9 Separation Part 2


“To be or not to be”  Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Essay 9, Part two

An interesting read, which I have previously referred to, is “The People Shapers, by Vance Packard, which has a large section on mind control. It was written in 1977 and many of the things he discussed were being researched and experimented with at that time and many had been for many years prior to the book being written. Also the book is very well documented.  As I read the  book I began to get very unsettling thoughts and feelings. There is something very strange about the thoughts and actions of some of our political and military leaders, media personalities, and sports and Hollywood celebrities. There have been rumors about them but were usually dismissed as conspiracy theories. The alphabet agencies, CIA, DHS, NSA, FBI and so forth, of the government that actually run the state have access to everyone in government including each other. Remember we discussed the difference between the government and the state in a prior essay. They are two different entities.  The government consists of what we see and the elections and so forth and the state consists of the people that actually hold the power and “run the show” so to speak. I ask you what are the limits of actions of people that have and relish power? Only what their sense of ethics determine. Those whose faces are the elected government sooner or later have limits placed on them by public opinion.  Even dictators hold power by public support. The lifelong bureaucrats do not. I also know that these bureaucrats are necessary and we could not function without them but some in positions of authority have taken a wrong turn for whatever reason. The system is close to collapse and many will be buried with it in the rubble. As well as our own a number of foreign governments, some of which are hostile to us, have been researching and experimenting with mind control.

Scientists are at the point they are becoming capable of removing short term memories before they go into long term memory storage in the brain. Wikipedia has a good entry on it under the titlt “Memory Eraser”. The opening couple of lines go “Memory erasure has been shown to be possible in some experimental conditions; some of the techniques currently being investigated are: drug-induced amnesia, selective memory suppression, destruction of neurons, interruption of memory, reconsolidation,[1] and the disruption of specific molecular mechanisms.[2]  It was mentioned in an interesting context in Dan Brown’s novel “Inferno.” If a traumatic event happened to you and if they got to you within a short period of time they are working on erasing this event and you would have no recollection of it. It is being considered for use for traumatic events such as rape. If a victim could  be treated in time the event could be removed from memory and an alternate one replaced if necessary. If a government official were kidnapped he/she could be programmed and the memory of the event could be removed but the programming would remain. An episode of Star Trek The Next Generation and numerous works of science fiction used this as a theme. The person could basically be an agent for a foreign power.. We accept many science fiction depictions of things as future events but often fail to acknowledge the possibility of research in the present. Science fiction has often, very often, been prophetic  Does anyone think there are people or nations that would not do it if it were possible? Wikipedia link below:



Our news media manipulates us all the time. If you listen to the MSM they all parrot each other and many viewers parrot them just like Shirer’s observations of Nazi Germany. Repetition, repetition, repetition, parrot, parrot, parrot and peer pressure, peer pressure, peer pressure. Go to any college campus and ask a question that questions their programming to get an accurate assessment of their knowledge and emotional stability. They become emotional, agitated, abusive, combative and/or violent. They live in bubbles of theories and emotions. This has been going on a very long, long, long time.  Something is not right and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a Sherlock Holmes to see that. Listen to them. Read the comments on various liberal Facebook pages. It is 1984 (book) and Idiocracy (movie) becoming reality but their immaturity and inexperience creates arrogance, ignorance, and self-righteousness and does not allow them to see it or to care. To control large numbers of people is a simple task far simpler than most people realize. A few media personalities, sports or Hollywood celebrities or college professors can control many. Read “The People Shapers”. (There are some quotes from it in the Books Worth Reading section of this site.) We haven’t gone to the moon in decades but we have made enormous strides in mind control.


Many of the actions of the liberals are prime examples of the principle in psychology known as “the principle of the party of the least interest.” In that principle the party that has the least interest in a relationship controls the relationship. The one with the most interest will go out of their way and bend over backwards to keep the relationship intact or successful while the party with the least interest doesn’t care one way or the other so the effort at being reasonable is on the side that cares. One concession always leads to another unreasonable demand. Often the one with the least interest either consciously or unconsciously sabotages it. The left doesn’t want the nation to be successful so they don’t care and undermine any positive actions by the present administration (Written when Trump was in office.) or any administration they don’t control. Their lies, distractions and distortions are taking on lives of their own. They are verifying my statement this very moment by validating the rioting, arson, looting and murder going on in their cities. They are supporting Hamas terrorists either obvious to or heedless of the fact if Hamas took over they would be the first to be casualties. The movement Queers for Palestine would be dropped off tall buildings headfirst.  They want to defund, or in some cases, completely do away with the police.  They are ignoring laws of economics and denying a crises at the border. If the left gains control those on the right better get it through their heads that from that point on they have nothing to lose. The things of value: family, church, police, accurate education, prosperity, a free society are being taken now bit by bit at an accelerating pace.  Thomas Sowell said the election of Biden might be the point of no return. The left will be looking for revenge if elected. Read their Facebook comments. I found this on Facebook and I do not know who wrote this but it is very true. Think about what is happening here and now as you read it.


On August 19, 1966 – students launched a fight for social justice to fight for the rights of the oppressed in China.  The patriarch system in China had been created by the 1% and held down women, minorities, and the working class.  The students cried out for a revolution and change.  They launched the Cultural Revolution.  Students put a red band around their arm to stand in solidarity with the oppressed and called for a change on old ideas that they called the FOUR OLDS.  The Four Olds were: Old Customs, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Ideas.

