About Books Worth Reading


I have followed current affairs since my interest was sparked in high school in the early 1960s. There are many books that have been written that have a profound moral or a theme(s) that can be applied to the present day world and the precarious condition humanity finds itself in. Many were written decades, even centuries ago, by authors and thinkers that had what could almost be considered psychic insight and foresight. Their predictions and assessments were/are so uncanny their insight and thoughts should be considered by any with serious concerns about world affairs. These are some of those books. I have taken excerpts from and often quoted sentences or paragraphs directly by them in hopes of arousing the interest of those that can think. To merely give a quick report on them as an ordinary book report would be written only diminishes the importance of the insight of these authors. Some have the page numbers after each excerpt and some do not. When I first started I did not put the page numbers on but somewhere along the line I did start adding them. I will eventually go back and add page numbers.