10. Military intervention


 “We’ll have a military dictatorship fairly soon, on the basis that nobody else can hold everything together”. Gore Vidal


This is written with the assumption the military has not been compromised as the civilian government has. Is it possible they have been? Of course anything is possible. The military leaders are stoic and hard to read; it is the “nature of the beast” so to speak. The military leadership has always been the respectable and educated component of modern Western civilization. I, and a large percentage of Americans, trust the military more than the present civilian leaders. If they support the coup presently forming against President Trump they have been compromised. If they do not support it they have not. (It is post election and the jury is still out.) The Democrats want to reduce the military budget by up to $80 Billion. Although the military is neutral it does not make sense that if push came to shove they would side with the left. The world is a dangerous place and they need to be kept first rate. It is difficult to believe they would support those that would eliminate them if they could.

It is necessary you at least read Essay 9 before this one and also to understand as you read this much of it was written before the destruction on the streets in many large cities in the summer of 2020 and the open attempt by the left now taking place to overthrow the government. Not the amateurish buffoons that rioted at the capital on January 6th but the Democrats and deep state attempt that has been going on for four years. There should be no doubt there is an attempt to overthrow the government. The Democrat leadership has been infiltrated by radical leftists that want the US to collapse and in the chaos they think they will create the “perfect” state. It would, of course, require eliminating any that actively opposed them or were a threat just like the Nazis did, just like the communists in Russia did, just like the communists in China did, just like Khmer Rouge did in Cambodia did that resulted in the deaths of about 25% of the Cambodian  population. It happened in other places where radicals of one belief or another took over: Sudan, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Venezuela, and Ethiopia are just a few. They always have nice noble sounding or touchy feely names for their causes such as in the case of Sudan the “Justice and Equality Movement” and the “Sudan Liberation Army.” They like the word liberation. The psychology of the left everywhere is the same even here in America. A look at the emotional actions of the left proves that beyond  a shadow of a doubt.  Due to the continuing violence and assault on the government the goalpost and boundaries have moved and keep moving. I am leaving the word timeout in the essay but it is possibly past that point. Because things are changing so fast much might have to be added. but for now I am leaving it up fairly much as it originally was written because it has a lot of information that is pertinent to the overall series of essays even though there is additional information that is constantly coming to light that may be added or possibly need some revision.

. I am not sure how many times I have written and rewritten this because it has been a difficult one to write as it goes against everything I have been taught and believe and whoever you are I know it goes against everything you have been taught and believe also. The United States and the West is facing the very real probability, actually inevitability if things are not brought under control, of collapse and many can’t or refuse see it. We are not going to solve our problems with everyone doing their own thing without some common values. Think of common values like a skeleton’s relation to a body. It supplies the framework for successful functioning just as values and culture do for a society. In a free-for-all wild west mentality stability, safety and security deteriorate and chaos is the result. We are heading in that direction now and without draconian measures the United States is going to collapse with widespread violence and break up into several separate regions. The world is not far behind in facing collapse either. The population is increasing faster than the problems it creates can be addressed or often even identified. In previous essays I wrote about a former KGB agent (Igor Panarin) in Russia that had predicted America’s collapse after a civil war and the reasons why. He also said it would not be in the best interests of Russia or the world at this time. (He predicted it in 1998 and dated the collapse in 2010. The events he predicted are beginning to unfold now.) As our economic and political situation deteriorates our collapse becomes more and more attractive and beneficial to totalitarian nations of the world. We have to prevent the collapse.

In this essay, as usual, I am going to mostly rely on the thoughts of others far smarter than I am and merely tie them together to try and convey our only chance and the only hope for our descendants. No one person can have enough information to accurately have solutions to our problems so by examining the ideas and thoughts of many brilliant men and women we can arrive at a solution like the words in the “Ramayana” I quoted a few lines from it in Essay 8:

Wisest monarchs act on counsel from his men for wisdom known,

Next are they who in their wisdom and their daring act alone,

 Last, unwisest are the monarchs who nor death nor danger weigh,

Think not, ask not friendly counsel, by their passions borne away!

Wisest counsel comes from courtiers who in holy lore unite,

Next, when varying plans and reasons blending lead unto the right,

.Some of the source material can be found in the Books Worth Reading section of this site and I have often used the authors own words. Also, as you probably know by now, I include numerous links so you may check information for yourself. I may quote a few sentences or paragraphs from them but it often helps to read the article in its entirety. Some of them may fill in some blanks or questions  you may have. Both the last essay (9) and this one are longer than the others but due to the consequences of our actions or in-actions being so profound they needed to be longer. I have also put some of the information contained in the other essays in these last two in order for them to be understandable if read first or to reiterate them if read after. We are talking about the life or death of Western civilization. Western civilization is the best humanity has come up with so far. Has it always been right? No. Has it always been wrong? No. Has it been responsible for some bad things? Yes. Has it been responsible for some good things? Yes. Is it any worse than any other civilization? No. It just developed technology that made both the bad and the good easier and more extreme. Is Western civilization in trouble? As they say on Star Trek “ Warp core breech imminent.”


In an article titled “Do Civilizations Collapse” by Guy D. Middleton he discussed the collapse of civilizations. “In After Collapse” (2006), Glenn Schwartz compiled a useful list of circumstances in which archaeologists might identify collapse: ‘the fragmentation of states into smaller political entities; the partial abandonment or complete desertion of urban centres, along with the loss or depletion of their centralising functions; the breakdown of regional economic systems; and the failure of civilisational ideologies’.”  It certainly sounds like conditions brewing in the present United States. In Essay 9 I discussed the red states and counties and the blue states and counties going their separate ways. Although if the option expressed in this essay does not come into fruition separation is the only other viable choice, but, as I said after contemplating the chance conversation I had with the Muslim I explained at the very end of the previous essay it is better if we stay together although it may require some unpleasant actions. Either way we have some extremely difficult choices to make.


There has to be a “timeout” (for lack of a better word) and getting a grip on reality and it is obvious that is not going to happen with many of those presently in charge of the direction and management of society. The pandemic, the lock down, the resulting economic upheaval, and the violence that has engulfed the nation have placed us on the precipice of collapse. Whether you like Gore Vidal or not and the above quote or not is irrelevant he is correct. We will either have what this essay or Essay 9 calls for or a dictatorship of violent leftist Marxists devoid of ethics and intelligence motivated by emotions and self righteousness and a stagnant, poverty stricken third world nation. There are no other choices. The violent actions presently viewed nightly attest to that.  We need a timeout and an on the spot oversight for the government the voting public cannot give. Things happen too fast for voters to respond and often before they even are aware of what is happening. Sometimes they are never aware until it is too late. Also the media is so biased they twist the facts or selectively edit hat is and what is not reported to validate their narrative instead of merely bringing something to light in a straight-forward, accurate, impartial manner. They do not want to report the news they want to use the news to create the news. They create a narrative and twist events and facts to fit the narrative. I am still using the word timeout but I fear the situation is at the point of being past just a timeout.

The timeout must be called by a neutral third party that has a vested interest in the whole nation but no overriding interest in either side. Obviously that would be the military. That is if they have not been compromised. I am going with the assumption they haven’t because if they have it is over. I don’t like the idea of military intervention but it is one of our only two options. The riots and violence must be stopped by whatever means necessary and it may possibly require the military and the use of force, possibly extreme force in extreme cases. The rioters and looters are determining the response. The ideal solution would be to round them up and isolate them and evaluate them individually. The reason the military has not entered the picture and rounded them up or used force is probably because of potential repercussions from the general population. A population that does not have all the facts necessary to understand the whole picture and the population is a mob whether you want to admit it or not. Kaplan in “The Coming Anarchy” said: “The mob, like a television camera, has no historical memory and is entirely reductive: it considers only what is within its field of vision, not the complicating facts beyond it. . . . “ The elected leaders of the states and cities involved have refused to allow their police to deal with the situation or to send in their national guards. Because the consequences of not using force if necessary are far worse, far more destructive, and far more deadly in the long run than using it using it outweighs not using it. The consequences of not doing so or not using force is the eventual break up of the country due to continuing crime and destruction and the result would be anarchy and militia and gang rule as is happening now in various places around the globe.

The demonstrators themselves would determine what approach would be necessary. They have already crossed the line by throwing Molotov cocktails and setting fire to buildings with people inside. They are setting the rules of engagement. Harris as president would continue the deterioration in progress. Do not be deceived the election of Biden would probably be a Harris presidency as it is doubtful Biden will last a full term. If he does I would begin to wonder if Biden is Biden. If that is the case then the military will have to step in or else eventually it will be increasingly defunded and scaled back. If the military does not step in the red and blue must go their separate ways. The military must know the red public would back them if that amount of force becomes necessary that is if the military is still pro American. The blue areas would not back them but the red would. The red areas do not want the collapse but the blue areas do. Failure to act gives permission and blessing. I don’t like the military option either but we are headed for a collapse or civil war or both if there is not a timeout and the violence and subversion are not stopped. Even if it does stop the reality must be accepted that the participants are still out there and will do it again under a liberal government. It is what they have been programmed for. There were violent protests in both Seattle and Portland on inauguration day. We must prevent violence if a civil war did occur it would not be a normal civil war but one of chaos with no boundaries. If a civil war does occur it will be the Democrats and “deep state” that instigate it. They purposely failed to get the riots in their cities under control and undermined the police and law and order. The protestors are Marxists and the mayors and governors know it but did nothing. There is something surreal about that. There are several explanations. The most obvious and probable is these mayors and governors know what the hoped for results are and are also working toward them. They are either Marxists or are being threatened or blackmailed. It is not that possible to be that incompetent.


A timeout is the only logical choice if acted upon quickly. In overly simplistic terms it can be likened to the police breaking up a domestic fight or a fight referee saying “go to your corners.” If not stopped quickly the fight escalates. The military has no interest in either party but in the nation as a whole which covers both parties as well as everyone and everything else. The military is the umbrella of protection of the entire nation and its many component parts. The military’s objectives are: safety, security and stability. Keep in mind I do not call for military rule I am merely saying it is going to require some military style discipline to restore order and sanity and clearly we have lost both. There are civilian review boards to oversee the actions of police, corporations and many aspects of society and I believe there should be oversight of government by a third party and the military is the logical choice. Too often the actions of the elected civilians undermine the nation because of selfish individual goals or support from parties with personal agendas, usually emotionally or economically motivated.  History has shown emotional actions are foolish actions and almost always end in disaster and the military has no such luxury of emotions and individual goals. Any legislator that is opposed has something they are hiding. Democracy as we practice it has failed and there will be either law and order or chaos. There must be boundaries and structure to function. Sadly democratic procedures as we have come to accept them have failed. The same can be said about democracy as American biologist E.O. Wilson said about communism: “Wonderful theory, wrong species.”The military has discipline and a code of ethics and honor that civilians seem to lack and the general public understands that. When young I, like most kids, hated discipline but as I grew older I realized it was those with discipline, either self-discipline or imposed, that allowed our society to develop into the powerhouse it became. Actually any society requires discipline to develop. Now that discipline is lacking the nation is deteriorating. Business could read the writing on the wall beginning with the student demonstrations in the late sixties and bailed. Business realizes stability is better for business than democracy.

The military is going to have to ultimately step in for several reasons. We have produced two generations of citizens a significant number of which cannot think. They substitute emotions for thought. Overall they are useless as far as any practical purpose is concerned. They are reaching the point they cannot design anything, build anything, maintain anything or repair anything of practical usage. In a way they are actually going backwards. Going back or returning to something that worked is not necessarily a bad thing but to go back to or forward into what did not or does not work is self defeating. There are some but they are declining in numbers. The educational system and technology have reduced their thinking ability. They will always be a drag on society. In war if one side is fighting an enemy that places the value on life as Western civilization does they are better off wounding soldiers than killing them. By doing that they take two soldiers out of battle. One wounded and one to take care of him (her). We have a generation of mental cripples that society is responsible for thus crippling society. There comes a point the society itself becomes permanently disabled. To deal with the problem is going to take more discipline than civilian leadership is capable of. The military knows which side supports them and where their recruits would come from. and which areas would  be less trouble from a strategic perspective.. The advantage of ruling a nation of “woke liberals” is they are intellectually deficient people and intellectually deficient people are easy to control. The military has to be the neutral third party.