The movement was supported by the Chinese media

Mass demonstrations and looting by the students ensued.

Statues were torn down

Chinese architecture was destroyed

Classical literature and Chinese paintings were torn apart and burned

Temples were desecrated.

The Cemetery of Confucius was attacked

The corpse of the 76th-generation Duke Yansheng was removed from its grave and hung naked from a tree

Wealthy homes were attacked and destroyed

Many families’ long-kept genealogy books were burned to ashes.

Public leaders who were considered to be oppressive were tried by angry mobs and vigilantes

Three days later, August 22, 1966, a central directive was issued to stop police intervention.  The police were disbanded in the city and the students formed a community solution called the RED GUARD.  The RED GUARDS policed the communities and punished anyone who did not agree with their ideas.  Even people that supported the movement, but had bad thoughts could be punished.

Though many Christians supported the movement in the beginning, they quickly became the number one target of the RED GUARDS and public trials were held to condemn them to death.

Many of those that were on board with the cause of the rebellion in the beginning saw that it was not really what they had signed up for, but by then it was too late.  The power that the Red Guard wanted had already been given.

More people died during the cultural revolution in China than any war, famine, or natural disaster in the history of man.


Remember the predictions by Igor Panarin on civil war and the nation splitting into several separate entities. There is an excellent entry on Igor Panarin in Wikipedia about it worth reading. Hobbes (Thomas Hobbes considered one of the founders of modern political philosophy) felt that civil war was such a disaster that any form of government would be preferable to it. He may have been wrong as I think the present left in America and the Democrat Party might be worse.  Hopefully we will never find out. Below is the link to an article about there will be bloodshed after the election whether Trump wins or loses.  In both scenarios it is the actions of the Democrats and left that ignite the fuse to the powder keg. Facebook and Twitter are preparing for unrest and are going to use their platforms to influence the outcome of the election. (I posted this before the 2020 election.) Remember to them the end justifies the means. I post links so you can read them for your selves.



Added Dec 2022. It is now verified Twitter, Facebook and the FBI were actively involved with sabotaging the election. Here are several links:






If you read the short article in the above link about “there will be blood”  you can see the prospect of violence is very real. It shows what will happen in the event of a Trump victory or loss. Actually inevitable without Draconian measures. Morris in “The Human Zoo” said he believed we were on the verge of a civil war and his book was written decades ago. The following is a link to a list of anti-Trump violence. It was listed under the title of: “Hundreds of Examples of Anti-Trump Violence Committed by Liberals.”  The threats against him and his supporters are not isolated incidents and have been going on since his election. This article was published  October 31, 2018. Since then there have been many HUNDREDS more. At this time riots by antifas and some BLM supporters are taking place in many US cities.



At this time riots by antifas and some BLM supporters are taking place in Portland Oregon where they set fire to a federal courthouse..



Here the left approves of violence more than the right:



Here the left is blaming Trump and the right but the terrible and worsening condition of the US and the West since Biden came to office shows it is the left where the danger is from. The US and West are on the verge of collapse.

Google this: Welcome to Third World America. Stand by for a coup


The following, written right after the election of 2016 but  before he took office, is about the death threats against Trump. Violence, intimidation and threats have increased since the election.



While researching secession (separation/divorce whatever you want to call it) the number of movements and the amount of sentiment regarding autonomy and secession globally surprised me.  It has happened to numerous countries in the past and a search came up with two good lists, both from the site Quora, of recent or present movements. I have listed them and the authors below (some overlapping though) and then I posted a list I comprised from Wikipedia.

Raunak Kumar Singh [Author], MA English from Central University of Rajasthan

Assuming that we are taking the India-Pakistan division as the reference point to look at the countries which later got separated or divided. Going before that time would mean looking at the rise and fall of hundreds of empires over thousands of years.

Pakistan and Bangladesh

North Vietnam and South Vietnam. They were however unified after the war.

North Korea and South Korea

Israel and Palestine. However, Palestine’s existence as a separate state is debatable at times.

Sudan and South Sudan

Etiophia and Eriteria

Czech Republic and Slovakia

Disintegration of Yugoslavia

Disintegration of Soviet Union


Bharath Kumar,[Author] lives in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Bangladesh was also got split from India.

Dissolution of Soviet Union into 15 countries.

Singapore was one of the 14 states of Malaysia from 1963 to 1965 and got separated because racial and other tensions.

Alaska Once a part of Russia was Purchased by USA.

Korea got divided after WW2, north supported by Russia and South supported by USA.

Germany after WW2 and zone of occupation integrated to form more or less two sovereign States.

Brexit from European Union to form borders soon.

Scotland may get opt to exit from UK.


Some globally autonomous and secessionist movements, to some degree or another, and to some degree or another of seriousness, ranging from a city to a region to a large section, are or have been within recent time been in:

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Australia, Federated states of Micronesia, Indonesia, Kiribati, New Zealand, Papua, Vanuatu, Canada, Mexico, United States, Nicaragua, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Kosovo, Lithuania, Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Bangladesh, China, India, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Yemen, Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Comoros, Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Mali, Mauritius, Morocco, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. (Comprised from Wikipedia)


Separation has been discussed and/or is being looked at within several US states at present. There are some counties in Colorado that are looking to secede from the state and go independent. Some counties in Virginia are looking into the prospect of leaving Virginia and becoming part of West Virginia. There has been talk in some red California counties of separating from the blue counties. Recently there was some in San Bernardino County in California wanting to secede from the rest of California. Link below. In the eastern red sections of both Washington and Oregon there have been some advocating the red areas seceding from the western blue areas. It is always along the rural versus urban, red vs blue, area lines. (Reference the maps In Essay 9 part 1.)


