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16:00:59 CAM-1 Stalling, we’re falling!

16:01:00 CAM-2 Larry, we’re going down, Larry….

16:01:01 CAM-1 I know!

16:01:01 [SOUND OF IMPACT]


The above was the final recordings on the cockpit voice recorder of Air Florida flight 90 on January 13, 1982, just prior to crashing into the 14th Street Bridge moments after taking off from what is now the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.  The cause was pilot error and at the time of the recording it is obvious the pilot and copilot knew they were crashing and it is equally obvious there was nothing that they could do to prevent it. That would have to be one of those ultimate terrible and final feelings. Several passengers survived because a person sitting near them was a private pilot and could sense something was wrong and told them to assume the crash position. We can only speculate as to what the other passengers were thinking but undoubtedly most probably thought it was just a bumpy takeoff and all would be OK.  I am sure that they all had one thing in common though. When they boarded that plane they all expected to arrive safely at their destination. They undoubtedly thought, even though bumpy, all was under control, at least until the final few seconds. The situation of the aware few can be compared to the feeling of those that are aware of what is happening to Western civilization and can see disaster looming while most have on rose colored glasses living a lie(s). While it is always best to have hope that hope is waning and unfortunately we have reached the tipping point.

The situation is now at the point of no return and we are left with one viable option. There is a second one but I consider it society committing suicide so I eliminate it as a rational choice but it is the choice we are now blindly headed for. It is the choice of ignoring events and indecision or action and indecision, technically, is actually a decision. I will spend considerable time on it so as to convey the suicidal nature of it and the need to change course. I will actually spend more time explaining it than the other option to try and convince you how our present course is social suicide. Unfortunately the elected representatives who are the pilots of government pander to the solutions given by passengers (voters). These representatives often have no clue of flying or in this case economics, administration, government, history, international relations and a myriad of other subjects necessary to be captains of nations. To elect or appoint airplane pilots by popularity or identity politics rather than qualifications is absurd but it is what we are now doing in our government on a regular basis. They call it Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Initials DEI. I prefer to say Diversity, Inclusion and Equity. Check out the first initials. That is what the US will do if the trend continues. Sadly what it proves is people identify with liars, stupid, dishonest and incompetent people. After laying the ground work I will ultimately explain the only realistic option left of dividing into two separate nations as unpleasant as it may be. (I will put a caveat in here. That is if we do not win the 2024 election.) If Trump is the GOP nominee and we win the election then there is the possibility, slim tho, that things can be brought under control. If not and we separate and succeed we will come out bruised and injured but not terminal. I will state that if Trump was president the problems we are having in the Middle East would not be happening and our relationships with China and Russia would be much different.We wouldn’t be in several wars and giving money willy-nilly to foreign nations.

The cities and large urban areas are doomed. Most residents will not survive, at least in any condition worth surviving in. The numbers vary but there are millions of illegal refugees and immigrants many of which are foreign, “toxic” male citizens of military age mostly in large metropolitan areas. They are from the Middle East  and hate America and Americans. They were allowed in by the Biden administration with no questions asked and no papers saying who they are. There are weapons being smuggled in for many of them. Wait until these toxic males get a hold of the creatures that we spawned that get offended if you don’t go along with their delusions of being trans. They will be dropped off tall building headfirst. If it is the Empire  State building they will make a big splash on Broadway. The residents of these Democrat, crime ridden cesspools are living a lie(s) and lack the ability to critically think and predict the inevitable consequences of their short-sighted, irresponsible policies. I am not a rocket scientist and I don’t know any but I know two plus two equals four, that men don’t have periods and can’t get pregnant. I know right from wrong, men should not use the women’s bathrooms, compete in women’s sports. I can sense danger, and know you don’t crap where you eat. In fact everyone I know knows those things. The city populations gives the left the numbers and conditions to dominate in elections. They are creating a lowest common denominator society where intelligence, success and honesty are discouraged. The large cities are lost. To survive those that value common sense and intelligence must remove themselves from those that don’t. Let the cities reap the whirlwind they are responsible for. That is REALITY..


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This site conveys my opinions on economic, social and political conditions/problems and offers some solutions. There is a saying about opinions from a very popular movie that is a bit blunt but very accurate it goes: “Opinions are like assholes everybody has one.” Everyone has opinions and constantly pontificates on them but no realistic plan comes forth. When time is running out the time for pontificating is over. It is time for action. Are my opinions valid? I would like to think so as I think they are logical and I can argue for them and I have a plan to put forth. Since no one has a better one that is realistic check mine out. Like the old saying about chicken soup being used when a person was sick: “doesn’t hurt“.

