5. Choices Part 2 Why The Left Cannot Be Allowed Control (con’t)

Why The Left Cannot Be Allowed Control

               “Enemies make dangerous friends”                                                                                                 Garak the Kardasian on Star Trek Deep Space 9


As I said before I detest both political parties equally. As you read this there will probably be many “as I said before” or “as I previously mentioned” or “as said by” whatever author I am using to bolster my position as I try to put together some of what I previously called puzzle pieces to start forming a picture and foundation for the only two options available to us. Both parties are equally responsible for the inevitable disasters overtaking us. Some disastrous positions or philosophies the parties share equal blame for and others are manifest more so in one party or the other. The Republicans advocate a system that presently works but is not sustainable. Also the present working of the system comes at ultimately a future cost far greater than the benefits being reaped in the present. The Democrats are advocating a system that does not work. It has not worked anyplace or at any time it has been tried and it will not work now, or ever. It will not work because it goes against human nature which, among other traits, consists of self-awareness and individuality. Frank Zappa said: “Communism doesn’t work because people like to own things.” Leftists give lip service to noble sounding things but work against them. Also remember in the last essay the present research and experimentation in changing human nature was discussed. And also be aware of the fact those behind this research have anonymity and bear no consequences for being wrong. They also have access to unlimited finances. The Democrats now have the course set for anarchy which is the death of civilized society as has been shown time and time again all through history. The Democrats are the biggest threat to Western civilization as they are the fifth columnists boring from within. They are followed closely by the Republicans. (As I constantly say I detest both parties.) The reasons for the constant swinging of the pendulum of humanity between an organized civil society and a brutal anarchy can be summed up nicely by H.G. Wells in his “The New World Order”. (One of the books in the Books Worth Reading section). He used the commonly used phrases of the “Haves” and “Have nots” to describe the forces that move the pendulum.

“……. Throughout the ages this has been going on. The rich, the powerful, generally the more intelligent and acquisitive have gotten away with things, and sweated, oppressed, enslaved, bought and frustrated the less intelligent, less acquisitive and the unwary. The Haves in every generation have always got the better of the Have-nots, and the Have-nots have always resented the privations of their disadvantage.”

The point to note is that in the unplanned scramble of human life through the centuries of the horse-and-foot period, these incessantly recurring outbreaks of the losers against the winners have never once produced any permanent amelioration of the common lot, or greatly changed the features of the human community. Not once.”

“The Have-nots have never produced the intelligence and the ability and the Haves have never produced a conscience, to make a permanent alteration of the rules of the game. Slave revolts, peasant revolts, revolts of the proletariat have always been in fits of rage, acute social fevers which have passed. The fact remains that history produces no reason for supposing that the Have-nots, considered as a whole, have available any reserves of directive and administrative capacity and disinterested devotion, superior to that of the more successful class. Morally, intellectually, there is no reason to suppose them better.”


Many on the left balk at the thought of their side not having the intelligence and reasoning ability but to an outside observer it is very apparent. The impossible promises made by their leaders are so impossible that only those without properly functioning reasoning capacities or those that are parasites would find them reasonable. Their reasoning has taken a backseat to emotions. They are being used by either Have not rabble rousers or the elite Haves that have their own agenda. If the Have nots ever gain control they will find, lacking the critical thinking and administrative capacities, and due to the impossible nature of their goals, they cannot implement their visions and in a frenzy or a blind rage destroy and do irreparable damage to a system that while imperfect has the general basic structure for success. (This was written before the rampages now occurring in the streets of major cities.) There are those on the right that also lack adequately functioning reasoning abilities to see the flaws in their side and they are also being used by the Haves. While I consider myself an independent I tend to be right center. I am right center because I believe in safety, security and stability of the state and I have the dream of humanity making it to the stars which requires an educated, stable, technological society. I tend to agree with the left on many social and humanitarian issues. At this point in time it is the left, or Have nots, that are the greatest threat to civilization. I am not saying they don’t have legitimate grievances but their emotions will prevent the satisfactory resolve of these issues and only make matters worse. The reason is they are fanatics, their numbers are growing and they use emotions as their basis for decision making. They don’t think.  They also are the least receptive to facts that run counter to their visions. That is easily proven by numerous videos of their actions and reactions to counter thoughts. Here are also a couple of thoughts I used previously by highly intelligent thinkers. Steven Pinker in his The Blank Slate: “The perennial limitations of human nature prove the futility of political revolutions based only on the moral aspirations of the revolutionaries.” And from Bertrand Russell in his book Power: “The cases in which fanaticism has brought nothing but disaster are much more numerous than those in which it has brought even temporary success.”


