Opening Note


I want to start out stating that my use of Third Age is not to be confused with New Age and the word Matrix is not viewed as the type of matrix depicted in several movies. New Age is often associated with wood nymphs flitting through meadows, satyrs blowing on flutes, hippie communes with hippies scattering flowers or it is associated with some bizarre cults and theologies. I chose the name Third Age Matrix as I have always liked the science fiction series “Babylon V” and their use of the term Third Age. (I actually like all science fiction.  I believe the famous science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke was right when he said “Politicians should read science fiction, not westerns and detective stories.”) Science fiction has been extremely prophetic, eerily so.  I had originally intended to write a book titled “The Dialectic Matrix for the Third Age of Mankind” but I decided to put it on the web instead. When I did I shortened the title for the web page to Third Age Matrix. The Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary defines “matrix” as “something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form.” That is the context of my use of the word matrix. And again using Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary “dialectic”, which applies but is omitted from the web title, is defined as “any systematic reasoning, exposition, or argument that juxtaposes opposed or contradictory ideas and usually seeks to resolve their conflict.” No one can doubt or deny humanity is conflicted (and confused). Look around you. Talk to a college student. Our survival and that of our descendants hinges on becoming “unconflicted” and unconfused focusing on a unified goal.


“The Jedi and the Sith will always be at war. They are each wholly uncompromising; their rigid philosophies make no room for mutual existence. But what they fail to realize is that they are merely two sides of the same coin.: light and dark. You cannot have one without the other.”                          Star Wars “Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil”  by Drew Karpyshyn     

I believe the red areas have compromised and compromised and compromised by remaining civilized while the United States and the West are being violently and deceitfully destroyed from within. It is also being done purposely. In the above Darth Bane Star Wars series it explained that the Jedi erroneously thought the Sith were defeated and extinct. They made that mistake more than once. Each time those mistakes cost them dearly. We made the same mistake when the Soviet Union collapsed. We thought “we won, we won” and just went our merry, prideful, oblivious way. We underestimated the communists and the wealthy elites and focused on our individual shallow pursuits instead.  A mistake that has in the past, is in the present and will in the future cost us dearly. Will we ever learn?

 Despite all the problems we have space exploration must be that unified goal I spoke of. Humanity is not sustainable and will perish if we do not expand and there is no where to expand to but out. Out to our solar system and then beyond. Our technology, our rapidly expanding population with its’ accompanying and predictable problems, our intellectual decline and our rapidly declining resources have forced our hand. We have no choice. I will drive the “we have no choice” mantra home often. I believe the only way out of our precarious situation and to move forward is space as it will give a focused goal with exciting and greatly beneficial results.  The entire world was riveted to television monitors when America put a man on the Moon. F.A. Hayek said: “….always keep in mind: that there is little question that almost every one of the technical ideals of our experts could be realized within a comparatively short time if to achieve them were made the sole aim of humanity.”  Other issues, including social issues, could and would be solved because they prevent a smooth running society and for the goal of space to be accomplished society must run fairly smooth. However, I also believe that the difference between the red and blue philosophies creates too wide a gulf to be bridged. It would be better if the nation could remain united but the irrational nature of the blue is making it impossible.  The blue are presently, and will continue, to sabotage and undermine any space related project. They claim otherwise but a society of crime and poverty as they are creating makes space programs impossible. The chaos they create diverts our attention and the necessary natural, human and financial resources to social problems. Donald Trump understood the importance of a space force for which many of the blue excoriated him. Again, as with everything else, he was right. The red states and blue states and like counties must go their separate ways. A nation must be created that encourages and assists the wealthy in developing space travel. It is obvious the government itself is not going to do it. The wealthy should be the financial advisors not some woke, college educated egghead that has no concept of economics or the real world. The success of what some are calling a “national divorce” hinges on the red states and red counties staying united. If the left wins the 2024 election we better have a plan in place. The depths to which they will stoop has been proven to have no bottom. The double standard, the political witch hunts and political persecutions have proven the two philosophies totally incompatible. The numerous arrests and charging of former President Trump is so bogus and blatantly politically motivated only a dishonest or an intellectually defective person would deny it.  I hope to lay out a strong case for separation. It is now past the tipping point. We are now looking at survival in a condition worth surviving in and if the red states and counties stay united it will increase the odds in their favor. The left and right are incompatible. I am not saying we shun all contact with them, especially on a trade level, but that both have borders where the red and the blue run things by their own ideological standards. Accept the fact that at this point there is no choice.

This is being added Friday, May 12, 2023. This alone warrants an immediate separation of the two philosophies by geographical boundaries determined by ideological beliefs. There is absolutely no choice at this point. It is the only way the red can protect themselves from the insanity that is overwhelming us. Title 42 has ended which basically prevented mass immigration unchecked. It was put into place during the Trump administration to prevent the spread of COVID cases from entering the country. The left’s hatred of Trump has become pathological and is a mental illness. They do the opposite of Trump just out of spite. Just because something is wrong the exact opposite is not necessarily right. I fail to see that Trump was wrong about anything of significance. Their blind, irrational hatred is on the verge of toppling the nation. The following explains Title 42 and is from Eyewitness News ABC7  05/12/23:  The expiring rules, known as Title 42, have been in place since March 2020. They allow border officials to quickly return asylum seekers back over the border on grounds of preventing the spread of COVID-19.


Here are a few tidbits about immigration

TITLE: :NYC to pay over $1 billion in hotel costs for migrants


TITLE: US allows work permits for about 500,000 Venezuelan migrants

The hidden reason for it:



Overall the majority are the poor that are looking to enter the land flowing with milk and honey but within the flood of refugees coming across the southern US border has mixed in it numerous gang and cartel members, rapists, murderers, political agents of hostile foreign powers and mentally ill individuals. We never learn. During the Mariel boat lift bringing Cuban refugees from Cuba to the United states Castro released many criminals from prisons and many from mental institutions and sent them with the refugees. This stigmatized and created obstacles and problems for the respectable Cuban-American community.  An entry in Wikipedia said “A 1985 Sun Sentinel magazine article claimed that out of the around 125,000 refugees that entered the United States, around 16,000 to 20,000 were estimated to be criminals. In a 1985 report around 350 to 400 Mariel Cubans were reported to inhabit Dade County jails on a typical day.[43]” This was the result of a Democrat administration of course. We did not know who many were just as we do not know who many are now. Many have no identification. How do you know who you are letting in? It is basically a pot-luck free-for-all. It is using the same political philosophy as ignoring smash and grab looting now rampant.