The upcoming election is a good example of the coming disaster awaiting us. Since he was elected the left has tried a soft coup against Trump in numerous ways. They are now coming up with if Biden loses he should not concede defeat. Several sites have had articles saying the election may take weeks or months to determine a winner. They are setting up in advance the ability to stuff the ballot boxes with phony ballots “found” after the election or claiming they did not get to the registrar of voters in time. Mark Zuckerberg is preparing people for that scenario In an interview with Axios on HBO. A sentence from the interview and link follows:

“Zuckerberg noted to Axios that “we may not know the final result on election night,” and said Facebook would provide messaging to start “preparing” people that it’s “normal” if tallying the vote takes days or weeks, as well as messaging on posts in which a candidate claims victory before there’s a consensus.”


I don’t know what he means by saying it is normal for elections to take weeks to determine. It is not normal. It was not normal until the left began rising. It is because of mail in ballots. I am sure, I hope anyway, the military is following events closely and can see the setting up for the ability to engage in fraud. Neither side will accept defeat in November. Almost the entire four years the Democrats have tried one sleazy, fraudulent attempt after another to oust Trump. It may come down to a Supreme Court ruling. The following is a link to an article from The Atlantic on that: Naturally being from a leftist publication that has a history of dubious reporting it is slanted to a future fulfillment of an agenda.


George Soros said conservatives will be silenced from social media by the election. Here is an article from May 2, 2017 about that.


There was an article in Time Magazine of February 15, 2021 with the title “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the Election” is about a group of elites plotting in secret to influence the election. They admit they tampered with  the election. These people are among the ones that meet in Davos to plan your future. I wrote of Davos in Essay 9, paragraph 27. It also has the video of the future they have planned for you. Here is the link to the article in Time on their conspiracy to interfere in the election. You know Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Dorsey (Twitter) were in on it.


George Soros has been active in the effort to get rid of Trump. In this series of essays there there are numerous references to Soros. We should have turned him over to Russia or one of the other nations that he is wanted in.



It should be obvious the riots and protests were in the works for a long time and planned and organized by foreign and domestic agents. By people like George Soros and other elites whose names are not as well known. I have mentioned Soros a number of times in previous essays and included numerous links. He is one of the major enemies of the United States. His type are the major enemies of humanity. To them manipulating people is merely a game. They have shown up all throughout history and we fail to recognize them because they use smooth sounding words that sound reasonable and they often put on displays of altruistic acts and play upon peoples weaknesses and emotional natures. A look at the demonstrators and those that purport to be organizers and leaders will quickly show they do not have the intelligence or emotional stability to organize something that complicated and widespread. The followers are mostly bums, are lazy, are parasites, are homeless, are indoctrinated college students, are freeloaders, are the mentally deficient and the mentally deranged all of whom are only alive because of the protection of the society they hate. They would have been taken out or would have taken themselves out of the gene pool long ago or in a truly civilized society of a superior species those that are this genetically flawed and inferior, either physically or mentally, would have been prevented from reproducing. How do thousands and thousands riot night after night as in the case of Portland Oregon for weeks and weeks? How do they obtain the necessary finances to survive? Many are from out of the area so where do they stay? Below are a couple of links to articles on Soros that shows his efforts to oust Trump. Keep in mind he had an official introduction to America by Hillary Clinton who he endorsed and supported heavily. Check out the dates on them. The first was in November 2016. That is before Trump took office. The assault on Trump began before he took office. The second link is from January 2020 before the pandemic was a concern. The pandemic and government actions to it derailed a vibrant economy. The actions that destroyed the economy were pushed by the Democrats. Soros, and obviously the other rich liberals at the meeting in the first article have ties to the Democrats and foreign interests, including China through the UN and his (Soros) NGOs, non government organizations,  it seems an awful convenient occurrence and convenient timing. This has been planned a long time and in a way I can see the motive and goal behind their actions. If people are too intellectually deficient to see the connection they are too intellectually deficient to be self governing which means voting. Look at the date on the article. Trump was under vicious attack from before he was sworn in to office. This is from November 2016 within days after Trump’s election.


Below from Soros declares war on Trump:

“George Soros and other rich liberals who spent tens of millions of dollars trying to elect Hillary Clinton, are gathering in Washington for a three-day, closed-door meeting to retool the big-money left to fight back against Donald Trump. The meeting is the first major gathering of the institutional left since Trump’s shocking victory over Hillary Clinton in last week’s presidential election, and, if the agenda is any indication, liberals plan full-on trench warfare against Trump from day one.”

Below a link on Soros warning of economic doom before election. And guess what has occurred? Soros plans these things. It is his pattern. It is a game to him. In a situation that can bring misery to many he is like a fish in water or a bird in flight. It is his element. He is a sociopath and does this by his own admission as the short video in Essay 9 shows in which admits he does. His organizations are instrumental in them. Here in January of 2020 weeks before the pandemic was seriously recognized he predicted economic doom for the country. Now how did he know that?


 NGOs  are Non Government Organizations. Soros accomplishes much through them and he transferred $18 billion to these organizations in the last year. These organizations, while not government, exercise great influence within many nations they are in. Type the following in a search bar: Complete List Of U. S. Organizations Funded By George Soros to see the extent of his tentacles. Keep in Mind he has organizations all over the world these are only his U.S. ones. Also keep in mind he is a criminal in numerous countries and some have the equivalent to arrest warrants out for him. He cannot go to many places because these are Interpol Red Notices which are the closest thing to international arrest warrants which means member countries can pick him up and extradite him to other member countries. We should be one but obviously aren’t.

It should also be apparent if one can connect dots these riots have been orchestrated by foreign interests. The long slow process of infiltrating the government, media and the educational system has created a significant number of “fifth columnists.” These fifth columnists are usually intellectuals and have indoctrinated a large portion of the college educated starting in the mid sixties and many have infiltrated the government. This is the third time I have explained fifth columnists but I do so again as some of you may be reading Essays 9 and 10 prior to reading the first 8.

Fifth Columnist from the Encyclopedia Britannica:

“Fifth column, clandestine group or faction of subversive agents who attempt to undermine a nation’s solidarity by any means at their disposal. The term is conventionally credited to Emilio Mola Vidal, a Nationalist general during the Spanish Civil War (1936–39). As four of his army columns moved on Madrid, the general referred to his militant supporters within the capital as his “fifth column,” intent on undermining the loyalist government from within.

“A cardinal technique of the fifth column is the infiltration of sympathizers into the entire fabric of the nation under attack and, particularly, into positions of policy decision and national defense. From such key posts, fifth-column activists exploit the fears of a people by spreading rumours and misinformation, as well as by employing the more standard techniques of espionage and sabotage.”.


Here in America some fifth columnists are elected officials. It should be apparent the mayors and governors of the cities and states under siege are fifth columnists or totally incompetent. The majority of college professors are also. They have been indoctrinating students for decades with a philosophy that is impossible to be attained. They consider themselves intellectuals and look down on the average person and consider themselves as the rightful designers and rulers of society. The college educated have not been educated they have been indoctrinated. The professors and students prove Packard in his “The People Shapers” 100% correct. A person can be high in learning ability and memory and still remain a fool. The two do not add up to either brilliance or wisdom in thinking.”  I like that quote and use it frequently. The same applies to most Hollywood celebrities, most professional athletes and most media personalities. They might be glib but are still stupid.

The student demonstrations of yesteryear (1960s and 70s era) were the visible beginnings of today’s problems. Today the riots and destruction by antifa and BLM are a continuation of them and will be the culmination of them if the military does not step in or the option of Essay 9  does not occur. It is obvious the civilian elected officials have been compromised. Iowa GOP Governor Kim Reynolds caved to Black Lives Matter and granted voting rights to felons. Working in law enforcement I have known countless felons and I admit that many are quite smart and not all are bad or evil. Sometimes circumstances not choice determines a person’s position. I learned this on a motorcycle run to Death Valley in the late 1970s. There used to be a yearly run to Death Valley in California attended by many clubs, both outlaw and non-outlaw, and individual cyclists. A group of us rode all night and before dawn we pulled into a closed gas station built into the office of an abandoned truck  stop in the middle of no where in the ghost town of Death Valley Junction. It and a convenience store were the only two businesses there at the time. We were out of gas and had to wait until it opened. The wind was blowing quite hard across the Amargosa Desert and tumble weeds were blowing across the highway and desert sand was collecting at the bike tires where they met the ground and the raised pump island and blowing away from them in two tiny lines one on each side. In Florida when night falls it doesn’t get cool it just gets dark. In the deserts of the US when the sun goes down it goes from very hot to very cold and it was cold. We used the gas station to shield us from the wind and pulled our jackets up high and wrapped  our faces in our scarfs and bandanas to keep warm and to keep from breathing the blowing sand  As we sat on the ground waiting for the station to open I began to think of how much the scene was right out of a western movie. I thought in 1880 we could have been a posse chasing outlaws that just robbed a bank. Then I started thinking of the odd twists and turns in human history, both in individual lives and in groups small to large, shaped a person’s life and destiny. I then thought we could just as easily have been outlaws running from a posse after robbing a bank. Sometimes it is circumstances not choice that determines whether you are the pursued or the pursuer. I am not opposed to restoring rights if they have served their sentence and successfully completed their parole but she did it because of pressure from a criminal communist, terrorist group actively committing crimes and attempting to undermine the government. Overthrow and undermine are two different tactics. They obviously have something on her. If not she needs to be removed from office. The communists will have won while the military stood by and watched. If the military has been infiltrated and compromised we have lost anyway.

Continued civil unrest will result in the collapse of the democratic civilian government. F.A. Hayek said if he had to live under a fascist system he would rather live under one run by Americans or the English than anyone else but if we collapse we will be under one run by the standards of the Chinese or early Russian models or the Nazi model. Today we can see the personality profile in the Democrat Party. We see the violence and destruction that has been going on in our cities almost nonstop. It is the same pattern of action since the French Revolution. It was duplicated in Russia when the communists took over. It was the same in China when the communists took over there. It was the same pattern in Cuba, Zimbabwe, and recently in Venezuela. There was an article by a Venezuelan woman who warned the tearing down statutes and censoring everything was the first step. Remember in Venezuela they are now rummaging through garbage cans for food and eating zoo animals in a nation that a dozen years ago had a premier economy and presently still has a large oil supply in the ground. Iran has been supplying them with oil despite the fact Venezuela has large untapped deposits of oil. A nation with large supplies of oil that was a major producer until the socialist liberals took over now reduced to poverty and a dictatorship. This is what the Democrats and leftists are working for here. They have deluded themselves to think that when it collapses we will have a utopia. Link to the warning by the Venezuelan woman: In it you can see what is coming.


Link verifying Venezuela importing oil from Iran. We seized four tankers of fuel bound for Venezuela. So much for democratic socialism.


Too much happened too quickly to be merely spontaneous. Many Democrats are definitely in on it (or think they are). They are either sympathizers or have been compromised. Their outright dishonest, unethical actions of the last 3 1/2 years make it obvious and now just before an election a virus comes out of a communist nation we are in a trade dispute with and paralyzes us. A nation that wants to displace us as the world’s largest economy. Then violence and tearing down statues and falsifying our history which are communist tactics takes place. In a previous essay (Essay 7) I mentioned the book “Unrestricted Warfare” by the two People’s Liberation Army Colonels. These two Chinese colonels wrote the book in 1999 which called for biological and chemical warfare among various other types.. Coincidentally one of them, now a retired air force major general and military advisor, was just mentioned in the South China Morning Post in an article of May 28, 2020 titled: Focus on US as main opponent, says China military strategist.Co-author of  Unrestricted Warfare wants Beijing to avoid distractions amid Washington efforts to contain Chinese advancement.” While the left in our country is focusing the attention on men having periods, women having erections, men using women/s restrooms, inventing false discrimination claims, rioting and burning buildings down, supporting criminals, legalizing drugs, and downsizing the police and military the Chinese are focusing on taking us out.


And now a biological incident occurs that results in a pandemic which all but collapses the US economy and then an event occurs that sets off widespread violence and looting. It also has affected our educational system as schools had to close and at this moment there is a raging debate as to whether to reopen them or not and if so how?. We are caught in a catch 22 situation. It is too convenient for certain elements to think the events were just coincidences. The left has been whipped into such a blind, mindless frenzy over Trump they don’t even think anymore. They have been programmed to foam at the mouth at the thought of Trump like Pavlov’s dogs drooled over the thought of food and they support anything or anyone  anti-Trump without thinking. (I am reasonably sure the majority of the present generation has no clue what the reference to Pavlov’s dogs means.) Many businesses in the US. are giving hundreds of millions of dollars to what are basically Marxist terrorist front groups.

