9 Separation part 3

I think this party is going badlyIs there something wrongI see faces looking sadlyHave I stayed too long

                                                                                   “Have I stayed too long”   Sung by Sonny and Cher


Essay 9, Part three

The left is too emotional and intellectually lacking to understand that a culture is what determines a society’s economic success. Economic success determines success in other areas as well.  This is why socialism always fails.. Socialism is communism lite. Frank Zappa said of communism:“Communism doesn’t work because people like to own stuff.” It destroys incentive and creates a lowest common denominator society.where incentive is destroyed. You can bet the vast majority that push socialism are the laziest, least intelligent and most useless parasitic folks you will ever meet. While many are college educated they do not have the maturity, reasoning ability or experience to properly assess things. Two such groups consists of liberal, college educated, millennials (1977-1995 and Generation Z (1996-2015).. They live in an unreal bubble of fantasy, illusion, emotion and false education. If you don’t believe it go to a Black Lives Matter or an antifa demonstration (riot) or a college campus and ask a question that challenges their beliefs or mention you think Trump is (or was) a great president. Ask how many biological sexes there are.  Ask if being on time, two plus two equaling four, or the law of gravity are racist. If men can get pregnant, menstruate or have menstrual cramps. They are being indoctrinated by “egghead” professors that consider themselves intellectuals and superior. Ask one of them the same questions. They can be intelligent in some areas or in some ways but overall are still fools in other areas because they can’t think. The ability to memorize formulas and facts does not necessarily make a person smart no more than encyclopedias or computers are smart. AI creations will not be able to think as such. They might have data running through their circuits they don’t verbalize but it won’t be thinking as such. They can carry on a conversation but it won’t involve critical thought. Smart people can do what computers can’t do: think abstractly and use instinct and intuition. Instincts and intuitions acquired over millions of years and passed down at birth as a psychological inheritance. Instincts and intuitions that are being stunted by technology, the programming in schools and a rapidly increasing population that requires more and more rigid structure to maintain order which reduces the need for and the ability to do independent thinking.

(Added) I am both surprised and concerned about AI. There does seem to be thought and creativity entering the picture. This should be of concern to those developing it but most think they are intellectual and invincible. They lack common sense. I asked a friend that is into computers to ask the OpenAI to write a new joke. He told it to

“Write a new joke that has not been told.”

It answered:


Certainly! Here’s a brand new joke just for you.

Why did the bicycle fall over?

Because it was two-tired from all the uphill battles.

I am reconsidering my original assessment. I have to admit the above shows some form or degree of creative “thinking”. That should be of concern to those with any intelligence and sense. Those that lack it can’t see why. AI has beat humans in  business dealing issues. Title: This AI Trade Finder Beats 99% of Traders


Here is another one on AI learning to lie. Title: The TERRIFYING Rise of DECEPTIVE AI (Scientists

Find AI Systems Are Learning to Lie) Link: 



Below are a couple of examples of thinking. They are undoubtedly apocryphal of course but they are excellent examples of the “essence” of thinking. I toss them in for a chuckle and to make a point. A computer would not be able to do this. It seems AI might in the future.

 When Einstein was doing lecture tours his chauffeur was always the same driver. On one trip his chauffeur commented “I have heard your presentation so many times I could recite it from memory.” Einstein being a bit of a prankster told him when we get to the lecture you give the lecture as me and I will pretend to be the chauffeur. The chauffeur gave the presentation flawlessly and all went fine but then came the question and answer segment. One member of the audience asked a technical question. The chauffeur acting as Einstein said: “That is a very simple question to answer. It is so simple I am surprised you asked it. In fact to show you how simple it is I am going to let my chauffeur answer it.”

And this one

Back in the Middle Ages a man stood in front of the king for some crime and was sentenced to death. The man said “Your majesty if you spare my life in one year I will teach the king’s horse to talk.” The king granted his request. Every day for a year the man went to the pasture and worked with the horse. After a year the king went to hear the horse talk. The man told the king the horse could not talk. The king then asked “Why did you tell me you could teach the horse to talk in a year if I spared your life?” The man replied: “Your majesty I figured a lot could happen in a year. I might die. The king might die. The horse might die. And who knows but I might have been able to teach it to talk.”

While both are jokes with several variations they do show examples of what would be considered quick, independent thinking. Thinking is a difficult thing to teach and it has been replaced with emotion and indoctrination telling students and citizens what to think not how to think. This represents a stagnant culture and society.  Stagnant cultures and societies collapse, are conquered or do not advance and slowly deteriorate. A case in point was when China closed its borders in the 15th century AD. In the past China was an advanced culture that made many scientific achievements and sent out ocean going vessels to explore. Completely closing the borders and severing ties to the outside world and stopping the fleets was in part an economic decision because the ocean going fleets sent out did not bring back enough to justify the expense and also the Emperor was concerned about foreign influence corrupting the society. Although the Chinese are very intelligent and innovative those qualities were opposed and were suppressed.hey are now on the upswing because of the WEF. 

Another example is the Catholic church of the Middle Ages. It allowed no deviation in thought and was weakened because of it which allowed the Reformation to shatter its dominance. Dogma has its place but so does questioning. Once questioning is berated and stifled then progress is stifled. This is and has been the failure of liberalism all through history. Recent cases in point are the Soviet Union, Cuba, and Venezuela. They begin questioning which is a positive but eventually established unquestioned dogma toward their beliefs, which is a negative, and they began to persecute those they considered heretics.. This is plainly visible in the leftist movements in the United States and West today. In the US they were and are often extremely vivid and violent with their unfounded hatred of Trump. Plain for all to see except themselves. Liberals tend to either attempt change too rapidly or to make changes that are impossible and incompatible with human nature or the circumstances thereby undermining themselves.


Divide and conquer (often called destroy from within.) is an age old tactic maybe the oldest in the book. At this time riots are going on in some major US cities because of the death of George Floyd while in custody of Minneapolis Police. Floyd, an African-American male, died of asphyxiation while in police custody due to an officer kneeling on his neck. Although not being an upstanding citizen Floyd was made into a martyr due to his being African-American and the way he died. While a social burden in life he became a martyr in death. The same thing the Nazis did with Horst Wessel. (Soros, who encourages and supports unrest, must have learned well from his past association with Nazis in Germany during the war.)  There are people that make better martyrs than citizens. I am not saying Floyd was completely at fault for his actions in life as he was the product of a liberalized America that has lost touch with reality and validates and subsidizes poor behavior. I am also not saying the death was justified. The hold used by the officer was not a proper hold; you don’t cut off someone’s airway. (There is a type of choke hold that is used as a last resort type of action but it is not applied for long and those agencies that use it teach recovery actions after.) The rioting, arson and looting that resulted created total anarchy but were planned and orchestrated. The violence and rioting had nothing to do with Floyd. It was a tactic, an orchestrated event, like many violent and looting occurrences, to help destroy the United States. The protestors are merely useful pawns pulled from the ranks of parasites and college indoctrinated students that are emotionally unstable and intellectually deficient and in reality actually useless to society with very little of a positive nature to contribute. It also helped raise funds to buy mansions for the criminals and thugs running BLM. It is being brought to light that many rioters were from out of the areas of violence. They were not local but were “imported” in from other areas. It is a well-known fact George Soros, (His name pops up often.) the billionaire activist with an agenda has often brought in outsiders to “protest” at various times and paid them. He also supports underhanded means which I discussed previously. He also supports the pro-violence antifa and he is of the philosophy of the end justifies the means. If you viewed the video, the last item at the very end of Essay 9 part 1 you know his character. He is worse for democracy than those he opposes. Soros is banned in Russia, Pakistan, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, and the Philippines.


The Democrats are giddy over the pandemic and violence and lock down as well as the disrupted, sagging economy and disrupted educational system as a means to defeat Trump. They are milking and exacerbating the pandemic and recession for political ends. They are keeping the economic downturn alive in order to defeat Trump. Disease, violence, death and a recession are acceptable tactics for them and their words and actions verify that. They are spiritual brethren of the “robber baron” type capitalists they hate. Extract every bit of profit, or, as in the present case, political wealth out of something regardless of long term cost of money or to people  Minneapolis has had almost 200 buildings set on fire and burned to the ground including a police precinct station. An interesting fact is there have been pallets of bricks left in advance at places where the demonstrations were to happen. No construction near so why are the bricks there? The Democrats are accusing the right of course. Seattle has 6 blocks of the city including businesses, a park and a police precinct station occupied by people that, to be bluntly truthful, are useless and burdens on society. Some are mentally ill but the left has no problem exploiting them. The Democrat mayor, Jenny Durkan, flippantly says the place is a “summer of love.” A summer of love with rapes and murders. The police have taken back the occupied area and one article on the Steve Sanchez Show site had the headline “Mayor Jenny Durkan’s Summer Of Love Ends With A Body Count.” There is no low the left will not stoop to. A party that condones and encourages that, which the Democrats do, cannot be allowed to regain control. Their hatred is too great to allow the level of power they would have. Watch some of the videos of college student protesters. These blithering, infantile jerks are what we got for our money and lack of attention.


The splitting into two nations, red and blue, in overly simplistic but accurate terms would be of two people going their separate ways in a domestic break up. A  future reconciliation cannot be ruled out though at least in some blue areas. As it is now if the two areas stay together there will be violence as I have said because the views are too radically different and incompatible to ever reach agreement. If massive, combative violence occurs there will be no chance of reconciliation. Our foes would love that. If in control the Democrats will be the abusive spouse. In a divorce they would be the spouse that stalks and harasses and files false complaints. We have seen numerous false complaints and accusations and stalking from Democrats in the last three and a half years. We are now watching the FBI, a once honorable institution, stalking and harassing citizens for supporting Trump. They have raided President Trump’s home in a politically motivated raid. The Democrat leftist supporters have published names of police, military and government personnel placing them in danger. They have used intimidation tactics on judges and juries. The Democrats and leftists have repeated the lies that Trump and his supporters are racists, homophobes, xenophobes, sexists, are colluding with Russia and on and on ad nauseam. They parrot each other with no basis of reality. Horace Mann said: “If an idiot were to tell you the same story every day for a year, you would believe it.” Media sites like CNN and MSNBC have become shameless shills for the Democrats and communist policies and the idiots believe them.

We have also seen harassment of those who are merely supporters of conservative philosophy. In previous essays I’ve mentioned several times the odds favor a system collapse. Too many conflicting things are reaching a common collision point at the same time. The coronavirus and resulting recession and the constantly changing information, keeping people in a constant state of emotional turmoil, have increased those odds placing us in the position of having one foot in the grave. The rioting, looting and arson have put the “proverbial banana peel” under the other foot. The pandemic itself won’t collapse us but the resulting economic disaster will. An economic disaster given a kick by the rioting and burning down of businesses which the Democrats and  left encouraged. The entire world is structured on a highly interdependent and highly complex system of economics and the coronavirus has radically affected it. The Democrats are trying to exacerbate it for political means. Remember I do not absolve the GOP from blame either it is just the Democrats are the most emotionally motivated, hateful, destructive and unstable at this time.