Here Oregon counties want to secede and join Idaho



Not all secession or separation talk has been from the right.  A Google search of “secession” or “red blue secession” brings up numerous pages where some of the blue are advocating it. There are advocates for a nation to be named Cascadia which would be secession of Oregon, Washington and possibly Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and the Yukon and British Columbia. There have been several versions of it in which the territories vary such as some include California and some eliminate others. There is also talk of if Trump wins the election and the Democrats can’t snatch it back by hook or crook that California, Oregon and Washington secede until Trump is removed and certain concessions made from the rest of the states. Concessions that will ensure one party rule forever. It would actually benefit the rest of the country to let the blue areas go. (There was a movement trying to get California to secede by itself but it hit a bump in the road when the leader was found to be living in Russia and decided to make his permanent home in Russia. He seceded all by himself.)

The left wants to abolish the electoral college which would allow densely populated areas to dominate the rural. The maps in Essay 9 part 1 show that is possible and probable. They want to give D.C. statehood. They want to give Puerto Rico statehood. That would be 4 additional votes in the Senate which would mean one party rule regardless of elections. If these two areas were Republican you could bet your last dollar the Democrats would howl. They want to import voters to vote illegally through open borders. They want to change the culture. The culture has been changing and as it has changed it has become increasingly third “worldish.” If you find another last dollar you can bet it on the fact if illegal immigrants voted Republican the  Democrats would have the border sealed and a wall erected almost overnight. They want to let 16 year olds vote. They want people in prison to vote. They want to have a free for all with mail in voting which only a fool or a liar will tell you is not subject to fraud.  See Essay 9A It consists of links about mail-in ballot fraud. They have no way of knowing who is voting. They are proposing mailing ballots to the addresses of all registered voters not knowing if they have moved or have died and without knowing who is actually receiving them. There is a difference between requested absentee ballots and ballots sent out in mass mailings to every voter on the roles. Some may have moved and some may have died. Mail in voting would be riddled with corruption especially in the confusion associated with large metropolitan areas. The heavily populated areas would be able to outvote the citizens of rural areas and dictate to them. (Another last dollar bet.) Look again at the maps in Essay 9 part 1. Democrats keep harping on the absentee ballots that are being cast and used Florida as an example saying Trump is voting by mail. He is voting by mail by absentee ballot- a pre-election, legitimately requested absentee ballot.

There is a difference as to the way Florida does voting by mail versus the way the Democrats want it done. In Florida you have to request an absentee ballot but as the Democrats want it done they just mail ballots to everyone on the voter roles. The following is a link explaining what Nevada wants to do. If the Democrats win in November it will be because of their dishonest, unethical tactics. (They did win and it has made their dishonesty apparent.) That would make it all the more necessary secession would be a viable option. If they win the results should be closely scrutinized due to Democrat manipulation and fraud.


. Get your ballots like the weekly super market ads and coupons you get in your mailbox. What could go wrong?

Projections are that 82% of the US population will live in urban areas by 2050. National Geographic defines urban as: “In the United States, settlements with 2,500 inhabitants or more are defined as urban.” Even though they consider urban to be only 2,500 or more, which many believe is much too low a number to be considered urban, the major metropolises of over a million will dominate and dictate. I live in a small southern rural county the largest city has a population of about 2800 to 2900 and it is not even remotely urban in nature. The top ten metropolitan areas in the US have a total of 84 million people as of 2016. The large urban areas and rural areas have vast differences in philosophy. (An interesting note. I lived in a small rural southern county where the black population number was close to the white population.. I have also lived in large cities and have found that blacks and whites in rural areas have more in common with each other than with their counterparts in large cities. Especially if religion plays a large part in their lives and communities.)

Another issue is the Democrats and elites have been preparing for widespread violence if Trump wins as I briefly mentioned above. The Democrats have already started laying the ground work for a long drawn out ballot counting process while it gives them time to “find” lost ballots.  Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg  has said he is going to prepare Facebook to help spread word that it is normal for an election to drag out for weeks. It is not normal. Obviously he is in on it too. He is spreading lies and they are believed because of who he is. (He has also donated hundreds of millions of dollars to the left.) Here is the link: (It has been taken down. Gee “Who’da thunk” it?)



It has come to light with incontrovertible proof that Twitter, Tik Tok (which is Chinese owned), the FBI, NSA and the military were in on it too.


TIME magazine had an article in their February 15, 2021 issue about a secret “shadow campaign” by elites to defeat Trump.  They tampered with the election. They admit it and still lie. It began before he even took office. The left can’t see it for what it is. Here is the link to the reality of a fixed election that they swear was not fixed.