It is corporate capitalism that is flourishing under the pandemic and lock down. The people that were at or had representatives at the meeting just mentioned (section 5 above) are manipulating the whole “show”.. Amazon and large chain stores are doing fine. Large corporate food establishments such as MacDonald’s, Burger King, Dominoes and the like are doing fine. Corporate farms will do fine also. It is the small restaurants, small farms and “mom and pop” type stores that are going out of business. This was planned. The top elites will gain more control and the average person will become more and more dependent on them and literally become “peasants” to them. The average person while railing against capitalism will end up being under the yoke of an oligarchy because their food, medicine, fuel, energy, housing and employment will be all controlled by the same group of people. If those things are controlled the ability to control the quality of those born will be child’s play.  Like in Orwell’s “1984” “freedom is slavery. The meeting mentioned in paragraphs 5 above where George Soros and wealthy elites met to wage war on Trump was held in November of 2016, days after the election. Here is the first sentence from the article. I posted it above but perhaps the seriousness of it will sink in this time to any that did not find it disturbing a few minutes ago. “George Soros and other rich liberals who spent tens of millions of dollars trying to elect Hillary Clinton, are gathering in Washington for a three-day, closed-door meeting to retool the big-money left to fight back against Donald Trump.  The link to the article is above in section 5.

The Democrats are in league with these terrorists that have been set in action by Soros and this group. The pandemic is also part of the plan. These people leave nothing to chance and have nothing but contempt for the average person. In a way I can understand them. These people are extremely smart and and have nothing in common with people of lower intelligence. It is said that if there is a difference of 30 IQ points between two people they have virtually nothing in common. An attempted coup is in progress and has been since the meeting of elites. The media is in on it. Both Facebook and Twitter  are suppressing speech that might interfere with the Democrats from successfully stealing the election. This is an attempt to overthrow the US planned by several different groups and probably nations. I think it is close to going past the point of the military merely overseeing. If things continue I think they are going to have to take a more active role in maintaining order unless, as I have said, they have been compromised which is a possibility. As I just said these elites leave nothing to chance. If the military has been compromised by the elites they will end up being the equivalent of overseers. Government power will remain civilian as civilians are the ones that are the innovators. The elites are the innovators and the sponsors of innovation. If it wasn’t for them the reality is we would be still living in caves. The military by its very nature is too hidebound to be innovators for anything not directly tied to defense. A collapse is dangerous because once there is a social collapse the military has to take an active role to regain order and to regain order is far more messy than keeping it to begin with. The military does not want the system to collapse. The Democrats do not care if it collapses only if their goals are achieved. The military knows that running a nation is no more their area of expertise as is running a large corporation but maintaining order is. Now, though, the national government is badly compromised and state and local governments have been badly compromised also. The inaction of the governors and mayors of the big cities going up in flames are attributable to one of two things. They are under the control of those orchestrating the “show” and can do nothing or are they are stupid. Probably both as they were placed in office because of their lack of intelligence and inability to think independently by people with the same “qualities.”. When faced with a choice they are not programmed for they do nothing. Or, more often than not they do the wrong thing because emotions are their basis for action. They are in office due to identity politics.  The military needs to oversee that civilians in charge have the necessary intelligence and education to run a technological nation or can follow orders. At this time we have many that have no where near the intelligence necessary. That is why I have said before if the military has been compromised we have lost anyway so we have nothing to lose as the outcome will be the same.  The elites will oversee the military. We can save the culture and the Constitution but we can’t save the political system. Fortunately Western civilization has made it a point to require educated officers for the military.  As I said in an earlier essay it is the culture that is the product of the Constitution and Western civilization that we value. The military could function very well and could maintain itself and oversee a government and society within Constitutional limits. For the most part they would need very little supervision themselves. The following is from a good article on the civilian attitude of the military. The elites know this too. There are a couple of possible scenarios both involving the elites and the military.

September 3, 2011 an Associated Press article:

 “Poll: Americans trust military, but not Congress” by Jennifer Agiesta and Laurie Kellman states: “WASHINGTON (AP) — Congress may be in the doghouse with the American public, but a new poll suggests that the broader government — especially the military — gets high marks for keeping the nation safe and secure.”

“The military in particular earns the most respect of the survey, with 54 percent deeply confident in the institution.”

“In the AP-NCC poll, just 8 percent say they are confident in the people running Congress, 10 percent in the federal government. Majorities of Republicans and Democrats lack confidence in congressional leaders, with politically crucial independents showing the sharpest increase in distrust of Congress over the past year. That’s up from 49 percent in 2010 to 62 percent now.”


We have seen numerous times the military do things quickly and efficiently that would take the civilians years to do, as hard as that is to believe, if civilians could do it at all, and after years would still foul it up and cost us billions more. A recent example was moving hospital ships quickly to ports where needed to help with the anticipated influx of coronavirus patients. One was in the process of repairs and so the military had the repairs done while the ship was being moved. The military also erected field hospitals for civilians in record time.  The civilian government would still be arguing over something that doesn’t amount to manure. Civilians, especially liberals, like to talk and pontificate to show their imaginary intellectual superiority. A superiority that only exists in their deluded minds along side the vision of an impossible utopia.  As this is being written (07/06/30) CNN reports: “Military deploying medical personnel as Texas sees spike in coronavirus patients.”  I am sure the military would have more efficiently overseen most of what the present government has done over the years and, overall, it probably would have been done cheaper in the long run. It would have probably been very spartan without frills and lacking a lot of fluff civilians would insert but it would be basic, practical and it would work.

The military and paramilitary organizations such as law enforcement, the fire departments,  and medical personal have what are called “policy and procedures”. These are the rules and operating guidelines that these organizations that deal with safety and life and death situations follow. Most organizations have policy guides but due to the nature of public safety they are more inflexible. These organizations have dire consequences to themselves or those they are responsible for if these rules are broken so they follow these rules almost religiously. Not all necessary actions or situations can be anticipated and there are times that those in positions of authority do act outside the box, or outside these policy and procedures guidelines, but they do not do it cavalierly because if their actions blow up on them and cause a disaster of some type there are usually dire consequences for them.  This is in contrast to civilians in government that use the general population as guinea pigs in social experiments paid for by the same guinea pigs. The civilian leaders usually suffer no consequences as long as they do not outright break any laws or if they do they have a good lawyer. While the military and paramilitary are authoritarian organizations because of the strict adherence to rules and regulations they would do a better job of overseeing a constitutional type state than civilians because the civilians running things have no consequences for being wrong and usually have something under the table to gain. They also would interrupt things more strictly.  While not a majority of civilians the numbers of those that would support a coup are revealing of a growing dissatisfaction with and distrust of civilians. (It is no secret that the Democrats and deep state tried a soft coup on the president.) Following is an article that reinforces the above attitude that the public trusts the military. It is on the percentage of people that would support a military coup if the Constitution was in jeopardy.  The link to the entire article follows the few sentences.

 “Almost a third of Americans could imagine supporting a military coup against their own government, according to a new poll.”

“The YouGov survey showed 29% of Americans could imagine supporting a coup. Yet, 41% said they could not imagine supporting such an event.”

“The overall numbers increased when participants were “asked whether they would hypothetically support the military stepping in to take control from a civilian government which is beginning to violate the constitution”. 43% said yes to this, and 29% said no.”


Another link about military intervention:



Here is an interesting article about a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army Gen. Martin Dempsey; Gen. Dempsey To Fellow Officers: Stay Off The Political Battlefield. He confirms that the military has no overriding interest in either side but in the overall nation. It shows the character and ethics of the military being neutral. In the article he says:

“The American people should not wonder where their military leaders draw the line between military advice and political preference,” Dempsey wrote in a letter to the Washington Post. “And our nation’s soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines should not wonder about the political leanings and motivations of their leaders.” The following is the link.



Another link one about General Dempsey that I tend to disagree with him on but understand his reasoning. This article is titled: Former Joint Chiefs Chairman Condemns Trump’s Threat To Use Military At Protests. Link below:



The reason I disagree with General Dempsey is because we are in a war.  It is being waged by technology and the protestors and rioters are an extension of hostile foreign nations and internal fifth columnists and are acting as a type of street gutter soldiers. They have been increasingly carrying guns and weapons and destroying property and assaulting citizens.  I am not advocating a heavy hand but a presence would not be out of the question. The governors and mayors of the riot torn cities have not been too receptive to calling up the national guard so they might be activated by the military as they are a military unit. The argument that it is the job of civilian law enforcement is valid but law enforcement has been prevented from doing it by those in charge. By preventing law enforcement from doing their job they are doing two things. They are allowing the foreign enemies to advance their cause and, on the other side of the coin they have exposed the infiltration that was hidden. Hidden in plain sight I might add. The taking of the knee by athletes, celebrities, business leaders, students, protestors, professors, and even some national guard and police is not a symbol of fighting systemic racism or injustice but of symbolic surrender to the philosophy of foreign powers.

Colin Kaepernick who made the knee famous is a spokesperson for Nike. A company that has deep economic ties to China and is more beholden to our enemies than to us. Betrayal, it seems, is fine if it is profitable. (I believe in capitalism. I do not believe in dishonor. A person that is dishonorable is not trustworthy.)  Nike makes their shoes in China using labor that is virtually slave labor. They pulled a line of shoes that were dubbed Betsy Ross Flag Air Max because they might offend people. Kaepernick was the instigator behind that. Kaepernick is a useless human being that if he lived in a society where he actually had to do something of practical value that contributed to the betterment of society and its survival would be totally worthless. The same with LeBron James. The same with most Hollywood celebrities. They lack the psychology and or stability necessary to be useful. The status and wealth they have attained far outweighs their actual contributions to society. I think this is a wake up call for those that are actually productive workers and have a sense of ethnics and honor of how remiss we have been to elevate celebrities and sports figures to deity status. These over inflated celebrities and sports figures should be stripped of their wealth and it should be distributed to the poor. That is what they advocate so we should make them go first to see how it works out. You know, the “you first” approach.

Nike also had a line of Air Max tennis shoes that they removed the logo from because the logo offended Muslims. These companies should have CEOs smart enough to realize they are working themselves in deeper to a no win situation. I find it interesting that these companies will give hundreds of millions of dollars to athletes for endorsing their products and to placate terrorist organizations. It shows a society that is out of sync with civilized values. These athlete endorsements are aimed at those on the lower strata of society intellectually. It is a well known fact that television commercials are produced for a preteen mentality. They are basically ripping them off. A twenty dollar pair of tennis shoes do the same as a one hundred dollar pair. These endorsements are from people made famous for entertaining and not doing things that produce safety, security and stability or any essential services or goods. People like doctors, nurses, medical professionals, police, fire fighters, EMTs, truck drivers, utility workers, factory workers, waiters, waitresses, cooks, yard maintenance, refuse collectors and a long list of others that are actually necessary. I do not care for sports attending my last football game in 1964 in high school and I have been to two professional baseball games. One in 1956 at Fenway Park in Boston and in 2016 in Miami. The 2016 game is because I won the tickets in a drawing at a Christmas party. I have never been to a professional basketball game. When we elevate and make wealthy people that have nothing of concrete value it shows a perverted sense of values and priorities of our society. We need to reevaluate our values. The pandemic showed who were essential and who are artificially made valuable. We can do without parasites like Hollywood celebrities and sports figures but not those people who are essential for a safe, stable society. I will say sports and Hollywood celebrities have a purpose, that of entertainment but their monetary remuneration is far out of sync with the actual value considering a significant percentage of the population can be entertained for hours with a couple of  six packs or a bag of pot, a bag of potato chips and a deck of cards. Sorry to be rough but that is a fact.

We have lost our sense of values and lost our instinct for survival. We are at the “bread and circuses” stage of the Romans while barbarians are at the gate. They are even inside the gate invited and welcomed by fools. It seems many, especially on the left, are clueless. Read this in Kaplan’s  “The Coming Anarchy”: It fits the essence of the situation perfectly

“. . . .There is much new weaponry that now because of postindustrial miniaturization, is concealable even as it is more deadly; the perfect tools for stateless terrorists of which the world has enough. The clock ticks towards something unpleasant, while our entertainment culture dilates to the point that the Academy Awards ceremony has achieved a status akin to a national holiday.”


While now may not time to use the military I believe the time is fast approaching. The leftists have been threatening the police and their families and  have made names and addresses available in what is known as doxing. As well as public safety personnel being threatened the public is also. Here is the title of an article on Facebook on Oct. 21, 2020: “Letter Threatens To Burn Homes Of New Hampshire Trump Supporters: ‘You Have Been Given Fair Warning.'”Your address has been added to our database as a target when we attack should Trump not concede the election.”