A pertinent side thought that is reality is most people deny or ignore is even if we escape massive deaths in this pandemic in the future there will be a global pandemic the scale of the Black Death that ravaged Europe in the Middle Ages and killed about 50% of the population. It is a 100% inevitable, guaranteed, and easily predictable event. The present pandemic is a good trial run for it. I keep getting a nagging question of ‘are the Chinese setting us up for a bigger attack’? Or is it the WEF? Is it just another “little boy that cried wolf” scenario? When the wolf came no one listened. Just because this one has been a “red herring” does not mean a real one is not in the future. If (when) we get one those that pushed the mandates and lock-downs on this one will have blood on their hands because people will not believe the government. I also said a couple of times that we were heading for not just a national collapse but a global collapse which we have miraculously averted so far but if humanity runs true to form we will learn nothing. The United States’ sensationalist news media has panicked and created a condition of near hysteria in many. I’m not saying the coronavirus pandemic is not dangerous because any pandemic is, or has the potential to be, but panic only makes an already bad situation worse. The experts waver back and forth with recommendations and assessments and statistics often contradictory from day to day and the media plays them to the max keeping the public in a constant state of alarm. When news becomes a business that does not care about truth and actually profits from the toxic waste it generates integrity suffers. The song “Dirty Laundry” is accurate. Some of the lyrics go:

“We got the bubble-headed-bleach-blond Who comes on at five,

She can tell you ’bout the plane crash with a gleam in her eye,

It’s interesting when people die,

Give us dirty laundry.”


We better get a grip on things and regain control because we have some tough decisions to make as pandemics are going to become more and more frequent and more and more deadly as the global population increases. The future hinges on a subject no one wants to touch; the rapidly increasing population. I found Elon Musk’s belief that the population is not increasing fast enough and we will have a “population poverty” situation quite interesting but the population is mushrooming at a rate that could almost be called exponential. Part of the problem is that the increase is occurring in the societies and cultures that are least able to absorb the increase. The population is growing but those most capable of living in a 21st century world are decreasing their rate of growth. Adding to the problem are large numbers of people in First World societies that do not have the intellectual capacity or psychology to become part of an advanced society. The tares are over running the wheat. Plagues always mushroom in densely populated urban areas. I bring this up because the mismanagement of cities by Democrats has created pockets all over the country of witches’ cauldrons of disease germinating conditions. This is actually a global condition of large cities so some serious analysis is called for before the next pandemic hits. Also large urban areas usually have or are close to international airports which contribute significantly to rapidly spread an illness.  An urban area reaches a high point of prosperity then usually starts to decline or deteriorate from social problems that urban areas are certain to produce. It can be accurately described with the economics “Law of Diminishing Returns.” That basically says that sometimes more of something such as labor actually produces less. The overcrowded and unsanitary conditions are petri dishes for germs. This has been a common element in the collapse of many  civilizations all throughout history. China is a good example of large, dense population areas being sources as historically many plagues originated in China (or Asia)  as did this one. In 165 CE, (AD for us old folks), Roman soldiers picked up the disease known as the Antonine Plague during one of their campaigns and brought it to Rome. It is believed to have originated in China and spread westward by way of the Silk Road and trading ships to the area of the Middle East then to Rome with the soldiers. The Bubonic Plague had the same origin and took the same path. The present one merely skipped the Silk Road and flew on planes rather than the livestock pulled caravans..

Everyone knows, or should know, the yearly flu shots we get are developed by identifying the flu in southeast Asia and developing a vaccine and vaccinating the population ahead of its arrival. There is no reason why we couldn’t have done the same for the coronavirus except China kept it under wraps and it is working to the advantage of the Chinese, the Democrats, the UN, the WEF and the globalists. Even if it was radically different from the seasonal flu we would have at least had a couple of extra months to research it putting us ahead of where we are now.  Frightened, panicked people are easy to control. By thinking ahead problems can be either prevented or minimized. We should use the coronaviruis as a drill. Plagues have happened numerous times in the past and will happen in the future. This is an opportunity to plan ahead and prepare. Everyone should be at least semi-prepared for all types of disasters. Having a few extra packages of “wet wipes”, food, medicine, flashlights, batteries, a 5 gallon gas can or two with gas and keeping your gas tank topped off, etc. are only common sense when facing uncertain times. A true story. The Florida Keys, a chain of low lying semi-tropical islands south of Miami, are very vulnerable to hurricanes. When one threatens stores are stripped of bottled water and gas stations run out of gas. (They do not run out of toilet paper.) People get desperate when there is need to evacuate. A person I know had a motor home and was putting gas in it from several 5 gallon cans of gas he had. While doing so he heard the cocking of a gun behind him as the hammer was pulled back. He turned around and there was a guy pointing a gun at him. He told the guy “don’t shoot you can have my money” and reached for his wallet. The guy told him he didn’t want his money. Surprised my friend asked what he wanted. He said “I want your gas.”

In a way the pandemic is also part of the realization of how disasters are manipulated for political power. Liberals claim Trump dropped the ball but it actually was them. Trump’s response may not have been perfect as we were in uncharted territory with some unique aspects of this virus but it was far better than the flippant responses from the Democrats were and actions would have been if they were in the driver’s seat. Trump stopped flights from China while  a month later the Democrats were still accusing him of racism and overreacting  and telling people to socialize and go out to Chinatown for lunch insinuating Trump was being racist. This was done in a shameless display of theatrical virtue signaling. Being a separate entity from the blue states and counties would give red areas a distinct advantage of being able to rationally assess a situation, any situation, and act reasonably and rationally omitting the emotional panic of the blue areas. Also there is the advantage of avoiding the one thing that is the most deadly in any disaster whether man or nature made: masses of our desperate fellow human creatures.

(Added) There is now another book by another anti Trumper to add to the pile of “hope to be rich” by catering to the anti Trumper crowd during their 15 minutes of fame. This one claims Trump knew the virus was dangerous but downplayed it. If so this was logical as to panic people, before much was known, would have been worse. To go off half cocked and panic people without knowing details would be irresponsible. While claiming Trump was reckless downplaying it the Democrats were poo-pooing it completely and claiming that to stop flights from China was racist.

I had a lesson about a person in charge remaining in control while on a 40 foot sailboat going from Miami to Nassau in the Bahamas. Pulling into port at night in extremely windy conditions and maneuvering a single propeller boat in a tight marina is not a job for the inexperienced and tough even for experienced sailors. There were three of us on the boat; the captain, me and one other. Under diesel power the captain maneuvered the boat in a fairly small marina between the pilings in a tight area. The wind was blowing fairly strong and there was only one chance to do it right without being caught by the wind and crashing into other boats. The captain very calmly gave us instructions (orders) what he wanted us to do to help him. It was a touch and go situation but the calm captain handled it perfectly. The other person on the boat had known him longer than I had and after docking said to me he did that very well didn’t he? I replied yes. She said he looked and acted calm didn’t he? Again I said yes.  She said he wasn’t. He was close to panicking himself but he knew if he panicked we would too and then he would have had three panicking people onboard which would have made a bad situation worse.

Naturally the anti-Trump groupies will claim Trump acted wrong but just ignore them as no matter what he does (or did) he is wrong to them. They are people that are not command material and should never be in a political command position. If they are in command positions their emotional feelings override their reason and it will end in disaster. We have seen the comical side of panic in The Great Toilet Paper Panic of 2020. The disaster side of the coin is not comical it is ugly. We are now witnessing the anti-Trump sentiment destroying democracy and the economy. April 2023. China has just cut a deal with Brazil and Saudi Arabia to trade in a currency other than the dollar. Biden and the left are responsible. Most of the leftists have no idea what that means. It actually means nothing to them as they are focused on pronouns and men having menstrual cramps. A nation of panicking people would be a disaster all by itself.


We have seen the signs of impending disasters and are choosing to ignore them in the interest of political correctness. The left doesn’t care as problems play into their hands and agenda. Liberals of yesterday ignored problems which came to bite them. They are ignoring problems with China and Islam that will bite us in the future and actually are presently biting us. “Live Science” on their site wrote concerning the danger of ignoring something: “ ‘Mein Kampf’ was a clear-cut warning to the world of Hitler’s intentions for war and genocide, which may have been recognized and prevented had more people read it outside of Germany, some historians say.”  Remember from history Neville Chamberlain, an early British version of Jimmy Carter, with his scrap of paper signed by Hitler was pedaling “peace for our time”.  Think of China and Islam and their ideology and stated goals and actions towards those goals. We have become so weak our adversaries no longer hide their goals they are broadcasting them. We have become a joke and a paper tiger. When someone says they want to kill you take it seriously and take it personal. I do see the potential for mutually beneficial relationships with China and Russia if we “play our political cards right.” We are now beginning to have more in common with the average citizen of those countries than with the Democrats. While politically very different at least they are sane (somewhat anyway.)

Long after this was written Russia is now attacking Ukraine. I still think in the long run working with Russia on space exploration is possible if Biden hasn’t screwed things up too much. Time will tell. Historically we have worked with nations we had been at war with: England, Germany, Japan, Vietnam, Mexico to name some notables. We even worked with Russia hitching rides to the International Space Station on Russian rockets. It depends on what the final outcome is of the present situation. A situation we helped instigate. Two people working together can accomplish more than three working as individuals. Three working together could accomplish amazing things. Imagine that being three societies not individuals. Space is within our reach if we stop squabbling.

While I know little about the Ukraine and Russia situation I am at a loss as to who is right. Given our track record of lies, deception and backroom dealings, which are often no better than any of our adversaries, I wouldn’t place a ten dollar bet on who is in the right. We instigated it partly by our VP making a statement about encouraging Ukraine to join NATO. This was a green flag or red flag, however you look at it, to Russia to invade Ukraine. Who ultimately benefits is China. Two potential rivals to their rise are being weakened and preoccupied and spending lots of money in the process. Russia and China have had, and still do, have conflicts and frictions between them. Biden is in the pockets of the Chinese and Ukraine has something damning on Biden. Russia is a spy state and is run by a KGB agent (Putin) that wants to restore the Russian Empire which would be no benefit to China and could actually be a potential threat to China in the future. Ukraine is run by an actor, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who played the role of President of Ukraine in a sitcom and was elected president in 2019 after a four year run of the television show. He was elected on the basis of that show. It is due to what is known as name recognition. I know we have had our fingers in the Russian-Ukraine pie for a long time. He is an actor and we in the West have a senile president whose son has had extensive business dealings with Ukraine. Would any of you bet the life of someone you love about one side being in the right? From Wikipedia on Zelenskyy (the numbers in brackets [ ] are the numbers to the reference sources used from Wikipedia):

“He then pursued comedy and created the production company Kvartal 95, which produces films, cartoons, and TV shows including Servant of the People, in which Zelenskyy played the role of president of Ukraine. The series aired from 2015 to 2019 and was immensely popular. A political party bearing the same name as the television show was created in March 2018 by employees of Kvartal 95.

“Zelenskyy gained worldwide recognition as the wartime leader of Ukraine during the Russian invasion; historian Andrew Roberts compared him to Winston Churchill.[157][158][159][160][161][162][163] He has been widely described as a national hero or a “global hero” by many commentators including publications such as The Hill, Deutsche Welle, Der Spiegel, USA Today and The Forward.[158][164][165][166][167] BBC News and The Guardian reported that his response to the invasion had received praise even from previous critics and political opponents”.[168][15

He was elected on the basis of that show. Convince me that was not planned and orchestrated. Convince me we did not contribute to the present war.