I agree with those that say our present system is wasteful, corrupt and unsustainable but I disagree with the solutions that are being pushed. I, like many people, may not always know all the right answer(s) or solution(s) but I can usually recognize wrong one(s) when I see or hear them. Some problems I am  still thinking about. Most human endeavors are works in progress and these essays are no different. I am constantly finding things that would have been added had I been aware of them at the time this was written so when I run across them some I add somewhere in an essay where they comfortably mesh. I have done it often over the years that is why the content has grown over twice as much, or more, as was the original. Things keep getting worse. We better get our “heads out” of where “the sun don’t shine” as things can get even worse. Much, much worse. Some such items that were the points of no return were the pandemic and our response to it, the realization of how much we were/are dependent on China and the danger they pose and the violence and rioting that shows the extent of infiltration and the boring of holes in the framework of our society by the liberal, Democrat “termites” within. 


I became interested in history and politics in the early 60s while in high school, have followed current events, more so after retiring, and have been an avid reader since junior high school preferring books to sports. Those of us that are “Baby Boomers” (born 1946-1964) and most of Generation X (born 1965 to 1981) have witnessed a society that was on top of the world and is now disintegrating and heading toward third world status. We were taught that we were the “good guys” and always did right. Many millennials accuse us of being guilty of being the cause of many of our problems but if we are guilty of anything it is naivety. Same thing they are guilty of only they are more so. Overall life was good and  we believed what we were taught and could not believe we were not always the good guys. They are being taught we are the bad guys and can’t believe we are, and were, anything but the bad guys. Our, (baby boomers/Generation X), motives and those of our parents and grandparents were honorable. The values were honesty, dependability, responsibility and a work ethic. If one watched some of the popular television programs we were raised on and later watched as adults it would give an accurate picture of our concepts of right and wrong. Shows such as “Gunsmoke”, “Law and Order” and “Star Trek” are prime examples. The reality is we had no idea that we were often taking advantage of other countries. We were giving them foreign aid and had bases in many of them. The soldiers were spending money in them, we were protecting them and we had built numerous structures and roads within their borders. We had no idea that some companies were dumping toxic wastes and we knew petroleum was polluting but had no idea of the extent of it. We did not realize that sometimes overseas labor was virtually child slavery. In the present Nike shoes are a good example.The present oncoming generations are told this and they ignore it. Oh they scream and complain but still buy Nike. Things like Nike promoted by woke sports figures and the very destructive lithium mining promoted by the “Green New Deal” promoters are facts but ignored in favor of ideology. We assumed those that ran businesses and governments would always do the right thing,. . . . fools that we were.

During the very peak of Western civilization (roughly somewhere between the early 1940s to the late 1980s basically during the baby boomer period.”) for the most part middle class fathers went to work, mothers stayed home and us kids went to school. The majority of families had both a father and a mother and were stable units. Wages and prices were in balance and one income would support a middle class family. We went to picnics on holidays and trick or treated on Halloween and had families get together on Thanksgiving and celebrated Christmas. Many were members of or regular attendees of churches. They usually had automobiles, televisions, most had medical insurance and retirement benefits, many bought homes, and all this was accomplished with one income. Business and the individual both contributed to the benefits. The parents each filled a vital role in the foundation and stability of society and at a certain age they were rewarded with retirement and some years to relax and enjoy life. Overall it WAS a nation of “good guys” (and gals) despite the many failings humans have. We were self-sufficient, were making great strides in science, medicine, manufacturing, civil rights, and numerous other areas. Public education was mandatory, basic and free to all and the teachers actually had a sense of civic responsibility and taught facts instead of bizarre personal agendas. And the system worked very well I might add.


There is a recent similarity to what is happening now in the West that should be a teaching moment but a large percentage of the population has lost the ability to think. In France and England after the first world war teachers and many in government were so repulsed and emotionally scarred by the war they became pacifists and taught pacifist sentiments. They began the early precursor of feminizing  men as is being done today on a mass scale. This was fine within the borders of England and France but it did not prepare them for the possibility of another war and dangers from outside their borders. They opposed what today we would call toxic masculinity and this toxic masculinity ultimately ended up saving them. They let their military forces deteriorate. One liberal pacifist was Bertrand Russell, (whom I happen to like and find much I agree with and have a book of his in the Books Worth Reading section of this site.) was advocating disbanding the military entirely when within less than a year Germany would invade Poland and officially start WW2. Their lack of preparedness could have cost them the war. It was the foresightedness and wisdom of Winston Churchill and those like him that saved the day. Of course they are now held in low esteem with today’s “intellectuals”, (a gross misnomer), who owe their actual existence to them.