The leadership of the left is proposing virtually free everything: food, housing, medical care, reparations, childcare, education and on and on. Their plan to pay for it is their rallying cry: tax the rich. The fact many are rich themselves seems to elude their followers. I admit there are many areas in Western civilization that need attention and change but no one with any intelligence wants to burn down their barn to get rid of a rat. The problems are multiplying as the population increases and the population is increasing faster than any solution can be crafted and implemented. By the time they hatch a plan and implement it the situation has changed making their solution not applicable. It can be compared to a hang glider and a bird. A bird flies naturally and instinctively whereas a hang glider has to reason and analyze the situation and make adjustments to his or her actions. If a problem arises by the time the hang glider has analyzed it and come up with a plan of action often the problem has changed even if we are talking only seconds. Complicating our political and economic problems is the solutions aren’t even thought of yet. They are merely feel good, quick solution rhetoric without substance. Many can’t even agree on the problems or sometimes even admit there is a problem. The generation of millennials is beginning to turn to socialism. Socialism is communism light and impossible as they envision it. There are aspects of it I agree with just as there are aspects of capitalism I agree with. A mixed economy is the only sustainable way to go.


Socialism always fails for the same reason capitalism fails. They both fail because of the thing I have mentioned before: human nature. Socialism fails because it rewards mediocrity, laziness, parasitism, ignorance, stupidity, and sloth among numerous other negative traits. Ask a hundred socialists at random what they expect out of socialism and 90 plus percent will give some answer that involves getting something free. Ask how this is possible and the reaction is one of three things. An I don’t know, a tax the rich or sometimes an angry volatile response towards you for even asking a question such as that. Another question to ask is what do they do or plan on doing for a living. What is their contribution going to be for the greater good? The Democrat Party represents socialism and communism. Keep in mind as I mention these candidates this was written before any final choosing candidates. Bernie Sanders, the United States Senator from Vermont, a socialist and at this time one of the Democratic front runner presidential candidates, went to the Soviet Union for his honeymoon and praised it. This was at the time the Soviet Union was in financial disarray and was only a short time away from collapse. In another instance in an editorial in the Valley News he said: “These days, the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina,. . . “.   I did not find anything where he praised Hugo Chavez, the late former socialist president of Venezuela, as some claim he did. As most know oil-rich Venezuela used to be one of the foremost economies in the world but was destroyed by socialism. Be it noted that Chavez’s daughter is worth several billion dollars while in Venezuela the poor people of today, which is most of the country, are literally rummaging through garbage cans for food.


Ecuador, another that Sanders praised, is heading up a dead end canyon with their socialist government. They have basically become a client state or a colony type state of the Chinese. They have sold resources to China. (Funny how the left decries previous colonialism by the West but they are silent when it is happening today by China.} This gives Ecuador money now for their socialist programs but at the end of the road is a cliff which they will go over and crash and burn and there is no preventing it. An article in Business Insider March 28, 2013 had the title Ecuador To Sell A Third Of Its Amazon Rainforest To Chinese Oil Companies.” The article stated: “Ecuador owed China more than $7 billion — more than a tenth of its GDP — as of last summer.” Another article in Money Morning June 1, 2015 by Tara Clarke titled “Insatiable China Gold Demand Is Ruining Ecuador’s Tribal Lands spoke of the Chinese purchasing the mineral rights to “the Cordillera del Condor, a rainforest mountain range laden with precious metals – especially gold and copper, but also silver and platinum.” Link to both are in the book section report on “Winner Take All”. This is the mentality of socialism. They are doing the same in Peru which is Ecuador’s neighbor. The following is from “Winner Take All” by Dambisa Moyo: “In the summer of 2007 a Chinese company bought a mountain in Peru. More specifically, it bought the mineral rights to mine the resources contained in it. . . . . It contains two billion tons of copper, one of the largest single copper deposits in the world.” They are doing the same in Australia and Africa. I will discuss these in more  detail in the future. I ask this question often: Are we really that stupid?