The Chinese Communists have purchased, by hook or crook, large amounts of property globally and, also globally, have gobbled up massive amounts of natural resources. (Refer back to the previous essay for links.  Also read “Winner Take All” excerpts in the Books Worth Reading section of this site.} They are also buying an extremely large amount of land in the U.S. itself. I blame the shadow government and corporate capitalism as well as the elected representatives that allowed and allow it to happen. The Chinese population has doomed them unless they expand. I have admiration and respect for the Chinese as I have said before. They are a culture that is ancient and have kept their identity. They are goal oriented and focused and very intelligent. Also, as I have said, I don’t believe the current global virus pandemic was an accident. In reality using the explanation it came from a bat or it “accidentally” escaped from a lab would be logical explanations as the Chinese would attempt to minimize their culpability in the incident. We probably would have done the same thing. I find it hard to condemn someone for doing what I or we probably would have done in similar circumstances, however, they knew the potential seriousness evidenced by their stopping flights to other parts of China from the affected area but did not stop international flights from the affected area to the rest of the world. The liberals are oblivious and there is only one option that will save us. Actually save is a poor word to use. It will minimize the effects of the collapse. The red and blue going separate ways was my original choice preference but has since become the only choice. I have read and made remarks on Facebook about secession and the red and blue going their separate ways and the comments from the left to my comments are always something to the effect of “go ahead we don’t need them,” or “we would be better off without them,” or “good riddance.” I again quote William Jennings Bryan with a portion of his famous “Cross of Gold” speech given at the 1896 Democratic convention:

“. . .  I tell you that the great cities rest upon these broad and fertile prairies. Burn down your cities and leave our farms, and your cities will spring up again as if by magic. But destroy our farms and the grass will grow in the streets of every city in the country.”

The blue areas cannot survive without the red. Call their bluff. Their reactions would prove that claim beyond a doubt.


While the red states and areas and the blue states and areas have views that are incompatible neither is completely right or completely wrong but the left has made it impossible for dialogue or harmony to exist. They are using emotions and instigating, fomenting, and pushing for violence and are using deceit and hate as basic tactics. Their continuing harassment of Trump and his supporters has created an atmosphere of hate and resentment. The average leftists either don’t see it or don’t care. The leadership actually knows but are doing it on purpose to collapse the West. Like with Nazis or extortionists one concession always leads to more demands usually increasingly ludicrous ones. They have been programmed and indoctrinated to the point they support a 1984 Orwellian type dictatorship and they are oblivious to it.  As in 1984 they believe contradictory things such as: War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength. Obvious cases in point very visible are the gender and pronoun woke absurdities they push and the violent reactions they have to opposition. They can’t rationally think. As far as education is concerned an average high school dropout of the baby boom generation or a generation Xer could almost run circles around them in basic math and English and practical thinking. Walter Williams said: “If grade inflation continues, a college bachelor’s degree will have just as much credibility as a high school diploma.” The emotions of hate, arrogance and self-righteousness have replaced thinking. They are all the likes of a Matthew Hopkins the Witch Finder General depicted in The Conqueror Worm, a movie depicting the inquisition against witches.  The medieval Catholic Church was a rank amateur compared to these leftists and the screaming, hysterical peasants were intellectuals compared to today’s screaming college students and protestors. Liberals can be compared to the peasants screaming about the devil and witches or the party members in 1984 screaming about Emmanuel Goldstein, the Enemy of the People. Like Trump he was responsible for everything bad. I do not hold the Republicans in much higher esteem.


Sometimes there is no good answer to some things. Sometimes we have to pick the best bad answer. It is often said no news is good news. No, no news is just no news. We have to be realistic. One thing is for certain though if you continue to play in a poker game that is rigged you are going to lose. We have played their crooked game too long. Concerning the pandemic we are in a “Catch 22” which is a no win situation. If we go back to work there will be an uptick in deaths. If the economy collapses it is going to be like Humpty Dumpty, the children’s story of the giant living egg man, falling off the wall scenario. “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again.” If the economy collapses there will be deaths. The goods wants and needs and the failure of the system to manufacture and deliver these wants and needs will possibly result in  more deaths than the virus itself will cause. Remember China produces almost all our cancer medications and if the delivery system collapses there will be no medications for cancer. Isolation also is fraught with problems such as suicides, substance and domestic abuse and divorce, as we witnessed in the pandemic lock down. As well as lack of medicine, food, water, and energy the crime situation will be way out of control. Jails have already let out many thousands. If the system collapses there will be widespread violence and crime which are all part of the Democrat plan for chaos to bring about collapse. Rural residents will fare better because they are more independent, self-sufficient, are better able to defend themselves, usually know who their neighbors are and are independent thinkers. They may not all be geniuses but when they add two plus two they get four and they can sense danger.

It should go without saying the blue areas within the red areas and red areas within blue areas would have to be respected. It is autonomy. I said it because we all know what usually happens when we don’t say something that should go without saying. The blue areas surrounded by the red would be better off in the event of the inevitable and predictable collapse of the coastal and urban blue. Eventually these areas will realize that most of the large blue coastal areas are lost and their economic and security interests would be better served with the red and would undoubtedly try to merge back. It would be to the advantage of both for them to do so. We are better off as a whole but the mental condition of the left makes it increasingly more and more  impossible day by day. While the cities are wealthier at present their continuing decline will gather momentum as they slide downward and eventually the economic “law of diminishing returns” will take effect exponentially. The number of immigrants and homeless flooding the large cities will be the focus of the lefts monetary aid. Government space programs are out so it will have to be the private sector that picks up the dropped ball. Of course the left wants to confiscate the private sectors money too. They are going for the Cloward-Piven strategy  the plan by two college professors I explained in an earlier essay purposely trying to collapse the economy by creating a crises by intentionally overloading the system. To get these illegals to vote and doing away with the electoral college and packing the court are all part of their plan.


There would obviously be issues and details to deal with but it could be done. When survival is at stake not much is impossible. It will have to be done if the system collapses anyway and we are now seeing how vulnerable it is. The best way would be both sides going their separate ways and each retaining as large a united section as possible. It would have to be into only two nations not the several Igor Panarin predicted. The idea is to avoid violence. With violence the nation would collapse into several sections and the destruction would make it harder, at best, or, most likely, impossible to repair. The violence we are witnessing can get much worse. Much much worse. Obviously there would have to be a lot of thought and town hall type sessions held to discuss and solve issues. There are numerous articles on secession on the net some of which have discussed some issues to resolve. Essay 9B has some links to articles on secession. Social security and Medicare and pensions would be tops on the list. The red would probably be able to manage them better as the blue areas are the parasitic ones. While historically the urban areas have been the wealthiest the urban areas are beginning to consume more and more money and are beginning to produce less and less of value unless you consider crime, pollution, homelessness and poorly educated students valuable. A look at the actions of the two philosophies and which was best was demonstrated during the pandemic. The red did not lock down as radically and as long as the blue and the results were about equal medically in the rates of infection  but the red were better off socially, economically and psychologically. If the nation divided into only two over the cultural and lifestyle differences they could remain united economically at least for a while. While at present the blue does have most of the manufacturing it would be possible to reverse it. It actually is taking place now. The taxes and social conditions of the blue areas make them less and less attractive to business. The leftists have learned nothing from the outsourcing of American based industries. The old town hall brain-storming sessions of intelligent people would come up with an answer to each problem. Another major issue would be the military personnel and equipment. As in a divorce the property should be split 50/50. I will discuss Social Security, Medicare and pensions at another time. Those are on the list of things I am still thinking about.


A big advantage is the red area is very large and by offering businesses incentives and protection from the crime and parasitic nature and instability of the blue, which are some of the the main reasons they fled originally, many businesses could possibly be brought back from overseas if they had a guarantee that a leftist would not enter the picture and prevent business from creating jobs and a solid economy. I am not opposed to some regulations as I am aware that many regulations came from abuses by the private sector. China was appealing at first but the very nature of its core philosophy ultimately rears its’ ugly side. Here is a link to what I am talking about.


It is hard to understand how business, especially the tech companies, can be so blind to this. They are in bed with China while China has over and over again shown their true nature on innovation and innovators and the wealthy..

 It would be possible to bring some jobs that were outsourced back to the US however there are some places that would be better than others for them to relocate in. Now when relocating they have to take into account the unstable nature of a potential leftist regime something they previously could ignore. The infrastructure is there albeit some of it in need of repair here and there but it is there. Biden’s infrastructure plan is a farce with the bulk of the money going to pet projects that have nothing to do with infrastructure. Also promoting education not indoctrination as it has been would help bring some industries back as smart people and people with a middle class work ethic are always in demand by business. The South China Morning Post of July 2, 2020 has an article titled: “American firms’ move to China over past 20 years threatens US ability to lead and compete”. “As US business in China focuses more on high-end tech production, the risk rises that America is helping Beijing reach industrial and military goals: report.” Link is:


From the article:

“Amid the all-out confrontation with Beijing, Washington has continued to bring in measures to restrict Chinese access to US know-how and technological products – wary of the dual use of technology for military as well as civilian purposes – and limit academic exchanges between the two countries.”

 “Calls by the administration of US President Donald Trump for American firms to move their production from China became louder after the new coronavirus outbreak disrupted industrial supply chains, bringing to the fore concerns about an over-reliance on China.”


While we are at odds with China and Russia the reason is not what most think. Most think we are at odds with them because we have vast differences. Not true. We are rivals because we are so similar. Most Americans have much the same values as far as what a society is and its organization although there are differences in “management” styles. We have most of the same needs for our societies. The nuclear family is a foundation stone of stability which is necessary for an organized, technological society. Russia supports the Orthodox Church which lends itself to stability. I am surprised China is still so anti religion, at least against Christianity. Christianity gave stability and the “wiggle room” to society that allowed science to develop and the family is a basic concept. Jesus said to “render unto Caesar  that which is Caesar’s and render unto God that which is God’s” which would mean Christians were to not rebel, undermine or cheat the state. There are numerous passages in the Bible that echo that sentiment. 

Edgar Cayce, also known as the “Sleeping Prophet” predicted out of Russia would come hope of the free world.. Considering Putin has rebuked the WEF it shows he understands the dangers of globalization. Cayce also said China would embrace Christianity. That the seat of civilization would move to the East from the West. He died in 1945 long before Russia became the super power it is and before China had started its rise to global significance. I am sure that if you spoke with the average Russian or Chinese on values you would find you probably have a similarity of 90% with them. It would be in the best interest of all three nations to cooperate in space exploration. Our survival depends on two things: the population numbers and the development of space travel both of which require a stable state and world. The Democrats are undermining both. Two people working together can accomplish more than three working separately. Three working together would be capable of really amazing feats. I re-quote F.A. Hayek from his book “Road To Serfdom.” He said: “. . . keep in mind: that there is little question that almost every one of the technical ideals of our experts could be realized within a comparatively short time if to achieve them were made the sole aim of humanity.” If not the three at least working with Russia should be possible. (Due to present circumstances of Russia attacking Ukraine that is obviously out at the present  moment. I left this up as I believe it could have been possible at one time and could be in the future. Voting out the present administration here in the US is the beginning.) Our astronauts rode Russia’s space capsules to the International Space Station for years. That could be accomplished with either separation of the red and blue or remaining united. In some ways it might be easier separated as the shedding of areas that are parasitic and have a large number of violent criminals would be advantageous. Here is a link to an article from Breaking Defense on the U.S. and Russia meeting to discuss “norms of behavior in space.” While we are presently hostile with China they should be represented as well as any nations with a developing space program. I have always been dismayed that China was not part of the International Space Station team. The “you can’t trust them” was accurate but they could not trust us either. I don’t trust us. (Do you?)


It may be America may have to go it alone which we once did. I think we may have to rely more on the private sector as the government is failing to look at the future much like an alcoholic or drug addict that overlooks everything except his/her immediate selfish wants. Space is the only way to a future but unfortunately we have a substantial percentage of our shallow young wanting to be YouTube stars and a substantial percentage of Chinese young wanting to be astronauts. We won’t be able to compete or advance if the left has its way. The left is spending us into an economic grave which will ultimately translate into real graves. Money will be spent on purposely created social problems to achieve and maintain power. The age old end justifying the means tactics. This makes the space agenda all the more pressing. We will not survive with stupid, selfish, shallow and/or shortsighted  people running the show. The present administration is all four on steroids. Unfortunately that political entity is now openly based on the whims of stupid, selfish, shallow, short-sighted people. The private sector usually has only the selfish trait.

