Abandon Ship


This movie, although filmed in 1957, is more pertinent today than when it came out. It is black and white and considering the advances made in motion pictures it will seem lame but the pace will pick up as it goes on. It will give those that can think something to think about. We are being faced with some hard choices that our survival will depend on. We tend to deny, ignore or delay hard choices but unfortunately the open doors for the various choices close the longer we delay until we are left with but one. It is usually the worst one but the only one left. Look at the state of the world and think about it.

 This is a four minute clip from the movie. The entire thing was blocked by BBTV as they have a copyright. Long out of print and a few (very few) VHS tapes can be found on Amazon and ebay. There was also 3 DVDs available but as far as I can find out it never went to mass production on DVDs. Entire movie well worth viewing. It is on YouTube at least for now.