6. Choices Part 3 Why The Left Cannot Be allowed Control (con’t)

Why The Left Cannot Be Allowed Control (con’t)

“Mankind’s power over nature has increased cumulatively while its ability to govern itself has not kept pace. There is no other country that can take the place of the United States in the foreseeable future. If the United States fails to provide the right kind of leadership our civilization may destroy itself. That is the unpleasant reality that confronts us.”  George Soros


I agree with the above quote even though it came from someone I have many differences with. The human race is on the verge of destroying itself. The problems we have might be considered a wake up call or maybe a last call and an unflattering eulogy. Perhaps we should heed it. Our problems have been building for a long time which requires lots of bits and pieces of information and a lot of assembling the clues as well as a lot of critical thinking and analyzing. It is unsettling to me because while our issues are coming to a head now the beginnings were subtlety laid a long time ago.  Before the second World War. Before the emergence of Russia as a global superpower. Longer than our primary rival, China, has been looking outward toward global domination. Until very recently China was basically a closed society that shunned contact with the outside world but in a short time has become a global power militarily, politically and economically. Using Spengler’s and Heinlein’s concepts of examining the past to determine the future shows the pattern of connected dots easily connected in hindsight.


I was wondering how I was going to start this part and continue to lay out why the left and the Democrats should not be allowed to regain control of the United States and what our only two options are.  I also want to state we cannot allow the right and the GOP to maintain control much longer. Both parties are steering us toward disaster. I will get to the GOP later but now it is the Democrats, even though they are not in complete control, that are the immediate danger to Western civilization. (Since this was written they have since gained control.) I found the opening for this essay in one of the last places I would’ve expected to find it- in a book by George Soros. In reality I should not have been surprised though as the insanity, the emotional instability and the intellectual deficiencies of the Democrat Party and the left owes much of its’ present state and activities to him and his cronies. The radical left seeds growing today were planted in the protest movements of the 60s and they have of late been watered with Soros’s support and finances and the communists within. Eventually we will look at the influence of Soros and some of the organizations he founded and funds and how they have manipulated and directed the left and have weakened the United States and the West.  As I mentioned earlier I had read only one book by him, “The Bubble of American Supremacy”, in which he said much I agree with. I just finished his “The Age of Fallibility” and in it he gives and explains his agenda and also gives me the foundation and brick and mortar for the only two options available to us. I do agree with him on many points and on others I can follow his logic right to his wrong conclusion. He gives excellent observations then twists them. On the cover, at the very top, was a plug for the book by John Gray from the New York Review of Books. It said: “No single person has done more to promote open society – a society in which free expression and political opposition are protected – over the past thirty years than George Soros. . . . [Soros’] most important book to date.”


I find it interesting that those that hold Soros in some type of esteem or reverence think he is actually for democracy since the society he advocates cannot be established under a democracy as they portray democracy. In fact, since it goes against human nature, it is not possible at all under any system. If you read the book you will see his basic concept of human nature actually goes against liberal philosophy. We will look at that later. There can be no doubt that Soros is intelligent, highly so. I agree with some of what he feels is/are the problem(s) with America and the world but disagree with his solutions. The old saying goes don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. I think due to his age he fears for his dream and has become mentally unbalanced and trying to rush the completion before he dies. He is undoubtedly becoming desperate.  A few links that gives reasons to look in that direction. By Googling Soros and Trump who he hates a long long list of links come up. Only a few:






Also type in the search bar: To understand why George Soros fears President Trump, just follow the money . A long list of articles pop up that should make sane people shudder.


I also find due to the coronavirus, which just hit the scene, I have done some reevaluating my views. While I don’t underestimate the potential for an epidemic, whether this one or not, to kill large numbers, mass hysteria, panic and our unpreparedness show the human race is not capable of rational, non-emotional actions and reactions. A look at the conduct in the stores of America by what are supposed to be adults (many, many voting adults I might add) shows the thin film of civilization is not only thin but transparent. Emotional decisions are invariably wrong and are sometimes merely an inconvenience at best and are completely disastrous at worst. (For an interesting and informative read on pandemics read the report on Spillover in the Books Worth Reading section of this site. Spillover is the term used to describe a disease spilling over from animals to humans. Everyone should have seen this coming.)