The left supports crime as it creates social problems which they thrive on. Nations in Central America, South America and Africa have been releasing prisoners from prisons and mental patients from mental institutions and they join the stream of migrants. The cartels have been sending gang members for years. The numbers now have increased. They are helping the criminals sent by other nations. This is done to create chaos and topple the US. This alone should make separation from the blue areas a “no-brainer”. It has to be done. That is the only way the red can protect themselves. Accept the fact the blue areas are lost.  They have brought it on themselves. The red do not have to be part of the disaster that is unfolding. If the red stays with them they deserve what is coming. Let the Democrats bear the responsibility and burden since that is what they voted for. We must also be aware of the potential of the Chinese moving on the blue areas as they know they will surrender without a fight.  Here is a link to the Border Patrol releasing immigrants without a court date. We don’t know who they, probably over half, are. They have no papers or IDs.  How many do you think will show up for court? How many are gang members and criminals? How many have mental issues? How many have medical issues? How many have useful skills? Be realistic.

Criminal gangs and the cartels will be running the nation as is the case in many third world nations.. Here are three links to non-citizens being allowed to become police officers. How stupid can we be? This is insanity. The standards have been lowered to the point decent people do not want to be police officers. Picking lower and lower on the ladder the end result will be only the violent and the criminals will be cops. Let the Democrat cities live with the consequences of their votes. And what will be the consequences? The consequences will be crime infested cites that will keep most people home after dark. Consequences will also be 15 minute cities where they are within a 15 minutes walk of everything they need. Walk because they want to do away with the private automobile. I emphasize there is a difference between need and want. There will be very few jobs. They are being replaced now by automation. There will be very few restaurants. Maybe 10% of what there are now. Also maybe 10% of the following: private cars, gas stations, bars, tourism, sports stadium sports, motels, clothing stores and a long list of other businesses. Most of the population will have no money. They will get a government allotment that will barely cover rent and food. No extra for personal wants. Credits will replace money as we know it. The credits are issued to you and unlike money they expire if you do not use them by a certain expiration date. If you misbehave you get a reduction in your food allotment. Travel will disappear as you will not be allowed to accumulate credits as they expire. Most will have no money (credits) beyond very basic needs. As the World Economic Forum says you will own nothing and be happy. If you don’t believe this research it. It is being planned now and is now slowly being implemented in some countries. The behind the scenes controllers of the present administrations in the US and some other Western nations are on board. Once implemented if you protest be sure and let everyone know how it works for you. (I’d laugh about that except it is not funny.)


From San Francisco

HEADLINE: Citizenship no longer required to be CA peace officer



From Aurora Colorado

HEADLINE: Colorado City Removes Citizenship Requirement For First Responders



From Denver Colorado


Western civilization is declining and will, without draconian measures, ultimately collapse from multiple causes. Since this was originally written things have changed…….they’ve gone from bad to worse. Now the reality is the US and the West actually are collapsing. As imperfect as Western civilization is it is the best humanity has come up with to date. Western civilization is not unique in and of itself and can best be described as a compilation of some aspects of numerous civilizations throughout history. It took what was considered the best qualities and what worked from these past cultures, societies and civilizations and incorporated them into Western civilization. Western civilization is, or was until the present day “wokeism” is trying to destroy it, a work still in progress. It could move no faster than humanity could absorb it and adapt to it. Western civilization, although secular, sprang from the seeds of Christianity but the soil was tilled and “fertilized” during the eight to ten thousand years before that starting with the advent of agriculture and subsequent civilizations. The fact that much of the culture and economics of Western civilization has appealed to so many and is presently dominating much of the globe, (even among many that claim to despise it), gives credibility to its desirability and viability. The time has come to accept reality and realize we have some hard choices to make, many of them very unpleasant. Choices we would not have had to make if we would have been diligent. If we do not make these choices worse choices will be made for us by circumstances beyond our control and Western civilization will totally collapse. These circumstance forced “choices” are now unthinkable and unimaginable but if our problems are ignored or mismanaged they are unavoidable and inevitable. Most that slander Western civilization owe their very existence to it and if it collapses all the slow, painful gains in knowledge and human rights over the last dozen millennia will collapse with it and we will face a world far more dark and barbaric than the Middle Ages. Many think a glorious Phoenix will arise from the ashes but there will be no glorious Phoenix only the Four Horsemen: Pestilence, Famine, War and Death. It is obvious they are emerging now. Nor will there be any place to run to and hide because economically, socially and environmentally we are also heading for a complete planetary collapse. It will be a massive “domino effect” the horrors of which will be unimaginable. The dominoes are beginning to fall and the only solution is to remove some dominoes from further down the line to interrupt the flow.


When this was originally written it was a short intro, titled as such, but the disastrous events it addresses have mushroomed exponentially in both the time frame and the actual events and the situation is becoming worse daily. As I said I had originally started to write a book but decided on this approach as it would be free and more readily available. It requires more eloquence than I have to write a book. There are a few spots in this I am not happy with but I think I was able to get my points across, although perhaps a bit clumsily, but there are quotes from very articulate and highly intelligent people to help make up for my deficiencies. I go through it from time to time and find something I could have worded better and I reword it. Also I occasionally add new things that come to light that add support to or verify the theme of this site but the bad news is coming in so fast it is impossible to keep up with it. Since it is undoubtedly being read on a computer, cellphone or some device with internet capabilities it will be easy to look up provided links or to verify information for yourselves. We are out of time and money and we must start moving towards the goals of safety, security, stability, sanity and survival all of which are in jeopardy due to our increasing population, increasing corruption, declining resources, declining intelligence and increasing mental instability.  Deny it or not that is reality. Although things have been building slowly and happening for decades the pace has accelerated due to technology and some of the latest few things should be the straws that broke the camel’s back of complacency and snapped enough (hopefully) back to reality. As I said things are happening and collapsing so fast it is impossible to keep up with them. This destruction is all planned by many, not all, of the upper “elites” and others that will be discussed in the future and is supported by those in the general population with a low level of intelligence, a lack of critical thinking ability and a high level of emotions. There are many aspects of what these behind the scenes, shadowy entities say and propose I agree with and understand their reasoning 100% but they are undermining themselves and society and bringing about disaster which will engulf them too. Most humans can accept unpleasant things, even outright hardships, if presented with the facts and told the truth. In the movie “Oh God” George Burns playing the role of God said about humanity we are at our “best when things are at their worst.”


It is beyond obvious the military top echelon has been compromised and is no longer able or willing to defend us. The upper echelon is now comprised of too many social justice warriors not combat warriors and too many politicians with personal agendas not soldiers. They are now teaching woke ideology in training. We possibly will lose the next war. After that the civilian social justice warriors and woke mobs and professors that have brought this about will no longer be problems. They will be no where to be found. They will be victims, literally, of their own success and will no longer be needed by the new regime and will actually be more trouble than they are worth. Not a good position to be in considering the history of communists dealing with those they consider useless or trouble. History and human nature makes their inevitable fates easily and accurately predictable.