In the 50s and 60s courses such as Western civilization, history and current events were common in most schools and considered almost as important as the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. Most American families,as I briefly touched on earlier, had a car, a television, a telephone and adequate food. America even put a man on the moon. Factories were turning out automobiles, airplanes, televisions, tape recorders, appliances and everything you could think of and lots you couldn’t think of. Anyone that wanted a job had one and it usually paid a living wage. If you didn’t have a job it was because you didn’t want one. Businesses paid a decent wage as this was before the laws of economics were able to be bent a little as the population and resources were not critical at that point (More on that later). Even the poor were in relative comfort. After I graduated high school and married across the street from my wife’s family was a family that took in an exchange student from Columbia. I asked him what he thought of America. He said the most striking thing to him was what we called poor people. He said in his country poor people did not have cars, televisions, telephones, and many poor lived in shacks without running water or electricity. He also said most poor did not have enough food and quality medical care was almost non existent unless you were rich. Many poor had no medical care. The poor here are rich by standards of many countries. Biden has set in motion the end of that and has fast tracked poverty for the entire population. The red areas can avoid much of it if they plan right. As I said the large cities and blue areas are doomed.


As we became aware of the flaws in Western society we tried to do the right thing and correct them. Having a political system that had free speech as a basic foundation stone allowed the average citizen to have a voice in  politics and encouraged people to become involved. Thoughts on problems and solutions were always major topics of discussion. Of course at that time people were interested in politics and watched the news and read at a time when the news and most reading material were actual credible, unbiased sources. There were no distractions such as cellphones and personal computers. At that time I think there were only two computers of any significance and they were in the Pentagon and the IRS. Many baby boomers, especially young college students were politically active and opposed certain things such as the Vietnam War and promoted other things such as “free love” and drugs in naivety as they were drawing conclusions based on immaturity, emotions and with an incomplete understanding of the entire problem. Looking back there is no doubt there was communist influence in the colleges and Hollywood. The nifty little sayings like “make love not war” and “free love” sound great but nothing is free. Even the air we breathe and the water we drink are not free. There is a cost to maintaining them unpolluted and a far greater cost for not maintaining them. A cost that is rapidly approaching us and our descendants. Even living in a fool’s paradise sooner or later the rent comes due.


Being against war is laudable but in order to prevent it you need to understand it and the solution is not as simple as saying “make love not war.” It requires understanding your opponents and concepts such as the Hobbesian Trap (explained in Essay 3 section 6). Conflict is part of human nature and is growing because of a rapidly growing population that is becoming increasingly ignorant and the planets’ diminishing resources.  Being against cancer is also laudable but complicated because, like many causes of war, it is often hereditary, in our nature, or in the cases of war our geographical, tribal or cultural histories. Regardless of your opinion of the past history of the US one thing is certain as I have said the system worked. Was it perfect? No but problems were being addressed. It was no worse than any other civilization in history the technology merely provided the advanced tools used by our human nature which has changed little. Our veneer of civilization is thin. Millennials, and the young in general, may be nimble with technology but they have not been alive long enough to develop the analytical ability and problem solving skills that can only be acquired and learned with time and experience, the results of which we call maturity. They are succumbing to the same things many have succumbed to: naivety and ignorance. We in the US, and the Western world in general, have made some major errors that are bringing, as the old saying goes, “the chickens home to roost.” In other words the consequences of our errors are now becoming apparent and our solving them means no less than our survival. We are not going to survive being chained to the large cities. The average American had better than just a good life during this period we had an exceptional life better than anyone in history. We were oblivious of the enormous cost that would be facing us in the future.


Over the decades I watched many events unfold that ended disastrously and that should have been dealt with by those in charge at the time but were denied or ignored out of incompetence, corruption, selfishness, greed, shortsightedness, ignorance, emotions and/or political expediency which all seem to be common traits of human nature. Millennials and the present oncoming generations are basing their decisions on the same foundations that have placed us in the precarious position we are now in. The same mistakes are continuing today amplified many fold by technology and the proverbial can was kicked down the road for a future time. I have to put my two cents worth in as the can is now in our court and that future is now the present and time has run out.