If the three main billionaires that have an interest in space (Musk, Bezos and Branson) were to stop bickering and work together they could accomplish what they are all seeking, as Hayek said about any goals, “could be realized within a comparatively short time.”


The idea is to plan a future path that is logical, realistic, and attainable. Boeing might be persuaded to move to the red areas. It is obvious places like Portland, San Francisco and Seattle are run by either incompetents or Marxists or both.  They usually overlap. Amazon would be receptive to offers from red areas. A Seattle city councilwoman has outright said they would socialize business and directly threatened Amazon. Like I said the fools have learned nothing from the loss of business outsourcing.


Here is a link to an article where San Francisco has passed an “overpaid executive tax.” If they can’t see this will eventually chase businesses out they are less intelligent than I believed which is an accomplishment. While I may agree with the concept on moral grounds I can see the ultimate adverse consequences of this something emotionally motivated people in their paper-doll world bubble can’t.




Gun, munitions and military weapons manufacturers should be interested as the push to outlaw guns and defund the military and police comes from the blue areas. Soros has put some gun manufacturers out of business. He buys them and closes their doors. Gun manufacturers would be welcome George Soros would not. The following is a link to a gun manufacturer relocating to a red area from a blue:


Trade pacts could be established with various nations. Also trade and business need not stop between the red and blue. The reason for the split would only be so they could run their areas to their own ideological “specifications.”  Economically the red areas would still be very powerful. Check the video of each states resources and strengths in the Opening Note. Perhaps more so in the long run after shedding the malignant tumors the blue areas have become and by reorganizing.  Keep in mind the red country would also consist of the red counties in blue states. (The blue country would consist of the blue counties in red states.) It seems the residents of the blue areas are OK with the violence as they don’t seem to be very active in opposing the destruction of their cities. The fact California voters voted to retain Gavin “Nuisance” shows they are OK with third world conditions such as crime, poverty, disease etc.. That is if the election was fair which has now become a valid concern nationally. It could be fear which also tells anyone that has intelligence the cities are lost. Living in fear of criminals and voting to defund the police and voting for District Attorneys that refuse to prosecute crimes are contradictory and a sign of mental infirmity. The election will tell much about those areas. (It did.) Overall I think the potential of the red areas would be close to what the entire United States was in the past once shed of the burden of the crime ridden out of control blue areas. The depletion of resources from the past to the present has to be factored into the equation but overall there is a lot of potential if managed right. (When I think of the resources [lithium, copper, and oil to name a few that could have been acquired by the US that we allowed to fall into China’s hands frosts me. The people in charge should have their wealth confiscated and put in prison.) The following links are cases in point that businesses leave the blue and go to the red shows that many could be attracted to the red nation. A billion dollar firm is leaving Seattle to move to Arizona and Elon Musk is dissatisfied with California. They are not the only two by a long shot. Carl Icahn is moving his multi-billion dollar business to Florida from New York. Below are two videos and links to articles on this.

As New Progressive Mayor Takes Office in Chicago Big Businesses Already Threatening to Leave!


McDonald’s CEO Speaks Out on Chicago Crime Affecting Business







Here is an article titled: “Texas is primed to become the next silicone valley.”



I think an aerospace industry could be established. I have both liberal and conservative views but if I had to pick one thing that is most important to humanity it would be space. The reality is, whether some want to admit it or not, Cape Canaveral will be rendered unusable in the future with the rise of the ocean which I believe in having witnessed it. Also hurricanes are getting worse and Cape Canaveral is right on the coast facing the area hurricanes come from. Cape Canaveral is where satellites and rockets are launched. Build a Cape Canaveral launch area inland. Having it on the coast was in part due to rockets could be launched over the ocean as it would reduce the risk to human populations in the event something went wrong. There is enough open space in the red areas to build one safely inland. Below is a link about Space X being worth $100 billion. Space is the future. Humanity has always pushed forward but the left will stop progress in order to fund social problems. Social problems they purposely created in order to buy votes. They are creating a stagnant, third world future. ALL the appointees to be on committees and as judges of the present administration have third world psychologies. They may be educated but their psychology sets their path and agenda. They all, without exception, have a lowest common denominator psychology. They do not have forward looking perspectives or think of consequences. They give lip service to noble sounding goals but everything they do undermines themselves. Space will die and social problems will flourish. That is slow painful suicide. Time to get into the lifeboats.



Elon Musk, (SpaceX), is the type of visionary that brought humanity out of the caves and into the future. Jeff Bezos of Amazon also has a space vision with his Blue Origin. Richard Branson is another with Virgin Galactic. I am reasonably sure Bezos and Musk do not exchange Christmas cards but they know that cooperation and competition both have merits. There is also a time and place for everything. They should watch the movie The Defiant Ones. There are also several other private companies with space oriented projects. The red areas would be of more support to them and overall they have people with better work ethics. In the red areas there would be no fear of their employees being prevented from going to work by blocked streets full of mentally ill protestors and they would not have to worry about their businesses being shaken down for protection money by criminals and communists. As far as rioting, looting and arson it might happen . . . . .  once.

The key to being successful is to make the red area very valuable, useful and desirable to those at the top of the “food chain” so to speak.. In other words red areas must make themselves very valuable to business. Businesses and societies require innovators and those with imaginations to advance. People that are not independent thinkers, communists and leftists, have always been opposed to those types. We are seeing that evolve in the liberal blue cities with wokeness and groupthink. General Patton said if everyone was thinking alike then somebody wasn’t thinking. Both the military and business know to be successful they need to learn from the past which means accurately knowing the past. The military and some businesses seem to be forgetting  that basic fact. (Some businesses are run by dishonest business managers that place profit over quality and safety which ultimately backfires.) The accurate past is under assault and attempts are being made to rewrite it. They also know that a good work ethic, being on time, being educated, being successful, knowing two plus two equals four and individual merit are not only valuable but necessary. Create an educational system that teaches both trades and necessary technical skills. The blue can have the liberal arts, the humanities, the gender and the ethnic studies crowd, the egghead professors, the criminals and parasites, even the liberal celebrities (Lebron James and Madonna would be of more value to society picking up garbage) and the red can take those with practical, useful skills and scientists and engineers. Doctors, nurses, police, military, truck drivers, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, oilfield workers, carpenters, farmers, laborers, aircraft skilled labor, hospitality employees, sanitation workers, waitresses/waiters, cooks, janitors, yard maintenance and the nameless others that do the day to day tasks that keep society together. Encourage and reward them. Create a safe business environment as businesses do not want to invest in areas that are unstable and violent. Given the values of Western civilization businesses are aware of the advantage of being located within the borders of nations with Western values. In “The Coming Anarchy” Kaplan wrote:

“Of the world’s hundred largest economies, fifty-one are not countries, but corporations. While the two hundred largest corporations employ less than three fourths of 1 percent of the world’s workforce, they account for 28 percent of world economic activity. The five hundred largest corporations account for 70% of world trade. . . .” (remember this was written in 1999)

That is a large pool from which to attract some very big fish and the red areas could make themselves very attractive to many of them. Major key factors: have airports, sources of energy, a sea port, be business friendly and be stable and safe. Other major factors are to have a good educational system and a good transportation system. The red areas have all of them or the potential plus citizens that overall, as I’ve said, have better work ethics. The left has destroyed our educational system and if it boiled down to riding in horse drawn buggies in order to fund social programs you better get used to stepping over horse manure in the streets. If you live in large liberal cities like San Francisco you should be getting practice maneuvering around human manure on sidewalks. Our educational system is turning out students with very few practical skills and that lack the ability to critically think. These uneducated college grads are also hamstringing businesses with absurd politically correct requirements and the inability to get along with coworkers. You have to walk on eggshells around them.. Nothing makes them happy. You are always a hindrance to them by being whatever is the cause today. Hateful means not using the right pronouns or saying two plus two equal four or there are only two sexes.

How successful is a nation, a business, a military, a family or an anything going to be if 2+2=5? Math is basic in developing anything and everything.  As much as the left claims to be pro science they deny math and claim being on time as being racist. Science IS math. Here is an article where math is now racist. Keep in mind Oregon also is suspending the requirement of literacy to graduate from high school. How stupid can people be? Only stupid people don’t know the answer.


When you are dealing with people this stupid they are a danger to your safety and the safety of those you love. Get away and stay away from them. Stupid people will get you killed or enslaved. Immigration could be a source of skilled people but we are taking in those with little or no education, no useful skills, and no criminal background checks. The cartels are sending in drug dealers exploiting our immigration system. Here is a nurse being investigated by Canada because she believes biological sex is real. We can take her and thousands like her and give them 10 college educated millennials for each one.



In 2001: A Space Odyssey, Arthur C. Clarke wrote: “Behind every man now alive stand 30 ghosts, for that is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living. Since the dawn of time, roughly a hundred billion human beings have walked the planet Earth.” (Because of the number of people alive today that is now being revised to about 15 dead for each person presently alive. The fact that our population is growing so fast as to reduce the ratio that much in such a short span of time should be terrifying. We are increasing like a malignant cancer. The outcome will be the same.) In all that time there has never been a situation that has arisen that could have eliminated us as a species. Using brain or brawn we have always been able to outsmart or muscle our way out of whatever obstacle or threat loomed. Natural disasters, man-made disasters, plagues, wars, or famines nothing we have ever faced, even nuclear war, could have brought about our extinction. No problem ever presented itself to us that could have eliminated all humanity . . . . ………

…………until now. 

We are now faced with extinction from several possible sources. Our brains, our greatest asset, have also become our greatest liability. With science we have developed gadgets that make life easier and created an environment that has made survival easier. As well as those with physical ailments the intellectually deficient and psychologically challenged can survive long enough to reproduce. This should be evident in the culture ours has become and a cursory look at the social media. I know it is  terrible to say but that is a fact. Rant, rave, scream, drool, get delirious and foam at the mouth but it does not alter reality. I am not sure if I would be a survivor as I might well have been in the eliminated group. When young I did not always make sensible choices even though I was brought up in solid middle class values and taught right from wrong. In the collapse of an entire civilization the special needs and and the less able, either physically or mentally, will be vulnerable and many will perish. Those trying to care for and protect them will also perish in the attempt. The rural areas will fare better as people tend to be closer knit, know who their neighbors are, are more self-reliant, self-sufficient and have common sense. The cities where the bulk of the population lives will be in chaos. If the left succeeds and dominates their fate is fixed and easily predicted. The three groups vying for dominance (China, Russia and Islam) do not put up with nonsense and have no use for useless people. As I wrote earlier the Chinese after their cultural revolution suspended college admissions and sent ten million intellectual college students to the country. Many of the professors were imprisoned or just disappeared. I hope those gender and ethnic studies majors have the intelligence to pick beans. Also China has a million Muslims in mental institutions right now. They will be joined by many of our woke.