From “The Age of Fallibility” by George Soros Prologue:

“Many people dream about making the world a better place, but I have been fortunate in being able to fulfill my dreams more than most. That said, my influences have been greatly exaggerated. I was labeled “the man who broke the Bank of England” when the United Kingdom was forced to leave the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. Mohamed Mahatir, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, accused me of causing the Asian financial crisis of 1997. President Vladimir Putin of Russia holds me responsible for the so-called color revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine. And I was accused of trying to buy the election after I took a stand against the reelection of President George W. Bush in 2004. All these claims are overstated, or unfounded. For instance, I did not trade in Asian currencies for several months prior to the Asian crisis, so I could not have caused it. But the fact remains that I did play a role in some of these events, and many others. . . . ”  

“I should like to clarify where I stand. My goal is to make the world a better place. There is nothing unusual about that. Many people share my aspiration and work at it more selflessly than I do. What sets me apart is that I am able to do it on a larger scale than most others. . . .”

“As a stateless statesman, I face a number of obstacles. First, I am not really disinterested. I have to confess that I have a desire to make an impact and it gives me satisfaction to be involved in the historical events. Second, I do not have perfect knowledge. I am bound to be wrong. . . . . . Third, I recognize that no one has elected me as or appointed me as a Guardian of the public interest; I’ve taken on that role for myself. People are rightly suspicious of someone who can have a policy but is not accountable to the public. I believe the common interests of humanity badly need looking after and it is better to do it imperfectly than not to try at all. . . .


He admits he was involved in many of the things he is accused of. He said he did not trade in Asian currencies for several months prior to the disaster but often actions done today in many areas can have an impact tomorrow and economics is one of the areas. In the prologue he wrote: “This book has helped me to clarify my agenda. Sometimes I see things clearly. At those moments I can take decisive actions. This has happened many times in my financial career. The best known example is when I “broke the Bank of England”. It has also happened in my philanthropic and public life. The decisions to set up a network of open society foundations when the Soviet system collapsed and to oppose the reelection of President Bush stand out.” He believes in an open society but he explains it is not about open borders it is about a society that is open to discussions and exchanges of ideas which the consequences of his actions run counter to. How open a discussion can you have on a liberal college campus? Many believe, and I am inclined to mostly agree with them, that he is purposely creating chaos and trouble to bring down Western civilization. He wrote the following which contradict his actions.

“The meaning of open society is obvious to those who have lived in a closed society. Open society denotes freedom and the absence of repression.”

“Open society is not an easy idea. It resembles the concept of liberal democracy but there’s an important difference: it is an epistemological concept, not a political one.”


However, when you see his present position and actions [the book was written in 2006] his true motives are uncovered. You can also see his laying the foundation for them in this book that would justify the actions in the minds of many of those now reaching adulthood and indoctrinated under the globalist agenda. I suppose it is possible he has been programmed or indoctrinated to some degree also. There are many people that have been in leadership roles that have been programmed and indoctrinated. One was Ronald Reagan. (I know I have just angered the right.) Another was Barack Obama. (I know I have just angered the left.) I am glad I upset both sides. I believe in equality. I will get into why I believe that about them in the future. They are only two dots in the long line of connected dots. Once you see it you will not ‘unsee’ it. There is a lot more going on than meets the eye. As I said previously Soros was gushingly introduced by Hillary Clinton and in his speech he stated what his goal was. At the time it sounded innocuous. It sounded good. It even sounded positive. Soros is a proponent of the unconstrained vision which is the vision of the left. However being the snake oil peddler he is the old bait and switch tactic is in play. The constrained vision is the vision of the right and his basic beliefs support the constrained vision even though he verbally opposes it. We will look at more of Soros’s philosophy and goals later but first let’s look at the two visions. An understanding of the two visions can be found in “A Conflict of Visions” by Thomas Sowell.

“One of the curious things about political opinions is how often the same people lined up on opposite sides of different issues. The issues themselves may have no intrinsic connection with each other. . . . . It happens too often to be a coincidence, and it is too uncontrolled to be a plot. . . . They have different visions of how the world works.”