For expediency and simplicity of what I want to convey I have divided human history into three periods or ages. (At that over-simplification professional historians are probably in need of resuscitation.) I view the first age as the period of time we know as BC from about 10,000 BC forward to 27BC. This period includes the birth of agriculture, early organized religion, organized trade, organized war, patriarchy, slavery, the bronze and iron ages, the use of the wheel, writing, and the beginning of villages that evolved into the early civilizations and empires starting about 3500 BC with the development of written language and ending with the demise of the Roman Republic in 27BC. (Even though it represents the vast majority of our history and the “invention” of primitive tools I omitted the prehistory/stone age periods as being our metaphorical infancy. I decided to eliminate the “diaper changing” era of our past even as lengthy, profound and foundational as it was. I started where we began to have some ability to direct the future.) The second age was the period we refer to as AD starting with the death of Christ around 33AD and continuing up until the early 1900s which I view as the beginning of the third age. The period between 27BC to mid 30s AD, which included Christ’s birth, teachings and death, I consider a transitional or formative period setting the stage for the second age, at least for our purposes. Although the Industrial Revolution, the time frame of which is sometimes debated, laid the foundation for the rapid advances of the sciences, the technology and the educational advances of the third age technically one could say the third age began in the mid 1700s, many years prior to the early 1900s, I place the beginning in the early 1900s giving it a longer transitioning or perhaps better described as an overlapping period. (Technically the invention of the printing press in about 1440 probably paved the way for the industrial revolution. It facilitated the dispensing of knowledge and made maintaining records easier.)  Beginning in the early 1900s and during WW1 the slow pace of the process of inventing and developing “gadgets” gradually sped up and mushroomed exponentially rapidly developing such things as the automobile, the airplane, the German V1 and V2 rocket programs, the nuclear bomb, advances in communications, the computer, the internet, medicine, energy, mass manufacturing, the potential of space travel, and, of course, something near and dear to all of our hearts . . . cellphones. A few of the items on a very long list of many advances, opened virtually an infinite choice of future roads for humanity to travel including the one we are presently on which is the road to extinction.


I acknowledge during that 12,000 year time frame beginning with agriculture there were other societies and civilizations on the planet. In South America: Olmecs, Aztecs, Mayans, Incas; Africa: Ethiopians; India: Indus Valley; Asia (Khmer Empire; China: (Xia-[sometimes debated], Shang. China had civilizations paralleling the time frames of Rome and Greece but the civilization and culture that introduced the present era influencing and dominating the globe is the one we know as Western. To some degree or another it is strongly influencing even some nations that have some radical differences such as China. I say that not because of the political systems, which varied and vary significantly, but the economics and culture that resulted from the increase in knowledge and technology. The global culture that sprang from it has influenced all present advanced and advancing societies and civilizations and is still dominating the direction of the world. Space travel, which will allow humanity to travel beyond our planet and survive, began in earnest during the WWII period with the German V1 and V2 rocket programs. Space travel is one of the major achievements of humanity and is in the category of significance as agriculture, writing, electricity, petroleum and nuclear power. Each one uses the preceding ones as a foundation and stepping stone. The most significant was agriculture because without agriculture none of the other developments would have occurred. Humanity set foot on the Moon for the first time in 1969 and for the last time in 1972. One of the most significant developments of the human race, the height of human achievement, has been mostly ignored for almost 50 years. The Chinese are beginning to eye the moon having recently landed a probe on the dark side and the administration of President Donald Trump in America has expressed interest in space proposing a Space Force. NASA and some private companies, are also eyeing Mars. At the time this is being written three nations, The United States, China and the UAE, are about to reach Mars with probes. Elon Musk (SpaceX) and Jeff Bezos (Blue Origin) and Richard Branson (Virgin Galactic) have private companies that are devoted to space.


Space exploration, the thing that could have prevented or resolved many problems we face today on earth, has taken a back seat to other wasteful projects. The money America, and the world, has wasted on needless and failed wars and on needless and failed programs could have been used to establish colonies on both the Moon and Mars and at this time ore freighters and research vessels should be lumbering back and forth between them and earth bringing much needed resources that are becoming short in supply here on earth. The reality is if we had not wasted time and money on many foolish endeavors regardless of how wonderful they sounded we would be colonizing Mars at this time. My main issue with the left is psychologically they are all social workers with a lowest common denominator philosophy and NASA and space will end up being discarded in favor of welfare and social programs that have not worked, wasted money and have always only created more and worse problems in the long run. “There, there, there. Let mommy kiss it and make it all better. Mommy loves you. Here have a cookie”  If we do not develop interplanetary, then interstellar, travel (and soon I might add) we will not survive and we will perish as a species. We have to resolve our many problems and to do so will require a majority, or at least a sizable minority, that can think rationally and not emotionally. We have some major problems that have no good answers so we are going to have to pick the least bad one of the long list of bad. Sometimes from a secular standpoint the lesser of evils is the best you have left. I hope to post items that will be food for thought.


Many writers and thinkers from numerous sections of humanity and time periods have written about rises and falls and collapses of civilizations. Two notables are Oswald Spengler with “The Decline of the West”, written prior to WWI, and Edward Gibbon with “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”, written in six volumes, the first volume was published in 1776. Any serious student or reader of history that has read those should be extremely concerned of how the history and present condition of Western Civilization overlays the “schematics” of both. I was introduced to Spengler in high school by the teacher that taught the classes of “Modern World Conflicts” and “International Relations”. One of the main things I learned from the teacher was how to trace events back to their often obscure points of origin and where the proverbial wrong forks in the road were taken. Any science fiction fan that has read the “Foundation” series by Isaac Asimov would also be, or should also be, equally concerned. Asimov used the Roman Empire as his model for his Galactic Empire’s collapse. These are brilliant men whose intelligence levels would undoubtedly be at the very top end of the scale. Gibbons, though, some have criticized, and the issue debated, over his treatment of and the role of religion in the decline but it does not detract from the mountain of factual information about the economic, social, political, cultural, military and religious aspects of the empire’s rise and fall. Parallels visibly noticeable today in the West.