As I have said there are two things that human survival depends on: the population number and the exploration of space. The more people the more resources are consumed. The vast majority of resources are finite meaning, of course, there is a fixed amount. If we do not go into space we will eventually run out of these resources and perish as a species.  Some are in critical supply now and without critical thinking it is all downhill from here. Space is where we must go as there is nowhere else to go. The left will abandon space to finance social problems they created or exacerbated. An excellent representation of the essence of government oversight of progress and the infantile lack of concern for the future can be found in the 1972 movie Silent Running. It is in the future when the plant and animal life on earth are dying. Something many now can envision happening. Something that IS happening now. To save the plants and animals giant greenhouse space craft were built and sent into space to preserve them with the eventuality of returning them to earth to repopulate the species kept on board. However an order is received to destroy the greenhouses and return the ships they are attached to back to earth for commercial use. This is something that many can envision now. The right would favor returning them to commercial service for profit and the left would favor destroying them because the money spent could be used for social problems which they create in abundance. Meanwhile China is developing their space program while we are neglecting ours while we are catering to a bunch of college educated children that don’t know the difference between a man and a woman and think 2+2=5. They have to be the second stupidest creatures in the universe……… Behind us for allowing it to get to this point. Prove me wrong.

As a small boy I remember watching television shows like Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, and Space Patrol. These were the precursor science fiction space themed shows. (Interesting factoid: Many consider the first science fiction novel to be Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.) By the standards of today’s special effects these space themed shows would be laughable but back then they were every bit as thrilling. As a small child I remember staying up at night when I was suppose to be sleeping looking at the night sky wondering what was out there.

When the Soviets launched the first satellite, Sputnik 1, in 1957 the space race officially began.  I remember one of the neighbors had a telescope and we tried to catch a glimpse of Sputnik through it. Tough to catch a tiny moving object but occasionally we did. It was just a speck of light flickering across the lens but we were thrilled. I worked on the Apollo space program at North American Rockwell in Downey, California. I was on the crew that installed the cabinets and instrument panels in the capsule. (Another department installed the instruments) It is hard to believe that our cellphones have more computing power than those early space capsules. The aerospace industry in California employed tens of thousands of employees. In red areas it would be possible to do it again as space programs grow. Star Trek and Star Wars were examples of human ingenuity and imagination. Appeal to those with imaginations. Blue areas stifle thinking. At one time they were the ones with imagination but now they are the ones destroying thinking. One of the Star Trek series Enterprise had the theme song “Faith of the Heart.” The first stanza had the words:

It’s been a long road

Getting from there to here

It’s been a long time

But my time is finally near

We have come too far with too much “blood, sweat and tears”, to crash and burn as a species. As I have said there are a number of private space companies that are picking up the ball NASA dropped. NASA dropped the ball because politicians are in charge and it did not buy the votes social programs did  and do. Social programs to deal with social problems purposely created. Already one can see the appointees the present Democrats are pushing for various positions. As I have said not one is qualified for their positions. They are woke SJWs without any knowledge or understanding of consequences for emotional decisions. Their concern is focused on social programs and personal agendas. Space is last on their list right beside the military. Education is a joke. They fund it only to turn out mentally deficient people they can “mother”. The Chinese are turning out educated children. Remember I discussed that the percentage of American children that want to be astronauts is way lower than their Chinese counterparts. Ours want to be YouTube stars. Useless. They are blue area material.


The US government and NASA have dropped the ball of space in pursuit of being “woke” but the private sector has picked up the fumbled ball and is running with it. (Elon Musk/SpaceX, Jeff Bezos/Blue Origin, and Russell Branson/Virgin Galactic are three of the main players.) The private sector is our only hope. Since the Democrats want to cater to the Tik Tok crazies and Democrats control the blue areas the red areas have a good chance to attract these forward thinking business moguls and aerospace related companies. The growth of large industries create growth of small businesses supporting them. To focus on space is a sure bet. Get the wealthy that are interested in space and give them support as a nation. As I mentioned  many corporations are leaving blue areas for red. The red offer less crime, have a better work ethic, are less crowded, and do not have a majority that want to bankrupt companies and the wealthy by overtaxing them.  Also the folks in the red areas can tell the difference between men and women, believe that being on time and getting good grades are not racist, and that 2 plus 2 equals 4. They would welcome people that are creative. A look at the memes on Facebook or videos on YouTube will verify that conservatives are more imaginative and creative. The left depends upon emotion and trigger words. In red areas businesses would not be hindered as much as in blue areas.


The potential for growth in the red area is there as the economy would be conducive to big business. As I said small businesses would spring up catering to the larger businesses and the general population. Also manufacturing would grow supplying needs of the larger businesses. Ask Musk, Bezos, Branson and others for their input they obviously have the smarts. Probably a currency other than the dollar would be feasible in the long run. It actually would be necessary as the Democrats are destroying the dollar. If the world goes to another currency to replace the petrodollar the system will collapse and it would become necessary anyway. Best to do it slow and methodically rather than fast and in desperation. Biden has, or had anyway, the ability to prevent the change by working with Saudi Arabia. There are concessions he could have made that Saudi Arabia wanted. However just recently Biden insulted the royal house of Saudi Arabia so that option is out for now anyway. He wants a favor and on television he insults them. Saudi Arabia was a strategic ally in the Middle East. They are looking into using the Chinese yuan instead of US currency for oil transactions. Biden is controlled by the elites at the WEF. They have admitted they have a large number of young adherents in many governments.. About half of Canada’s staff are these termites boring from within. I am sure many of Biden’s staff are also. It shows in the policies and decisions coming from the administration. They are the “fifth columnists” I mentioned prior.


The money, as I mentioned, for one thing would ultimately become a major issue. As I said trade between the two countries would not need to be affected. Each produces goods and services needed by the other. What would be affected would be the rules by which each separate “country/nation” would live by. Such as rioters could be dealt with in red areas whereas in blue areas rioting is condoned. In the red areas criminals, especially violent ones with histories, would not go free with no bail or no consequences for their actions.  While it may be easier to stay with the present currency at first inevitably the blue areas will eventually create conditions that require just printing money which will collapse the entire economy. This is happening now with the left in control. At the time of this writing a whopping 40% of all US currency has been printed since the Democrats have taken the wheel. This is why inflation is occurring and will get worse. This is liberal philosophy. It has never worked but they keep on trying never learning from the past as with everything.  It has been so since time immemorial. Rome did it. They devalued their money by diluting its content of valuable metal and minted it without restraint. They also let in the forces that would sack the empire. Zimbabwe printed money and their 100 trillion dollar bill is worth about 40 US cents. The Biden administration is purposely trying to collapse the economy. This is so the global agenda of a one world government can be established. Hillary Clinton was suppose to win and continue America’s movement to the new world order. Trump winning tossed a monkey wrench into the machinery. This is why they have been and are using such dirty, unethical, dishonest tactics against him.

The mail would be another item on the list. Obviously within the red areas it would be no problem, or minor at best. In the blue areas it might be another matter.  Food production would not be a problem as the vast majority is grown in red areas. Another issue would be power grids and transportation over the highways from  the blue areas to other blue areas and red areas to red areas within the borders of the other. The interstates should be free travel zones. Most blue areas and red areas even within borders of the other are connected by interstate highways or major state highways. Issues with those last two would be very simple to solve.

No doubt trucking companies would be more receptive to being based in red areas than blue. Red areas are centrally located and the red would be more industry friendly. The contempt of worms like Trudeau and Biden toward the average working class has been made very apparent to all but the hopelessly mentally deficient. Their actions and attitudes towards truckers, medical staff, military, police, public safety personal, and both skilled and unskilled labor has been vividly apparent. They talk about jumps in minimum wages but the effects will not immediately be noticeable because their printing money reduces the value. Yes they got you a few dollars more per hour but you are paying more for everything. Our money will become more and more worthless until it finally collapses. Then you could have a billion dollars and not have enough for a can of soup. Think about it we are not talking rocket science. Also for trucking companies there would be more security for the highways. Keep in mind that industry will not build in areas that are unstable. An unstable area repels investors not attract them. Why build where rioters and looters will loot and destroy your property. Major drug chains like CVS and Walgreen are pulling out of many areas due to shoplifting. Walmart is pulling out of many areas in Chicago and Portland Oregon. Target is pulling out also. (Target deserves it.) Those in charge of Target and Budweiser should lose all their money and it should go to reimburse those that lost money. Those are few among many. The companies that are donating millions of dollars to organizations that, when in power, will confiscate their firms and property are feeding the alligator that will eat them. One of the companies that donated a few million dollars to BLM in 2020 recently in 2021 had one of their stores looted and destroyed. You get what you pay for. If they want to maintain their businesses they will move to red areas. A large percentage of power grids and plants are in red areas and the fracking industry is mostly in red areas. It has to be acknowledged that fracking is destructive and not unlimited in duration. Oil is finite. A petroleum economy is not sustainable forever as some on the right would have us believe. Certain things must gradually be made self-sustaining such as medical facilities, military and law enforcement facilities, utilities, food processing facilities, etc. This must be done to maximize the “lifespan” of the available oil reserves by slowly reducing demand in some areas thus leaving more available long term for manufacturing, automobiles, heating of homes and pharmaceuticals to name a few.. Those would be the most difficult to replace so the infrastructure and enough other services must be there to support them and aid in the transition. It is imperative to make the basic survival services more self-sustaining thus more immune to disasters, either man or nature made, so as to be able to function during disasters. The following link is to an article on restoring America’s industrial capabilities being attempted by members of the Senate and House of both parties so some ground work is being laid.


Also here is an interesting article about businesses becoming less reliant on cities:



The left has formed coalitions of numerous identity groups that have two things in common: get and take as much free stuff as possible and hate Trump because he stands in the way. The red also has many groups that can be pulled together but the difference is they are more self-controlled.  The red should be encouraging in aiding all conservatives and businesses to move to those areas. Military, police, professionals, and those with work ethics and skills etc. would be likely to leave the blue areas for safer and cleaner spaces. Industrious and intelligent people should be glad to move to an area that appreciates their qualities. There is an exodus from liberal shithole states now. Pardon the vernacular but it is the most appropriate. Those with views of similar values could and should be assisted if necessary. Anyone that wants to pull their own weight would be encouraged and welcomed. There are many Black, Latino, Asian, and Indian conservatives that should be interested because they know they would be better off economically and socially in the long run and also be safer in red areas. It is not an issue of race but it is the sane vs the insane. Of civilized vs uncivilized. Of rational vs irrational. Of reason vs emotion. People would be bound together by values. It is not an issue of personal choices in areas of sexual preferences and personal activities. (There are exceptions like bestiality and child molestation but I am sure the left will promote those. They actually are now.) It is a crime and a sin to hold race, sex, partner preference or culture against someone and hold them down or back. It is also a crime and a sin to elevate someone because of race, sex, partner preference or culture. I have friends I consider to be very good friends of many different cultures, races and lifestyles. If someone harmed them for any of those reasons I would not get angry, mad, or pissed I would leapfrog them and go straight to furious. People can retain their culture in their communities but in the overall society there can only be one dominate culture. Many came to America to become part of a culture that let them develop themselves. A culture determines a society’s level of prosperity and success. In order to function efficiently everyone must be on the same page just as an orchestra, although made up of many instruments, must be on the same musical piece and same note. A military operation must be coordinated to be successful. In an orchestra or military unit there may be a diversity of individual musicians or soldiers but there is no diversity of goals only a common objective. Like the speech Booker T. Washington gave at the 1895 Atlanta Exposition: “In all things purely social we can be as separate as the fingers, yet one as the hand in all things essential to mutual progress.” There are many members of minorities that are conservative as they have qualities such as education, intelligence, common sense, decency, and good work ethics. The duty of a secular society is to punish crimes not sins. That is God’s department. In the event of violence, and given the left’s mental state violence is almost inevitable, they all must be shielded and defended if necessary because the left has made the conflict racial, sexist and cultural and consider anyone of any group that disagrees with their narrative about the group is subject to harassment or worse. Their absurdity reached a new low over many leftist’s view of it with the murder of Tyre Nichols in Memphis. He was beaten to death by five police officers in January 2023. He was black and the left blamed white supremacy for it. When it became known the five officers were black the left still blamed white supremacy. That takes a special kind of stupid. Nothing will ever satisfy them. They just don’t have the intelligence necessary to rationally think.