Autonomy is the right of self-government often within the borders of an existing country but not necessarily within a country itself as it could be in a territory outside its borders.  Also what we in the United States call “States Rights” could be viewed as a type of autonomy but it has limitations by federal power.  Secession is formally withdrawing from a nation. There is a difference. True autonomy would not work with the United States. The right feels government should be small and the left envisions a 1984 type government with them as Big Brother but they don’t see it as repression. Big brother says “Freedom Is Slavery.”  Their heavy-handed, unnecessary, unreasonable dictatorial reactions and the turn in your neighbor for mowing his lawn and the shutting of businesses down for months forcing many out of business type policies they enacted during the coronavirus pandemic should confirm that. More proof would be forbidding church services but allowing riots or political rallies that mesh with their ideology. While these actions are vividly apparent for what they are to any reasonable observer they are seen as noble and necessary acts of heroism to leftists swallowing the same convoluted narratives of the Party in 1984: War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery and Ignorance is Strength. We could add “Betrayal is Loyalty.” and “Stupidity is Intelligence” to their backward, upside down list. The left has been programmed not to see it. There was a hypnotist that hypnotized people to not see or recognize the number seven (7). These were reasonably intelligent people and when hypnotized and given a column of figures to add with a seven in it they could not add them correctly. Always off by seven. When told to count their fingers they went:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11. They knew they had 10 fingers but always counted to 11 omitting the 7. When confronted their minds just went tilt trying to understand. You could tell that by the bewildered looks on their faces wondering why they counted 11 when they knew they only have 10 fingers. It is the same with liberals being confronted with facts. Their minds go tilt and they don’t see it. Look up the potentials and effectiveness and methods of applying hypnotism in The People Shapers by Vance Packard in the Books Worth Reading section of this site.


Various groups such as Muslims would go for autonomy to gain control of a region as they are doing now. Their goal is global domination. It is a basic core belief of their religion. There is a clamor for the acceptance of Sharia law within some Muslim communities now. The call to prayer is taking place in an increasing number of cities. Some are demanding employers give them time off during the day to pray often disrupting the facility. Look at pictures of cities with large numbers of Muslims in both Europe and the United States and you will find pictures of them blocking traffic while praying. There was a picture going around of them praying in an airliner aisle. Some inside our borders cheered in some American cities when the Trade Center Towers were destroyed. The left says it did not happen but I saw them cheering on TV. I saw the news clips. There are numerous videos of them publicly calling for violence against the US government. I am not anti Muslim it is the fact they do not assimilate and want the country to assimilate into them that I oppose. I am aware not all are extremists but the moderate Muslims are outnumbered by the fanatics. The Christian Church had its problems but there was a Reformation that challenged policies of the Church and brought about reforms and a more humane church. Also the times and technology were completely different. I do not see a serious Reformation movement within Islam with the exception from some living in Western nations and they are intimated by the hard-liners. The technology of today and the sheer numbers of people make a Reformation very difficult at best. These leftists are so mentally deficient they fail to understand if Islam becomes a majority they will become some of the first to be eliminated as Muslims hate atheists and immoral Westerners. (As soon as the anarchy they are creating collapses the West the “intellectual” professors and students, the media, the sports and Hollywood celebrities and the we/he/she/her/they/them/us/ binary, rainbow colored hair violent people will collect their “rewards”) The radical Muslims are holding the moderates in thrall. There are moderates and they should be given considerations for refugee status but they must assimilate. They can still have their religion as that is part of freedom. Below are links to some articles on Muslims forming their own patrols within their neighborhoods here in the U.S.. These go beyond citizens watches and patrols.



The link below is in their own words:



Rome suffered the fate of letting various groups into the empire and allowing them to form autonomous enclaves. Ramsey McMullen in “Corruption and the Decline of Rome” stated: “From Hadrianople, the victorious Goths, soon joined by other barbarian immigrant groups, turned to further pillage. They were quite unopposed. …… They received lands in Moesia and Pannonia on the condition that they would respond to conscription when needed. Others, by a far different arrangement of October 3, 382, were scattered over a region in Thrace to live there under their own laws and rulers. They had attained something they might truly call Gothia inside the empire.” This was within the borders of the empire and the author also wrote: “Notoriously, before the century was over, barbarian commanders of essentially barbarian armies had gained control of the empire’s fate, in civil wars and armed rampages around Asia Minor, Greece, the Balkans, or Italy. Tens of thousands resided permanently within the borders. The sack of Rome itself was a purely domestic affair.”  Meaning, of course, those they let in or brought in sacked the empire. The barbarians that sacked Rome and the empire actually had a better lifestyle and higher standard of living before the sack. The structure and unified state had more stability and security. Once those qualities dropped below a certain point collapse and violence become inevitable. We are close to that level now.We are closer to abject stupidity also.

Sacking can come in more than one form. Overloading the social services system to bring on economic collapse would be one such way. Another is mass immigration which changes the culture and also increases overloading the social services system. Of course releasing criminals and being heedless of reality helps too. Ignoring and condoning massive violence is another way. Bringing in a culture that wants to destroy ours and impose their own is another. I have no problem with others coming in but they must follow our rules and adapt to our culture. There is an old saying “When in Rome do as the Romans do.” Too bad that was not the policy in ancient Rome. When a culture no longer requires that immigrants assimilate they are on the way out. Encouraging, supporting and validating rioting and looting as many Democrat officials do pours gasoline on the fire. History repeats itself. Below from Truth Uncensored on a speaker from CAIR, Council on American Islamic Relations calling for them to join BLM in revolution against America.

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a U.S. based pro-Muslim group that enjoys close ties with President Obama, announced they are joining with #BlackLivesMatter and calling for a revolution in the United States and they plan on using this upcoming election to do so.

