Read 9 and 10 first

Numbers 9 and 10 were the last two written but I placed them first on the reading list because people’s personal plates are so full it is often difficult to find time for anything else. We are between a rock and a hard place and the gap is narrowing. It has come down to a matter of survival, life or death. It is obvious the left has gone collectively insane and if we don’t see it we have too. Mass hysteria is a very real phenomena that takes on a life of its own. After reading 9 on separation and 10 on the need for the military to step in, which I know most of you will reject, read the rest to see why I feel they are the only two options. If the left gains control they are not going to suddenly become sane they are going to be empowered. Imagine the scenes you have been seeing nightly mushroom in size and in level of violence.