Biden has been releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserves (SPR). These were designed for domestic use ONLY during emergencies such as war, hurricanes, earthquakes etc but he has been releasing them to try and reduce gas prices before a critical election. He also has been selling hem to foreign interests including China. It does not belong to him it belongs to the United States. The president is not the country. We are now down to a 25 day supply. Saudi Arabia has reduced their production by 2 million barrels a day while Biden is releasing some of ours from the SPR to try and keep gas prices low before the election. Of course selling it to foreign interests does nothing for us. It is a proven fact he begged Saudi  Arabia to not cut oil production until after the mid-term elections of November 2022 so as not to raise gas prices before such a critical election. (This information was released by the Saudis.) They also made a statement that they were not our friends. (Don’t forget he insulted the Saudis publicly on TV over the killing of journalist Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi shortly prior to the begging.). Our petroleum reserves are now at the lowest they have been in decades. If a disaster happens and we need oil we are in serious trouble. Also when we refill them we will be paying more than he sold it for as the price of oil is going up. (No one should be so lacking in intelligence as to believe he did not receive a kickback of some type or another or they have damning evidence against him.)  He also stopped our domestic oil production so we will have to buy it from somewhere else. Without oil we will not make it through whatever crises occurs. He crippled America’s ability to produce it’s own oil to help in keeping his campaign promise to end the petroleum industry. To be dependent on foreign nations, especially those that do not like us, makes us vulnerable. Energy powers a nation. A nation without energy is not in charge of itself but is at the whims of nations that have energy. I am beginning to think he is saving the resources we have available for the Chinese. When they take over they will need resources. There should be no doubt in anyone’s  mind that he is a “Manchurian candidate.” He is in the pockets of the Chinese and their businesses.

Here is a link to an article from Bloomberg about Biden going to refill the SPR at around 80 dollars a barrel when the Democrats stopped Trump from totally filling it at 24 dollars a barrel. Think about that.


From January 28 to February 4, 2023 a Chinese spy balloon traversed the United States. It was allowed to completely cross the entire United States under the bogus pretense that if shot down it might land on people. It was finally shot down AFTER it crossed the entire country from the Pacific to the Atlantic. It was spotted over Montana by a civilian. How did it get there without the military spotting it? Only two explanations are possible. Only two. One is our military is extremely incompetent or Biden and the military are in the pockets of the Chinese. If you can think of a third don’t keep it to yourself. Here is a link to an article by NBC stating it gathered sensitive military information.

And why should we worry about China? Here is why. The titles say it all but if you feel the titles are not accurate watch the videos.


“KILL AMERICANS” China’s new education campaign in school. The word kill is hidden by the Watch on YouTube insert.


Expert warns that the window to stop China is “closing very fast’


This was just posted July 03, 2023.


The red stand a much better chance if not handicapped by the blue. Let’s face reality the blue areas are lost. They would actually work against any positive plans. They are just too far removed from reality.


Biden is also in the pocket of the most corrupt nation in Europe: Ukraine. He has sent a large amount of military equipment, including missiles, to Ukraine for their war with Russia leaving us dangerously low on equipment and we will be unable to adequately defend ourselves if necessary.  This is after the Chinese spy balloon traversed the entire country from Alaska to South Carolina where it was shot down over the Atlantic due to public pressure.  We seem to have enough missiles to waste shooting down balloons after they complete their mission. We are also sending them tens of billions of dollars  He has given Ukraine over 40 billion dollars with no accountability as to what the money is being spent on. Anyone that asks is considered a Russian collaborator. As of the latest update the total amount sent to Ukraine is now 91 billion dollars. Another update: Now it is over a 100 billion and Ukrainian President Zelenskyy was in our congress telling us to send more money. If you watched his speech you realize how con-men like Bernie Madoff and Sam Bankman Fried can so easily swindle so many people. (Another update. Now, Feb 2023, Biden went to Ukraine and offered another 500 million some of which is going for Ukrainian pensions. This is while our social security is on the verge of going bankrupt. Justify that.) Also keep in mind he was in Ukraine when a town in Ohio was the site of a train wreck that spilled toxic chemicals and then these chemicals were burned spreading toxic materials all over the town and beyond. The present Democrats and some traitorous Republicans are literally looting our treasury. Biden and his worthless, sleazy, corrupt, incompetent administration has done nothing except lie to them saying there is no danger. Trump be it noted went and visited them.

Anyone that thinks Zelenskyy and Biden  are  not skimming and receiving kickbacks is delusional. Remember when Biden was vice president he threatened a Ukrainian prosecutor that  was closing in on him and his son for illegal activity in a Ukrainian oil company.. He gave the prosecutor 6 hours to butt out and drop the investigation or billions in aid would be cut off to Ukraine from the Obama administration. There is a video of him saying it publicly. He and his son have extensive business dealings, criminal I might add, in both China and Ukraine. Biden has been bought or those two nations have some damning evidence on them or both. Both nations having dirt on them is likely due to their flawed characters and extensive economic interests they have as individuals with both nations. That is betrayal and betrayal is treason plain and simple..

Leaked documents now show Ukraine is losing the war despite what the present administration, both civilian and military, and media have been telling us. They have lied to us. It has been proven they lied but they merely double down on the lies and name call those that call them out. As I said we have sent way over $100 billion to Ukraine. My thoughts are the Biden administration, as well as the prior administrations of both Bushes, Clinton, Carter, and Obama have purposely sabotaged the United States to weaken it and help usher in the global government and limit the freedom of its’ citizens. The elimination of cash and conversion to some form of digital currency has been in the planning stage for decades and is now being set up. The collapse of the dollar has been engineered to facilitate it. There are other Western nations that are further ahead of us. Australia and some nations in Europe are cases in point. Google it and check on YouTube.


The Democrats and the left are validating child abuse, genital mutilation and promoting the grooming of children barely past the toddler stage for sexual acts with adults. This grooming is often done by preschool and elementary school teachers.  People that prey on children are pedophiles but it has now been changed by the left to MAP which stands for Minor Attracted Person so as not to stigmatize child abuse and child rapists. There is a site called Libs of Tik Tok where Tik Tok videos have been reposted. Videos which many are of teachers admitting to sexualizing and indoctrinating children. There are numerous other videos on other topics but overall a large percentage deal with the sexualization of children and gender transitioning. for children. The site was censored at one time by the liberal media and big tech for reposting videos made by the creators of the original videos. Here is the link. By scrolling through you will see many disturbing videos and posts. Keep in mind Tik Tok is owned by a Chinese company named ByteDance. Many of these videos are censored in China. Keep that in mind also.

Here is a short clip from 60 Minutes on the difference between Tik Tok in China and the Tik Tok they export to America and other Western nations. If this doesn’t frighten you then you are part of the problem. In fact you are the problem.