It is only all too apparent that the United States has become too irrational, too dysfunctional, too corrupt, too unstable, too mentally unbalanced, too inefficient, too emotional and too intellectually deficient to survive and the rest of the Western world is not far behind. Oswald Spengler in his “The Decline of the West” hit the nail on the head in his analysis of Western civilization. We all know (I hope we all know) we are in a precarious position. If we lose our technology we will not survive in any condition worth surviving in and we are in danger of losing it. The bubble of technology is our Atlas holding the world on his shoulders and it is also our Achilles Heel. We are not producing enough qualified or capable young to maintain the present level of technology much less than advance it. We have oncoming generations that are literally dumb as rocks. Go talk with one and ask some basic questions such as what does two plus two equal. Are there differences between men and women. Are good grades and being on time a sign of oppression. Can men get pregnant and have periods. The colleges and universities are turning out a large number of students that have no valuable skills for a global economy. They are turning out many with degrees in such impractical subjects as liberal arts, gender studies or ethnic studies. They are focusing on sexual transitioning and confusing children in elementary schools rather than math and science. The Chinese are teaching education needed for the future in a global economy. (Refer to the picture at the end of the Opening Note of this site.) How we have sunk to this low of a level is difficult to fathom.

If the Chinese prevail and replace us as the global super power these unfortunate children will be casualties. They have no practical or useful skills.  The teachers that taught this nonsense will also be casualties. Chinese do not tolerate nonsense and have no use for useless people.. The present oncoming generations are useless from a practical, productive perspective and they use emotions as a substitute for thinking. It is also apparent that both our form of social democracy and our economic systems are primarily based on emotions, ignorance, greed, crime and corruption and have failed. If we are going to survive we need a strong functional government that can deal with problems quickly, fairly, rationally and thoroughly. Although I believe in individualism and minimal government I also realize that we are in dire straits. Humanity is flawed and there are some things only a strong government can accomplish. It obviously depends who is at the wheel. You can have the best army, business, boat or plane in the world but if you have an idiot or a traitor in charge the inevitable outcome is easily predictable. The pirates of old usually had a loose knit society and a minimal set of rules and everyone was what we would consider equal. The website “The Way of the Pirates” said “They used a democratic system, spelled out by written “articles of agreement”, to limit the captain’s power and to keep order on board the ship.” (Interesting site) The only time a captain had absolute authority was during battle or during critical survival situations.

Life is a balancing act. A Yin/Yang situation. Too much of one thing means too little of something else. We can’t be veering off the road to one side and over correct and veer off the other as we are doing now.  Survival in a state worth surviving in is what is at stake. There are four issues that must be dealt with before any other issues can be satisfactorily resolved: population growth, the environment, immigration and becoming interstellar. (Interstellar is not interplanetary. It encompasses the entire galaxy whereas interplanetary is only the few planets in our solar system.) Almost all other issues, including most social issues, stem from the failure to address these four basic, vital issues I call survival issues. Addressing them would force us to solve many social issues that have plagued us since humanities beginning. The social gains and human rights advances that many think we are making will evaporate rapidly if these issues are not resolved. A dysfunctional government catering to emotional, irrational mob rule, which our social democracies have become, will not be able to properly and effectively resolve them.


[Note I have had to add a fifth and a sixth serious issue : Islam and China. I had originally lumped Islam with immigration but have since separated them.  It is obvious that the world, especially the West, has handled this problem badly. For verification look up the immigration issue in Europe and Scandinavia. Their numbers are increasing at an alarming rate, the dangers they represent are mushrooming exponentially and it is an issue that must be dealt with. Hopefully I will do more on the subjects later. (I am not anti-Islam. We actually have much in common although many will deny it. The radical nature of a substantial number pose a threat to our culture which determines our success or failure.) The solutions are both complex and simple at the same time. One of those contradictions humanity seems to constantly land itself in. Although technically Islam would fall under the umbrella of immigration I have separated the two because the immigration issues the United States faces from south of its border and now from the world have different characteristics and implications. European nations face issues primarily from the Middle East and Muslim nations that are a glimpse into what we will be facing soon if not addressed. The problems Europe has are now beginning to surface in the United States as well as abroad. Two bastions of liberalism, Denmark and Sweden, are rethinking their immigration policies due to increasing problems such as crime, culture and economics.]


