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The what and the why of the Third Age Matrix


I chose the name Third Age Matrix as I have always liked Babylon V and their use of the Third Age of Mankind (actually I like all science fiction) and have divided human history into three periods. I had originally intended to name this site The Dialectic Matrix for the Third Age of Mankind but shortened it to the Third Age Matrix. I use matrix as defined by Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary as “something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form.” And again using Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary for dialectic (which I dropped from the original title but will maintain the essence of) which is defined as “any systematic reasoning, exposition, or argument that juxtaposes opposed or contradictory ideas and usually seeks to resolve their conflict.” No one can doubt or deny humanity is conflicted.


I view the first age as the period of time we know as BC. The second age was the period we refer to as AD up until the late 1930s. WWII ushered in a rapidly changing world due to the birth of what we view as modern technology which I view as the beginning of the third age. Although the Industrial Revolution which laid the foundation for the third age began many years prior to the 20th century, which I designate as the beginning of the Third Age, the technology during the 20th century mushroomed exponentially, from the nuclear bomb, advances in communications, the computer, the internet, energy, mass manufacturing and the potential of space travel, a few on a very long list of many, opened virtually an infinite choice of future roads for humanity to travel including the one we are presently on, the road to extinction.


I acknowledge during all that time there were other societies and civilizations on the planet in South America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia but the civilization and culture that introduced the present era was the one we know as Western. The global culture that sprang from it has affected all present societies and civilizations and is still dominating the direction of the world. Although geographically, politically, and economically the West itself is declining its’ global influence is increasing. Space travel, which will allow humanity to travel beyond our planet and survive, began during the WWII period with the German V1 and V2 rocket programs. Humanity set foot on the Moon for the first time in 1969 and for the last time in 1972. The most significant development of the human race, the height of human achievement, has been virtually ignored for over 40 years. The thing that would have prevented or resolved many problems we face today has taken a back seat to other wasteful projects. The money America, and the world, has wasted on needless and failed wars and on needless and failed programs could have been used to establish colonies on both the Moon and Mars and at this time ore freighters and research vessels would be lumbering back and forth between those bases and earth. If we do not develop interplanetary, then interstellar, travel (SOON) we will not survive and in order to reach into space we have to resolve our many problems and to do so will require a majority, or at least a sizable minority that can think. I hope to post items that will be food for thought.


Many writers and thinkers from a diverse cross section of humanity and time periods have written about collapses of civilizations. Two such notables were Oswald Spengler in The Decline of the West, written prior to WWI, and Edward Gibbon in The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, written in six volumes, the first volume of which was published in 1776. Any serious student or reader of history that has read those should be extremely concerned of how the history and present condition of Western Civilization parallel both. Any science fiction fan that has read the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov would also be, or should also be, equally concerned. These are brilliant men whose intelligence and imagination levels would probably be off the chart. Gibbons, though, has been criticized, and the issue debated, over his treatment of and the role of religions in the decline but it does not detract from the mountain of factual information about the economics, social, political, corruption, and military aspects of the empire’s rise and fall. Parallels vividly noticeable today in the West, including the religious aspect.


It is only all too apparent that the United States, and the West, has become too irrational, dysfunctional and inefficient to survive and the world is not far behind. Oswald Spengler in his The Decline of the West hit the nail on the head. We all know (I hope we all know) we are in a precarious position. If we lose our technology we will not survive in any condition worth surviving in. It is also apparent that both our form of social democracy and our economic systems based on ignorance, greed, crime and corruption have failed. If we are going to survive we need a strong functional government that can deal with problems quickly, fairly, rationally and thoroughly. There are four issues that must be dealt with before any other issues can be satisfactorily resolved: the rise of Islam, population growth, the environment, and space travel.  Almost all other issues, including most social issues and economic issues, stem from the failure to address these three basic, vital issues I call survival issues. The reality is two of the issues, the environment and space travel, can only be solved by properly addressing the first two, Islam and population growth and the peripheral issues surrounding them. The social gains that many think we are making will evaporate in time if these issues are not resolved. A dysfunctional government catering to mob rule, which the social democracies ours have become, will not be able to properly and effectively resolve them. The dangers of these four issues are mushrooming exponentially and must be dealt with immediately preferably sooner. The solutions are simple but complex to implement.


This site is intended to give everyone that can think some issues to think about. Many people fall in lockstep behind either the extreme left or the extreme right side of the political spectrum. It avoids the necessity of thinking. General George S. Patton said it perfectly when he said: “If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking”. Most people can’t or won’t think either from a lack of education, a lack of adequate intelligence, or an overabundance of emotion. It is a good general rule to follow that the extreme right will oppose any legislation, regulations, laws, or rules regardless of how logical, sound, and well-conceived. The extreme left will support any legislation, regulations, laws, or rules regardless of how illogical, unsound, and poorly conceived. The late F. A. Hayek said “Probably it is true enough that the great majority are rarely capable of thinking independently, that on most questions they accept views which they find ready-made, and that they will be equally content if born or coaxed into one set of beliefs or another. In any society freedom of thought will probably be of direct significance only for a small minority.” Thinking must be done critically, unemotionally and logically. Any other way is doomed to fail and unfortunately humanity is, for the most part, one large mass of often contradictory emotions. I will post essays on various topics and post videos, pictures, quotes, and various misc. items that will be food for thought for those that can think and the essence of which can be applied to present problems. With the essays there will be some overlapping and duplication of material and information as there is no other way possible to do it as so many issues are interconnected, like pieces of a puzzle, with others making complete separation impossible. I will also post a few paragraphs from books that would be of great interest to any serious thinker.