  The military and local authorities (police, medical personal, fire, etc.)  assist each other and have basically the same goals: safety, security and stability of society only on different levels. Each depends on the roles of the others in order to be able to do their jobs to maximum efficiency. The business of safety, security and stability can be compared to a big company with different departments. If the home front is in chaos the military’s ability is going to be hindered on an international level. It is going to reach a point that would require the national guards being activated and possibly be placed under Pentagon control to some degree on the state level depending how bad things deteriorate. It seems the governors and mayors of the states and cities going up in flames are incapable or unwilling to do anything. The picture of one of the National Guard units kneeling to BLM shows the depth of infiltration and extent of indoctrination that has occurred and their being prevented from doing their job due to politics. Trump has offered help to the affected areas but has been refused. The protests are highly organized and beyond the ability to have been planned by the protestors even the ones visible as leaders. The planning has been in the works for decades using the fifth columnists that I mentioned a few paragraphs ago.  An independent foreign actor is George Soros who I have mentioned numerous times in several essays. George Soros is a Trojan horse. While not associated with any government, at least openly, he is what is known as a “financial terrorist.” and he has donated his $18 billion dollar fortune to his organizations that promote everything from drugs to undermining governments. He has given them the innocuous sounding name of “Open Society Foundations.” His goal is to bring the United States down. He is unwelcome in several countries, including Russia, Malaysia, Hungary, and Poland among a few but running true to our high standard of stupidity we welcomed him. He is like the song The Woman and the Snake which can be found in the Thoughts Worth Thinking section of this site. And while the left is upset about the coronavirus he is more dangerous than that. He has stated his disdain for America in his books and his dialogues. Below are two links to Soros predicting riots in America. If you look at his track record you see he predicts disasters and profits off their occurring. He has said so. In previous essays there are numerous references to him and sources as to his activities and financial terrorism. Type the following into the search bar: “George Soros predicts riots, police state and class war coming to America” and numerous links pop up. He has been an instigator and organizer through his front organizations.




Here is a link in which Sheriff Clarke discusses Black Lives Matter has been infiltrated by Soros.



While people recoil from tying military and government together please remember I am not calling for military rule but military saying “whoa let’s s back up a bit here” and ensuring the appointment of qualified people, at least in the Senate. Originally the senate was to be appointed by the states not elected by popular vote. If the Democrats win in November and don’t get their way they will cause violence in an attempt to collapse the US socially and economically and change the nature of the nation from first world to third world status. That will happen subtly and almost unnoticed at first until it starts to collapse. It is a shock to most of us now how much communism has infiltrated us. If they lose they will create more of the last 3 1/2 years and with violence win in 2024 due to packing the ballot boxes with illegal votes and other underhanded methods. We need to divide up senate appointments equally between liberals, moderates and conservatives. Also those appointed should be from the states they are representing. Hillary Clinton, not picking on her alone because many have done it, moved to New York just to run for Senate. By dividing it up equally we get contrasting opinions and debates over different positions which are healthy and keeps us on an even keel. If two heads are better than one a hundred are better still unless, of course, they are stupid which presently many obviously are. Although she is in the House the primary win of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shows a majority of, at least Democrat, voters are totally incapable of rational decisions and have no knowledge of history or economics and no understanding of unintended consequences. The latest example is she is co-sponsoring a bill that will end Trump’s Opportunity Zones. Opportunity Zones are areas of poverty that businesses get tax breaks for investing in. Because of tax breaks she stopped Amazon from opening a facility in New York that would have created a large number of jobs and brought millions upon millions of dollars to the area. She proposes things that undermine other things she has proposed. If you remember  in Essay 9 section 45 the Seattle Council woman was discussed where she threatened Amazon with retribution if they fought the Amazon tax Seattle enacted. She said she and others are out to socialize businesses. Amazon is now beginning to leave Seattle. If these leftists don’t know what they are doing they are disasters waiting to happen. If they do understand what they are doing then they have become outright enemies. They live in fantasy bubbles that always collapse. Often the military has to defend the consequences of those irrational actions because of the problems the civilian government creates and because they do they should have a say in the actions that will place them and the nation in danger. The purpose of the military is to protect the nation from enemies both foreign and domestic and we have enemies in government that are working to undermine us. They are working to collapse the nation and the military cannot allow that to happen. They are working in the interests of foreign nations. Their own words from their own mouths prove that. If the military fails to protect the nation from them they have lost their reason for existence. That is the reason they exist. Things are getting to the point they are going to be needed. The government is run by people that often have no clue as to what they are doing. They are elected by people that vote because of emotions, identity politics, being motivated by a single issue or having selfish interests. It is obvious this has proven disastrous. Too often the bills passed by congress have numerous “riders” attached to them catering to the special interests of different groups often with opposing goals  These are put into the bills using the “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” trade-off. The problems caused by these conflicting goals sometimes take years to become apparent and by that time serious peripheral issues have developed making correction hard or even impossible. Also the people that profited from them are no longer in government and have fat bank accounts.


Bills should be limited to one subject, period, point blank, end of sentence. Obvious, and recent, cases in point are the relief and assistance bills related to the negative economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. I wrote:in the last essay the coronavirus bills the Democrats have written have large sums of money going to their pet projects that have absolutely nothing to do with the virus. The “Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act” was 1500 pages and another dubbed the HEROES Act is 1815 pages with 347,000 words. The latest one is 5593 pages long that has a trillion dollars allocated for bailing out Democrat states that have been mismanaged. They contain multi-million dollar grants to organizations that have nothing to do with the virus or the economic impact. Organizations such as: Smithsonian $7,500,000., Kennedy Center $25,000,000., National Endowment Center for the Arts $75,000,000., National Endowment for the Humanities $75,000,000., Amtrak a whopping $1,018,000,000 and a long list of others. The Democrats are holding up the bills until they get their wish list attached to it.  If bills were limited to one subject this would be stopped and if these recipients are worth subsidizing they could be voted on individually on their own merits. Often these bills create security problems which definitely jeopardizes the military . The military should be able to stop the loading of bills with irrelevant clutter that creates national security problems as well as costing extra billions. It is obvious to all except the hopelessly intellectually deficient the civilian representatives won’t do it. F.A. Hayek, an Austrian-British economist and philosopher, had some excellent thoughts on the process of passing legislation and democratic procedure  in his book “The Road to Serfdom”:

“Nor can a coherent plan be achieved by breaking it up into parts and voting on particular issues. A democratic assembly voting and amending a comprehensive economic plan clause by clause, as it deliberates on an ordinary bill, makes nonsense. An economic plan, to deserve the name, must have a unitary conception. Even if a parliament could, proceeding step-by-step, agree on some scheme, it would certainly in the end satisfy nobody. A complex whole in which all the parts must be most carefully adjusted to each other cannot be achieved through a compromise between conflicting views. To draw up an economic plan in this fashion is even less possible then, for example, successfully to plan a military campaign by Democratic procedure. As in strategy it would become inevitable to delegate the task to experts.

“Yet the difference is that, while the general who is put in charge of a campaign is given a single end to which, for the duration of the campaign, all the means under his control have to be exclusively devoted, there can be no such single goal given to the economic planner, and no similar limitation of the means imposed upon him. The general has not got to balance different independent aims against each other; there is for him only one supreme goal. . . . .”

“ . . . . . The fact is that in these fields legislation does not go beyond general rules on which true majority agreement can be achieved, while in the direction of economic activity the interest to be reconciled are so divergent that no true agreement is likely to be reached in a democratic assembly.”

“ . . . . . Many separate plans do not make a planned whole – in fact, as the planners ought to be the first to admit, they may be worse than no plan. But the democratic legislature will long hesitate to relinquish the decisions on really vital issues, and so long as it does it makes it impossible for anyone else to provide the comprehensive plan. Yet agreement that planning is necessary, together with the inability of democratic assemblies to produce a plan, will invoke stronger and stronger demands that the government or some single individual should be given powers to act on their own responsibility. The belief is becoming more and more widespread that, if things are to get done, the responsible authorities must be freed from the fetters of democratic procedure.”


Most conservatives are for small government relying on the ethics of the private business sector to run things. Things mean everything. There are some extreme libertarians that believe in no government at all. They are usually of the ‘let the private sector take care of it’ philosophy. That is a recipe for anarchy or for a nation of prisons called “the company stores” where the large corporations basically own you lock, stock and barrel. That is also true from the extreme leftist’s utopia of socialism where the government owns the factories and businesses. The government owns you lock, stock and barrel. Either way you have no freedom of movement and could be compared to the lock down during the pandemic. The private business sector has as one of its foundation stones the “invisible hand of the market”. This invisible hand is where supply and demand will reach equilibrium in the market if left alone. Many conservatives also believe unregulated  business will do the right thing and should be left alone. Life and society have become too complicated and the technology and population have increased to the point a small government is impossible. We are in a Catch-22 because a government too big becomes dysfunctional, inflexible, overly intrusive and expensive. One too small is incapable of providing the services necessary. One is too much government and the other is not enough. As far as the invisible hand of the market is concerned my philosophy is it always stealing something. I have said in prior essays I consider corporate capitalists to be the equivalent of Star Trek Ferengis and the private sector needs to be closely regulated. I am not a socialist but human nature is what it is and the Biblical verse saying: “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil” is correct. We need big business and we provide security and stability for them  so for such things as properly disposing of their toxic wastes should not be an unnecessary burden to them. The military and law enforcement and all public safety agencies (Fire Depts, EMS, etc.) are necessary to ensure business can operate safely and the civilian sector provides the financing. Bertrand Russell in his book Power wrote:

“Economic and military power have never, in the past, been so closely interconnected as they are at present. No nation can be powerful without developed industrialism and access to raw materials and food. Per contra, it is by means of military power that nations acquire access to such raw materials as are not obtainable on their own territory.”

You notice he mentioned resources which he called raw materials. The military has been looking at the probability of resource wars. Below are links to two articles about resources and wars. The first sentence of the first one is: “ANALYSIS:The US military sees the next 30 to 40 years as involving a state of continuous war against ideologically-motivated terrorists and competing with Russia and China for natural resources and markets, writes Tom Clonan’”



The lack of resources will figure into the future big time. The people causing upheaval in the U.S. are Marxists and they have no concept of economics or reality and, if allowed to gain power will be responsible for our impoverished future and millions of deaths. While they are rioting, looting and burning down buildings China is locking up resources globally. Resources we do not have and need. We will be poorer than many now poor nations and they will blame the system and racism instead of themselves. Robert D. Kaplan in “The Coming Anarchy” (2001) wrote:

“For a while the media will continue to ascribe riots and other violent upheavals abroad, mainly to ethnic and religious conflict. But as these conflicts multiply, it will become apparent that something else is afoot, making more and more places like Nigeria, India, and Brazil ungovernable. [I have to add that these conflicts are beginning to happen in the U.S. now and the goal and result, if they are not stopped will be us becoming ungovernable. The resulting carnage and destruction of their actions will be far greater and more devastating than the carnage of the government using deadly force, if necessary, to stop them.]

“Mention “the environment” or “diminishing natural resources” in foreign-policy circles and you meet a brick wall of skepticism or boredom. To conservatives, especially, the very terms seem flaky. Public-policy foundations have contributed to the lack of interest, by funding narrowly focused environmental studies replete with technical jargon which foreign affairs experts just let pileup on their desks.

“It is time to understand “the environment” for what it is: the national-security issue of the early twenty-first century. The political and strategic impact of surging populations, spreading disease, deforestation and soil erosion, water, depletion, air pollution, and, possibly, rising sea levels and critical, overcrowded regions like the Nile Delta and Bangladesh – developments that will prompt mass migrations and, in turn, incite group conflicts – will be the core foreign-policy challenge from which most others will ultimately emanate, . . . . . . . . The environment, I will argue, is part of terrifying array of problems that will define a new threat to our security, . . . .”

“In Homer-Dixon’s [Thomas Fraser Homer-Dixon, ‘head of the Peace and Conflict Studies Program of the University of Toronto] view, future wars and civil violence will often arise from scarcities of resources such as water, cropland, forest, and fish. Just as there will be environmentally driven wars and refugee flows, there will be environmentally induced praetorian regimes – or, as he puts it, ‘hard regimes.’. . . . Democracy is problematic; scarcities more certain.”