“A vision has been described as a “pre-analytic cognitive act.” It is what we sense or feel before we have constructed any systematic reasoning that could be called a theory, much less deduced any specific consequences as hypotheses to be tested against evidence. A vision is our sense of how the world works. . . . “

“The political battles of the day are a potpourri of special interests, mass emotions, personality clashes, corruption, and numerous other factors. Yet the enduring historic trends have a certain consistency that reflects certain visions. . . “

“Social visions differ in their basic conceptions of the nature of man. . . “

Sowell used the philosophies of two people to partly explain the two visions which he called the constrained vision and the unconstrained vision. He used the economist Adam Smith for the constrained vision and the political philosopher William Godwin for the unconstrained vision.  Sowell wrote:

“. . . man could be persuaded to do for his own self image or inner needs what he would not do for the good of his fellow man. In short, such concepts were seen by Smith as the most efficient way to get the moral job done at the lowest psychic cost. Despite the fact that this was a moral question, Smith’s answer was essentially economic – a system of moral incentives, a set of trade-offs rather than the real solution by changing man. One of the hallmarks of the constrained vision is that it deals in trade-offs rather than solutions.”

“Where in Adam Smith moral and socially beneficial behavior could be invoked from man only by incentives, in William Godwin man’s understanding and disposition were capable of intentionally creating social benefits. . . . His was the unconstrained vision of human nature, in which man was capable of directly feeling other people’s needs as more important than his own, and therefore of consistently acting impartially, even when his own interests over those of his family were involved.”

“While the constrained vision sees human nature as essentially unchanged across the ages and around the world, the particular cultural expressions of human needs peculiar to specific societies are not seen as being readily and beneficially changeable by forcible intervention. By contrast, those with the unconstrained vision tend to view human nature as beneficially changeable and social customs as expendable holdovers from the past.

“Ideals are weighed against the cost of achieving them, in the constrained vision. But in the unconstrained vision, every closer approximation to the ideal should be preferred. Costs are regrettable, but by no means decisive. Thomas Jefferson’s reply to those who turned against the French revolution, because of the innocent people it had killed, exemplified this point: ‘My [Jefferson] own affections have been deeply wounded by some of the martyrs to this cause, but rather than it should have failed, I would have seen half the earth desolated.’ Belief in the irrelevance of process costs in the pursuit of social justice could hardly have been expressed more clearly or categorically. Yet, in the end, Jefferson too turned against the French revolution, as its human cost increased beyond what he could continue to accept. Jefferson was not completely or irrevocably committed to the unconstrained vision.”

“The relative importance of process cost has continued, over the centuries, to distinguish the constrained and unconstrained visions. Modern defenders of legal technicalities which allow criminals to escape punishment would declare, ‘That is the price we pay for freedom,’ or defenders of revolutions to say, ‘You can’t make omelettes without breaking eggs,’ are contemporary exemplars of the unconstrained vision which has historically treated process costs as secondary. At the other end of the philosophical spectrum are those who, in essence, repeat. Adam Smith’s view of process costs: ‘The peace and order of society is of more importance than even the relief of the miserable.’ The continuing battle between ideals and the cost of achieving them is only one part of the ongoing conflict of visions.”

“Visions rest ultimately on some sense of the nature of man – not simply his existing practices but his ultimate potential and ultimate limitations. Those who see the potentialities of human nature as extending far beyond what is currently manifested have a social vision quite different from those who see human beings as tragically limited creatures whose selfish and dangerous impulses can be contained only by social contrivances which themselves produce unhappy side effects.”


Back to Soros. Soros is brilliant but I feel he has set in motion forces that will help destroy America and the West. Keep in mind not all his observations are wrong and I agree with some of his assessments. His responses and motives are what I question. Much of his core personality was undoubtedly formed in Europe prior to and during WW2. He is Jewish and he survived by his father forging identity papers for him. The person who ended up being his mentor and a father figure was a Nazi officer and it seems who, as the story goes, was responsible for confiscating Jewish property. Being Jewish, being hidden in plain sight so to speak, and watching the mistreatment of people that were his and surrounded by all the death and destruction of the war had to have a scarring effect burned indelibly into the young Soros. Many accuse him of being a Nazi collaborator and being part of it but in reality he was only about 14. He was a bystander and had no choice. No one can say for certain how they would respond under those circumstances and in reality, if they were honest, most would have to admit they probably would have responded in a similar way. I think back to me being 14 and I can’t imagine what I would have been thinking. I find it hard to fault someone that did what I may well have done under similar circumstances. I am not trying to downplay or deny his hatred of America it is just all things must be placed in proper perspective. He said something his father told him I find worth pondering. Of his father he said: “He impressed on me that there are times when the normal rules do not apply, and if you obey the rules at those times you’re liable to perish.” I find that very simple and very profound and very telling.