We are at the point in our existence where the margin for error is extremely small and shrinking with each delay or an attempt at an incorrect solution(s). If we do not make the right moves the planet that is the cradle of humanity will become its grave. If we make the right decisions and moves and if life is indeed immortal (which I tend to believe) we may all meet on a Deep Space Nine space station somewhere, sometime in the future. If life isn’t immortal we will at least have given our descendants a chance at a meaningful survival. To do so it is necessary, as I have said, for enough people to actually think. It is for that goal this site exists.


Unfortunately the predictable and inevitable economic and social collapse of the United States and the West and the period of anarchy and the terrible conditions that will follow are probable but can be minimized with action. (I have done a book review on Spengler’s The Decline of the West in the books worth reading section of this site. It contains some thought provoking sections.) The continuing moral, social, economic, intellectual, and cultural degradation in the US and Europe has made collapse probably unavoidable. (By moral I do not mean sexual morality but the attitude of individuals in their responsibility toward society and others). As much of the world is tethered to the US and Europe the world will also go through significant turmoil making help from outside the borders of most nations almost, if not wholly, impossible. A technological society requires more stability, structure and prohibitions then an agrarian or semi technological society. The fact this reality is ignored or denied by both sides gives ample proof that we no longer even have the basic concepts of right and wrong and fail to understand certain restrictions, regardless of how seemingly archaic, are necessary to survive. If you read Spengler you can see he had the underlying belief that although the West is declining the Americas do not have to go down with it.


Philip Wylie said in his 1942 book Generation of VipersThe imposition of disciplines by the state is called fascism, or tyranny, by the common man; and he hates it. By the same token, any nation which subscribes to liberty and then attempts to maintain a majority who have no discipline of themselves, is destined soon to be without freedom.” It is beyond me how people cannot see the relaxing of prohibitions that are in place to ensure structural cohesion will result in a continuing degradation of the society. He continues and says “American liberty has been tentatively saved for the last few decades not by the self-discipline of its citizens but by their instincts, which had not been blunted quite enough to prevent the people from realizing imminent dangers at the eleventh hour.” (Keep in mind this was written in 1942). We have now reached the point where our instincts have been blunted to that degree. We are no longer able to sense danger and we no longer even recognize right from wrong. Examples are the failure to recognize radical Islam as the biggest threat Western civilization has faced, the rapidly increasing population, the enacting of costly social programs that defy reason and are based on emotions, the blind allegiance to the business system that betrayed the nation, abandoning the basic tenet of civilization of we are “our brother’s keeper” and the failure to recognize environmental issues as a threat to survival. Oddly enough the hope of humanity possibly now rests with two nations the West was at loggerheads with for decades, either Russia or China. (Russia is up in the air as they have serious issues on the horizon with Islam.) Although they are riddled with problems they have the governmental structure, authority and discipline necessary to maintain stability and effectively deal with the problems without having to cater to the voice of the emotional, the irrational and the uninformed. Edgar Cayce known as the “sleeping prophet” predicted this decades ago.


I will often criticize capitalism and because of it many think I am a socialist so I need to say I am not. I am basically a capitalist and recognize most of what we enjoy today is th result of capitalism but I recognize and acknowledge the flaws in capitalism which many do not want to admit. I am also critical of socialism but find merit in some of it but also acknowledge its flaws which many, as with capitalism, do not want to admit. I believe in a mixed economy taking the logical from each. My basic philosophy is in unregulated capitalism the “invisible hand of the market” is more often than not stealing something. No one should have a problem with people being rich, even obscenely so, as long as it is done ethically and honestly. Those two qualities distinguish businessmen/women from criminals.


The dysfunctional state that exists in the US is due to domination by two polarized and incompatible visions, both containing enough irrational error for complete failure due to their own positions, making a recovery unattainable. Many of the litmus test issues for “member in good standing” of their respective sides have little, if anything at all, to do with maintaining the safety, security, and stability of the state. They are usually based in ignorance and/or emotion. Any recovery will only be illusory, temporary and/or artificial. The only way to prevent anarchy and the terrible suffering that is en route is for a civilian semi authoritarian state neither totally left nor right and with military oversight to maintain integrity. It has to be civilian but the military must do the oversight the reason for which, and, the desirability of, will be in future essays. Basically the structured nature of the military is too restrictive to foster progress and the flaw of the civilian society is it is too permissive to foster sustainable progress. The only possible route to survival is to take politics out of the equation. We are not going to be able to maintain the original vision of Western civilization but we can maintain the primary aspects of the culture. What we have come to think of as freedom is illusory and temporary. If we don’t realize and accept this we will lose the entire civilization and culture. It is to the military, the paramilitary, the professionals, the working class and the other segments of the population necessary to maintain stability and advancement this site is directed at and is appealing to.


I hope my style of writing is understandable. I am most comfortable writing in a style that would be report writing used in military or paramilitary organizations. I would prefer simple statements with bullet points but because of the complicated state of affairs extra words must be used to make what I hope is a smooth flow of circumstances and ideas.


(In view of the 2016 elections in the United States I will review the present posted essays and make a few comments at various places. The rise of two such diverse anti-establishment positions as represented in the United States by Bernie Sanders on the left and Donald Trump on the right, the rise of anti-establishment sentiment as displayed by Brexit in Britain and the rise of the right wing populist sentiment in other parts of Europe show a broad dissatisfaction with the status quo. The attack on the United States on 9/11/2001 and the rapid rise of Islam were also unforeseen events. These events are surprising and unexpected to most everyone but really should not have been so to anyone. Logic would have predicted them and made them inevitable.)

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