cellphone where the “sun doesn’t shine.” I have only been able to listen to one of his speeches through its entirety and that was his State of the Union in 2020. That was a great speech. Normally his speeches are too painful for me to listen to. Many of the people I know that voted for him when he holds a rally or a news conference and he goes into a long explanation of something we all say things like “Shut up Donald,” “Stop talking Donald,” “Shut up,” “Shut up.” I admit he is not the man he used to be and if you listen to his interviews of long ago and his speeches now you can tell he is not as glib as he once was but his mind is sharp and he is doing better than anyone else could or would with all the undeserved hatred towards him and the planned sabotage. I am 73 so I know that as one ages ones thinking requires more effort but one’s experience is invaluable. The Democrats have many believing he is a racist or a xenophobe or a sexist or an Islamophobe or anti immigrant. He is none of those things. The left twists everything he says. One excellent and recent example is he did not advocate drinking bleach or Lysol but they say he did. They blame him for the virus when it was China where it originated and it benefits them and China. He placed a travel ban on people from China on Jan 30 while the Democrats criticized him for weeks after it. I would say if anyone had motive, means and opportunity it would be the Chinese and the Democrats. The Democrats fully expected Hillary to win two terms and the system would collapse in the second term and they could declare martial law with them frozen in power but Trump’s win jeopardized that. Things did not go as expected. They did not win but they did not lose either. The West hasn’t lost but it hasn’t won either. The Democrat’s actions on heavy handed dictatorial powers in the quarantine lock down and their flippant attitude to rioting, looting, arson and murder shows what to expect if they win in November. With their blind hatred and obsession they cannot be allowed to regain control of the White House. If they win we have two options. Only two and you are not going to like either but you have to pick one because the third of having them in charge is far, far worse.