Speaking of wars the following link is on America declining and not being able to win a future war. Certainly our enemies view us as weak and vulnerable. Many comments from foreign citizens I have read on various Facebook sites about the riots now taking place have stated that they view America as weak and fragile. The link below this paragraph is from a commencement speech given by Alexander Solzhenitsyn who wrote “The Gulag Archipelago.” He was sent to a Russian gulag which is a Russian prison labor camp for political dissidents. The Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Center said this about him. “. .  . . Solzhenitsyn is arrested for writing comments in private letters to a friend about Joseph Stalin. This is an offense punishable under Article 58 of the Penal Code, “Counterrevolutionary activity.” Sentenced to eight years in the labor camps of the Gulag.” Keep in mind this is the type of state Marxism produces. This is the state the Democrats and rioters have planned for the United States. To verify that statement listen to them. Below is the link to the article to Solzhenitsyn’s speech. Not long but well worth the read. It is a dire warning we should heed.



While both the Republicans and the Democrats wasted time and money over frivolous manure China has nailed copper, gold and oil in this hemisphere while not tapping into their supplies within their own border. While we were letting these domestic terrorists tear down statues and extort businesses and riot China was focusing on pulling ahead of us. While America was raising some uneducated and totally worthless and useless children China was instilling theirs with a work ethic and a valuable education. Like I wrote earlier our children want to be YouTube stars while Chinese children want to be astronauts. That is fine but they should have no say in anything concerning administration of the nation. While we have been promoting men saying they are women, whites saying they are black and others saying they are trans pan bi tri cis or whatever sexuals, rioting, looting, torching businesses, tearing down statutes and changing history and the meaning of words China was expanding their influence. This is due to the incompetence and corruption of our government and the ethics of business and the intellectual deficiency and mental illnesses of a significant portion of our population. The general population has worried about things that when compared to a future without resources are nothing. You may do without energy, medicine, your cellphone, your computer, food but by God men can pee in the ladies rooms and drag queens can entertain young children and men can have periods and 2+2=5 and being on time or getting an education is rascist. Below are two paragraphs from “Winner Take All” about China buying up resources while we are involved with stupid irrelevant things. Liberals and corporate capitalists are the blame. The price for the mineral resources in an entire mountain was, I hope you are sitting, US$3 billion. We waste that much trying to teach kids to read and write that have no aptitude to read and write and would rather talk on their cellphones and assault the teacher if he or she says something about them disrupting the class. We have 13 schools in Baltimore where not one student was proficient in math. Not one! Also they spend the third highest per capita amount per student.  The following from “Winner Take All” (There is a report on this book in the Books Worth Reading section of this site.):

“In the summer of 2007 a Chinese company bought a mountain in Peru. More specifically, it bought the mineral rights to mine the resources contained in it. At fifteen thousand feet (forty-six hundred meters), Mount Toromocho is an imposing land mass– more than half of the height of Mount Everest. It contains two billion tons of copper, one of the largest single copper deposits in the world. For a hefty fee of US$3 billion, Mount Toromocho’s title transferred from the Peruvian people to the hands of the Chinese.”

“What is at stake? At a minimum, acute resource scarcity will lead the world into a period when the average prices for commodities – arable land, water, minerals, and oil – will skyrocket to permanently higher levels. Food at supermarkets (bread from wheat and grains as well as sugar, meat, milk, etc.), water from taps, mobile phones and cars, gasoline at the pumps, and many of the other daily costs of life will be substantially higher. And higher prices will, inevitably lead to worsening living standards across the world.”

Below are three links to articles on China’s goals that we have ignored while our focus has been squabbling over absurd issues. There are numerous ones available on the net.







I hope the military is looking at this long and hard.

If you remember in a previous essay I spoke of the two Chinese  army colonels that wrote the book “Unrestricted Warfare” in which they called for biological and chemical warfare. They also called for technological warfare. The July 1-7 2020 US Edition of The Epoch Times has a good article titled “America Counters China’s Unrestricted Warfare.”

Every 10 hours, the FBI opens a new counterintelligence investigation connected to China’s regime.”

Previous administrations  and members of congress believed China would liberalize. “ Nicholas Effimiades, author of Chinese Intelligence Operations said of our China policy it was: “a very sad tale of American arrogance, ignorance, political greed, and corruption.

“Chinese and Americans were happy to donate and offer business opportunities to U.S. politicians that shared those beliefs. The result was a massive expansion of China’s military, trillions lost in U.S. intellectual property, a threat to the world rule of law, and rich American companies and politicians.”   If you have watched any television lately I am sure you have seen Joe Biden saying China was not a problem.

Following is a re-posted link to a South China Morning Post on firms moving to China and jeopardizing our security. Don’t we ever learn?


The American military knew China would be a threat in the 60s decades before the USSR collapsed and while China was still a poverty ridden, famine stricken, agricultural society. At that time China was just emerging from the “Great Leap Forward” which resulted in the deadliest famine in history in which upwards of 35,000,000 starved to death and it was entering what was known as the Cultural Revolution in which upwards to 70,000,000 were persecuted, exiled, imprisoned or executed in mass executions. Many were intellectuals that had aided and supported the rise of the communist regime. College admissions were canceled and around 10,000,000 intellectual students were sent to the country. (Things the so called intellectuals, professors and students of the here and now in the US tend to ignore as it does not fit their narrative and unicorn world view. I hope they like picking beans.) The reason I know the military knew China was going to be a threat is because I was joining the Marine reserves at that time (1965) and the recruiter told me of a program that was being offered. They needed five people to learn Mandarin Chinese and he said they were looking at China as the next big future threat. The people would be sent to Quantico Virginia for 17 months to learn Mandarin Chinese. To join this program required taking a test that consisted of a fictitious language to determine a person’s ability to learn a foreign language. It was given in the spring of 1965 at the Griffith Park Observatory and Planetarium site in the hills outside of Los Angeles. The room was large and had a lot of people in it. The test consisted of assembling sentences, conjugating verbs, conjunctive adverbs, making words plural or possessive, making past, present and future tenses, etc from this made up, non existent language. The recruiter called me and said six people passed the test and I was one of them. He then said the other five were in college and I was still in high school so they were taking the five with college. Such is the way of it sometimes. That is the reason I know the military was taking the potential of China being a threat seriously long before its rise. Even before Richard Nixon became president and went to China and recognized it on a world stage. If the military knew this why didn’t the people we placed in charge know this? They did know China was a potential world player but greed was their motivation not responsibility to the country they were responsible to. All Administrations, from Bush the father through the Obama administration profited by allowing China to develop and undermine us. The military has no such personal motivation that is why I, and a majority of Americans, trust the military over civilians in power.


 I think violation of public trust should be a capital offense. If you do not like the penalty for dishonesty find another occupation that permits you to steal without consequences. Do I get aggravated by this type of incompetence and dishonesty in business and government? (Yes why do you ask?)

Thomas Hobbes who has been called one of the founders of modern political philosophy believed in a strong central government because without it there would be anarchy and chaos. In his book “Leviathan” (written in 1651) he said in anarchy human life would have “. . . . no account of time; no arts; no letters; no society; and which is worst of all, continual fear, and danger of violent death; and the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”


We are facing anarchy and chaos at this moment. The US is spiraling out of control and a timeout is needed to regain control. If we collapse, which on our present course is inevitable, we will end up with a brutal dictatorship to restore stability which is a precursor of security and safety. We might well end up in several smaller regions as predicted by Igor Panarin. (If you haven’t already look him up in Wikipedia.)  You can see what happens to a nation on a small scale in the rioter controlled autonomous zone in Seattle. Six city blocks seized by rioters in Seattle had four shootings in a few days. Bertrand Russell in his book “Power” also said:

“After anarchy, the natural first step is despotism, because this is facilitated by the instinctive mechanisms of domination and submission; this is been illustrated in the family, in the state, and in business.” (The Democrats and globalists are counting on this. It is to their advantage for it as it moves them closer to their goal.)

Russell also said:

In a state of complete anarchy, involving a war of all against all, gold would be useless except to a man so quick and sure with his revolver as to be able to defend himself against every assailant;…… Such a state of affairs would necessarily be unstable, except possibly in a very sparse-food gathering population. Agriculture is impossible unless there are means of preventing trespass and theft of crops. It is obvious that an anarchic community composed of more or less civilized individuals, like the men in the gold rush, will soon evolve a government of some kind, such as a committee of vigilantes. Energetic men will combine to prevent others from plundering them; …….”

In other words until there is a government people would starve unless they could find enough berries and roots to eat and that a government would eventually evolve and it would be the smartest in charge. The same pattern as in all history. The Haves would be back having it and the Have-nots would be back not having it. The difference is the Have nots would have more under a government of Haves than they would under a government run by themselves. If the Haves had no incentive the Have-nots would have less than they have now because those with the intelligence and ambition to do things would not do them if they were not going to gain something. A no-brainer.  Anarchy is best described by the names of The Four Horsemen: Pestilence, Famine, War and Death. To stay on a course in that direction is insanity. The military is necessary to remain sane. In Orwell’s 1984 the clandestine opposition to The Party wrote that the military was needed for a society to retain sanity and reality: From “1984”:

“In past ages, a war, almost by definition, was something that sooner or later came to an end, usually in unmistakable victory or defeat. In the past, also, war was one of the main instruments by which human societies were kept in touch with physical reality. All rulers of all ages have tried to impose a false view of the world upon their followers, but they could not afford to encourage any illusion that tended to impair military efficiency. So long as defeat meant the loss of independence, or some other result generally held to be undesirable, the precautions against defeat had to be serious. Physical facts could not be ignored. In philosophy, or religion, or ethics, or politics, two and two might make five, but when one was designing a gun or an airplane they had to make four. Inefficient nations were always conquered sooner or later, and the struggle for efficiency was inimical to illusions. Moreover, to be efficient it was necessary to be able to learn from the past, which meant having a fairly accurate idea of what had happened in the past. Newspapers and history books were, of course, always colored and biased, but falsifications of the kind that is practiced today would have been impossible. War was a sure safeguard of sanity, . . . . . “

The left may have the majority of votes in our illusion of a democratic society but they only affect the visible not the invisible. The smart, energetic and non-emotional men and women will control the actual mechanisms of power and control. The easily fooled and controlled masses only think they are in control. (This also applies to the right as business was able to control them waving the American flag and elevating businessmen to the deity status of liberal athletes and Hollywood celebrities today.) This illusion only lasts until the actual controllers have cemented their hold and then the will dispose, in whatever way is necessary, of those that are disruptive. Who are these actual controllers? The “deep state” which the liberals deny exists and the elites that were spoken of in the Time article I spoke of at the end of section 4 of this essay. “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election.” I re-post the link:


It wasn’t saved it was stolen something these same elites will silence you for if you say it was stolen. They don’t even hide it anymore and the ignorant people on their side can’t see it for what it actually is. The words of George Orwell in 1984 sums it  up perfectly:

“The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command. His heart sank as he thought of the enormous power arrayed against him, the ease with which any Party intellectual would overthrow him in debate, the subtle arguments which he would not be able to understand, much less answer. And yet he was in the right! They were wrong and he was right.”

“And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed—if all records told the same tale—then the lie passed into history and became truth. ‘Who controls the past’ ran the Party slogan, ‘controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”


Robert D. Kaplan had many interesting things to say about history and war and peace in his The Coming Anarchy.” Like Wells he believes accurate history is necessary to avoid war not to just postpone it.

“Avoiding tragedy requires a sense of it, which in turn requires a sense of history. Peace, however, leads to a preoccupation with presentness, the loss of the past and a consequent disregard of the future. That is because peace by nature is pleasurable, and pleasure is about momentary satisfaction. In an era of extended domestic peace, those who deliver a pleasures are the power brokers. Because, pleasure, is inseparable from convenience, convenience becomes vital element in society.”

“In an era when peace is taken for granted, the electronic media increasingly in doubt. The aspirations of the mob. The mob, like a television camera, has no historical memory is entirely reductive: it considers only what is within its field of vision, not the complicating fact beyond  it.”

“Because information as it is disseminated to a large and imperfectly educated audience becomes vulgarized, the media – and well-heeled pressure groups with access to it – will increasingly create mass hysteria over single issues by the crew dispersion of facts untempered by context. Whereas war leads to a respect for large progressive government, peace creates an institutional void filled by, among other things, entertainment oriented corporations. . . . .”