Also keep in mind children in the single digit age catagory in China and Russia are learning to assemble and disassemble assault rifles and handguns and taught actual science and math while our students are being groomed by adult sexual predators. Fact!!!!!


The FBI has done an unnecessary, politically motivated raid on a former presidents home. After Twitter was purchased by Elon Musk It has since come to light with the release of the Twitter files that the media and the FBI  WERE colluding to suppress the truth about the validity of Hunter Biden’s laptop. When caught in their lies they are accusing the victims, the truth-bearers, as being conspiracy theorists. Those conspiracy theorists are batting almost a thousand. Biden, the FBI, the military as well as many members of congress, one way or another, have been compromised. They have either been bought off or there is some damning evidence on them. These are only a few actions done purposely to collapse the United States. There should be no doubt that the left is pushing for civil war. The only way to avoid it is to separate. Like the Jedi and the Sith the values are too radically different to live in harmony. The left is so far out of touch with reality there is no rationally discussing anything with them. It is like in a deteriorating marriage where a sober spouse tries to discuss something rationally with an intoxicated spouse. Dishonest, emotional and stupid people are a danger to other people’s lives.


Below are some items the left has been pushing non stop. Their unfounded obsession and hatred for Donald Trump and Trump supporters is pathological. They can accurately be compared with Captain Ahab in the story of Moby Dick. Ahab was obsessed with killing a whale named Moby Dick. Ahab obsessively pursues this whale and his obsession overrides his common sense and reason. In the end it costs him his ship, the lives of his crew and ultimately his own life. Below are some items that have been proven false and they still push them or just ignore them with no retraction. These have been proven false. It is a short list also.

Trump colluded with Russia

Trump wanted us to drink bleach

The vicious attack on Jussie Smollett was an attempted modern lynching

Covington student Nick Sandmann mocked a native American

Border agents whipped migrants

Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russian disinformationj

The covid lab leak is a conspiracy theory

January 6th was a deadly insurrection

Humans are flawed. Being flawed does not necessarily make someone evil just flawed or imperfect. Three of the most common openings to exploiting those flaws are usually sex,  money, or extortion such as threatening one or one’s loved one (case in point on the last one is what happened to General Flynn)  Two, extortion and sex, many can understand and many of us being flawed ourselves can put ourselves in the situation and be somewhat sympathetic. If a loved one was threatened or a hot number entered the picture many can, albeit grudgingly,  picture themselves failing the test.  That is, of course, if the accusations can be proven. With the technology of today it would be easy to fabricate incriminating documents or visuals virtually undetectable as fraudulent as we have reached the point we can no longer totally believe the testimony of our eyes, ears, and senses of touch, taste and smell. The accusations of many cannot be believed as many have agendas they want to push or they have a personal ax to grind. Money is the one that would be the most difficult to overlook. Being bribed is a sign of outright dishonesty a trait a person in positions of power should not have. If they have them they should not be in a position of power.  I am not, and have no intention, to run for office but if I did it would be easy to find someone to make a false allegation. It doesn’t even have to be someone targeted people knew. When I was young my morals were not the best. Decades after I settled down I had to take a polygraph test for employment. The last question was “Have you ever done anything you regret?” I thought about it for a moment and answered “If I spent 10% of the time pursuing an education as I did women I’d be president today.”


The Biden administration is printing trillions in worthless money and the world is getting ready to replace the dollar as the reserve currency. Fitch Ratings, a global leader of credit ratings and research for capital markets, has downgraded our credit score.

Being downgraded from AAA to AA+ still gives us a good rating but the direction is still down. Down is easier than up. This administration is embracing and facilitating it. This is planned by the people that “own” the left and the ideologues. When that happens the wheels will come off our wagon. I will address that a little further in this opening note. North Korea is offering troops to Russia to serve in Ukraine. That will give them battle hardened and experienced troops with which to invade our ally South Korea. We will be facing Russia in Ukraine, North Korea in South Korea and China in Taiwan. And, potentially, issues we are having in the Middle East could flare up again requiring our attention and we do not have the equipment, money or qualified leadership to deal with these issues. Remember we have sent to date 91 billion dollars (now over a 100 billion) to Ukraine. Also keep in mind that has the blessing and support of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Milley, our top military commander. In Essay 10 there are some videos of our military recruitment ads compared with those of our enemies. Check them out. If anyone thinks our military can stand up to any of them they are the problem we face. Kamala Harris antagonized Russia talking about Ukraine joining NATO just prior to the Russian invasion. We instigated the invasion. Nancy Pelosi antagonized China with her needless trip to Taiwan. As well as the tens of billions of dollars sent to Ukraine with no oversight keep in mind the massive amount of military equipment “given” to the extremists in the Middle East when Biden shamefully and recklessly surrendered Afghanistan to terrorists. Here is a link about North Korea and troops for Ukraine and  Pelosi’s foolish trip to Taiwan in case you have doubts:

This from CNBC on Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan:


Another glaring proof of betrayal of the principles of freedom was the speech given August. 30, 2022  by Biden at Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. condemning his opponents calling them traitors. This speech and the present actions were right out of the pages of “Mein Kampf” by Hitler, “1984” by George Orwell, the movie “The Manchurian Candidate” and an episode of a 1960s television series “The Outer Limits” titled The Hundred Days of the Dragon. Two motion pictures far ahead of their time. Look them up for verification. You have the ability to do so in your hands or in front of you right now. Below is a link to The Hundred days of the Dragon Watch the first seven minutes. I will mention this clip again in a future essay. Ignore the obnoxious ads that sometimes popup. To stop it after seven minutes place cursor on screen and stop will be in center of screen.



The military, which should have been our last line of defense and saving grace, is now a liability having been compromised. The actions and expressions by many of the top echelon are now openly spouting the beliefs and/or goals of our enemies. Links and videos are provided to verify the claims. Some are opinions but from credible sources and it is impossible to refute them. You can refute them emotionally but not rationally. The following is by David Horowitz, (look him up on Wikipedia. There is an excellent article with sources.), who at one time was a radical leftist Marxist but became conservative:


The greatest threat to our military right now isn’t Russia or China.

It’s Washington D.C.

It’s the America-hating politicians subverting our armed forces with divisive propaganda.

It’s Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin — restructuring the Pentagon’s training to revolve around the doctrines and false history of Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project.

It’s Bishop Garrison — hand selected by Secretary Austin to lead the military’s purge of conservatives, Trump supporters and patriots like you and me.

It’s Admiral Michael Gilday — pitting white sailors against nonwhite sailors, citing the works of America-hating Marxist Ibram X. Kendi.

It’s General Mark Milley — who sided with violent Black Lives Matter terrorists that torched our cities to the ground, bowing to the Critical Race Theory dogma to keep his job when Biden took office.

It’s Air Force Chief of Staff Charles Q. Brown Jr. (a leading candidate to replace General Milley) — betraying his own country and branch of the military as its top enlisted leader.