This is by a Muslim in CAIR:

“Black Lives Matter… Basically you [Muslims] are the new black people of America, you are being denied rights, you are being denied the American Dream… If we don’t stand, you will see Muslims murdered in the streets. We are the community that staged a revolution around the world.. why can’t we do that in America?”

“I believe we have at least 1 million Muslim eligible voters in this country. We have to register every single Muslim to vote in 2016. The Muslim vote can be the swing vote in major states,” CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad said at the Muslim American Society (MAS) and Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) annual conference in Chicago.

It is hard to believe we are this stupid.

They talk about being denied rights. What rights do they have in Muslim nations? If it was so great in Islamic nations why leave? There are two reasons why they left. The first is it wasn’t so great from where they left or they are here for the express purpose of undermining us. As far as black lives mattering in the thousand years of African slavery by Muslims the Muslims enslaved 20,000,000 blacks and murdered 80,000,000 getting those 20,000,000 to the final destination. Murder is an accurate description. They dragged them across the desert and if they became too weak to continue and fell they left them to die in the desert. Women and children were the majority of those that perished on the grueling trip. They took massive numbers because they knew the mortally rate would be very high. They castrated many young males between 6 and 10 years old to be harem attendants. The American Dream is what they hate. They did not have the rights to build it in their nations so they came here and when it was not just given to them they began claiming Islamophobia and are seeking to destroy or steal it. They lack the wherewithal for various reasons to build it so in rage they seek to destroy it. They could not build it because Western civilization is not in their psychology or religion. CAIR and the BLM and antifas and liberal supporters in government and universities cater to people that are for the most part intellectually or psychologically incapable of designing anything, building anything, maintaining anything or repairing anything already built. This is why many major in useless degrees such as gender studies or ethnic studies. Totally useless on a world stage. It gives them the facade of intelligence. They are only capable of destroying. After the collapse the inhabitants of what was the Roman Empire lived among the ruins they could neither build, maintain or repair. They also lack the emotional stability, the imagination and the industriousness to create. American leftists, and leftists in general, are parasites living off the past industriousness and inventiveness of others. Like all parasites they fail to understand when the host dies so do the parasites. Ten parasites can live off a hundred productive workers but a hundred parasites can not be supported by ten productive workers. They will find that out if the red and blue go their separate ways. At that point the blue areas, some anyway, will be able to be rejoined and reintegrated when reality hits.


Davos is a town in Switzerland that  hosts the annual  WEF, (World Economic Forum), that global political and business elites attend to discuss world problems that affect the globe: economics, environmental issues, terrorism, global warming, politics etc. I am not opposed to elites meeting and discussing such vital issues as they obviously have the intelligence and are in positions to do things that need to be done that politicians and the mob, which seems to be a substantial portion of the human population, are not in a position to do. The reason politicians aren’t is because they have to cater to the mob and mobs are mindless. The WEF crowd live in a world of theories about how to make a perfect world.The video below is what they have planned for you. Not for themselves of course. Soros is part of the Davos crowd. This is what the ultimate result of the Soros and leftist agenda will be. As you watch think of the fact the urban areas differ from the rural in a number of things. One is rural areas have wells while urban areas have city water. Think about the potential ramifications of that. The following video is what the elites (including George Soros as predictable) are planning for you right now as you are watching it.


They are proposing what they call “15 minute cities.” Everything that would be considered necessities would be within a 15 minute walk of where you live. This eliminates the need for automobile travel which would cut down on carbon emissions. China has some and they are each within a confined area that has a fence with entry gates. In order to leave one and enter another requires an identification card to do so. You need permission to enter or leave one. They have extensive surveillance camera systems with facial recognition capabilities. They also have a cashless society where you purchase everything with credits. There is no cash as cash is valueless. If you step out of line in any way you are fined by credits being deducted from your account. Some people say they are conspiracy theories but they are real and are being planned by  governments today. At this time they are in the planning process of going to a cashless society in many nations including the US. They have been setting the dominoes in place for a long time. Much of the psychology is a large part of our life today. Credit and debit cards. I use them  myself a lot. Also part of the plan is to make crime so rampant people will be willing to sacrifice some of their freedoms to be safe. This why Soros funds district attorneys that do not prosecute crimes and allow dangerous people to roam the streets. It is to their advantage. Keep in mind how many so called conspiracy theories have proven to be factual.

I understand the reasoning behind these cities. Humanity is not a very self disciplined species. If it was we would not need laws. It would cut down on pollution by eliminating the vast amount of vehicular travel.  It also would be easier to control crime and if a crime was committed it would be impossible for the criminals to escape. The entire city is literally a vast prison complex. There is not one aspect of your life they do not control. They control your job, your dwelling, your transportaion, your medical issues, our food and everything else. It is far beyond anything in science fiction novels of dystopian futures. They make Orwell’s novel 1984 look like a freedom paradise. As I said I agree with a good percentage of what the WEF and like minded people see as problems but I differ on the solutions. There is no doubt they are brilliant scientists, engineers, businessmen and women but they are also the type that lack any concept of safety, security and common sense. They are the type that level an apartment building complex trying light a pilot light on a gas stove.