China. Although China was always considered a threat, by the military at least, just how much has only become apparent recently. (By military I mean the military when the upper echelon had a sense of duty, responsibility and honor.) I did not, as most did not, think advancing nations would engage in biological warfare. Whether by design or accident they did. We also do by funding labs and research some of which are in Ukraine and China. It has come to light that the US sent funds to China for the Wuhan lab where it is now known to be the origin of the present pandemic. We have dirty hands. Many aspects of the present pandemic of COVID19 are just too conveniently aiding China economically, socially, and militarily, and also aiding the Democrats and the globalists at the UN. In Essay 9 part 1 I have listed 28 things that aided China and the Democrats. The odds of all just happening are astronomical. You stand a better chance of hitting the lottery several times in a row. China is a threat economically which will ultimately bring about them becoming a military threat which is happening quickly now. Their military is growing and ours is shrinking.


This site is intended to give everyone that can think some issues to think about and points to ponder and hopefully it will do so. Many people fall in lockstep behind either the left or the right side of the political spectrum. It avoids the necessity of thinking. General George S. Patton said it perfectly when he said: “If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking”. Most people can’t or won’t think either from a lack of education, a lack of adequate intelligence, or an overabundance of emotion. It is a good general rule to follow that the extreme right will oppose any legislation, regulations, laws, or rules regardless of how logical, sound, and well-conceived. The extreme left will support any legislation, regulations, laws, or rules regardless of how illogical, unsound, and poorly conceived. The late F. A. Hayek said “Probably it is true enough that the great majority are rarely capable of thinking independently, that on most questions they accept views which they find ready-made, and that they will be equally content if born or coaxed into one set of beliefs or another. In any society freedom of thought will probably be of direct significance only for a small minority.” Thinking must be done critically, unemotionally and logically. Any other way is doomed to fail and unfortunately humanity is, for the most part, one large mass of contradictory emotions within themselves usually conflicting with the emotions of others. I originally used the word stupid numerous times. I am trying to get way from it as it is too often abused. I could substitute flawed but not all flawed people are “unsmart” but all “unsmart” people are flawed. When confronted with reality the people that are of lower intelligence, usually due to being overly emotional, refuse to listen and just ignore reality. They can and are doing enormous damage to civilization and our chance at survival. There is a difference between a person of lower intelligence and an ignorant person. An ignorant person has an open mind and is receptive to discussion. A person smart enough to know they don’t know certain things and want to know is not stupid they are merely ignorant. A person that doesn’t know and doesn’t want to know or denies certain common sense things is not ignorant they ARE stupid. I must say that the foolishness of the “woke” and leftist millennials and younger are to some extent the fault of the Boomers and Generation Xers. We did not use enough care and oversight on the education they were receiving and were not receiving. So ultimately when dealing with the plainly foreseeable problems coming we have to consider our failures in their condition.


I will post essays on various topics and post videos, pictures, quotes, and various misc. items that will be food for thought for those that can think. With the essays there will very often be some overlapping and duplication of material and information but there is no other way possible to do it as so many issues are interconnected like pieces of a puzzle with other pieces of the puzzle making complete separation impossible. Also it may be necessary to re-quote something from a previous essay to buttress something being discussed in another. As you read them there will be some “what the heck” moments but I will ultimately go somewhere with these puzzle piece moments and eventually assemble them so they will make sense. I must say I am most comfortable writing in a report style. They are usually a very straight forward block, bullet point type of writing.. On writings as these it is not possible because due to the type of content it requires a different type of explanation for a different type of reader. Reports have no or very little peripheral information or historical content and very few, if any, opinions whereas these, because of necessity do. I will do my best to be understandable.  I am numbering paragraphs or groups of paragraphs as it will make it easier to go back to locate something I refer back or forward to in other essays or if I add something pertinent after the essay was originally finished. Sometimes I find something that is worth mentioning after the original writing. Also there may be some sentences, paragraphs or thoughts that seem out of place but in the end I will tie them all together to form the picture. When you find a piece of a puzzle that doesn’t fit on the section you are working on you don’t discard it you merely set it aside and it will fit later.


One section of the site that should be of interest is the Books Worth Reading section. In it are a variety of titles. Some political, some social, some economic, some historical and some fiction. All have something of value to say though. Some don’t like using fiction but some works of fiction have real messages. One such is “1984” by George Orwell written in 1949. The entry on it in Wikipedia describes it as about the consequences of “government overreach, totalitarianism, and repressive regimentation of all persons and behaviors within society.” It is actually happening now  in Western civilization and people do not see it or refuse to see it.  (This link was added in January 2022. It is an article on a university putting a trigger warning on “1984”. When we have produced a society so weak and intellectually deficient as to be offended by reality and ignore it the end is near. Why do we let people without a certain level of intelligence run things? Maybe because we are also somewhat deficient ourselves.? Link:



The Books Worth Reading section contains excerpts or reviews of some extremely interesting and pertinent books that can be applied to the issues of the day. In those reviews or reports, whichever you want to call them, more often than not I have quoted the authors directly as the bulk of the report. Often I have also used many of them in the essays as these authors are much smarter and far more eloquent than I am. My trying to convey their profound thoughts in my words would only detract from them and from what I am hoping to convey on this site. I have woven some of the thoughts of some of these very brilliant authors into my thoughts and opinions sometimes more than once to bolster my positions. If possible, I highly recommend reading some of them as a significant amount of these essays and my opinions came from or were reinforced by the thoughts contained in some of them. Some are out of print but often can be found at used book stores or ordered from sites like Amazon and eBay. A few excellent ones to start with are “The Decline of Intelligence in America” by Seymour W. Itzkoff (1994) and “The Unheavenly City Revisited” by Edward C. Banfield (1974). [This was a revision of his original work :The Unheavenly City -The Nature and Future of Our Urban Crises” (1968)]. Also “The Blank Slate, The Modern Denial of Human Nature” by Steven Pinker, “The People Shapers” by Vance Packard, “The Human Zoo” by Desmond Morris and “The Coming Anarchy” by Robert D. Kaplan. (The Human Zoo I am doing now.) These are particularly notable because they were all written at a time when most people were not aware of and/or refused to accept the reality of our problems and ignored or denied them. A read of them will make you realize had these authors been read and the warnings heeded we would not be in the position we are in now.


We are at the point in our existence where the margin for error is extremely small and shrinking with each delay or attempts at incorrect solutions. If we do not make the correct moves the planet that is the cradle of humanity will become its grave. If we make the correct decisions and moves and life is indeed immortal which many believe (which I also believe) we may all meet on a “Deep Space Nine” space station somewhere, sometime in the future. If life isn’t immortal we will at least have given our descendants a chance for a meaningful existence. To do so it is necessary, as I have said, for enough people to actually think and become aware. It is for those goals this site exists.


Unfortunately the predictable and inevitable collapse of the United States and the West due to economic and social problems and the period of anarchy and the terrible conditions that will follow are all but set in stone and without draconian measures are unavoidable. Unfortunately human nature being what it is I fear we will, as usual, either ignore or deny many problems and continue to kick the can down the road until it is too late. It is now at the point where it is almost too late. (I have done a book review on Spengler’s “The Decline of the West” in the books worth reading section of this site.) The continuing moral, social, economic, intellectual, environmental, and cultural degradation in the US and Europe has made collapse almost unavoidable. By moral I do not so much mean sexual morality as ethical morality, although it does figure into it as morals and ethics go hand in hand. The attitude of both individuals and groups in their responsibility toward others and society determine ethical morality. Both sides share blame. At this point much of the world is tethered to the US and Europe so the world will also go through significant turmoil making help from outside the borders of most nations almost, if not wholly, impossible. Much of the world sees the precarious position we are in and are trying to diminish or replace us as the world economic powerhouse. China will undoubtedly pass us soon (if it hasn’t already) due to the errors of both parties. A technological society is complex and requires more stability, structure and prohibitions than an agrarian or semi technological society. The more technological a society becomes the more discipline and structure is required. It becomes stronger but also weaker. Another human contradiction. Many want the benefits of an advanced society but do not want to accept the price. It is like the old “everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die” scenario. Such a society also requires the average IQ of its citizenry be about 95. The fact this reality is ignored or denied gives ample proof that we no longer even have the basic concepts of reality, right and wrong and fail to understand certain restrictions and standards, regardless of how seemingly archaic or absurd, and sometimes seemingly heartless, are necessary to survive.


Philip Wylie said in his 1942 book Generation of Vipers::The imposition of disciplines by the state is called fascism, or tyranny, by the common man; and he hates it. By the same token, any nation which subscribes to liberty and then attempts to maintain a majority who have no discipline of themselves, is destined soon to be without freedom.”  Relaxing of prohibitions that are in place to ensure structural cohesion will result in a continuing degradation of the society. He continues and writes “American liberty has been tentatively saved for the last few decades not by the self-discipline of its citizens but by their instincts, which had not been blunted quite enough to prevent the people from realizing imminent dangers at the eleventh hour.” (Remember this was written in 1942). We have now reached the point where in many the instincts have been blunted to that degree. Many are no longer able to sense danger and no longer even recognize right from wrong. Examples are the push for legalization of hard drugs, the acceptance of pedophilia, the state sanctioned genital mutilation of very young children and the absurd woke philosophy engulfing the nation. I am not opposed to legalization of medical marijuana and decriminalization of it in general. I am opposed to complete unlimited legalization.I am putting together stand alone essay of drugs to be posted in the future. Those that poo-pooed the dangers are witnessing it is a gateway drug made evident in the opening the door, as some states are doing, to decriminalization and/or legalization of hard drugs such as heroin after first legalizing marijuana. Oregon’s recent passage of a bill decriminalizing them verifies it. In their foolish self-righteous zeal they fail to learn from the mistakes of others. Netherlands once had very lax marijuana laws and the potency grew, as ours is now doing, and the government had to finally place restrictions on it. A look at the states that have taken a lenient attitude towards drugs shows they are having massive increases in drug use and the resulting problems: poverty, homelessness, crime, disease and deaths.