And it’s every last bureaucrat that appointed them, nominated them or enabled them.


“.General Milley, who is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, contacted the Chinese military and told them he would warn them of an attack from us if we attacked. Here is a link verifying it:


General Milley supported the narrative the virus was not of lab origin when it was obvious it was. It has since officially come to light it did originate in a lab in China that we sent funding to. Here is the link about Gen. Milley saying our intelligence agencies say the weight of evidence is  it did not come from a lab” narrative:

So much for our intelligence agencies.


Here he is groveling to the woke mob. He had the responsibility to be there considering the unrest permeating the nation is a national security issue and he is the officer in charge of the military:


Under General Milley our military has deteriorated to where we would not win a war with China. It has actually been going on a long while but the pace has picked up. Historically he stands beside Brutus and Judas. Links to woke takeover of military:


TITLE of this from Global Times: Why US will lose a war with China over Taiwan Island


This is from, (believe it or not) the left-wing  “New York Times”:

TITLE: The U.S. Is Losing Its Military Edge in Asia, and China Knows It


In a war games simulation we lost. Here is the article and link:

TITLE: US ‘Gets Its Ass Handed To It’ In Wargames: Here’s A $24 Billion Fix

Warships sink. Bases burn. F-35s die on the runway. Can $24 billion a year — 3.3 % of the Pentagon budget — fix the problem?

An article on low confidence in the military. Gee!!!!





Here is another little “gem”


07/17/2023 This seems to be a good place to add this. I am looking at the news of the last couple of days. We had a US Navy ship run aground in Bahrain. The Defense Dept sent millions of emails to Mali,  a Russian ally. The Biden administration opposes merit-based military promotions. I am trying to think of a tactful way of asking this. In lieu of a tactful one I ask: “How much of this s**t are we going to take?” You can quote me.


The video towards the end of this opening note is extremely interesting and informative. It is a YouTube video titled “What if the USA broke up.” It gives a synopsis of what each state’s strengths and weaknesses are. Combine the red states as a country and don’t forget to add the red counties in the blue states as part of the red country and you have an extremely strong and viable nation.. There is no reason to believe that red areas with sane people would want to remain in a blue state of insane people and high crime and high taxes. There is no reason blue areas with irrational, emotional people should want to stay united with red areas and what they consider deplorables. If they do it is proof of insanity or their dependence on the red. The reason they would is because they know they could not make it without the red but the red could make it without them. If they deny it call their bluff. We better begin to look seriously at it because it will become necessary if the US collapses. We at least can retain unity among the red states and counties. The red must stay united because if not the Chinese will take over a state or an area one at a time. They are now buying farmland in the US. As I previously said we must also be aware the Chinese might move on the blue areas and they, being as intellectually defective as they are, might willingly allow China to do so . We need to plan and prepare for a semi-controlled crash landing. People we better assume the crash position.


From The Financial Times July 11 2022

What might happen in a country in which a handful of coastal states and a few blue ones in the middle have wildly different frameworks for corporate regulation, social issues, taxation, labour and the environment? We are about to find out.

Secession used to be something that was joked about in the US — people spoke of “Tex-it” or the western states’ independence movement known as “Cascadia”. Armed conflict was something that happened elsewhere. Not any more. With or without guns, the US is now at war with itself.


Secession or the “national divorce” as some call it is discussed in Essay 9. In the United States and the West we are faced with only one choice, an extremely regrettable choice, for survival. The other choice of ignoring reality ends in collapse or civil war, or both, and is social suicide so that is not a rational option for rational people. When this and these chapters were originally written America was on the verge of collapse  but now violence is brewing under the guise of social justice, our morality is in a state of extreme decadence, our government has been seized by fifth columnist communists, China is pulling ahead economically, militarily, morally, in global dominance and in space exploration and America is now, in fact, collapsing. (For those that revel in decadence remember the root word for decadence is decay. Something corpses do.) This site is a series of essays and links that lay out the problem and the only viable solution for the sane. That solution is the separation of the red and blue states and areas which is the only way sanity and stability can be restored as at present mass hysteria and emotional reactions have become normalized over rational thinking. Time to act and hopefully we haven’t waited too long as now it is obvious the military has also been compromised. We recently watched the fall of Afghanistan. Only an intellectually deficient person could not have foreseen that. We have been betrayed by those we trusted. Many of those are in the halls of government, on the boards of directors of many corporations, on television (media, sports, and Hollywood) and in positions in our educational systems promoting narratives that have been proven to be lies but still promoting them. . Betrayal and incompetence are factors most past civilizations and societies had in common prior to and during their collapse. The actions we have witnessed on the streets, the actions of a large number of sports and Hollywood celebrities, the actions of a significant portion of the citizenry, and the actions of those in the halls of government are not the actions of sane, rational people. Insane, irrational, dishonest, stupid and/or emotional people can get you killed. I know the length of the entire series of chapters is quite long but the seriousness of the situation at hand requires numerous things to be considered. I have often compared them to pieces of a puzzle. You need all the pieces to get the whole picture. The introduction essays, which except for their lengths could be considered prologues, and the first 8 numbered essays are laying the groundwork for Essay 9 so if you are pressed for time go to About, then Introduction to Essays and then Essay 9. You will undoubtedly reject it so then read the others to see why I reached this conclusion. You can scan the essays and pick out short sections at random that should prove informative even in bits and pieces. If you are a boomer or Generation Xer your life doesn’t depend on it but your children’s and grandchildren’s lives do. In the original essays I have added a few thoughts here and there over the years and may continue to do so.


The following was added in March of 2022. I know it further lengthened what was originally a short opening note but there was/is no choice at this point. The activities and events since 2016 have removed choice from the equation. Many of these essays were written years before 2016. Having been retired for a good number of years I have had the luxury of time to pay far more attention to and analyze historical and current events. I have also been alive long enough to compare the changes and the steady decline in society something those in their thirties and below have not. Following the trajectory I see a horrible future. I am not denying the course we were on was incorrect. I firmly believe that it was definitely not a sustainable path but I see the present path as worse. Like I said we are going to crash but we will fare better if it is a semi controlled crash.