The rightists have the belief that what is done and what is achieved have to be weighed against each other in costs that are not necessarily economic. To the left with the unconstrained vision it is victory at all costs. To the left there is no such thing as a Pyrrhic victory. The term Pyrrhic victory comes from the victories against the ancient Romans by King Pyrrhus of Epirus. Wikipedia says: “Pyrrhic victory is a victory that inflicts such a devastating toll on the victor that it is tantamount to defeat. Someone who wins a Pyrrhic victory has also taken a heavy toll that negates any true sense of achievement or damages long-term progress.” The Democrat Party and the left have the unconstrained vision and are steering the nation towards disaster. Their unbridled, unfounded, violent, pathological hatred towards President Donald Trump will destroy the very things they claim to be for. George Soros is a main instigator behind the effort. See the above links at the end of section 3 of this essay. They will verify that dramatically. He did not lay the foundation as that was laid before he came to America but he has now taken a lead role. The unconstrained vision has the Machiavellian philosophy that “The end justifies the means.” There is nothing too immoral, too unethical, too brutal, too cruel, or too dishonest to advance their cause. History has proven that. They have the psychology of religious extremists on a crusade.


These are few quotes from Soros’s The Age of Fallibility. I use these to show his motivation. You have to read behind and between the lines. Understand that behind motives there are often hidden motives and behind hidden motives there are often deeper hidden motives.  Once you see it you will not unsee it.The handful of people on the very top that actually run things leave nothing to chance…..NOTHING! It is obvious to anyone that keeps abreast of current events that Soros is responsible for much of the political unrest in the United States or at least the flow funnels through him. He may not be the only one tipping the boat but he is a heavy weight. These are a few statements by him and I will quote a few more in the future. When you put them together like pieces of a puzzle they will be clues to his present activity. I have always tried to look at things from both sides and I understand him even though I disagree with him.

“The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States. This is a harsh – indeed, for me, painful – thing to say, but unfortunately I am convinced is true. . . . . . Changing the attitude and policies of the United States remains my top priority. . . ..”

After the 2004 elections he wrote: ” . . . . It is no longer a question of removing President Bush from the White House; a more profound rethinking of America’s role in the world is needed.”

“My emphasis on the role of the United States as a source of stability in the world and the protector of our civilization is somewhat exaggerated, on account of personal considerations. I chose the United States as my home, so I have a vested interest in justifying my choice. Moreover, I’m obliged to adopt an American point of view when I am engaged in trying to influence American policy. But I am also a European. . . . . A common language can bring closer together countries that are in danger of being torn apart by sectarian conflict, and culture could serve as a counterweight to the radicalization of Islam.” [I agree we should have a common language. Each his or her native tongue and a universal one. As far as altruistic motives toward the United States that is a lie. He is a one man Trojan Horse.]

“Originally, I did not want my foundations to survive me. I had grave reservations about philanthropy because it goes against the grain of the human character. We are selfish by nature,. . . “  [Here he holds the constrained vision, or conservative, point of view. That human nature is flawed which creates the problems. It is his basic belief that all problems stem from it. Also in July of 2020 he donated $220 million dollars to Marxist organizations that are actively working to destroy the United States. He is also leaving the bulk of his $18 billion fortune to his political causes.]


A few more that shows he actually holds the constrained, or conservative, opinion of human nature as the foundation for his beliefs regardless of his actions.

“Mainstream economic theory is based on the assumption of rational behavior.” He does not believe rational behavior is attainable. The left has the unconstrained vision as a basis for their beliefs. That the human race is capable of establishing a perfect world. That is, of course, an impossible fantasy with a world of imperfect people. I admit it is theoretically possible but it would require the elimination of imperfect people which would be the vast majority of people. That would be a tough sell especially to those who would be eliminated.

“If rational behavior is unattainable, how did it come to play such an important role in our view of the world? The answer is that rational behavior is an ideal condition that would eliminate unintended consequences.” Here again is what would be the position of the constrained view of human nature. That rational behavior for its own sake or it is the right thing to do is unattainable. Life is full of “how did” and “what ifs” but rather empty on answers.

“It is time to recognize that our understanding of reality is inherently imperfect and that our decisions are bound to have unintended consequences. The age of reason. I have to yield to the age of fallibility. That would be progress.

“Unfortunately, we have left the age of reason behind us without coming to terms with our fallibility. . . “ (Except himself of course)

“If perfect understanding is beyond our reach, the room for improvement is infinite. . . . I must admit that, as I grow older and make little headway with my interpretation, I am not immune to despair.” Another clue to his feeling of desperation.