Oregon’s hard drug decriminalization disaster


I have added the below although I believe it is a crock. When something is more readily available use soars. When use of something soars problems with it also soar. A no brainer. Prohibition proved this because the medical records show there was a decrease in alcohol related medical issues during and for a period of time after prohibition. I grew up in California during the 60s and 70s so I know a lot about drugs. Far more than whoever was involved with the study. I would say those behind the study are manipulating information for a personal agenda or are outright liars.

Study says drug decriminalization in Oregon did not cause more drug overdose deaths.


Also the enacting of social programs that defy reason and are based on emotions, the blind allegiance to the business system and politicians that betrayed the nation to China and of us abandoning or perverting the concept of one of the basic tenets of a free civilization: free speech.  If that is abandoned, whether by individuals, nations, or business it will come back to bite us. Oddly enough the hope of humanity possibly rests with two nations the West was, and is, at loggerheads with for decades, either Russia or China. I don’t mean politically but structurally. Although they (especially Russia) are riddled with problems they have the governmental structure, authority and discipline necessary to maintain stability and effectively deal with the problems without having to cater to the voice of the emotional, the irrational and the uninformed. (Russia is now involved in a war with Ukraine of which we had our fingers in the “instigation pie.” How that turns out will have a huge impact.)

Edgar Cayce known as the “sleeping prophet” predicted this decades ago. He predicted Russia would be the hope of the free world and they are resisting the WEF and the woke ideology engulfing the free world. For China to change to a freer society is a logical possibility though. The family unit is basic to Christianity, the tenets of which are basic to Western civilization, and a stable viable society depends on a stable family unit. Both Russia and China also place great emphasis on the family unit. I will also add China has been working for decades to overtake us as the world’s leading economy and is very near success. If it does your lives will change forever and not for the better.


The dysfunctional state that exists in the US is due to domination by two polarized political parties with incompatible visions. Each party by itself contains enough irrational errors for complete social failure and if either got total free reign of the government due to their positions it will make a recovery unattainable. The Democrat win in 2020 has set us on the path of complete social and economic collapse. (The entire Western world is in a state of dysfunction but this is written from an American perspective. The election of the Democrats has placed us in great peril the reasons for which will be discussed in future essays. I actually don’t like Republicans either.) Many of the litmus test issues for “member in good standing” of their respective sides have little, if anything at all, to do with maintaining the safety, security, stability and economic well being of the state and often run counter. They are usually based in ignorance and/or emotion or personal gain. Any recovery will only be illusory, temporary and/or artificial. The only way to prevent anarchy and the terrible suffering that is en route is for a state neither totally left or totally right and with some measure of oversight to maintain integrity. Since it is the military that pulls our rears out of the fire they should be able to nix a harebrained policy that places us, and them, in the fire. Of course the government has to be and remain civilian but the military, (and I include paramilitary organizations such as law enforcement, fire departments, paramedics, Private security companies etc.), must have some oversight and  a firm say the reason for which, and, the desirability of, will be in future essays. Some matters, concerning both national and international affairs, must be decided with the necessity of taking politics out of the equation. The military would merely function as an oversight board much as civilian review boards do now as oversight for various government and private agencies and organizations. (I left that last in but have reconsidered my  position as the military has been badly compromised and has lost focus of its responsibilities. Unfortunately it has become politicized as have other institutions, FBI, DOJ, NSA etc. If the separation of the red and blue does occur the military and law enforcement must not be allowed to become politicized.)


We are not going to be able to maintain the original vision of Western civilization but we can maintain the primary aspects of the culture. It is the culture that developed from Western civilization that is actually what we value. Much of what we have come to think of as freedom has become illusory and temporary and actually threatens the freedom it claims to be. Freedom and democracy have become much abused and misused words like love, racism, sexism, Islamophobia, homophobia and xenophobia have been. If we don’t realize and accept this we will lose it all. It is to the rank and file military, the paramilitary, the professionals, the middle and working classes and the other segments of the population necessary to maintain social stability, security, safety, human advancement and keep the wheels of society turning and those whose functions which cannot be done away with this site is directed at and is appealing to. As I now have concerns about the loyalties and competence of the military high command it complicates an already complicated problem and  places us in a position of only one solution.