In the video it speaks of basically two societies with separate philosophies. One consists of the cities where everyone can be likened as just one in a herd like cows and the other consists of the rural areas were people are still individuals. It is a no-brainer to realize which one is red and which one is blue. People in the cities are so equal they will all own nothing. Nothing!!!! Not even the clothes you wear are yours. They say you will own nothing and be happy. They also say you will eat bugs. They do!!!! Your home isn’t yours. There would be no individual homes only apartment buildings..  They of course would own private homes. There also would be no place for children or pets if you analyze the set up and think about it. Children would have be born in some birth type factories somewhere and integrated into the collective at a certain age like the Borg collective on Star Trek or some other futuristic design. The destruction of the family unit is purposely being implemented. It is a step in destroying loyalty and love. Once that is done the “birth factory” could be established in some form or another. As you could see from the video the individual was being replaced with the collective. Many scifi stories have that theme. Pets have no place in a brave new socialist world. They are a symbol of decadence and ostentatious display of capitalist values. Think it won’t happen? Type into a search bar the following: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reportedly condemns pet ownership as a ‘decadence’ and orders dogs be confiscated. It is from Business Insider Aug 18, 2020. There are two theories floating around about it. The first is just what it says. The second is they are falling behind in food production and dogs are being picked up for food. Also keep in mind today in socialist Venezuela they are eating their pets and zoo animals. Here is another by  Janelle Harris a senior writer for The North Star. Obviously she is an imbecile regardless of what her education and IQ might be. They want you to sign up for a 7 day free trial to The North Star though.


Another excellent book is Anthem” by Ayn Rand. In it the main character always refers to himself as “we” or “us” or “our” never I or me or my. That makes it a little difficult to follow  at times but it is a good look at the future these intellectuals have in store for us. The “woke” crowd is already coming up with ludicrous pronouns. Keep in mind it was written in 1937. As I have said science fiction has much more often than not been accurately prophetic on the future. These intellectuals and elites are discussing these theories now. They live in theoretical worlds where the rules do not apply to them and they have no consequences of being wrong. They look at us as little more than guinea pigs. Something they don’t consider in their bizarre fantasies are disasters. The city people would have no way of coping with a disaster either natural or man made. They would perish as they would not know what to do because they can’t think, have no common sense and cannot fathom anything that complicates their unicorn fantasy world. Everything is done for them and provided for them. Everything is routine and any complications derail their lives. Even minor things confuse them. Rural residents would chip in and work together. Actually if you think about it the rural residents would actually be more valuable to the elites. From their ranks would come those with potential because of the ability to think independently. They would make better soldiers, cops, detectives, mechanics and a host of other occupations that require thought and analysis. They would make better explorers and settlers for other worlds. City dwellers would be little more than programmed droids.  It is doubtful the “superior city slickers? would know how to work a screwdriver.

If the red and blue separated the red could maintain accurate records of the past as the blue would be altering history and the meanings of words to suit their fantasies. To avoid repeating past mistakes or making blunders in areas of safety and security you need to know the past accurately. They can’t see it but most of us can see there would be a loss of incentive and innovation. Which society would business be better off in? Which side would the military be better off in? Can you imagine what will happen to the military if the above cities were in charge? What about NASA? Who grows the food? These people have not understood the simple premise that “Everyone’s responsibility is no one’s responsibility.”  I will get into why businesses would be receptive to the red areas later but keep the video on “the privacyless city” of the future in mind as to why businesses would be willing to relocate to red areas from blue, which many are doing. There are a lot of businesses that  would go out of business. Cafes, numerous stores, motels, gas stations, auto repair shops, car dealerships, restaurants, clothing stores (remember you don’t own your clothes), entertainment parks like Disneyland etc. In 15 minute cities you don’t walk 7 1/2  minutes and get a motel room for the night. No need for motels. The residents of  blue areas would have no sense of responsibility. To me this would be a form of captivity. We are all dependent on others and the government to some extent so no one is totally free but we have struck a happy medium and balance weighing one thing against another. The first pilot episode of Star Trek titled “The Cage”  had some of the crew of the Enterprise kidnapped and placed in a setting where everything was provided for them but they were confined to a certain area. When they realized there  was no escape they were going to commit suicide by setting a phaser (energy pistol) on overload to explode and kill themselves.. The species that captured them was shocked and accessed human history via their abilities to read minds and the mind’s memories and let them go saying: “The history and customs of your species shows a unique hatred of captivity. Even when it is benevolent and pleasant you prefer death.” The city dwellers that owned nothing would be happy as a herd of cows and probably half as smart. As I said earlier if we ran into a species of carnivores in our exploration of space these city dwellers would be of some value as most cows are.

Folks we better wake up.


The Democrat’s tactics are designed to break the bank to bring financial ruin and collapse the system and blame it on the rich, on business, the GOP. the military and now toss in the police for good measure. They have politicized a pandemic and have fomented rioting, arson, looting and murder.  Remember the quotes about the positions of the Haves and Have-nots by Hoppe and Wells in previous essays. The coronavirus bills the Democrats have written have large sums of money going to their pet projects that have absolutely nothing to do with the virus. These bills are preposterous. They give them noble sounding titles. The “Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act” was 1500 pages and the one dubbed the HEROES Act is 1815 pages with 347,000 words. The new 1.9 trillion dollar bill that contains the COVID relief package is part of a bill that is 5,593 pages. Of all the US dollars in circulation 40% have been printed since the Democrats have taken power. This is going to bring about massive inflation as the money is becoming worth less and less.