The differences between the red and the blue areas are too great to be bridged. The damage done to the United States and the West is at the point of no repair to original condition. While the idea of separating is almost unthinkable it is past the point of mere consideration as the collapse is set in stone. We have to at least seriously discuss it. It is best if we can stay united but we must begin looking at the possibility we can’t. When something becomes necessary all debate and discussion stops. The only discussion becomes how best to do that necessary something which needs some forethought. Best start now. When the system collapses anarchy and shortages of everything will occur and violence will result. We will become a third world nation with constant violence, poverty, hunger, sickness and misery. Conditions the majority alive now will not survive. The goal of the left is a global world referred to as “The New World Order”. It was the title of a book written in 1939 by H.G. Wells, a liberal, socialist atheist who was in favor of the idea. Another book with the same title was written in 1991 by Pat Robinson a conservative, capitalist evangelist who is opposed to the idea. I found both interesting and both have some valid points. Both books have quotes from them in the Books Worth Reading section of this site. The plan has been in motion even before the present United Nations was established which I find very, very, very unsettling. George Bush senior used the term. Joe Biden recently used the term.  Other political and economic leaders and many in the media have also used it and are using it now more often. Klaus Schwab, of the World Economic Forum (WEF), is one such person that will be mentioned below. I find much of interest and much I agree with and much I disagree with on the WEF’s website and the other sites found under the search World Economic Forum. Keep in mind these people have their own agenda and most of you and your families are not on the survivor list.


Western civilization is not perfect by a long shot but it is the best in history to date. It places great value and importance on the individual and the rule of law. It is being disassembled at an alarming rate and it is beyond repair to original condition. The election of Donald Trump to the US presidency brought to light the extent of infiltration by global capitalists and both foreign and domestic communist political interests. While I can argue from both perspectives of a one world government vs individual national sovereignty, I feel the answer is, as in most cases, a combination of both. A mixed system.  Both have strengths and both have weaknesses. If you don’t acknowledge the weaknesses of your positions you will ultimately fail and interestingly, more often than not, the weaknesses of one are sometimes the strengths of the other. Where they seem to drop the ball is their implementation plans. At present both sides are choosing to ignore the weaknesses and flaws of their own positions but the consequences of doing so cannot be avoided. The present Democrat administration is doing damage that will prevent the implementation of what the followers are working for. The limitations and flaws of human nature make disaster inevitable. Science is working on making changes to and manipulating human nature. Our lifestyles and “gadgets” given to us by science are making it possible, actually inevitable. The thought of flawed humans playing God unsettles me. The following is a link to an article that should scare you. Although labelled as one by the mainstream media and politicians it is not a conspiracy theory it is a very easily provable reality. It is being done in the open by influential people in control.


The coronavirus was not an accident. It should be obvious to all but the hopelessly ignorant or intellectually defective. This man holds considerable influence globally among the elites. The following is from Wikipedia on Klaus Schwab.

Schwab as publisher of the World Economic Forum’s 2010 “Global Redesign” report postulates that a globalized world is best managed by a self-selected coalition of multinational corporations, governments (including through the UN system), and select civil society organizations (CSOs).[24] He argues that governments are no longer “the overwhelmingly dominant actors on the world stage” and that “the time has come for a new stakeholder paradigm of international governance”. The WEF’s vision includes a “public-private” UN, in which certain specialized agencies would operate under joint state and non-state governance systems.[25]

According to the Transnational Institute (TNI), the Forum is hence planning to replace a recognised democratic model with a model where a self-selected group of “stakeholders” make decisions on behalf of the people.[26] The think tank summarises that we are increasingly entering a world where gatherings such as Davos are “a silent global coup d’état” to capture governance.[26]

The left is being used to bring down the US as it is the major obstruction to a global state. Biden and his administration are puppets of the elites and are in bed with Communist China. The media are shills of the Democrats. The Chinese also actively have their hands in it and with the present administration they no longer feel the need to hide it..


 It is hard to entirely disagree with the concept of a global government and to not understand the need for it in some form or another. Question in point is if aliens did land who would they contact? Certainly not us now.  The increasing population, the increasing technology, the declining resources, and the flaws in human nature makes some type of central authority necessary and inevitable but those that propose the present vision fail to see the flaws of their position and are equally responsible for the problems. What is unsettling is the possibility some know that and don’t care. They have “the end justifies the means” philosophy. From a rational perspective the only viable and sustainable solution is a type of “United States of the World” as has been occasionally proposed. Each nation would have to have autonomy. A lowest common denominator, homogenized society does not produce the intellectual talent necessary to thrive and advance. One interesting book on a united states of the world concept was written in the 1930s by Clarence Streit titled “Union Now”. I have it but due to health and relocation issues I have only been able to glance through it and the glances were quite interesting. I will put it in the Books Worth Reading section of this site as soon as I can finish it. The present globalists in the WEF are heading up a dead end canyon and are fixing to “throw the baby out with the bathwater” to use an old phrase. They are undermining themselves. I’ll delve deeper into that later.


The following is another link to an article about what will bring disaster to America and it is being brought about by design. It has been planned. It is about the US Dollar that now is the “petrodollar” being possibly replaced by the Chinese Yuan. This is another planned event brought on by the planned COVID-19 pandemic benefiting China, the very wealthy elites and their Democrat shills. The virus was no accident. The rich and powerful leave nothing to chance. NOTHING. That is why they are rich and powerful. The rich are rich for a reason. They may be corrupt, dishonest, greedy, or whatever else you want to call them but they do not have the fatal flaw of stupidity. (They do have a fatal flaw but it is not stupidity.) One issue with them is they usually lack a conscience. Their right and wrong is determined by two products of economics only: money and power (money is power), not the general welfare of the society. They do feel the human race is too stupid to govern itself and, as much as I hate to admit it, their growing influence is proving them right. The link to the dollar being replaced:

Here is a link to an article on Brazil and China ditching the US dollar as acceptable trade currency. It is a downhill slope from here. You are going to get poorer. Thank you Democrats and liberals. Democrats are too dishonest and liberals are too stupid to see it. Their unfounded hatred of Trump is their Moby Dick. They have just arrested Trump today on bogus, politically motivated charges in a move right out of totalitarian playbooks.(This was about the first arrest. hey have filed over 30 additional bogus charges against him.) The average liberal is incapable of critical thinking. They lack the necessary intelligence. If you remember there is belief that the election in Brazil was rigged and Joe Biden vocally supported the person that allegedly won and now China and Brazil enter into a trade deal that will do considerable harm to the US and people are too stupid to put the pieces of a child level puzzle together.


Below are a few more of the things that have happened since 2016 to undermine Western civilization. These things were not merely blunders but carefully manipulated events.

The false accusation by the Democrats and the media, which began before he even took office,  that Donald Trump was an agent of Russia which has been proven to be untrue. It was done to influence the election not for the betterment of society. “TIME” Magazine did an article on the elites conspiring against Trump. I get into it more in the other essays. Those that were for it verified the conspiracy and it WAS a conspiracy. By literal definition of the word conspiracy it was a conspiracy. The article appeared in the February 4, 2021 issue of “Time” under the title ” The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election”  by Molly Ball. It is sugarcoated to justify it and is vague on some things for obvious reasons but they admit to tampering to influence the election to, in their words, “save it”. On March 30, 2022 on the American Military News site there is an article that says: “Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee have been fined by the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) for lying about funding the false Russian “dossier” that was used against then presidential candidate Donald Trump in the weeks leading up to his win.” More verification.