Blacks that are conservatives are labeled Uncle Toms or worse but the reality is it is the Al Sharptons and BLMs that are the Uncle Toms and worse. A perfect example of this was in Senator Tim Scott’s reply to Biden’s presidential address to the nation. Scott who is black was excoriated by the left because he is a conservative Republican. They want blacks to support the party and side of the political system that holds them back in order to control them. The Democrats have politicized and weaponized everything to make it racial or sexist. Because of that fact minority conservatives would be especially targeted by the left and must be shielded. There are those that want to continue advancing and those that want to stagnate or revert. The blue gets the stagnate ones. (They do not think they are reverting but that is the direction their philosophy and actions make inevitable.) While some may deny the potential of violence the possibility and probability has to be on the table. Remember in a previous essay I said unless something is 101% impossible, regardless of how farfetched, it is still on the table until dis-proven. And it does not take a rocket scientist to see the odds favor violence. One black comedian had veiled and not so veiled death threats for his support of Trump. Another black conservative, Candace Owens, is targeted too. A YouTube video titled: “Minister Mauricelm X Speaks-A Bounty On The Head Of Candace Owens!”. Mauricelm X is a Muslim who is Black. A link to the video in case you think it is an exaggeration. You have to type the link in google or an other search engine. The link itself is a Youtube link or enter:  Minister Mauricelm X Speaks – Bounty On The Head Of Candace Owens! LiberationGroup





I must emphasize and expand on something in the last few paragraphs. Those that are conservative whether black, white, brown, yellow, or red must be welcome. Those with like values must not be abandoned or rejected. They must be protected by the state. We must try to get those of any ethnic, religious or cultural group, any that politically and economically agree with us and, of course, those that are sane and those that can think to move to the red areas. We must give any assistance we can give. To continue to try to reason with unreasonable people, those that are liberal, is a waste of time and time is of the essence. We are running out of time faster than resources. (I was going to say money but we ARE out of money now.) To try and reason with them can be perfectly summed up in the old saying by the science fiction author Robert Heinlein: “Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it annoys the pig.”

Many blacks and Hispanics are beginning to realize the reality of the situation about the Democrats. Many, many podcasts are by conservative blacks and some by Hispanics. They can think. There are some blacks that see the consequences of the liberal programs and problems they create but do not understand or acknowledge the root cause because it goes against their narrative they have been programed into or of their self-interest.

Many of the present college students, their professors, those of below average intelligence and those that are parasitic and have no useful services to contribute would fit into a 15 minute city nicely. They could sit there and play their video games and smoke their pot and not have any responsibilities whatsoever. They could mindlessly go through life without handicapping those with different qualities. To leave those to the fate of a 15 minute city that can think and are sane and decent is a crime and a sin. To take those into a red area that can’t think and are not sane and decent is also a crime and a sin. They will recreate the conditions people are fleeing. Good example is the Cuban community. In the Cuban community many Gen Zs think socialism is good. Why they are here is because their parents and grandparents fled a socialist/communist regime like the one they want to establish. They don’t understand there is nowhere to flee to when this one collapses.

The ones that are seeking to be in charge, the Russians, the Chinese or the Muslims, do not tolerate violence and destruction and in the event of riots and looting they will not hesitate to shoot. They do not do the soul searching we do. Nor do they tolerate parasites and useless people. They will end up picking beans or whatever, in prisons or mental institutions or in mass graves. We must try to bring those that agree with what is now the conservative positions into the red nation. If we band together it will increase our chance of survival.

The word racism is tossed around by liberals cavalierly and it is used by the left to answer all questions and silence people. When someone disagrees with them they just call them racist and that is suppose to be the end of it and win the disagreement. Race relations were improving in the U.S. slowly but surely. The black community was receiving more and more education and making gains in the work force two things they fought hard for. They valued education and had a work ethic. There was a stable home life with the majority of children being born into two parent households. Then along came the liberals and the government to help. When Lyndon Johnson introduced his Great Society and his War on Poverty it basically made welfare an occupation. It became easy for a single mother to get a government check. This destroyed the black nuclear family and now the majority of black children are born to unwed mothers. This translates into a less structured and less stable home life which adversely affects the children in school and employment. They lack the discipline necessary for success. Walter E. Williams, a black economics professor at George Mason University said it quite accurately: “For somebody to do well in school, somebody needs to make him go to bed on time and get a good 10 hours sleep. Someone must make him do his homework. Somebody must feed him breakfast in the morning and somebody must make him mind the teacher. If those things are not done, I don’t care how much money you put in the school system, education will not occur.” Those without education or intelligence are the recruits of organizations such as antifa and Black Lives Matter. They can blame whites for their plight and in a way it is true but they are blaming the wrong whites. They should be blaming the white liberals that rushed in to help using emotions rather than reason. Malcolm X could see the damage done by white liberals.

The conservatives are always being accused of racism in politics but all the conservatives I know would vote for a black, female, gay conservative over a white, male, straight liberal. If the red and blue separate. Candace Owens would be a good candidate for President of the red country. She is black and female but not gay. She would probably win with a landslide. She is actually qualified to be in a command position. She is intelligent and articulate. She thinks logically.  Most of her liberal counterparts have a victim psychology and Candace Owens does not. Listen to her and then the governors of the states and the mayors of the cities going up flames and analyze what they are saying and not saying. Who would you trust to make a decision that affected you?


The liberal coalitions are only temporary because once they collapse the system their unity crumbles because they have no actual values holding them together. The core values holding them together now are they hate Trump and want free stuff. Those are not core values that will build a durable future. They are also anarchists which mean they actually have no values. They are displaying the intelligence of the zombie like groupthink mentality of Orwell’s 1984. That level of intelligence does not have the ability to design, build, maintain or repair anything. I harp on that but it is true.

The military would be better off with most of their bases and personnel in red areas. The red area residents would be supportive of the military while the blue areas despise them as they do the police. The military can see both sides and to them it would be obvious which was the most reasonable, the most supportive and least problem side. They are witnessing which side is the most violent and least disciplined by their actions at present. They also know which side the support from elected officials would come from. They know where the majority of recruits would come from. They also know which areas would support them financially and which side would defund them in order to give extra government aid to buy votes. Of course there are bases they couldn’t or wouldn’t abandon in urban areas for various reasons one being as the blue crumble they might invite foreign nations or the UN to set up in them. They are that mentally defective. You know it and I know it. Leftists do not think rationally. Unfortunately after this was originally written it has come to light the military has been compromised. General Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is woke and we have a male admiral in a dress claiming to be a woman. We have a Secretary of Defense that promotes racism and division. Two links on our chances in a war.





The following was found on a post. All true.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin — restructuring the Pentagon’s training to revolve around the doctrines and false history of Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project.

Bishop Garrison — hand selected by Secretary Austin to lead the military’s purge of conservatives, Trump supporters and patriots like you and me.

Admiral Michael Gilday — pitting white sailors against nonwhite sailors, citing the works of America-hating Marxist Ibram X. Kendi.

General Mark Milley  — who sided with violent Black Lives Matter terrorists that torched our cities to the ground, bowing to the Critical Race Theory dogma to keep his job when Biden took office.

Air Force Chief of Staff Charles Q. Brown Jr. (a leading candidate to replace General Milley) — betraying his own country and branch of the military as its top enlisted leader.

The large metropolitan areas are lost and the military understands strategic withdrawals. Most withdrawals would only be temporary. There are many blue areas that would opt to go with the red. The losses would be the large metropolitan areas which are the problems so no real loss. It would actually be a gain. Over 90% of the land area of the US would be red and those blue that could see the writing on the wall. (Refer to maps Part 2 of  Essay 9.) The Roman Empire shed some areas out of necessity when they became more of a drain and more trouble than they were worth. Their problems did not come from shedding them but other problems that developed in those areas and bled over into the retained areas. WE should not let problems “bleed” into the red areas. We know what they are. Also the Roman government was rife with corruption and acted without foreseeing consequences. Only fools would think the disasters the blue areas have become are worth saving without a change in attitude by the residents. Blue areas are crumbling due to years of leftist mismanagement and businesses fleeing. The conditions of the cities are conditions that cities always produce because of mismanagement and size. To see the intelligence level of the voters in Chicago you need only see who they elected as mayor. To see why California is falling apart you need only see who is running the state and know who the voters retained as governor in a recall election. They deserve what is coming. We cannot remain united with people that stupid. The above is all true and everyone knows it so it is beyond me how the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Secretary of Defense would side with those that would defund them and cursed returning soldiers from Vietnam. They have either been bought, are mentally defective, have been compromised or there is something going on they are terrified of which raises some interesting and frightening possibilities. I will get into some of those possibilities in the future.

People breakdown in overcrowded conditions but the welfare policies of the left have exacerbated the problems and made them unsolvable. The crime and unsanitary conditions are taking a toll and it is only going to get worse. The recent violence and looting should make apparent they have very little concern or respect for people, property and law and order. Law and order and morals are essential foundation stones of a civilized society. The videos of the hysterical screaming and rantings and looting of the demonstrators make it apparent they do not believe in law and order and lack the emotional stability and intellectual wherewithal to understand why law and order are essential ingredients of a civilized society. The actions and reactions of the governors of the states and mayors of the cities affected are Democrats and it is plainly evident they haven’t a clue, or they don’t care or have Marxist motives. Democrats have run those cities for decades and the conditions have continually gotten worse. The reason is the social problems allow the Democrats to get large sums of money from the federal government for programs that obviously do not work.. They siphon money off for them and their cronies. They have human feces and drug syringes on the sidewalks and schools that turn out many students that can’t read, write or do math proficiently and they spend more per student than red areas. They have more violence in the schools. They have more homeless because the left has made homelessness an acceptable lifestyle and they subsidize it. They have more crime. They have made crime acceptable. The coastal blue areas will also succumb to rising oceans eventually. I explained my position and why in Essay 8. The blue areas will become more and more unmanageable and ultimately the military would have to step in eventually. The police are on the defensive and that is not good from a safety and security perspective. On the weekend of Father’s Day 2020 Chicago had 104 people shot with 14 of them dead. The large cities have become areas that if compared to a human body would be considered malignant tumors growing and will eventually kill the entire body or in this case the nation. If the germ fighting soldier cells of the body do not recognize the germ cells such as cancer as bad they let them grow and they eventually will kill the host. Same with human societies. If people do not recognize the source of the disease of crime they cannot cure the problem.

The bottom line is the military knows which side of the spectrum is the most stable and the side they can count on. They also know which side supports them and which side has the work ethic and are of practical value and have the healthier outlook and attitudes. The military has been compromised the question is how badly have they been compromised? Are they salvageable? Is the FBI? Is the DHS? Is the DOJ? Is the CIA?


One of the most foolish things I have heard of is the defunding the police. This seems to be a cornerstone of blue philosophy. With cities being torched and looted and letting criminals out of jails and prisons the last things to defund would be the police and military. That is another reason for the red and blue to separate. As an independent nation border security would be easier to maintain, provide traditional law enforcement and prosecute criminals. The trend will be in many blue areas to go with private security for the wealthy. As police and military are defunded more and more there will be less and less protection for the citizens. Red areas will not be defunding police which will be good for red areas and bad for blue. Criminals go for the easy “pickin’s.” Plus blue areas will be passing gun control legislation making blue areas more attractive to criminals and less safe for the average citizen. Many corporations, both national and international, where police are hamstrung by politics are providing housing with private security. If the blue areas defund and/or eliminate the police private security will increase to pick up the slack. The following is from The Coming Anarchy: (We better look at what the future under radical socialists will be if they win.)