Again and again I ask are we really that stupid? We all know the answer don’t we? They act as though these ponderous documents were just recently written for the virus and not planned a long time ago. If they were just written they were thrown together in haste without thought to consequences. They merely added a few words about the virus to already written bills for some pet projects and rewards to people that support them. They have shut down the economy to make people desperate and give out stimulus checks. They are buying votes using a situation they created as justification. I find it a stroke of luck for the Democrats the virus hit. They can use the virus to leverage their unrealistic demands and blame it on realists when it doesn’t pass or when the system collapses. These add about eight trillion dollars on the already astronomical national debt that we will never be able to pay off. The newest one has earmarked hundreds of billions of dollars to bail out liberal, Democrat run cities and states. And they talk about the red states being the leeches. Those bailouts can be described by such idioms as: “The straw that broke the camel’s back” and “the doubloon that sank the ship.” When the camel’s back breaks or the ship sinks remember which party tossed the last straw or final doubloon, the Democrats. (November of 2023 the mayor of Chicago is asking Biden for 5 billion for the migrant problem he and those that voted for him are responsible for. My attitude is as they say in the Russian south: “toughsky shitsky ya’all”.) The Democrat leaders want the system to collapse because in chaos and social problems they thrive. They are also “stuffing the ballot boxes” by enfranchising many, via DMV licensing (motor voter) backdoor voter registration tactics, that are basically either social burdens or lack understanding of democracy and have nothing to lose and everything to gain. In other words they have no skin in the game and want some of yours. I worked at a food processing plant and there have been 6 semi truck drivers that have licenses with gold stars on them. That means they can get into government installations including military ones. These licenses have a last name and where the first name is suppose to be it has “no given name.” All have been foreigners from the middle east that speak very little English. One had his birthdate listed as 1996 which would have put him at the age of 27.  He looked like in his 40s. He was asked if he gave a last name and he said yes. When asked why it wasn’t on there he said they didn’t care. These are known as a REAL ID. Since you probably are skeptical Google REAL ID.. The Democrats are also using Strategic Engineered Migration in conjunction with the Cloward-Piven Stratagy. I gave the definition of the last two tactics in earlier essays. To save you looking them up I will do a quick partial recap of them.

The Cloward-Piven Stratagy:

From Wikipedia: “The Cloward–Piven strategy is a political strategy outlined in 1966 by American sociologists and political activists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven that called for overloading the U.S. public welfare system in order to precipitate a crisis that would lead to a replacement of the welfare system with a socialist system of “a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty” “

“The authors pinned their hopes on creating disruption within the Democratic Party.”

Strategic Engineered Migration:

From Strategic Engineered Migration as a Weapon of War by Kelly M. Greenhall  “Strategic engineered migration refers to those in-or out-migrations as those deliberately induced or manipulated by state or non-state actors, in ways to augment, reduce, or change the composition of the population residing within a particular territory, for political or military ends.”

We are watching the Democrats flood the nation with immigrants. They are buying future votes that way and appealing to the emotional rather than the smarter or more productive elements of society. Again I ask are we really this stupid? You know the answer.


Importing large numbers of Muslims into the United States is a recipe for disaster. It has been for Europe. One of several Trojan horses that we foolishly took in. Their philosophy calls for global domination and subjugation or executing non-Muslims. The sermons and harangues of their religious leaders and the rantings, babbling and actions of Muslims in our government verify that. They express it and make no qualms about it. Liberals don’t even care. Point it out to liberals and you become the villain and are insulted or assaulted. Muslims are culturally incompatible with Western values. I understand and know there are moderate Muslims but they are held in fear of the hardliners. The majority that are flooding Europe and the U.S. are males between late teens to the mid to upper thirties. The 6 mentioned earlier with REAL IDs were in this catagory. This is by design and the nature of the beast. In Islam a man may have up to four wives if he can support them. What that boils down to is 100% of the women could belong to 25% of the men. This is, of course, not the case in reality but under their system it is possible and it makes the point that there are many Muslim males that do not have a chance to have a wife and family. Males in that age bracket of any race, religion or culture tend to be less stable and the cause of many foolish, immature and violent actions. In other words they cause trouble. The governments of Muslim nations find it better for them if the males of that age were somewhere else and there seems to be only one culture, Western, that is too stupid to see long term consequences.

Liberals also do not  learn from the past. Castro in Cuba emptied his jails, prisons and mental institutions and sent them to the United States. President Jimmy Carter, being a liberal, ignored or was oblivious to it. Having criminals and crazies dropped in their midst created many serious issues for the responsible and respectable Cuban community.  China understands the Muslim danger and has one million Muslims in mental institutions. Muslims are not compatible with any group other than Muslims and they don’t even get along with themselves. Of  course I must say in the interest of fairness the Christians have had the same problem throughout history. In the lifetimes of many alive today there are memories of the Protestants of Britain and the Catholics of Ireland doing a great job of killing each other. Any group wishing to enter should be welcome on a case by case basis and they MUST assimilate.


Seymour W, Itzkoff in “The Decline of Intelligence in America” quoted George F. Kennan on immigration:

We also ought to ask ourselves, before we assure ourselves that we could comfortably accommodate further waves of immigration, where, if anywhere, the limits of this complacency are to be found. This is a big world. Billions – rapidly increasing billions – of people live outside our borders. Obviously, a great number of them, being much poorer than they think most of us are, look enviously over those borders and would like, if they could to come here . . .