Another serious contender (although beginning to lag in the polls), Elizabeth Warren, is also a far leftist touting socialist that falsified her ethnicity to obtain a college teaching position and made false claims of being a disadvantaged child from a poor family. During her presidential campaign she also claimed she was fired for being pregnant something videos in the past have her making statements that dispute her present claim. She squawks about the cost of education but received $400,000 dollars for teaching one class. ONE CLASS! Also there was the video of her trying to do a skit resembling a “fireside chat”. Fireside chats refer to radio broadcasts by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1930s and 1940s in which he talked about the problems of the day in a warm folksy manner that appealed to the general public. In it she tried to show her common man/woman aspect by getting a beer trying to appeal to the “beer and potato chip” crowd. While neither is openly communist there is very little difference between their goals and the communist philosophy. The claim they are democratic socialists is only a wolf in sheep’s clothing approach. When the government controls your employment, your finances, your food, your transportation, your healthcare, and your education they have dictatorial powers. It is like the company store scenario the left fumes over. The left that supports this also take both great delight and disgust in constantly bringing up President Trump’s locker room statement of grabbing women by the pussy fail to comprehend that a government that controls all the aforementioned have both men and women by that anatomical location. RealClear Politics posted a video by Ian Schwartz on January 30, 2020 about Warren. “Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) speaking at a presidential campaign stop at the NewBo City Market in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, said that she would only appoint a Secretary of Education that a 9-year-old trans youth she met would interview and approve of.”  The audience clapped like performing seals clapping for a fish as they have been programmed to do. How absolutely stupid does someone have to be to applaud that? She is obviously not command material. She would be fine in a social services office but not in the oval office as a head of state.


A fairly new arrival on the national stage of Democrat presidential hopefuls is the former Mayor of South Bend Indiana, Pete Buttigieg. He is portrayed by the media as a moderate but he is not. He wants to eliminate the Electoral College. The Electoral College was created to be sure that states that have a small population would not be marginalized and trampled on by states with large populations. It is interesting that the left is so vocal about minority rights but can’t understand the analogy or comparison of minority states with minority people. The essence is there and quite accurate. Rights are rights. The founders were concerned and it was feared the smaller states would not ratify the Constitution and would not join the newly forming union unless they could be assured of fair treatment. As it is the combined votes of several large cities could determine the outcome of elections. According to a 2015 U.S. Census Bureau report 62.7% of the population lives in urban areas and the number is increasing. The Electoral College gives the rural areas fair representation with large urban areas.

It is a fact his father was a Marxist and while there have been some denying it Snopes asked the question: “Was Pete Buttigieg’s Father a Marxist Who Spoke Fondly of ‘Communist Manifesto’?” Snopes declared it to be true. They stated: “Joseph Buttigieg was a “Marxist professor” who “lauded” and “spoke fondly” of “The Communist Manifesto” written by Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx.” Some have acknowledged it but are of the opinion it does not matter but there had to be a certain amount of the ideology that “rubbed” off. A good amount of Barack Obama’s father’s ideology rubbed off on him.


Homosexuality is for the most part a non-issue in the West even with most Christians except for extremists in cults like the Westboro Baptist Church. While many may not approve and consider it an unnatural lifestyle and a sin the persecutions have pretty much ceased (in the West) and the attitude is let God deal with it they just do not want it pushed on their children. It does exist among some individuals and among some macho types that often have doubts about their own masculinity. Pete Buttigieg is gay and does not hide it. The ability to govern or administrate is not tied to sexual orientation and there have been numerous leaders, both civilian and military, throughout history that have been either gay or bisexual but there is something the left overlooks. A leader of a nation has to deal with the leaders of foreign nations not just his or her own. They will say something to the effect that it doesn’t matter which proves their thinking is emotionally based and they do not have the ability to reason logically and objectively. The attitude varies among nations from acceptance, to tolerance, to persecution and in some cases very violent persecutions. In The Middle East, especially Iran, it is a serious taboo due to their religion. They execute gay people there and in some other nations. A German online media source dw.com (DW stands for Deutsche Welle) had an article about a German reporter from a German tabloid named Bild who asked Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif: “Why are homosexuals executed in Iran because of their sexual orientation?” His answer was “Our society has moral principles. And we live according to these principles. These are moral principles concerning the behavior of people in general. And that means that the law is respected and the law is obeyed,” They also have no problem executing women for adultery while giving the men a pass. Iran, (and many Muslim nations), does not place the value on human life that the West does. During the Iran/Iraq War, 1980 to 1988, Iran sent waves of unarmed boys about 11 or 12 years old across Iraqi minefields to clear the mines and to keep the Iraqis in a constant state of alarm and to cause them to waste ammunition. Iran is on the verge of having nuclear weapons and undoubtedly we will be negotiating with them. They will not negotiate in good faith with a man who is a wife or has a male one. That is a fact. You can get irate, angry, rant and rave, drool and foam from the mouth and whatever else you want to do but it does not change reality. Because it does not fit liberal ideology many are going to say that doesn’t matter but it does. How can people be so blind to reality?