“The number of residential communities with defended perimeters that have been built by corporations went from one thousand in the early 1960s to more than eighty thousand by the mid-1980s, with continued dramatic increases in the 1990s. . . . Then there are malls, with their own rules and security forces, as opposed to public streets; private health clubs, as opposed to public playgrounds; incorporated suburbs of strict zoning; and other mundane aspects of daily existence in which – perhaps without realizing it, because the changes have been so gradual – we opt out of the public sphere and the “social contract” for the sake of a protected setting.”

While the left rails against the police and private prisons they are actually opening the door for more private security. Private security does not have the regulations that police departments do. They also do not have the accountability either. But as usual the left undermines the house it is building. They keep shooting themselves in the foot. No wonder they are for gun control.

Defunding the police will lead to lowering the standards to become one by reducing the pool of potential recruits . As law enforcement is hobbled more and more, is disrespected and prevented from doing their jobs many qualified and dedicated officers will leave. In order to fill the empty positions and to fulfill the diversity and equity agenda quotas the standards will be lowered and lowered. It is not just in the US either. The London police are trying to reach diversity quotas and below  is a link to the results. From the report and then the link:

“British police hiring illiterate officers, some with criminal backgrounds, in hopes of meeting diversity quotas: Report.”

“An inspector tasked with assessing police forces and policing has concluded that in the pursuit of this allegedly “noble and right” end, the Met police have dropped their standards and in some instances accepted applicants that could not competently read or write in English. Some recruits also happened to have significant criminal histories.”


This is now happening in the military. The military at this time is having a difficult time filling their enlistment quotas. Is it any wonder when we have a military top echelon with the likes of General Mark Milley, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Admiral Rachel Levine. Most rank and file military personnel have no respect for any of the three of them. The military is beginning to lower standards. There is a certain point on the IQ scale (83 is the number I have heard) that if a person has an IQ below it they are of no use to the military and are a liability rather than an asset. We would have soldiers that are of more benefit to the enemy than our troops. We now have an administration that is.



As I said I am sure many businesses would jump at the chance to build or rebuild in a safe area. The following is from a Facebook page. I can’t remember which one but it says a lot. There are 614 billionaires in the US. Like I have said there are some big fish in the pool to draw from. The red has to become more attractive to them than the blue.

There is talk about the Biden administration attempting to get the IRS to monitor transactions over $600. dollars. The “official” narrative is to keep track of the wealthy to tax them. It is actually to increase the surveillance power over the ordinary citizens. YOU!



The following is an article from MSN about it. It does not deny the proposal was made but just that it is not set in stone. The fact is true the proposal WAS made. Being thwarted will not stop them from trying to sneak it in as a clause in a popular bill. Like the trillion dollar infrastructure bill is riddled with pet projects and funds/payoffs to some cronies. This following paragraph says it all. It is followed by the link.

“While the claim is based in reality, it gets many of the facts wrong. The claim’s assertion is a proposal by the Biden administration, not a decision set in stone. The Treasury cannot “declare” any changes to law, as that is a legislative power that belongs to Congress. And even if the proposal is adopted banks would not provide access to individual transactions, just the total amount flowing in and out of an account annually:


The present administration is proposing hiring 70,000 new IRS agents and arming them.


Many businesses that have been burned down cannot be rebuilt in the cities that just had looting and rioting. Cost to do so and insurance would be prohibitive and why should they? The next time something happens or someone won’t kiss their rears they riot and burn the place down again. It is a pattern that has been repeated over and over throughout the years. It is easier to torch businesses and loot than it is to get an education and a job. These are no doubt communist and radical left instigated but they may be doing normal people a favor. They have alerted us to a disease that was known but underestimated and has now reached a stage of being terminal without draconian measures. Get out of a burning building or city. I am sure some big businesses that left the US could be persuaded to return. People will flee the blue areas for the stability and safety the red areas can deliver. Many are moving now and sadly many of the blue fools will vote for the same policies that they fled from just like immigrants build a society like the one they left. Just like a person that escapes an abusive relationship more often than not goes back to another abuser and drug addicts when cured go back to drugs and criminals go back to crime when released. It is what they know. It has become natural to them. A way of life just as poverty is to some.  In some the lifestyle of poverty is ingrained.

In red areas the educational system could be brought back to actually teaching instead of indoctrinating and rewriting history. Who in their right minds would want to send their children to failing, unsafe schools where two plus two equals five and, as some are doing, proposing both boys and girls using the same locker room and showers? That is insanity adding proof liberals are insane as if we needed more proof. In mass hysteria they are rushing out to do something to look like they know what they are doing. The old joke of do something even if it is wrong now takes on a serious and ominous  meaning. Many leftist groups are playing pied piper to the ignorant masses. Like in the story of Pinocchio and Pleasure Island irresponsible bad boys fall into bad behavior and are turned into jackasses and sold as slave animals. I find it an interesting coincidence that the symbol of the Democrat Party is a jackass. Those pulling the strings of the Democrat leaders are playing social engineers using the population for guinea pigs. They themselves bare no responsibility or receive no adverse consequences from being wrong but you do. They are well protected away from the common people they consider dumb herd animals. Dumb herd animals that vote. (That is why they want to surveil you). They have gained the support of the ignorant, the weak-minded, the parasitic, the emotional and those of lower intelligence and those without sense..

Another advantage is the red areas would maintain the concept of the individual. Group organization is necessary but the ultimate outcome of the Democrat and leftist tactics will be the establishment of a Star Trek Borg type collective. They cannot think independently. They cannot think outside their ideological bubble. They make great social workers but are terrible in command positions. They should never be in positions of responsibility and authority in any areas involving safety, security, stability or economics. Red areas would retain the ability to think outside the box. In times of war or civil unrest conservatives tend to be realistic while the left likes to pontificate and write theoretical ideas that are often impossible. Re-watch the video about the privacyless, freedomless smart city.


Maintaining records of the past would be a major responsibility of the “red nation.” We need to consider the future as proposed by the emerging radical left represented by antifa, BLM, socialists, communists, elites and Democrats. They are rewriting history to fit their future vision. They believe that by doing so they can usher in an age of perfection. They believe that by collectivization they can mask individual weaknesses in the group thereby raising them to equality. That is somewhat true but it comes at a cost. Newton’s Third Law comes into play which they want to ignore. That law, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” shows up by raising the bottom you lower the top. You can hide the weaknesses of individuals in a collective but also hide and lose the strengths and talents that have been responsible for all progress. They can dilute the negative effects of the ignorant and the stupid but it also dilutes the positive effects of the intelligent and innovative. They fail to grasp the simple fact that all these wonderful devices that exist that makes life easier require highly intelligent people to create them. The vaccine they mandate is the result of highly intelligent minds. These people when adding 2+2 get 4 not 5. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. You can hide weak links by painting them all but it does not alter the weakness of the weak links. The chain will fail at the weak link taking the strong links down also. Innovation comes from exceptional talent of top minds. Both the mediocre and exceptional are lost in the merge to a collective. A good example of the ultimate end of the momentum they are building and the direction they are headed is the Star Trek Borg collective. Their basic philosophy does not allow for any deviation in thinking. This has been the theme of many works of fiction. A few that come to mind are “1984” by George Orwell, “Atlas Shrugged” and “Anthem” by Ayn Rand, “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley and “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury. The philosophy of the Party in 1984 was to control the future you must control the present. To control the present you must control the past. This is why they are rewriting history. Unfortunately it dooms them and us to a cycle of committing the same errors over and over again.

These books and others are dangers to the left so will be banned just like the books mentioned had societies that banned books. They are already banning books that they find offensive.  In the rewriting of history the ability to learn from the past is lost. As in the passage from Orwell’s “1984” taken from the secret manuscript written by Emmual Goldstein, who supposedly is the enemy of the people, the leader of the underground organization opposed to the Party : “. . . to be efficient it was necessary to be able to learn from the past, which meant having a fairly accurate idea of what had happened in the past.” It would be the responsibility of the red “nation” to maintain the accurate history of the past. This could be done by maintaining libraries of all works that can be accumulated. To lose the knowledge of the past and the thoughts of many brilliant thinkers would be to doom the human race to mediocrity. Mediocrity is the god of the left. It would be the worst crime against humanity ever because the consequences would be so severe and long lasting.


Here is an excellent take on the left’s vision of the Future. Steven Pinker in his “The Blank Slate” quotes from “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut and adds his own take on it.:

 “The year was 2081, and everybody was finally equal. They weren’t only equal before God and the law. They were equal in every way. Nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else. Nobody was stronger or quicker than anybody else. All this equality was due to the 211th, 212th, and 213th Amendments to the Constitution, and to the unceasing vigilance of agents of the United States Handicapper General.”

Here is Pinker’s take:

 “The handicapper General enforces equality by neutralizing any inherited (hence undeserved) asset. Intelligent people have two-way radios in their ears tuned to a government transmitter that sends out a sharp noise every 20 seconds (such as the sound of a milk bottle struck with a ball-peen hammer) to prevent them from taking unfair advantage of their brains. Ballerinas are laden with bags of birdshot and their faces are hidden by masks so that no one can feel bad at seeing someone prettier or more graceful than they. Newscasters are selected for their speech impediments. The hero of the story is a multiply gifted teenager forced to wear headphones, thick wavy glasses, 300 pounds of scrap iron, and black caps on half his teeth. The story is about his ill-fated rebellion.”

 “Polices that insist that people be identical in their outcomes must impose costs on humans who, like all living things, vary in their biological endowment. Since talents by definition are rare, and can be fully realized only in rare circumstances, it is easier to achieve forced equality by lowering the top (and thereby depriving everyone of the fruits of people’s talents) than by raising the bottom.”

The left is seeking to create a lowest common denominator society. It masks their inferiority.


When there is a difference of 30 IQ points between two people they have very little in common. Their thoughts and thinking patterns and solutions to problems are too different to be compatible. It is also true if there is a vast difference in emotional stability. Taking all that into account they see the world from radically different perspectives. In marriages these differences make it almost impossible to overcome to get any positive things accomplished. In the past when life was harder and survival was more difficult it required the efforts of both to survive and marriages often survived only because of necessity not out of love or loyalty. Their compatibility came from strength and values. It can also work when one is completely dependent on the other or in cases of what we have come to call “trophy spouses.” The same is true in social affairs between liberals and conservatives. There comes a point the two opposing philosophies conflict to a state of dysfunction which will ultimately deteriorate to the worst state which is violence. We are now witnessing that. Violence if unchecked will always lead to collapse which creates anarchy which creates the conditions for an authoritarian state. This is what the left is attempting to achieve. There is no other alternative but a separation of the two. Think of it much like in the Star Trek series when occasionally, in the interests of necessity or survival, they have to separate the saucer section from the rest of the ship. The two can always be rejoined once the crises is over if both sections survive.

It is at the point the ship of state is being commanded by those not qualified or that purposely have the ship on a suicidal course. The red states and counties should be considered the lifeboats. Life in lifeboats is not as easy as life on the ship because there are many amenities lifeboats do not have but the key word is life. The ship is going to sink there should be no question about that. I am not saying it will be easy as it is a complicated affair but we have no choice. It will be much easier if we act before the system collapses. Like a plane with mechanical issues going down. Often the pilot can maintain enough control to have a controlled crash, or, probably more accurately a semi-controlled crash. Preventative maintenance will often prevent a disaster. The key word is preventative. When the crash or sinking is in progress it is too late. In the case of a sinking ship get to the lifeboats.