“ . . . the connection between reason and emotion has been explored and exploited by the advertising industry and more recently by political operatives. Political operatives have discovered that it is more effective to appeal to the emotions than to reason. . . “    

The emotions ruling over reason I have spoken of in the past and will speak of in the future. As I have said go to a college campus or a BLM and “antifa” protest to see the influence of emotions. The appeal to irrational emotions comes by repetition of and misuse of words like racist, white supremacy, sexist, hate speech, homophobic, transphobe, etc. The tactics being used to influence the feeble minded.


The media has cataloged what they claim are the number of false or misleading claims by President Trump. As of Jan 20, 2020 The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, and The Hill claim 16,241 of them. The reality is you can’t believe them. The media is biased and will twist something or read something into it they want to read in to it. If it is raining and he said it is a good day they would say he was lying. He may have said it about farmers needing rain which would make it a good day. The fact they are so deranged to go to that extreme proves derangement. They are obsessed and obsession is a mental illness. Mental illness impairs judgment. It is a no-brainer that impaired judgment leads to disaster. There are women, and a few men, running around in “pussy” hats. District Attorneys in places like San Francisco and Philadelphia and now Los Angeles (all three backed and financed by Soros) refusing to prosecute crimes.. Some places not prosecuting thefts under $950 which encourages crime as numerous videos show. Sheriffs letting criminals out. Murder rates have increased dramatically in large cities often by people released without bail. Celebrities, sports figures and leftists threatening the life of the President and supporters by gun violence and even beheading. Blowing up the White House.  People stealing Trump MAGA hats off the head of Trump supporters. Assaulting Trump supporters. People threatening the lives of conservatives. More than one has tweeted or posted that if they get the virus they are going to attend as many Trump rallies as possible. In other words infect and kill them. A video shows college students saying they would be for the pandemic lasting longer if it got Trump out of the White House. Stealing yard signs. A couple, both doctors, were arrested in Florida for stealing a Trump flag while their young child kept asking them not to do it. I am being sarcastic but the judge should have released them to the custody of their young child. It was captured on video. There have been numerous incidents of the vandalizing of cars and homes, and committing road rage against Trump supporters. Making vagina cupcakes. Putting up nude statutes of Trump. Advocating children change their sex before puberty. Sexualizing children. Drag queens giving talks to young children. Changing the meaning of words creating an Orwellian 1984 nightmare. Outlawing freedom of speech. Two plus two equaling five and being on time or getting good grades are racist. The law of gravity being racist. These are just a few of a long, long, long list of demented actions and beliefs by leftists. These are not the actions of sane, mentally balanced people and their numbers are many, or as the Bible would say-legion.

Here is a tidbit from Seattle:


Here is one from Philadelphia. Pennsylvania just elected a Democrat governor and Senator. One plank on the new Senator’s platform is outright releasing one-third of prison inmates.



It is not difficult for anyone that is sane and reasonably intelligent or sensible to see the left has literally gone crazy. Their blind, irrational hatred has literally driven them insane. Many celebrities and sports figures have taken the side of the left. These people think of themselves as some type of deities and live in make believe worlds far removed from reality. The average leftist lives in a world of unreality and imagination. On Facebook the posts of left leaning organizations and the posts and comments of leftists prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt. They are so far out of touch with reality and their philosophy and platforms are so bizarre that no theory regardless of how outrageous and seemingly absurd could be 100% off the table. What has caused the left to go so far from reality and reason?


There are several possibilities most of which liberals will “poo poo” as they go against their imaginary world view. This is why they make poor military and public safety officials and workers. If one fails to consider and examine all possibilities one is not command material. Sherlock Holmes would not disregard anything until it could be disproved. One thing to examine is that liberal strong holds are in large urban areas and lean left. A look at any political map shows a direct correlation between dense populations and liberal leanings. The above insane actions I described take place mostly in urban areas. The country areas are rural and less densely populated and lean right. As mentioned previously from The Human Zoo by Desmond Morris urban areas cause stress which results in some bizarre actions and thoughts. And as I mentioned urban areas have higher suicide rates and rates of mental illness. They also have higher rates of crime, divorce, and drug usage. They also have more sanitation problems and throughout history dense populations always been the petri dishes for diseases. All through history plagues have started in large urban population centers. Even if they were originally transferred from animals to humans they would have died out before becoming a plague if they did not reach a population center. The left narrative is it did not come from a lab but a bat at the wet market. If it did we are witnessing “spillover” (animal to human transmission)  at the very time these words are being typed. What we call the coronavirus is now becoming a global pandemic. If it did not spillover we are witnessing biological warfare.