“A long domestic peace would rear up leaders, with no tragic historical memory,and, thus, with little wisdom. Nor would such future leaders be fortified by a life of serious reading to compensate for their lack of historical experience: permanent peace, with its worship of entertainment and convenience, will produce ever shallower leaders. The mass man will rule as well as the ruled. Nor would such childlike leaders be well advised, due to the inverse relationship between wisdom and specialization. . . .   “

“Such shallow leaders and advisers would, by the very virtue of their lack of wisdom and experience, eventually commit the kind of ghastly miscalculation that would lead to a general war of some kind. The experience following the turn of the 20th century shows this tragic cycle of historical self correction at work. After the Napoleonic wars, many decades of peace in Europe led two rulers who lacked a tragic sense of the past, which cause them to blunder into World War I.”


We already have the fatal flaw of inefficiency and it has placed our survival in jeopardy  If the left prevails the US will eventually be conquered because they will have no idea of the past. They say the past is in books but they are banning books and changing history and the meaning of words. The military has been stacked with social justice warriors by Obama and the Biden administration’s Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin just

ordered a 60-day stand-down to address the issue of extremism in the ranks.”

” Announcing the decision, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby noted the review comes after active duty and retired military veterans were found among those who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.”  [From the site: https://americanmilitarynews.com] 

This is to purge the military of anyone that disagrees with the “official party line.” It has nothing to do with extremists anymore more than the BLM movement is about George Floyd. The  Democrats took it from the playbook of previous events like the fire that burned Rome orchestrated by Nero to blame Christians and the Reichstag Fire orchestrated by the Nazis to blame communists. The left merely sent agitators in to light fuses already laid by the stolen election. The left is too blinded by emotions, self-righteousness and pipe dreams to see it or to realize the implications. The riot was planned by the left elites just like the stealing the election was. The article in Time confirmed it but the left no longer knows right form wrong. They have reached the state advocated by the Party in 1984 of no longer believing their eyes and senses. Their political leaders demonstrate that in the absolute foolish, unrealistic, emotional things they say and promote. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren,  Nancy Pelosi and the squad of the four congresswomen are cases in point. Everything they propose is impossible. Those things may have been possible at one time but their spiritual predecessors in the student movements of the 60s and unions  figured into chasing business out of the country. (I am a union man.) They have no concept of reality and what little they do have is emotionally based. It is obvious.

H.G. Wells talked of not being defeated was of importance to the upper classes but not being defeated is actually important to the lower classes as well because without the ruling class nothing would get done. The left can remove statues; change the meaning of words, ban free speech, ban books, say men have periods and so forth in the daily lives of people but the military needs to be rooted in reality. The antifas, BLM and other leftists can say 2 plus 2 equals 5 and if the ignorant “proles” (common people) believe them it is no big deal. As in 1984 what they believe is of no matter but if the military is not rooted in reality we will be conquered. We are being conquered socially, economically and politically without a shot being fired. We should have realized from the COVID19 virus that a nation does not need to build up an expensive military to conquer the world. If a nation could develop a virus that they also developed a vaccine for they could release it and merely have to dispose of the corpses. The infrastructure would be there with no damage. They could move their population anywhere and have all the amenities they would need or want. There would be less pollution also. Liberals poo poo things like this as outlandish. That is why they should not be entrusted with any positions of responsibility or authority. They lack the intelligence and deductive reasoning. We need to regroup, rethink and reset all things that require stability and discipline.


In the coming social upheaval the local law enforcement will be needed to help maintain order as well. They and the national guards would be the local on the spot extensions of the military. Dealing with civilians is the focus of virtually all they do. Law enforcement is on the local level and is responsible for maintaining law and order. Law and order requires the same objectives as the military: safety, security and stability. Without those attributes there is anarchy. Many Democrat cities are defunding the police to some extent or another which compromises law enforcement’s ability to maintain law and order. I find it interesting that the Democrats are promoting chaos and economic collapse to get rid of Trump and so many gifts have been coincidentally handed to them. After attempt after attempt to get rid of him has failed we now have a pandemic, the lock down, a disrupted economy, the rioting, a disrupted education system, and the leaks from sleazy tabloids with unsubstantiated dirt on Trump. The New York Times, a once respected news source now a sleazy tabloid, has a story about Russia paying Afghanistan to kill Americans. Soldiers are paid to kill. Why would Russia pay them to do what they do for fun and their ideology for free?. Then along comes an article in The Atlantic, another once respectable news source lowered to fish-wrapper status, on Donald Trump disparaging fallen soldiers. Not true. (Two videos in Essay 10A will dispel that.)  These problems we are dealing with will also hamstring the military if issues here prevent them from attending to the external threats to the nation.


In the military there are no races or genders. Everyone is equal. Everyone rises or falls on their individual merits. This is a sore spot with liberals. Liberals have a lowest common denominator philosophy. Reduce everyone to the lowest common denominator and leaves them there. Liberals say they want to raise everyone but everything they have done proves the opposite. They realize they can’t raise the bottom as they lack the necessary abilities but they can collapse the top.  Look at any city they have controlled for 50 years. Is it better or worse?  It is easier to control ignorant illiterate people so it aids them when their schools turn out deficient students. The left uses the philosophy of the slave owners of the old South of keeping people ignorant. The military does have a variation of the lowest denominator but there is no ceiling. During basic training they assume that the recruits know nothing and treat everyone equal from day one, all races equal. They start with everyone at the lowest denominator from a military perspective and let everyone work their way up. They teach the recruits what they need to know from a military perspective and in their career or enlistment period they can rise on their merits. That is now applying to gender also. The military does what must be done to ensure it can accomplish their goals of safety, security and stability for their society. . In his book “The Greater Generation-In Defense of the Baby Boom Legacy” Leonard Steinhorn said:

The military has in fact become one of our most egalitarian institutions, ironically so, providing advancement opportunities for minorities and training officers to detect unconscious bias against women and blacks.” Further on in the book he went on to say “Even more compelling is how the diversity norm has transformed the military, which was riddled with racial problems in the Vietnam era but now may be the most racially progressive institution in the country, embracing diversity rather than just dealing with-it.” And he also said, “In the Army, for example, promotion decisions are scoured for evidence of hidden or unconscious discrimination, and officers up for advancement are evaluated on how well they’ve created a bias free climate.”

A poll in USA Today, June 11, 2020 backed up the public’s confidence in the military. In a USA TODAY/Ipsos poll had 72% give the US military as the answer when asked  “Whom do you trust to promote justice and equal treatment for people of all races?”


The military is aware of the situations and conditions that would impair its efficiency. It understands the dangers in climate change and the need for sustainable energy. The military does not have the luxury of ignoring a potential problem for political expediency. Politically both the left and right can either ignore or harp on something they can get political mileage out of. If something is further out than an election or two they can ignore it. The military cannot. If something is remotely possible the military must seriously consider it  Business which is another one of the pillars has become complacent because they think they are invincible and too clever  and they depend on the military for the protection but in their cleverness they have handed themselves over to China whether they have actual holdings in China or not. The reason being is they have deserted the main source of their protection. They have strayed too far from the civilization that gave them birth and protection which allowed them to prosper. They should read “The Walrus and the Carpenter by Leo G. Carroll.  I believe a comparison to the Nazis overextending their supply lines and getting trapped in Russia when the weather went bad is accurate. Their success trapped them leading ultimately to their failure. In many areas they can go to private security but there is a drawback to that they either in their “cleverness” have not considered or feel they can control the situation when it arises.

If you remember a few paragraphs ago I quoted 1984 on military efficiency “. . .  to be efficient it was necessary to be able to learn from the past, which meant having a fairly accurate idea of what had happened in the past.”  The military must have accurate records in order to be able to do their job. The military will make sure accurate history is kept at least for them. What the majority thinks or doesn’t think is irrelevant. Even what used to be higher education has declined to the extent the degrees will be all but useless on a global stage. Many in our world understand this and many do not. I went into this in Essay 8. Below are some entries of the military examining things that should be of concern to us and often, sad to say, are ignored or denied by the right and attempts at solution are botched by the left. I also discussed some in the previous essay on secession.

Look up: “Army Energy Program Army Vision For Net Zero”. An informative article on it can be found on the Think Progress website in the Climate Progress section. The article by Ryan Koronowski  titled: “Why The U.S. Military Is Pursuing Energy Efficiency, Renewables And Net-Zero Energy Initiatives” begins with the following:

“The Commander of the U.S. Pacific Command has identified climate change as the most likely threat to the Pacific region, as Think Progress reported: ‘Admiral Samuel J. Locklear III, commander of the U.S. Pacific Command, gave a striking answer when asked about the greatest threat the region faces: climate change.’”

“Locklear told the Boston Globe, the changing climate ‘is probably the most likely thing that is going to happen . . . that will cripple the security environment, probably more likely than the other scenarios we all often talk about.’ Among the issues that the Admiral cited as most concerning was the possibility that rising sea-levels result in the disappearance of whole countries, producing influxes of ‘climate refugees‘ in neighboring states.”

The Army Energy Program has on its website the following:

“The Army’s vision is to appropriately manage our natural resources with a goal of net zero installations. Today the Army faces significant threats to our energy and water supply requirements both home and abroad. Addressing energy security and sustainability is operationally necessary, financially prudent, and essential to mission accomplishment. The goal is to manage our installations not only on a net zero energy basis, but net zero water and waste as well. We are creating a culture that recognizes the value of sustainability measured not just in terms of financial benefits, but benefits to maintaining mission capability, quality of life, relationships with local communities, and the preservation of options for the Army’s future.”


Unfortunately our military has been somewhat weakened by the left because its perspective and purposes have been altered. They have become political and are becoming “woke.” Woke is the stage of stupidity civilizations enter just before death. The emotional and/or political reactions by some military leadership, civilian, retired and active, shows the emotional, irrational last gasps. The present administration is administering the final blows that Obama, Clinton, Carter and the Bushes started. The following are the first two paragraphs of a New York Post article by Kyle Smith followed by a link to the full article that discusses President Obama’s changing the military objectives. Obama was not a command position qualified person and should not be revising the military’s role. Due to the liberalization of the military changes in discipline have been made and standards have been lowered in training. Recently nontraditional hats or headdresses are acceptable. Uniforms are called uniforms for a reason. Everyone can’t pick their own uniform. Uniforms represent uniformity which oddly enough is a foundation stone of liberalism despite their uniformly railing against it.

“A curious thing happened in the second half of the Obama era: The commander-in-chief began viewing the military less as an entity designed to destroy enemies but a tool with which to achieve progressive goals. Warriors were turned into social-justice warriors. Men and women with risible-to-nonexistent military records were made heads of the services. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus (who had logged all of two years’ service as a junior officer) named ships after Cesar Chavez and Harvey Milk.

“James Hasson, a former Army captain who served in Afghanistan, stresses in “Stand Down: How Social Justice Warriors Are Sabotaging the Military” that he isn’t making a partisan, political case against President Barack Obama’s efforts to reshape the military.”

Link to full article:


Here is a link to an article o the military’s assessment of Obama



To the left the answer to all problems is to throw money and “group hugs” at them. It hasn’t worked. The cities that are going up in smoke have been Democrat for decades. The governors of the states have been Democrats. Virtually all have majority of Democrats on the city councils. Many of the Chiefs of Police have been and are Democrats. Prosecutors have been Democrats. The Democrat responses to any problem shows they lack the wherewithal for the job. The Democrats have been responsible for the problems and they have thrown trillions of dollars their way since the late 60s. President Johnson in the Great Society paved the way for the violence, illiteracy and poverty that is occurring now. The words Great Society sound wonderful but have flaws. History.com said of the Great Society: “The Great Society was an ambitious series of policy initiatives, legislation and programs spearheaded by President Lyndon B. Johnson with the main goals of ending poverty, reducing crime, abolishing inequality and improving the environment.”