You better make up your minds soon as the election is coming up and the blue areas are collapsing and will want the red to bail them out for their inability to control the violent rioters and lack of fiscal responsibility. I feel relatively safe in saying they are going to want some federal assistance to rebuild the cities they allowed to be destroyed. (They did and do.) The Democrat leaders destroyed them by giving approval to those destroying the cities. If you remember right the mayor of Baltimore said give them space while they were destroying the city. The mayor of Seattle described the rioters that took over 6 blocks of the city as a “summer of love’ like it was a hippie love-in or something. In a few days they had several shootings and rapes and wouldn’t let the police in. The mayor of Portland Oregon went out to join the rioters in that city and show his support and they turned on him. Everyone that is sane knows this is not sane.  The result of the blue areas will be like when a ship encounters a whirlpool, the water equivalent of a sinkhole. Or when a ship sinks as it slips beneath the surface it pulls whatever is in close proximity to it on the surface around it down with it much like a tablecloth being pulled off a table with the silverware and dishes still on it. As the ship goes down it creates a momentary “hole” in the surface. It closes quickly but it sucks surrounding debris and lifeboats and people down with it as the water rushes back in to fill the brief void. 

They are indoctrinating and sexualizing your children in elementary school. This weakens the family unit sucking the family unit down the sinkhole of collapse. The destruction of the nuclear family is part of the BLM goals. They state it and they admit they are Marxists. Their goals coincide with much of the socialist agenda listed in Essay 2A. Even China and Russia hold the family in more value than these mentally deranged liberals. Again I quote Frank Zappa “Communism doesn’t work because people like to own stuff.”  The blue areas are lost. We would probably be able to salvage some as time went on though. They have created pension shortages and large “cities” of homeless people. They support parasites at the expense of safety, security, stability and infrastructure. Dams in California and Michigan have collapsed so they could support people that will not work or enter the country illegally. That is vote buying. They encourage crime.  The blue areas say the red are the parasites and many in the blues say they would be glad to get rid of the red. They know the red could survive without them but they could not survive without the red.  Call their bluff. I mean it. Their howling would be proof enough. The Democrat blue areas are on a suicide mission and want to take as many with them as possible. As they say misery loves company.


(Obviously this was written before the 2020 election.) With the election looming the Democrats are in a quandary. Joe Biden is their nominee but he has some cognitive issues. The Democrat party is going to pick a running mate for vice president for him as he does not have the ability to do so himself. The problem is the entire Democrat Party is a party of social workers. They are going to pick a social worker electable by identity politics. Democrat prosecutors are releasing criminals with no bail. Prosecutors are not prosecuting crimes, sometimes even violent ones. They have made homelessness an acceptable lifestyle. Many want to do away with law enforcement. They want to weaken the military. They claim they want to redistribute wealth but Philip Yancey said it best: “Political revolutions may have redistributed wealth (though most proved better at redistributing poverty) but at a horrific cost in violence and death.” All revolutions have produced mass murder of their own citizens. A social worker is fine in a social services office but not in the oval office (or any political office) as a national leader. Obama was basically a social worker. He was described as such by a Russian government official. The military was turned into a social justice experiment under Obama. If elected the odds favor Biden probably being replaced by his VP. The VP will have a social worker mentality with no experience dealing with hostile regimes and complicated economic issues. Social workers belong in social services offices not in command positions of nations, armies or businesses.

(Since this was written the Democrats have picked their VP. It is Kamala Harris. She was picked due to identity politics and is extreme far left. She is a former District Attorney and Attorney General of California. She got her start in politics by the sexist actions of sleeping with a married man (Willie Brown) twice her age. Since the odds are probably 50-50 Biden will not make it an entire term it would become a Harris presidency. If Pelosi is still the speaker after the election it will be a Harris presidency and a Pelosi vice-presidency. Both Harris and Pelosi missed their calling in life. They would make excellent test pilots in a broom factory.)

At this point there is nothing left to lose with discussing secession. Secession should be dominating the conversation if the Dems win and plans should be discussed. Eventually it will reach a point in the Democrat administration that it will be apparent their policies will destroy America. At that point it will be known whether the military has been compromised. or not. If they stand by and do nothing while policies that are jeopardizing the safety, security and stability of the nation are being implemented they have been compromised. (They have been compromised. We have the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff colluding with the Chinese military. Proven!!!!) At this point secession is the only option available. Literally the red are the last hope of sanity and Western civilization. It boils down to logic vs. emotion. You cannot talk sense or reason with people that think men have periods, women have erections, being on time is racist, two plus two equals five, that are rewriting history to fit their imagination, that want to ban books and ideas, that approve of violence, are approving pedophilia and genital mutilation for minors, and that have hate and darkness as their guiding lights and are too stupid to see their actions are what they claim to hate. We better start thinking now.

The human race is flawed and imperfect and we have now established a society that fosters and caters to the flaws and imperfections. We validate them including criminal actions as is demonstrated by looting and rioting and the flippant attitude of many political (and military) leaders. In the past many flawed and imperfect people would not have survived to reproduce. We are being overloaded with people that are incapable of being a positive for society. It would be okay if they were merely a neutral but we are producing a larger and larger pool of negatives. When they become over 50% of the population it is over. The nature of our society is such that we take care of the less fortunate, a laudable action but we must realize it is like a military unit in combat. An enemy is better off wounding a soldier than killing one. If you kill one you have eliminated one. If you wound one it requires one to tend to him/her. This removes two from action. It is the same as with society. Those that have special needs require caregivers or at least special attention. When society collapses and anarchy is the norm most that have special needs are going to perish and those that are trying to protect them will perish also. I am not advocating disposing of them so don’t get that idea but we do have some difficult problems and decisions to make. Those that are our enemies and those working to undermine Western civilization do not do the soul searching we do and have killed millions to achieve their goal and will kill millions more.


It is to our benefit to remain united but at this point it has reached the tipping point or the point of no return. The conversation I had with the Muslim I spoke of previously was an extremely interesting one. It was just by chance I met him and we got to chit-chatting and for some reason he mentioned he was a Muslim. He had hazel eyes, a light complexion, sandy colored hair and looked as Middle Eastern as I do which is not at all. I must have had a noticeably startled look on my face and he must have felt an explanation was necessary. He came from Yugoslavia that used to be communist but broke up very shortly after the Soviet Union collapsed. The area he was in was basically Muslim and his family were mainly business people and they converted because non-Muslims had to pay an extra tax and were not well thought of and were sometimes in physical danger. He said many converted for those reasons. I pulled from my memory what I learned in my international relations class in high school and news items I remember from the past. Tito, who was the leader of Yugoslavia, was considered a WW2 war hero to Yugoslavia. He was a communist but a renegade as he broke from Stalin and Russia that almost resulted in armed conflict. His was a socialist nation but it wasn’t modeled after the Russian model. He was a dictator but overall he seemed to be a fair one. He was considered brutal by some and benevolent by others. Yugoslavia was a multi-ethnic nation and Tito maintained order by giving each region what could be considered a good degree of autonomy. However he did whatever was necessary to keep the nation together though. Before his death he kept the religious conflicts in check. After the Soviet Union collapsed Yugoslavia broke up and chaos and violence were common which most of us baby boomers and Generation Xers can remember from the news. Bloodshed and violence were the norm and finally after years of internal wars, negotiations and treaties and intervention by other nations Yugoslavia ended up as several nations that had and still have ethnic and religious bitterness towards each other. I asked if he felt Yugoslavia was better off together or as several independent nations even if some heavy-handedness had to be used to maintain order. He said yes  business was better off in a united Yugoslavia because it could operate safely. People were safer under a united country also. Also the money situation was more stable in a united Yugoslavia. This was possible because there was a central authority that was fairly neutral. He left when after the breakup the violence and chaos and instability just got too much for him. I did research and thought a lot about it and reinforced my thinking that separation is the only option. It would be better to stay united if that was an option but the radical difference in philosophy, the violent and repressive nature of the left, their lack of economic sanity and their dishonesty removed that option from the choice list. If break up does occur it is in the best interest of the red areas to retain as much area and remain as large as possible. The Military has been compromised and the red and blue have to go their separate ways. As long as the red states and areas stay united and back each other they will be fine. They have a better work ethic, are logical and there is plenty of opportunity to attract business.


I am drawing this essay to a close with a quote from “The Coming Anarchy” by Robert D. Kaplan and a couple of thoughts and comments. Kaplan’s quote is from his book in the section titled A Premonition of the Future. This future will be brought on by liberals and will be felt in blue areas first which we can see they already are as witnessed nightly on the news. The separation of red and blue will at least isolate the blue and put a barrier between the two cultures. The blue will continue to take in refugees beyond their ability to support ans assimilate. They will continue to release criminals into society and crime, including robbery, theft, rape and murder, will skyrocket. Their educational system will continue to produce undisciplined and illiterate young with no practical skills and no work ethic. They will eventually collapse and in fact they are collapsing now.. They do these things because it makes them feel superior and self-righteous when they are actually stupid and sanctimonious. When you have friends like these you don’t need enemies. From Kaplan’s The Coming Anarchy:

“West Africa is becoming a symbol of worldwide demographic, environmental, and societal stress, in which criminal anarchy emerges as the real “strategic” danger. Disease, overpopulation, unprovoked crime, scarcity of resources, refugee migrations, increasing erosion of nation-states and international borders, and the empowerment of private armies, security firms, and international drug cartels are now most tellingly demonstrated through a west African prism. West Africa provides an appropriate introduction to the issues, often extremely unpleasant to discuss, that will soon confront our civilization.”

They are in fact now beginning to confront our civilizations. If we do not go with the only rational option we will basically deserve what we get. We will have proven ourselves too stupid to be under our own rule and will have proven communism is superior. I am not saying it will be easy but it will be easier than if the system collapses which is on the horizon under Democrat “guidance”. I use the word loosely and sarcastically. But it actually IS under their “guidance” as collapse is exactly what their goal is. Keep in mind the puppeteers behind Biden, Harris, Pelosi and the rest of them hate America. They have said it many times. The puppeteers are represented by the “Death to America” and “No Borders No Wall No USA At All” crowd. They are the ones that have influenced the kids running around in Che Guevara t-shirts and have chairman Mao’s picture on classroom walls. The ones that pledge loyalty to the Rainbow flag. The ones  rewriting history. The ones kneeling at sporting events. The ones with two national anthems. These are the ones that will be the first victims if they ever achieve their goal. The Chinese can see them for what they are and are not stupid. Check out the history of China’s Cultural Revolution to see what happened to those types and those that followed them.

We better begin talking about separation now and thinking about problems that will be encountered because collapse is looming. The more awareness and pre-planning the better off we will be. Had China been forthright and alerted the world to the pandemic we would have at least have had a few extra months to prepare. Had we prepared, assessed and planned for a withdrawal from Afghanistan we would have been able to have a more controlled withdrawal. Had we analyzed the situation we would not have been in the position in the first place. Afghanistan’s collapse should have been on the list of possibilities. If you remember earlier in one of the essays I said unless something is 101% impossible it IS possible regardless of how farfetched it may seem and it must still be on the table. We better start the discussions about the possibility of collapse and separation now because neither is 101% impossible.


I close this series of essays as they began:


“The Jedi and the Sith will always be at war. They are each wholly uncompromising; their rigid philosophies make no room for mutual existence. But what they fail to realize is that they are merely two sides of the same coin.: light and dark. You cannot have one without the other.”



The next essay I have removed and am deleting parts where I felt the military would be the best option. I am redoing it and may repost some of it because of the very pertinent information. If not I will be doing another separate essay with the information.