The fact the 2020 election was stolen is obvious to anyone with common sense, a modicum of intelligence, a sense of honor and a conscience. Trump was ahead in several states when the vote counting stopped late in the evening and in the morning Biden miraculously was ahead. The mail in voting which is fraud at its worst or best depending on your perspective made a big difference. It makes fraudulent voting easier than legitimate voting.

The allegation by Donald Trump that he was spied on by the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Democrats and the alphabet security agencies in the government during and after the election and while he was in office was true. The media and the Democrats vehemently denied it but it has come to light he was right and they knowingly lied. It has been proven they lied.And they are still lying.


Trump made the US energy independent and at a global meeting warned about Europe relying on Russian oil. The German delegation smirked and laughed. He has been proven correct. Germany and Europe are now facing extended fuel shortages. The Biden administration stopped our pipeline and green lighted a Russian pipeline. Be it noted they stopped our pipeline because of environmental concerns but blew up the under sea Russian Nord Stream pipeline setting off one of the worst environmental disasters ever. They have damaged our energy supply and a nation’s success depends on its energy. I am for transitioning to renewable, sustainable energy but you can’t abruptly stop one without a plan B in place. You have to have the infrastructure being placed as the one is phased out and the other is phased in each corresponding incrementally to the other. As I said Biden is now releasing a million barrels of oil a day from the strategic oil reserves which is going to be disastrous if not replaced. These reserves are for emergencies not to save gas money but to save society in the event of a disaster.  We are down to a 25 day supply of emergency petroleum. That is criminal. Links:

Biden orders unprecedented’ release of oil reserves”


At first the Democrats and the media denied the coronavirus was serious then they flipped and politicized it creating an atmosphere of fear, hate and animosity. They denied it came from a lab in China but was transmitted to humans from a bat. They shamed, excoriated, censored and punished people that said contrary. It has since come to light it did come from a lab in China that received funding from the US. Their flip was as bizarre as actions of the Party in the dystopian novel “1984” and the people on the left are too stupid to see it.

Be it noted that the main stream liberal media and social media were censoring people for saying it came from China. Also note that Western nations have implemented totalitarian measures made possible by the coronaviruis. Three cases in point are New Zealand, Canada and Australia. They became virtually police states with virtually no individual rights. All run by self righteous, woke puppets that claim to be the pillars of freedom and democracy. How stupid can people be? Obviously very. News clips, most not shown by the liberal media, show the populations being beaten, vilified, and falsely arrested in the name of freedom. George Orwell said in his book “1984” that “Freedom is slavery” and the left has bought it “hook, line and sinker”.


The fall of Afghanistan was another military defeat and embarrassment for the US. This was planned also. Trump was going to withdraw but he mentioned he was opposed to the abandonment of military equipment and he did not want to take the soldiers out before the civilians. Biden did both. Another thing that frosts me and shows our incompetence is we are talking about going to electric vehicles. Batteries for electric vehicles require lithium. Afghanistan has large deposits of lithium. We were there for 20 years and did not develop it and China is now moving in on it. What we did for 20 years was school the Afghans in our leftist ideology of human rights for which many are now being imprisoned or killed for expressing. Those with woke philosophy are responsible for the misery now being inflicted.


Before and during the 2020 election Joe Biden’s son Hunter had extensive business ties to Ukraine’s oil industry the amount of which was in the billions. He also has ties to China. His success was not due to his abilities but due to his connection to his father who was vice president at the time. A laptop belonging to him was discovered with damning information but the media and Democrats claimed it was all Russian propaganda. The media reported it was made up to influence the 2020 election. Turns out the laptop was real and there is damning information on it. The FBI colluded with big tech companies to suppress this information. Joe Biden is compromised. So is the FBI. From Wikipedia on Ukraine’s corruption:

Corruption in Ukraine

Corruption is widespread in Ukrainian society. In 2012 Ernst & Young put Ukraine among the three most-corrupt nations of the world—alongside Colombia and Brazil. In 2015 The Guardian called Ukraine “the most corrupt nation in Europe”.  Source: [Bullough, Oliver (February 6, 2015). “Welcome to Ukraine, the most corrupt nation in Europe”. The Guardian. ISSN 0261-3077. Retrieved May 11, 2017.]


Be it noted that people are being censored by the left for calling Ukraine corrupt and is accusing them of siding with Russia. Joe Biden could drag us into a war with Russia because of his dishonesty, his  incompetence and his son. His son is also selling childish paintings laughingly labeled as art to unnamed purchasers for tens of thousands of dollars. This is legal and it is a way to “wash” bribe money and make it legitimate. It is so obvious a person would have to be incredibly stupid to not see it.

Russia invaded Ukraine and much of the blame rests with the US and NATO. Ukraine wanted to join NATO and Russia did not want it to. They share a common border and Russia did not want a nation allied militarily to NATO so close. NATO could then put missiles in Ukraine. A comparison can be made to the Soviet Union placing missiles in Cuba during the cold war. We opposed it and made the Soviets remove them and there was the possibility of nuclear war. I see little difference in the cases. The VP of the US made references to Ukraine joining NATO just prior to Russia invading which was a red flag to Russia which was a green flag for them to invade. (Be it noted that China is now getting ready to put missiles and bases in Cuba.

The Nord Stream pipelines are a network of Russian natural gas pipelines from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea. They were destroyed in a series of explosions in September 2022. It was an environmental disaster as well as a financial one. The overwhelming odds are we did it.

We are also facing massive inflation which will greatly affect everyone. Biden said his economic policies are not to blame which is a blatant lie. He blamed Russia which is also a lie. Over 40% of US dollars in circulation have been printed in the last year and the presses are still printing. This makes our money worth less and less. I have a real one hundred trillion dollar bill from Zimbabwe. It is literally worthless. They did what we are doing……just printing money. Biden said printing money was not the cause. Another outright lie.


I will again state the election of 2020 was rigged. The Democrats have denied it so often they believe their own lies. They have a history of rigging elections. Examples are the South prior to the Civil Rights era and Chicago under Mayor Daley. The pandemic brought about mail-in voting which is a petri dish of corruption. No ID or verification needed and any such requirements can be easily avoided. The conspiracy against Trump is another way of tampering with elections. With the growing mountain of factual evidence of the Democrat corruption and the complicity of the FBI, DOJ and the Pentagon if the Democrats win in the November 2022 midterms there can be no doubt that the only feasible and logical course of action is to leave the blue states to their inevitable fate. The defeat of Kari Lake, the GOP candidate for governor in Arizona, should give more credibility to the fact elections are rigged or people are too stupid to vote. Her Democrat opponent refused to debate her because she knew the election was rigged in her favor. The election of John Fetterman in Pennsylvania gives more verification to elections are rigged or the general population is too  stupid to vote. (I am beginning to think both.)