Has it abolished or reduced crime, poverty, or inequality? Has it increased education? Out of the Great Society came many good things: Medicare, Medicaid, the Older Americans Act and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. But out of it also came a massive welfare program that destroyed the inner-city communities and minorities. It made two parent families a thing of the past. Two parent families are necessary for a stable family unit which is a basic building block of a stable and prosperous society. There are many successful single parent families that have turned out well but they are the exceptions not the rule. The proof is in the pudding as the old saying goes.  It created a large underclass population dependent on the government. That underclass is uneducated and in a technological society there is no place they fit except at menial jobs which pay little. They can make more collecting a government check. With the increasing use of technology the majority of people being born now have no place. That majority will grow as technology increases. Sad but reality. You can get emotional and angry but that is a fact, The incentive to get an education and a job declined also. The left wants to hide individual deficiencies in the collective society they envision. They ignore the fact it also stifles individual gifts denying them to society. The leaders of the blue cities now going up in flames and being looted know all this but are ignoring it because they can parley it into votes. The mayor of Seattle with a group occupying a section of her downtown had a “smirky” look as she called it “a summer of love.” The occupiers destroyed part of the city and looted it. The left won’t even acknowledge the problem. They have ulterior motives. Two books that are a must read for people seriously interested in solutions to the problems are: “The UnHeavenly City Revisited” by Edward C. Banfield and “The Decline of Intelligence in America” by Seymour  W. Itzkoff. These were written decades ago and had they been read and heeded we would not be having the problems we are having today. There excerpts from them both in the Books Worth Reading section of this site.


The goal of the left is to create social problems and collapse the nation. It is obvious to anyone that looks at their programs and results. There is no other possible explanation and no other possible outcome. Look at their cities. Science fiction writers call these global societies the left wants to create “Com Worlds” for communist worlds. There are a lot of positive qualities in theory but they go against human nature. Again I quote E.O. Wilson on Marxism: “Wonderful theory, wrong species.” Democratic rulers thrive on social problems. These social problems are created purposely for two reasons: 1) It allows control over the population which gives certain people that pander to these problems power. 2)  It creates programs that requires taxpayer money much of which they appropriate for themselves and friends.  Unsolvable social problems will ultimately collapse any society. Part of the reason for the collapse of Rome came from their social programs. The name given them is “Bread and Circuses.” It meant feed me and entertain me. They came to depend on the very wealthy and the government to provide the bloody contests in the coliseum and their food. When the barbarians attacked they were no longer the hardy people they were before. (Interesting factoid. Gladiator fights were not the biggest or most popular sport in ancient Rome. Chariot racing was. The coliseum where the gladiator fights took place held 50,000. The Circus Maximus where the chariot races were held held 250,000. Might say it was their NASCAR.)


The result of robbing Peter to pay Paul is sooner or later Peter gets mad or runs out of money or both. What will happen in a democratic society is people will vote for welfare checks and subsidy programs over things like NASA and the Space Force which we need if we are going to compete on the world stage. China is making advances with a space program and if they get to the moon and Mars and begin to mine minerals they will have access to resources we won’t. Our survival depends on space. The left poo poos the space force because it was proposed by Trump and they would like the money to buy votes with spending it on the social problems they created. They do not have the intellectual reasoning ability to understand economics and history. If they do they are criminals.


As a young boy in the early 50s I used to watch shows on television such as Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, and Space Patrol, the primitive forerunners of Star Trek and Star Wars. In high school one of my friends had a telescope and several of us used to nightly look at the craters on the moon, the rings of Saturn, the moons of Jupiter and would try to catch a glimpse of the Sputnik satellite sent up by Russia. As an adult I worked at North American Rockwell in Downey California on the Apollo space capsules. I was on the crew that installed the cabinets and instrument panels. (Another crew installed the instruments.) Recently I lived in Cape Canaveral for a year and watched several rockets launched. America had a great future in space but it seemed that both parties were more interested in buying votes. If I was a single issue voter space exploration would be it. The military has to pick up the ball. The civilian left wants to mother people and keep them perpetual toddlers. “There, there, there, mommy loves you. Here let me kiss it and make it all better. Here’s a cookie. now vote for me and I will give you another cookie”


China is making a serious effort in space having landed a probe on the dark side of the moon. They are also making progress in making satellites superior to ours and also at the ability of shooting satellites down. We are focused on tearing down statues and letting men use the ladies rooms. Those are facts! The Democrats have become a party of social workers not of science. Social workers belong in social services offices not the oval office or in the seats of legislators. The social worker perspective is to get tax money and give it away in an effort to solve social problems. Since the late 1960s trillions of dollars have been spent on social programs that have produced minimal results and in many cases no results at all or the problems actually went backwards and got worse. While the Democrats say they are the party of science they are not. Science takes a backseat to social justice and politically correct insanity. The Democrats subsidize sloth with money that should be allocated for science. Below are a couple of links to related articles.

How Barack Obama ruined NASA space exploration


Hijacked! How Obama and the Left Killed NASA: The journey from the Moon to radical activism


On July 13,2020 on the PBS News Hour website was the following headline: “U.S., China, U.A.E to send fleet of spacecrafts to Mars.”

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Mars is about to be invaded by planet Earth — big time.

Three countries — the United States, China and the United Arab Emirates — are sending unmanned spacecraft to the red planet in quick succession beginning this week, in the most sweeping effort yet to seek signs of ancient microscopic life while scouting out the place for future astronauts.

LINK: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/science/u-s-china-u-a-e-to-send-fleet-of-spacecrafts-to-mars


If we cut defense funding as the left wants to do they will also cut NASA funding. Their social programs will be their priority. Social problems they created purposely to bring about the Cloward-Piven Strategy mentioned in prior essays. Democratic politicians love social problems. This is the reason they are for open borders, doing away with the electoral college, lowering the voting age to 16 and wanting mail in ballots. If we do not keep abreast of other nations we will be left behind. The left does not have the ability to understand that. They see things from the perspective of social workers. We will be a client state or the equivalent of a colony of China. A third world one at that. It did not work out for the Russians to have to choose between their social obligations and their defense spending. Venezuela implemented massive social programs and destroyed business which provided the means to pay for them. They ended up eating zoo animals for food. Zimbabwe is another example of socializing business. They used to export food now they are going hungry. Same with Haiti. The last time they had enough to eat and exported food they were under French rule.

The Democrats are not the party of science as much as they like to boast. I assume and hope the military understands this.

Below is a quote about science by Bertrand Russell from his book “Power” that says a lot:

“The men of science proved to intelligent layman that a certain kind of intellectual outlook ministers to military prowess and to wealth; these ends were so ardently desired that the new intellectual outlook overcame that of the Middle Ages, in spite of the force of tradition and the revenues of the Church and the sentiments associated with Catholic theology. The world ceased to believe that Joshua caused the sun to stand still because Copernican astronomy was useful in navigation; it abandoned Aristotle’s physics because Galileo’s theory of falling bodies made it possible to calculate the trajectory of a cannonball; it rejected the story of the flood because geology is useful in mining; and so on. It is now generally recognized that science is indispensable both in war and in peace time industry, and that, without science, a nation can be neither rich nor powerful.”  The military understands this but it is something that is beyond the lefts ability to understand or to care about. They have more important things to worry about like men having periods. People that intellectually deficient should not be in charge of anything.


The Soviets ran into the problem of trying to fund both their military and their social programs when Reagan began his Star Wars initiative. The Soviets could not maintain the expense for both their military and their social programs so they spent themselves into bankruptcy. If the military does not step in and restore sanity and do some oversight on Congress and the Senate they will end up being extensions for the Russians or the Chinese. I am actually beginning to think in some areas the average American that is skilled, conscientious and dependable has more in common with the average Chinese or the average Russian than the average Democrat.

Bernie Sanders is proposing cutting $80 billion dollars from the Pentagon budget. This is at a time China is making strides at overtaking us militarily. Representative Ayanna Pressley is proposing giving reparations to the tune of $14 trillion dollars. A mayors group just passed a resolution to study reparations that could cost six quadtrillion dollars. That will cause an economic disaster unprecedented in human history. A disaster from which there would be no recovery. To give even a few trillion in reparations would be the end of the military as a defense force from external threats. The warp speed collapse would create such rapid havoc the military would be needed to crush civilian uprisings which would last only until the military’s supplies ran out then they would become little more than bandits themselves. It would be so catastrophic everything would cease. Transportation, manufacturing, food production, medical care, education, police services, fire department services all would evaporate in the Mad Max world that would ensue. A Democrat heaven with all that misery to mother. And the Chinese would be in control.

Link:    https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/mayors-back-reparations-could-cost-6-2-quadrillion-151m-per-descendant


I feel a rant and rave coming on.

The entire global economy in 2019 was projected to be $86 trillion. That mayors group proposal has to be the stupidest and most impossible harebrained idea humans have ever thought of in the entire recorded history of humanity. Each descendant would get $151 million and of everyone else each person would owe $18 million. This is the reason democracy fails. Stupid people are allowed to vote for stupid people and this is the result. It is obvious they know nothing of history or economics. The world leaders are looking at the circus freak show we have become and realize we are not to be taken seriously. In the past when survival was harder and required some intelligence and sense to survive not one of them would have survived long enough to procreate. They or their ancestors would have eliminated themselves from the gene pool. People this stupid should not have positions of responsibility or authority. Nothing they say or do would be of any value to humanity EVER. I would like to be nice but I don’t how know how to be nice to people with that level of stupidity. I can be tolerant of a lot of things but willful stupidity is not one of them. Stupidity gets people killed and has the potential to be responsible for more misery and harm than malice or greed. They are driving businesses out of the country which will only make the United States poorer so their visions of lots of money to give everyone everything will turn into the reality of increasing poverty, hunger, illness, no energy and no transportation. No cellphones, no televisions, no computers, no anything. The fact they can’t see this shows how extremely mentally deficient they are. The only two choices to get things under control are the two I have written about. They are the only two ways to save the economy and maintain a level of stability.. The more unstable society becomes the more force and control is needed to maintain order. The military can veto anything this absurd and the red states and areas unshackled from the parasitic blue could ignore these fools. This is why the left wants to collapse the system with them in power they would control the military. The latest poll on military support for Trump has him dropping in popularity. Odd because Trump has been rebuilding the military from the weakened institution it became under Obama and he has made positive improvements to the VA. While he may be dropping in popularity the military is better off under conservatives than Democrats considering a larger percentage of them are conservatives and are better funded and supported under Republican administrations. (Videos in Essay 10A displays his admiration for the troops.) Considering the threat of China is increasing and the probability of resource wars is high it is not time for scrimping and cutting back on pentagon funding. I believe it is possible the military may need to step in at some point in the future regardless of which party is in power but their position would be better off with a conservative administration. The civilian opposition may be more but the situation in the US is so critical most civilian conservatives, even though they are for less regulation, can see the necessity for a firm hand at times such as in times of war and we are at war. A new cold war and a trade war  but decisive leadership is still necessary.  Civilians like to talk and talk and talk and talk and are indecisive and too reluctant to do anything. Below is a link to the military support for Trump declining:


If it  is declining it because of the bombardment of lies and hate by the media and the enemies from within, the fifth columnists. The ones that hate national security, law and order and want you to own nothing like the video in section 27 of Essay 9.


Another thing is Trump often has clashes with some military officers. I understand that as Trump is not a politician and does not have the personality of a politician. He is not a military man either so they undoubtedly have differences of opinion. He believes they are part of the problem of continuous warfare and support of the military-Industrial complex. I am for the Military-Industrial complex as it keeps us safe. It also is a positive for the economy and innovation. It is one leg of the three legged stool human progress is built on. Those three legs, better described as pillars, maintain social structure and stability that allows for all other progress to be made. Eliminate one pillar and the stool collapses. It also can see the necessity of a space force. It is like the quote from Orwell’s 1984. It keeps us rooted in reality and keeps us sane. It factors heavily into the Space Force which we have no choice but to develop. Below is a link to an article on Trumps clashing with his military officials:



. Most Democrat candidates propose defunding the police which increases the odds that sooner or later the military will have to get involved because law and order will break down and the police even with the national guards may not be enough. The Democrats are proposing open borders which will create an easy way for gang members and terrorists to enter. There are 117,000 gang members in Chicago alone. Think about that for a minute. The Trump administration deported over 20,000 criminal illegal aliens. These people and those that hate the United States are living in enclaves and are the modern equivalents of the barbarians that sacked Rome. They can be either imported or home grown. They have already found gang members and numerous foreign nationals from the Middle East and African nations trying to enter the US from south of the border. It will also place a strain on the social services systems which will require more budget cuts and we all know what gets cut, the Pentagon and NASA. The military and NASA will be stripped of their abilities to function. Already we are over $20 trillion in debt and we just added an other $8 trillion with the COVID19 emergency relief bills. That is going to cause massive inflation in itself and possibly collapsing the system. To add another $14 trillion, much less than 6.2 quadrillion, will definitely collapse the system. The aforementioned make it almost certain that the military will ultimately be called into service internally sooner or later due to consequences of one or all of those issues. Here is a link to an article on gangs in Chicago forming a pact to assassinate police:



As I have been saying we have only two choices. The military getting involved and we remain united or the red and blue go their separate ways. Those are the only ways to avoid violence. I should rephrase that as there is no way to totally avoid violence as it is already occurring but it can be stopped. The two visions are too incompatible to coexist unless there are penalties for not coexisting and neither side will enforce it on themselves. I personally do not think either vision is 100% correct as there are aspects of both that seem like the civilized and logical things to do but unfortunately too many have an all or nothing attitude. In this situation both will end up with nothing. Whichever way we choose there are going to be difficult problems with difficult questions and difficult answers. To ignore them is suicide. Problems mushroom exponentially in relation to population. Also, had the first “caveman” not ventured over the hill we would not be here. I am not an atheist but I believe in science. Science has given us many things and to continue advancing requires a stable, structured and secure society and of course an educated society which is going to require military discipline to maintain due to the complexity of society and the numbers of people. Religion which has been one of the three legs of the three legged stool that has made human advancement possible can provide us with  the conscience, wisdom and metaphysical thinking to use wisely the things science has given us. (The other two legs are business [trade], and the military [war].) The seeds of Western civilization were planted over 12,000 years ago but Christianity watered them and laid the groundwork for what we have today. Western civilization is the best so far  and it works.