January 28 Fox News had an article titled: “Female flogging force unveiled in Indonesia to publicly punish women who violate Sharia law.” The article said: “A female flogging unit has been introduced in Indonesia’s Aceh province to dole out public whippings against women found violating the region’s Sharia law.” “One of eight new female Sharia officers delivered her first punishment to an unmarried woman who was found in a hotel room with a man who was not family, AFP reported Tuesday. The victim’s behavior is considered a morality crime in Aceh, where violators often face public whipping with a rattan cane.” This is only one province and the Indonesian president did call for a halt but there is not much he can do. These are not the only Muslim nations that have such laws and attitudes. Here is a link to an article dated Dec 7, 2022 from WION (World Is One News) from India on Iran outlawing sex outside of marriage:


These things need to be taken into account. Just because someone does not like a fact makes it no less of a fact. Ignoring something unpleasant is a human failing that often proves disastrous, sometime fatal. We are not talking rocket science.


The leftists are communists make no mistake about it. Their own words, actions and goals betray their denials. They say they are democratic socialists and believe in elections. They say all the socialist states of the past failed because they were not true socialism or weren’t done right. Their goals are impossible as they go against human nature and exist only in dreams. While many dreams are not impossible many are. Dreams that go against human nature, the laws of mathematics, economics, and physics are. The only way to go against human nature is to change that nature which the powers that be are working on. Review the passages on mind control from The People Shapers in the previous essay or in the Books Worth Reading section of this site. We will get into that a little more later. Listen to what they say and compare it to the communist platform. The leftists also make use of vice. Legalize drugs, legalize prostitution, hand out free hypodermic syringes many of which end up on the sidewalks of the cities that hand them out. They validate crime. There are stirrings and talks beginning of legalizing pedophilia. The Democrats support the radical left and have moved farther and farther left to outdo each other using the same psychology as segregationist candidates did in the South after Reconstruction up until the civil rights movements of the 60s. They called it “out-segging” the other. Out-seg was a term used to describe politicians taking a firmer stand on segregation than their opponent. The Dems out give each other.

Philip Wylie in “Generation of Vipers” summed it up nicely when he wrote: “Communism broke down because men are not created equal, do not work equally, cannot be paid equally, do not have equal social and financial deserts, will not produce their best effort in a society that is not competitive, and cannot be made to work long or hard or with brilliance if they are not permitted to own, possess, buy, sell, and do business with each other.”


The socialists are looking for a Robin Hood solution of robbing the rich to solve all their problems by providing them with all they need and want for free. Don’t think I gushingly support the rich capitalists because my attitude towards capitalism and the free market disagrees with Adam Smith’s holy “invisible hand of the market” in which he and capitalists believe will naturally resolve any issues by the law of supply and demand. My attitude toward the invisible hand of the market is it is always stealing something. (Actually Smith did not have as good an outlook on capitalists as he did capitalism.)  Philip Wylie also said in “Generation of Vipers”: “The economic system of theft has one immense advantage: it works. But it also has one great disadvantage: it works only while there is something to steal.” Promoting parasitism does not work and human nature being what it is parasitism blooms under what the Democrats are proposing. A utopia as they envision it is not possible. Here are a couple of passages from “The Blank Slate” by Pinker:

“And then there is the Public Good game, in which everyone makes a voluntary contribution to a common pot of money, the experimenter doubles it, and the pot is divided evenly among the participants, regardless of what they contributed. The optimal strategy for each player acting individually is to be a free rider and contribute nothing, hoping that others will contribute something and he can get a share of their contribution. Of course, if every player thinks this way, the pot stays empty and no one earns a dime. The optimum for the group is for all the players to contribute everything they have so they can all double their money. When the game is played repeatedly, however, everyone tries to become a free rider, and the pot dwindles to a self-defeating zero. On the other hand, if people are allowed both to contribute to the pot and to levy fines on those who don’t contribute, conscience doth make cowards of them all, almost everyone contributes to the common good, allowing everyone to make a profit. The same phenomenon has been independently documented by social psychologists, who call it “social loafing.” When people are part of a group, they pull less hard on a rope, clap less enthusiastically, and think up less ideas in a brainstorming session – unless they think their contributions to the group effort are being monitored.