This virus started in China and China did not bring it to world attention for some weeks. When it did one of the first things noticed, at least in the United States, was a run on toilet paper at the stores. Exactly why there would be a shortage of toilet paper is a mystery. There had always been enough to go around before and logically there would be no reason to think the consumption rate would increase above what the industry was used to supplying. When people prepare for a hurricane there is no panic buying of toilet paper. I lived in an extremely vulnerable hurricane zone and people buy water and canned goods before a hurricane and the store shelves are often empty of water but not toilet paper. I am beginning to wonder if people use the bathroom during hurricanes. It was a form of mass hysteria and panic. A Facebook meme said it perfectly: “People are asking why everyone is rushing out and buying toilet paper. The answer is that everyone is rushing out to buy toilet paper because everyone else is rushing out to buy toilet paper. That is how mass hysteria works, folks.”


Leftist actions can also be compared to several drunks in a bar. They validate each other’s poor behavior and weaknesses. In the case of politics it reinforces political views and gives safety in numbers. Another excellent place to look for examples is Facebook. Read the comments on some of the political sites. Their views are contagious to the impressionable and  weak minded. Napoleon Bonaparte spoke of contagion in regards to crime: “The contagion of crime is like that of the plague. Criminals collected together corrupt each other. They are worse than ever when, at the termination of their punishment, they return to society.” Put liberals in colleges and they corrupt each other and are worse when they graduate. And have been indoctrinated with leftist ideology. Thomas Sowell said: “Of all ignorance, the ignorance of the educated is the most dangerous. Not only are educated people likely to have more influence, they are the last people to suspect that they don’t know what they are talking about when they go outside their narrow fields.” Many graduate with worthless degrees in such nonsense as ethnic studies or gender studies but have convinced each other they are educated and superior. They often graduate deep in debt. One young woman was complaining about her student debt. She was over $200,000 in debt and her major was? Greek mythology! Useless. Vance Packard in “The People Shapers” put it perfectly: “A person can be high in learning ability and memory and still remain a fool. The two do not add up to either brilliance or wisdom in thinking.”  Nothing like a good disaster to see the actual value of some of these degrees that the holders feel the actual productive workers should pay for. In the event they ran out of toilet paper their degrees would have a use.


There are dozens upon dozens of cases of mass hysteria throughout history. On mass hysteria Wikipedia has a good entry under the title of “Mass psychogenic illness.” It lists risk factors as: “Childhood or adolescence, intense media coverage. . . . . ”  We are raising a generation of perpetual adolescents. They are upset by anything and everything and nothing makes them happy. They have been prevented from maturing and not taught the meaning of responsibility. I used to tear into them but gave up because: first, they have been “dumbed” down to where they don‘t even realize they have been “dumbed” down and to try to talk reason to them is like talking to a wall. It is like the old saying: “Never try to teach a pig to sing. It is a waste of time and it annoys the pig.” And, second, it is not all their fault much of it is ours.  They have been indoctrinated by leftist professors and teachers and we said nothing. We allowed it. The school-boards infected with the same sense of being smarter and holier than thou think of themselves as superior and look down on conservatives which they consider to be inferior. The Democrat leadership and media are siding with the Chinese Communists in the coronavirus pandemic and the “intellectual” (a gross misnomer) college professors, teachers and leftist youth are blindly following, cheering like performing seals clapping for that fish. They do not see the invisible threads attached to behind the scenes puppeteers proving they are not as intellectually superior as they think they are. They do not know history because if they did they would see their fates.


Wikipedia also has a good entry under “Cultural revolution-China.” Many of the ones that helped the communists gain power were eventually disposed of. The entry goes (remember these were the ones that helped put the communists in power): “Intellectuals were considered the “Stinking Old Ninth” and were widely persecuted; notable scholars and scientists . . . were killed or committed suicides. Schools and universities were closed with the college entrance exams cancelled. Over 10 million urban intellectual youths were sent to the countryside in the “Down to the Countryside Movement.” Red Guards also destroyed historical relics as well as artifacts, and ransacked cultural and religious sites.” After a revolution the revolutionaries that ascend to power always fail to fulfill the outlandish promises they made and are often deposed by other revolutionaries. Also many revolutionaries become more trouble than they are worth when they squawk about things not being like they imagined and they end up disappearing into the night. It is not a good position to be in to be more trouble than you are worth. They might also check into the foolish and ill-fated “Children’s Crusade” of 1212 or they might also check out the history of the French Revolution. If the revolution is successful and you notice some of the revolutionaries are missing some morning don’t ask too many times where they are. If you do the next morning people will be asking where you are.