 If the left wins the 2020 election we have no choice but to make a move either to the involvement of the military or to the separation of the red and blue. The left is the perfect embodiment of the orthodoxy of the mindless citizens represented in 1984. They have the psychology of religious fanatics. There is too much hate in the left’s hearts and emptiness in their heads. I am sure the military can see the underhanded ways the Democrats are trying to implement to gain control which would be permanent. The most egregiously dishonest way is the mail in voting. How they want to do it is to send ballots to all addresses of registered voters. There is no control over who gets them. One person could get all from an apartment building and vote 50 times. What about voters that have died or moved?  Not only does the left not know right from wrong they don’t even recognize hate. You can see the venom and unrealistic nature in their posts, comments and by the admins of their group pages. When they speak you can see the hate ooze from every pore in their bodies.. At protests they claim they are peaceful but many are screaming at the top of their lungs, surrounding cars, beating on vehicles, pulling people out of them and beating them, throwing bottles and rocks, pushing cops, screaming in the face of cops, often rioting, looting, throwing Molotov cocktails and torching buildings and deaths have resulted from these “peaceful protests.” They are screaming hate at cops often of color while claiming to be marching for black lives. There is no other way to put it but they are literally insane. Insane, emotional, irrational people do insane, emotional, irrational things. They cannot be allowed to gain the Senate and Oval Office. I can’t imagine the Nazis with that much hate in them. The programs they will push will collapse the nation. They will gut the military. They are already gutting the law enforcement. They will confiscate your guns. We will end up an impoverished third world nation in a perpetual state of famine, violence and chaos. Remember the words of Milton in Paradise Lost which I mentioned earlier: For never can true reconcilement grow Where wounds of deadly hate have peirc’d so deep: The Democrats cannot be allowed to win. They are already setting up the circumstances that will allow them to cheat.


A couple of things that have come up that are hurting Trump. The left has just stooped lower again. Just when you think they have hit a low so low they couldn’t possibly sink lower they do. The Atlantic has come out with an article saying that Trump, while at a cemetery in France that has the graves of American soldiers killed in battle in it, disparaged the soldiers. This was done by a person that is vehemently anti-Trump. The article has 4 anonymous sources but 21 named sources have come out saying it was false. The person that owns a majority of The Atlantic is the widow of Steve Jobs, Laurene Powell Jobs. She is vehemently anti Trump and has donated $500,000 to Joe Biden, so far. Here is a link to an artile stating Trump disparaged dead American soldiers:


Below is a link to an article titled: “Atlantic Editor Concedes Central Claim Of Trump Hit Piece Could Be Wrong”.


Here are some links to articles on the situation:

John Bolton who is not on the best of terms with the President said no it was canceled due to weather. John Bolton said “It was a straight weather call


Here is another article refuting the claim:


Here is an article from The National Review that claims those making the accusations refuse to go on record about the claims. Link:


Not to be outdone in sleaze and lies The Daily Beast wrote an outright lie saying the President said MIAs got what they deserved. Link:


Essay 10A has two fast forward videos of Trump shaking hands with every graduating cadet in a Naval and Air Force academies. Over a thousand cadets.

I put the links there because this is too much. This shows the caliber of people Trump is up against. These  are outright lies and anyone that has followed the news for the last three years knows they are lies. The left has tried every underhanded move they could think of. They have accused him of one thing after another. Book after book comes out from people that hate him. Accusation after accusation by political opponents are either twisted or taken out of context. Celebrities and professional athletes have come out in opposition to him. The useless people that make money off selling the woke narrative. Trump has always supported the military. He has rebuilt them after Obama weakened them.. He has worked to improve the VA medical facilities and care for soldiers.. As far as the accusation of him disrespecting soldiers if you remember he shook the hands of every single graduate from two military academies. If you read the articles I posted links in section 24 of this  essay you will see what I mean by Obama weakening the military.


 The Democrats have spied on Trump’s campaign.prior to the election. They spoke of impeaching him before he even took office. They ambushed General Flynn, an honorable 33 year military man with an interview where they set a perjury trap. They threatened his son which made him plead guilty to “willfully and knowingly” providing false statements to the FBI. A bogus charge. He resigned as National Security Advisor over it. The Russian collusion investigation dragged on for two years and no evidence was found of the President being involved. The left has spread virulent hate and lies about the President since he took office. They are now blaming him for the COVID19 pandemic and claim he is responsible for the deaths from it. Due to it the nation was locked down and the economy which was booming began failing due to many businesses being forced to shut down. They are blaming him for the failing economy when it is them that are forcing businesses to remain closed. Schools are still closed in many states (02/28/20). The damage to education is irreparable. The rioting that began to take place after the death of a black male at the hands of the police is being blamed on him. The riots, looting and arson that are occurring are in Democrat run cites with Democrat mayors. The Democrat mayors have refused to condemn the violence and have hobbled their police agencies from establishing law and order. This violence has been going on nightly for over three months. All this has been to prevent him from being reelected President. Their accusations and actions have become more and more insane. Unless the military has been compromised they are our best hope. If they have been compromised than the red and blue going their separate ways is. The Democrats cannot be allowed to gain positions of authority.

I can see if Biden wins it will be for only a short time. He will resign due to his declining cognitive abilities and Harris will become President. If the military does not step in then it will only be a matter of time before the collapse and violence comes. She is a Marxist and is proud of rapists (Link:  https://www.nationalreview.com/news/kamala-harris-told-jacob-blake-she-was-proud-of-him-lawyer-says/ ) and approves of and encourages the rioters and violence. She got her start in politics by sleeping with Willie Brown, California Assembly speaker. Brown was married and twice her age. She smoked pot with rapper Snoop Dogg and prosecuted many for marijuana offenses. It is also reputed she withheld evidence that would have proven some she sent to prison to be innocent. Harris has too extreme views and is beholding to the radical left. Her policies will weaken us past the danger line and the military may have to step in to stop it. It is possible they may have to step in if Trump wins because I am realistic about our situation. Because of partisan politics we have become dysfunctional and it is beyond the ability to repair the damage under a democracy as we have come to know it. While loaded with flaws Trump is the better choice between Biden or Harris. If the military has not been compromised I can see a few situations and actions that would precipitate the military stepping in regardless of which side, either the Democrats or the Republicans, wins the November election.. Both sides have flaws that could prove disastrous to the nation. We are at a point we do not have the luxury of an error.

Our situation reminds me of an episode of Battlestar Galactica. A human and a Cylon which were enemies ended up stranded on a planet. Cylons were a type of robot and generally speaking existed in a collective type society where every one was equal. There were no leaders as we understand leadership. They finally ended up in a truce due to each needing the other for survival. Recounting how it got there the Cylon said they had a malfunction with the ship which had them on a collision course with a planet and they discussed what to do each giving their opinions and debating it. The human asked what happened. The Cylon said while they were discussing it the ground came up and hit them. Where does that remind you off?


Let us look at a worse case scenario. Even if Trump did say or do something that is less than admirable that can’t be disputed that could turn against him it does not remove the fact the Democrats cannot be allowed to regain control. Their hate has driven them insane. Insane people do insane things. Their policies are suicide. In the event of a worst case scenario unfolding the two options I have laid out become all the more urgent. If the election drags out until January and no winner is decided the speaker of the house takes control. If the military does not step in at that time the odds are better than 50/50 the red areas will secede. If they don’t the hatred and violence of the left will be unleashed. which will cause widespread violence. I think there is no way either side will accept defeat. The left has been spouting this narrative since the election of Trump. Hillary Clinton has never accepted defeat. Stacy Abrams in Georgia has not either. Hillary Clinton and many Democrats are saying Biden should never admit to defeat. He should never concede. What she was saying was to hang on until they can “find” enough ballots to win. Clinton and some Democrats and Democrat shill organizations are already saying that it will look like Trump won on election night but after weeks of recounting and counting late ballots Biden will win.  If we accept that we deserve what they dish out. If not the military will need to hold things together. Trump may be, as some conspiracy theorists believe,  the last president as we know them.

The actions of the left are right out of the radical communist playbooks. They must destroy the family, the economy, the church, education, the police and the military. This is obvious to anyone that follows any news source and has a knowledge of history. They have destroyed the family unit, the church, education, the economy and are in the process of destroying the police. The destruction of these are plain to see. If the riots were just about black lives mattering the others on the list would still be intact. They are now starting on the military. If the military caves to the street rioters and Marxists it is over. The releasing of criminals within hours of arrest without posting bail is lunacy. Done to create more chaos. There is a move on to release everyone.  Why stop there? Let everyone out of mental institutions too. That is a stupid idea so I probably should not give them any ideas as it is the stupid ones they jump on. The stupider the faster they jump. The open borders policy is also lunacy. The influx would be in the millions and the financial outlay for social services would break us. The military has to know their funding would be slashed on a regular basis as social problems will take increasing priority because the recipients vote and out number the military. A precedence can be seen in Russia when they had to choose between their military and social programs. They also have to know that the unregulated influx of those that do not have knowledge of our history and culture would be a major security issue. Hopefully the military has not been compromised.. The following was an article in The New York Times titled  “The Few, the Proud, the White: The Marine Corps Balks at Promoting Generals of Color”. Type in or copy and paste the following in the search bar:

The Few, the Proud, the White: The Marine Corps Balks at Promoting Generals of Color.

They are now going after the last institution on their hit list the military. Hopefully the military will not succumb. They are the last hope we have of remaining intact. The desirability of remaining intact can be found in the lesson of Yugoslavia when comparing the before and after the Soviet collapse and Yugoslavia breaking up. Our military had better wake up and realize their days are numbered if the Democrats win.Below are two links about the military using the riots at the White House to eliminate all opposition by hiding behind extremism in the ranks. Nero hid behind blaming Christians for the fire he set to burn Rome and Hitler used the Reichstag’s fire that his group set  to blame communistsThe political and social upheaval the last 4 years was carefully planned by the elites mentioned previously. The Soros and Davos type. More links are available by using keys words on the net.




It is depressing to think of how much we have changed in such a short period of time. I have driven across the United States many times and it always felt good to see the wondrous sights and talk to different people all over. What will happen to them in a collapse? What will happen to you? To those you love? All the problems the left is screaming about will be as nothing if it collapses. No food. No medicine. No fuel. No electricity. No education. No sanitation. The casualty rate will be astronomical. The destruction would be worse than the number of casualties as hard as that is to believe. The increasing population, the increasing social problems and the declining resources and environment coupled with our unwillingness to do anything about them makes disaster inevitable. Ultimately it will go global so we better prepare ourselves and it is going to take structure and military discipline to avert the worst and to cope with what is heading towards us.. We would be better off with the military in charge rather than the Democrats. They would be logical and orderly whereas the Democrats would be chaos and anarchy before an inevitable dictatorship would arise. Let’s avoid the chaos. It seems humanity is too flawed. We have learned nothing. With everything we have invented and all the material things we accumulated and mass produced we have learned nothing. Our epitaph could read “Here lies the United States, dead of too much of everything.”  

We better wake up or the end is near. We do not have a choice about our two choices. We have at this point a choice as to which choice we make. If not “they “or “fate” or “chance” will make it for us. None of the three are as good as our own decision as with our own decision we can at least guide the path. Our choices are two. The military stepping up or the red and blue going separate ways. If you want a third: President Harris. Pick one.