“. . . . The possibility has never become apparent to us that in some instances, where the disparity between what these people were leaving behind and what they were coming into was too great, the new arrivals, even in the process of adjusting to our political tradition, actually change it. One need only look at our great-city ghettos or the cities of Miami and Los Angeles to satisfy oneself that what we are confronted with here are real and extensive cultural changes . . .

“Just as water seeks its own level, so relative prosperity, anywhere in the world, tends to suck in poverty from adjacent regions to the lowest levels of employment. But since poverty is sometimes a habit, sometimes even an established way of life, the more prosperous society, by indulging this tendency, absorbs not only poverty into itself but other cultures in the bargain, it is sometimes quite overcome, in the long run, by what it is trying to absorb.”

This is what is happening now. The Democrats are engineering this in order to politically enfranchise themselves with the “open borders” policies they promote. It started with President Lyndon Johnson with his immigration reform policy. This policy allowed anyone, even with no useful skills, to come in and bring their family before they could support them, and guess who supported them? The answer is the people here that actually provide a good or service to the country and pay the bills. The Democrats are now using it by appealing to the emotions of those U.S. citizens motivated by emotions rather than reason and intelligent, rational thinking. The idea is to overload the social services systems as in the Cloward-Piven Strategy and to pack the voter roles. This strategy was concocted at the same time the Democrats changed the immigration policies to facilitate this strategy.  These refugees and immigrants are coming from third world nations mainly in Central and South Americas, Africa and the Middle East. Those most likely to have no skills and need public assistance.

The United States has taken in refugees and immigrants from all over the world. Many come for freedom and to better themselves. Many were in abject poverty without adequate food and other basic necessities. Keep in mind the majority came to get and human nature being what it is, if not regulated, will take the path of least resistance which is to become public wards weakening an already over burdened system. The problem with immigration is many do not assimilate. A culture is successful when everyone pulls their own weight. In order for people to pull their own weight smoothly and efficiently they need to speak a common language and have the same core values. Adequate communication is such a basic component to a cohesive society it is beyond the ability of a normal sane person to understand why some don’t understand the need. Also a standardized education is another basic component. Everyone has to be on the same page in basic subjects..

In  the Bible there is the story of the Tower of Babel about when the whole world spoke one language: It is a good case for a common language. This is from Genesis 11: 1 thru 9. (Interesting factoid: the Tower of Babel is reputed to be the world’s first skyscraper.)

11 : 1 Now the whole world had one language and a common speech. 2  As people moved eastward,[a] they found a plain in Shinar[b] and settled there.

3 They said to each other, “Come, let’s make bricks and bake them thoroughly.” They used brick instead of stone, and tar for mortar. 4 Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves; otherwise we will be scattered over the face of the whole earth.”

5 But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower the people were building. 6 The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. 7 Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.”

8 So the Lord scattered them from there over all the earth, and they stopped building the city. 9 That is why it was called Babel—because there the Lord confused the language of the whole world. From there the Lord scattered them over the face of the whole earth.

Most Christians believe it happened overnight but the account doesn’t give the time span. It could well have happened over years. It gives a good example of problems, which are inevitable,  that arise in a multilingual society. If you take ten workers who each speak a different language with none in common and put them on a project how much do you think will be accomplished. A successful, prosperous society can only be achieved with a common language.

Here are a few thoughts on immigration from Robert D. Kaplan’s “The Coming Anarchy”:

“. . . . as  refugee flows increase, and as peasants continue migrating to cities around the world – turning them into sprawling villages – national borders will mean less, even as more power will fall into the hands of the less educated, less sophisticated groups. In the eyes of these uneducated, but newly empowered millions, the real borders are the most tangible and intractable ones: those of culture and tribe. . . . .Consider that Indian cities, like African and Chinese ones, are ecological time bombs –Delhi and Calcutta, and also Beijing, suffer the worst air quality of any cities in the world –and it is apparent how surging populations, environmental degradation, and ethnic conflict, are deeply related.

“. . . .  Whatever the laws, refugees find a way to crash official borders, bringing their passions with them, meaning that Europe and the United States will be weakened by cultural disputes.”

“. . . In Brazil and other countries democracy faces a backlash from millions of badly educated and newly urbanized dwellers in teeming slums, who see few palpable benefits to Western parliamentary systems. Their discontent is the reason for the multifold increases in crime in many Latin American cities over the past decade.

“Because both a middle-class and civil institutions are required for successful democracy, Democratic Russia, which inherited neither from the Soviet regime, remains violent, unstable, and miserably poor despite its 99% literacy rate. Under its authoritarian system China has dramatically improved the quality of life for hundreds of millions of its people. . . . .”


Steven Pinker in “The Blank Slate” wrote about the dangers of bringing in people from outside:

“Beginning with Ashley Montagu in 1952, thinkers with collectivist sympathies have tried to eke out a place for unmeasured generosity by invoking group selection, a Darwinian competition among groups of organisms rather than among individual organisms. The hope is that groups whose members sacrifice their interests for the common good will out compete those in which every man is for himself, and as a result generous impulses will come to prevail in the species. Williams dashed the dream in 1966 when he pointed out that unless a group is genetically fixed and hermetically sealed, mutants or immigrants constantly infiltrate it. A selfish infiltrator would soon take over the group with its descendants, who are more numerous because they have reaped the advantages of others’ sacrifices without making their own. This would happen long before the group could parlay its internal cohesion into victory over neighboring groups and bud off new offspring groups to repeat the process.”