“These experiments may be artificial, but the motives they expose played themselves out in real-life experiments known as utopian communities. In the nineteenth century and early decades of the twentieth, self-contained communes based on a philosophy of communal sharing sprang up throughout the United States. All of them collapsed from internal tensions, the ones guided by socialist ideology after a median of three years, the ones guided by religious ideology after a median of twenty years. . . .”


“Beginning with Ashley Montagu in 1952, thinkers with collectivist sympathies have tried to eke out a place for unmeasured generosity by invoking group selection, a Darwinian competition among groups of organisms rather than among individual organisms. The hope is that groups whose members sacrifice their interests for the common good will outcompete those in which every man is for himself, and as a result generous impulses will come to prevail in the species. Williams [George Williams, preeminent evolutionary biologist] dashed the dream in 1966 when he pointed out that unless a group is genetically fixed and hermetically sealed, mutants or immigrants constantly infiltrate it. A selfish infiltrator would soon take over the group with its descendants, who are more numerous because they have reaped the advantages of others’ sacrifices without making their own. This would happen long before the group could parlay its internal cohesion into victory over neighboring groups and bud off new offspring groups to repeat the process.”


The dreams and fantasies of the socialists are to create perfect utopias which will not happen with flawed, imperfect people. The only way it could work would be to have physically and mentally above average people in an enclosed, sealed environment such as a biosphere. A biosphere is a sealed, self-contained community which would of necessity be the living arrangements on another planet without an atmosphere. In it everyone would have to pull their own weight. No one could freeload because it would jeopardize the survival of the entire colony. Also there would be no room for those without a valuable skill necessary for survival. Unlike a society such as what we have on earth now where a person could survive without the artificial gravity and atmosphere and where food could be obtained by foraging, freeloading, welfare, stealing or in many cases, especially cities, begging. The majority of socialists are those that want to freeload or get by with a minimal effort. They lack ambition and/or intelligence. A socialist victory in America would hand it over to the Chinese that have both ambition and intelligence. On July 17, 2019, Business Insider had an article titled “American kids want to be famous on YouTube, and kids in China want to go to space: survey”. Link is:

https://www.businessinsider.com/american-kids-youtube-star-astronauts-survey-2019-7 .


There are a number of sites that can be pulled up with a search of the key words. We are in serious trouble. If we don’t get things under control with our trade deficit and properly deal with the Chinese stealing our intellectual property the Chinese will own us and most people will be useless at best and at worst more trouble than they are worth. When survival is the name of the game to be useless or more trouble than you are worth is not a good position to be in. The left is so far out of touch with reality they can’t see the reason behind what has become known as our trade war with China. Their hatred of Trump has made them irrational. So irrational that on the same day, 01-16-20, these two items were front page in USA Today and the leftist media hardly even acknowledged the one. I will let you guess which one.

HEADLINE ON ARTICLE: “US, China sign deal in break in trade war”

The first two paragraphs:

“WASHINGTON – the United States and China signed a Limited trade deal Wednesday, signaling a pause in the nearly two-year trade war between the world’s two largest economies and setting the stage for talks for a broader agreement down the road.

“The “Phase One” agreement, the product of months of negotiations between officials in Washington and Beijing, calls for China to purchase an additional $200 billion worth of U.S. goods and services over the next two years, including $32 billion in agricultural products.”

HEADLINE ON ARTICLE: “Impeachment goes to Senate for trial”

First two paragraphs:

“WASHINGTON – the House voted Wednesday to send articles of impeachment against Pres. Donald Trump to the Senate for trial and to name the seven lawmakers who will prosecute him.

“The House managers walked the articles across the Capitol and presented them to the secretary of the Senate late in the day, and lawmakers are to formerly read the documents aloud Thursday.”

The article on this charade was accompanied by a 7 by 5 inch picture of Democrats solemnly walking to the National Statuary Hall and Capitol Rotunda en route to deliver the articles of impeachment to the Senate. They also gave out souvenir pens the cost of which is reputed to have been $15,000.