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“…let the policeman’s club be thrown down or wrested from him, and the foundations of the great deep are opened, and quicker than ever before chaos comes again. Strong as it may seem, our civilization is evolving destructive forces. Not desert and forest, but city slums and country roadsides are nursing the barbarians who may be to the new what Hun and Vandal were to the old.” Henry George

This is a sampling of anti-police posts found on Facebook. It is a sort of add on to the essay Democracy Has Failed. The direction the nation is heading is towards an authoritarian state because of the deteriorating structure and relaxing of certain prohibitions necessary for its security and stability. This deterioration is evident in, as well as the US, most of the West with the present form of social democracy. The posters are probably both left and right on the political spectrum. Probably of different cultures, religions and races but most all, if not all, share certain common traits such as emotional instability and the inability to live in a conventional society. A large percentage of them probably have criminal records and are to some degree or another sociopathic or psychopathic. A read of the posts will show those assessments to be accurate overall . As imperfect as society is it is a far sight better than anything these cretins would concoct.

For anyone that follows current events they show what should be a frightening picture of the anti-authority attitude that is rising in the US and the Western nations in general. While everyone has, to some degree or another, some resentment or anti-authority thoughts from time to time they are not a threat to the stability of society. They may be as simple as a child not being able to stay out late or a soldier being denied leave for one reason or another while others are outright violently hostile that pose a threat to civilization. An example would be the ambush of two police officers by a survivalist in rural Pennsylvania in September of 2014 or terrorists of one persuasion or another or looters during times of civil unrest. As these increase civilized societies will, of necessity, take stronger and stronger countermeasures. The end result has only one possible outcome. The vast majority of professional people will side with the state. The majority of the working class will as well as those that are dependent on medications or medical treatment. Business owners will as their businesses going up in flames tends to be bad for business. Those that are criminals and those whose careers consist of being welfare recipients may or may not. Most are unstable and of lower intelligence so they may see a free television as a priority as it is an immediate gain and not consider the ramifications of not having a government to write checks.

Some of these may not translate coherently but most posters are probably to a large degree incoherent in their usual lives. These were all posted in 2014 and many are over the events in Ferguson Missouri resulting from the shooting of a member of one race by a policeman of another race and some are over various other incidents such as the unrest in the Ukraine. I have deleted the names of the posters as a courtesy to them as I have no desire to spread their names to a place other than where they were originally directed and placed by they themselves.

Many posts as these are in response to news media posts that show actions by law enforcement that seem brutal. The original posts are more often than not misleading in the one or two sentence description of the subject and are designed to arouse emotions. The original posts and reply comments are from people that usually do not know all the facts. I am not saying there are not actions that are sometimes brutal but the majority have circumstances that are not shown in the video or article. If the accusations are valid civilized people have a system in place to address them not the violent, mindless responses of anarchists. The original posts and replies show disrespect for rules and authority without which a society cannot function and maintain its structural integrity. The following are some comments none of which are unusual or isolated. (Punctuation and spelling is as was posted by the poster.)


Cops are terrorists

goddamn pigs

time to hunt these animals down and return the abuse. revenge is best served COLD!!

Police your country – to fuck!!!! Fucking country , fucking politics, fucking fag!!! Burn in hell, bitch fucking!

We exist in a time period where its time for citizens to take matters into our own hands and start shooting “the law” because the law has become an unjust one… many people are afraid to call them at all because this is what they have become… its time to make them afraid… time to take their lives. after all… they wouldnt think twice about taking your life

Tar and feathering!!!!!

Nazi Scum Death to fascism, freedom to the people

FUCK YOU COP! Mutherfucking goddamn POS cunt!

I hope them cunts lose their jobs. Waste of Tax.

civil war will be on the door steps of murica soon. hope the good citizens take the police force out first for not doing their jobs. ACAB

Needed a gatlin gun or an ar15 we have the right to protect ourselves those thugs should have been mowed down where they stood. but apparently we need people to video record it and make it national news and youtube it.