From here on out I am going to get scientific which the left will also “poo poo” with an extra “poo” which proves they are not command material because anything that is possible, even remotely so, is still on the table until it can be taken off the table by being disproved. People are becoming dumber. Read the quotes from “The Decline Of Intelligence in America” in the Books Worth Reading section of this site.  We are the product of millions of years of adaptation and we carry in our genetic inheritance the fact, learned the hard way, that what you overlook or miss can kill you. People that are command material have retained the quality of critical thinking. Many people in what should be command positions in America, mostly blue areas, have not. It is vividly apparent now as hundreds of buildings have been burned by roving bands of criminals many of which were released without bail within a few hours of being arrested. Read and think about the following:

From The People Shapers the following:


“A number of well-known biologists have answered yes. They include Sir Julian Huxley, Bentley Glass, Joshua Lederberg, H.J. Muller, Leon Kass, and Theodosius Dobzhansky.

“Among the causes, some scientists cite the advance of medicine first. We can now keep alive many people who suffer from mental or physical genetic ailments, or who are genetic carriers, until they are able to – and do – have children.”

“The number of genetic mutations, however, is certainly growing because of the increased amount of radiation in our environment. Radiation triggers gene mutations. First, there was fallout from nuclear explosions. Now, there is a small but constant amount of radiation from atomic energy plants and television sets. And because x-rays have become such a necessary diagnostic tool, each of us is absorbing more radiation from the source than ever before.”

“Some point as well to our easier style of life. The automobile, central heating, and packaged foods make it easier for the physically weak and defective to survive. Natural selection today is not as rigorous a people-culling effect as it was a mere half-century ago.”

“Dobzhansky has predicted a ‘genetic twilight ‘if present trends continue. Some put the pollution of our genetic pool more specifically. They contend that in each future century the number of defective people dependent on medical technology to survive will increase by 8%. If they are right, in 600 years – the same amount of time that has elapsed since A.D. 1400 – the bulk of the population will have become seriously defective genetically.” Without going out on a limb I think it is safe to say I think, and most of you will probably agree, it is happening at a much accelerated rate.

“Others make the more controversial assertion that we are also trending genetically towards duller-wittedness. Through the ages, those endowed with genes that contributed to higher mental ability had a better chance of surviving. Today, these brighter people, it is argued, are more often involved in family planning and having small families than the less-endowed mentally, who are more likely to be among those with large families.”

“Some suggest that welfare policies, in United States at least, have the effect of encouraging many of the poor to have children they might not otherwise have. In a much-argued-about article on IQ differentials published in 1969, the educational psychologist Arthur Jensen asked: ‘Is there a danger that current welfare policies, unaided by eugenic foresight, could lead to the genetic enslavement of a substantial segment of our population? The new U.S. government program to encourage and support fetal monitoring might be seen as “eugenic foresight.’ “ But not to the right-to-lifers, of course.”


And from sciencemag.org

By Roni Dengler Feb. 8, 2018

“Researchers have long known that genes influence mental illness. Five years ago, for example, the global Psychiatric Genomics Consortium found that people with autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder frequently share certain DNA variations. But that 2013 study did not say how those genetic alterations might lead to symptoms.”

“Dan Geschwind, a neurologist and neuroscientist at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), who spearheaded the new work, wanted to know what happens at the molecular level in the brains of people with these disorders.”

“The analysis revealed that certain psychiatric diseases are more similar biologically than their characteristic symptoms indicate.”


Today the governments and businesses of the world have been experimenting in various methods of mind control. This has been going on since at least as far back as the 1940s. These methods include: imprinting, hypnosis, drugs, conditioning and surgery to name a few. How far have they advanced in the last 70 plus years? There are some that think the authorities are spraying chemicals in the air they call chemtrails. I do not know but there are days where there are scores of chemtrails in the skies. Would it be possible? Yes it would be possible. Is it actually happening? I don’t know but it does have to be on the list of possibilities. The authorities deny it and I guess everyone has to ask themselves would they lie and is it beneath them?