Our chances boil down to slim or none. Slim being separation of the red and blue and none by the red and blue staying united. The left is becoming more and more mentally unbalanced every day. Even with a global government it would be better for the red and blue to be separated. I hope that it can be avoided but each side has a vision that is radically incompatible with the other. It is time to begin seriously thinking about separating. While chances for a perfect solution without problems are slim consider what Commander Riker on “Star Trek The Next Generation” said: “Given a choice between slim and none, I’ll take slim any day.” The Democrats, supported by the media, Hollywood, sports, woke businesses, communist universities and corrupt government agencies such as the FBI, DOJ, and the Pentagon make the blue areas just too dishonest, too corrupt and too mentally deficient to remain a part of. I can’t think of one thing the left has not twisted or outright lied about in the last several years. We may not be a nation of Einsteins but we are not a nation of fools. Or are we?


The following video shows each state’s strengths and weaknesses. This shows what each state brings to the table and is available to the red nation as a unified entity. Also look at the maps in Essay 9 part 1. This video and the maps are eye openers..



The red nation has all that is necessary to survive comfortably on its’ own . If done right it also has the ability to prosper. The red areas still have, more so than the urban areas, an individualist, independent, semi-frontier psychology. The pioneer psychology of our ancestors has not been dulled as much as in those in larger metropolitan areas by the mind numbing issues created by over population . The only hope for the human race is to explore space. As said in the “Star Trek” opening: “Space, the final frontier.” China knows this. We are getting ready to abandon our space station while China is building one. Our funds will be diverted to welfare and touchy feely leftist causes which only create more problems. Bigger problems I might add. The conservative elements are more practical, have more imagination and usually have a better work ethic. For verification on the imagination look at the memes on Facebook. The red nation would attract those that are innovative and thinkers. I am going to do an essay on space in the future. I have always been interested in space since watching the early precursors to our present science fiction such as Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers and Space Patrol in the early 50s as a child. Later I worked at North American Rockwell in Downey California on the Apollo space program. I was on the crew that put the instrument panels and cabinets in the capsules. Later in life when I lived in Cape Canaveral I would watch the rocket launches from the beach. Viewed at night with the ocean and stars as the stage and background they were spectacular. If we are going to survive as a species we need to expand as this planet we now call home is dying. We are rendering the planet uninhabitable. The population is now over 8 billion. Eight billion people produce a lot of trash and pollution and consume a large amount of resources. The population is mushrooming at a rapidly increasing rate and the necessary resources to support that population are decreasing at an equally inverse rate. The resources are finite. The only two possible directions are down or out. Staying on this planet we will end up like the flesh-eating beetles called dermestids. They are used by scientists, museums etc., to eat the flesh off bones. After they consume all that is consumable they consume themselves.

Space is the key to human survival and economic growth. We were number 1 in space but have dropped the ball and China is now moving into that position. As I said we are getting rid of our space station and China has just put one in orbit. The present governments of the major Western powers are leftist and cater to and validate human failings. Money that could have gone to space is now being diverted to social programs for social problems purposely created to “buy” votes. NASA’s budget for 2022 was about 22 billion dollars. Private industry could do far more than NASA with the same amount. Also keep in mind we have just given Ukraine over 100 billion dollars with no accountability for a war we instigated. If space travel develops it will be the private sector or the Chinese that develop it. The corruption, waste and red tape in government has paralyzed them. For 100 billion Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson and other wealthy space minded people could have colonized both the Moon and Mars by now. Minerals would be flowing to earth now bringing wealth that would help to raise the standard of living for the entire planet. The red nation could attract them if it was business friendly and promoted a good educational system and opposed crime. The red nation could devote a sizable amount of resources to space. The red nation could maintain accurate records of the past. The left is trying to alter history which if done will end badly. The importance of accurate history is shown in the following quote by George Orwell in his book “1984.”

“In past ages , a war, almost by definition, was something that sooner or later came to an end, usually in an unmistakable victory or defeat. In the past, also, war was one of the main instruments by which human societies were kept in touch with physical reality. All rulers of all ages have tried to impose a false view of the world upon their followers, but they could not afford to encourage any illusion that tended to impair military efficiency. So long as defeat meant the loss of independence, or some other result generally held to be undesirable, the precautions against defeat had to be serious. Physical facts could not be ignored. In philosophy, or religion, or ethics, or politics, two and two might make five, but when one was designing a gun or an airplane they had to make four. Inefficient nations were always conquered sooner or later, and the struggle for efficiency was inimical to illusions. Moreover, to be efficient it was necessary to be able to learn from the past, which meant having a fairly accurate idea of what had happened in the past. Newspapers and history books were, of course, always colored and biased, but falsification of the kind that is practiced today would have been impossible. War was a sure safeguard of sanity, and so far as the ruling classes were concerned, it was probably the most important of all safeguards. While wars could be won or lost, no ruling class could afford to be completely irresponsible.”

It doesn’t end well for the general population either. Keep that in mind. Also keep in mind the upper echelon of the military is pushing woke philosophy on the troops.

The red nation could promote actual education. The Democrats and the left pursuing equity are destroying the educational system. Lowering the standards produces a mediocre population.  Aristotle said: “The educated differ from the uneducated  as much as the living differ from the dead.” The below picture says it all. It is not going to end well when at the same ages and grades our students are being groomed for sexual activities and Chinese and Indian students are learning math and science and learning to disassemble and assemble firearms. The left was in a tizzy over the coronavirus pandemic and wanting everyone to be vaccinated but not one of them has the intelligence to understand it takes smart and educated people to develop vaccines.



It is beyond the understanding of a normal, rational person how some cannot fathom the importance of education and the development of space travel. They are vital to our survival. Here is a link to an article by Bloomberg on the possibility of conflict between the US and China over the moon.


The red nation would reward innovation and diversity while the left only gives lip service to it. Their diversity has all the diversity as does a herd of cows or sheep. The people placed in charge of these programs and goals have no practical value. They are parasites that thrive on problems. Like the pharmaceutical industry thrives on disease. Why solve the problem when it is lucrative to drag it out? Attract the billionaires that are interested in space such as Musk, Bezos and Branson. They could invest and would not have to worry about the problems they face from a leftist government. They would be free to “picnic in our parks” so to speak  the basic requirements would be “just be honest and fair and properly dispose of their garbage”. The choice would be the difference as is the difference as between Florida and California. Encourage a middle class population as existed in the US in the 50s, 60s and 70s. The problems could relocate to the blue areas where ignorance, crime and parasitism are encouraged, appreciated and rewarded. As I say often billionaires do not have the fatal flaw of stupidity. They know which side to butter the bread on and usually they also have both the butter and the bread.

There would be problems of course as no enterprise is problem free. I briefly discuss some of these in essay 9.