Fuck the police Scum of the earth bunch of demented pack bullies America is fucked up thankfully I don’t live there. Bullets in the head might have been a good response cos they aren’t acting to any laws or morals on their crusade of fascist rule.

As I have said for decades now: The only good cop is a dead cop!


racial brutality, when will blacks in America have equal rights to white citizens? If the arrested bloke was white things would have rolled out differently. Dont be surprised if innocent cops in that area cop a bullet in the back while feasting on free dunkin donuts

!to all law enforcement. Revolution is coming! Choose a side and choose wisely, House Niggers have no friends

So you can’t get high when you are shooting border Mexicans but you can drink shots. Slimming is also allowed.

Exactly!! I’ve never met a “good” police officer
I dont like getting invovled with gangs so i don’t call the police…js

actually I wouldn’t even call the cops to handle any “problems” I have unless I indeed want them to kill someone for me.

That’s right xxxxx blame it on the civilians. Oh, I forgot only military and law enforcement are the real citizens and the rest of us are scum and we need to be shot because an officer can’t seem to get to the bottom of the situation before firing at anyone. Do the people of your county know that they are just target practice.

they’re all out seeking book deals or tv interviews…the cunts

Fucking kill them, psychopathic bastards.

These were posted as comments to a post showing rioters in Kiev throwing Molotov cocktails at police. As always ideology determines which side many are on rather than reason or facts. This is verification that a dictatorship is inevitable regardless of which side comes out on top. This is a given in any unrest anywhere in the world. This mindset has been in existence for all of recorded human history. A trading of the devil you know for one you don’t. It has never been successful from a long term positive view.



Patiently awaiting the day here in the States. Damn sheep.

What are you waiting for?

Civil Unrest.

For this and the rest, the fallens, our sons, and parents, friends and neighbors, brothers and sisters, granparents, and all the damn family cycle! Rise the level dude, to the WHOLE FUCKING AMERICA! AMERICA WILL SEE THEIR SONS FIGHTING SIDE TO SIDE, AND BURNING TYRANNUS GOV´TS, FALL INOT ASHES

Can can`t wait for this shit, you have to start it, but of course you Americans are so fucking divided, even if you got the corrupt government out, another one would walk right back in, your already divided, alot easier to conquer that way, Unite and fight guys, damn

It has nothing to do with Soviet anything. It’s a Fascist demo from Svoboda party. The people fighting the police are Nazis. Fuck them and the police.

looking forward to the people in the uk rising up to fight their neo liberal fascist “government” and “police” force, just like our comrades in the Ukraine.

picture this happening in your home town in the US but with police and army using live rounds: then picture them running out of rounds before they make a dent: then picture the rebirth of an emerging society rather than an established one.

who cares how many cops were hurt, how many of the resistance were hurt?

Stupid government, and police, should back off, and leave the people alone

The only revolution is real when it starts inside the USofA!

I hate cops, but I hate Soros more.

protestors or rioters? how would they be treated in FUKUSA

It’s going to go global one day and rightly so !

One day this will be in every city in the USA.

It has started. Did you see Colorado?

All over the world!

if the protesters were smart as the police move in that stacked formation start throwing the molotov cocktails at the feet of the police that would disrupt stack formation. get you the oil barrels and dump them on the street and set fire to to street, in front the blockade to force the police back. then concentrate the catapults on finishing them off. when the police disperse pick up there shields batons tear gas and equipment. then repair the wall. pick up your injured. get you some reinforcements. start flowing in food and supplies. set up for another attack by the police. repeat. if new formation is seen survive the siege to regroup. stream up. use the rooftops.

Any Pigs get roasted?

On post about Violent protesters in Kiev, rioters beat up police officers.

About time that starts happening in America.

Now that’s how you fight a police state. The revolution will be televised.

This seems to be happening world wide. (except here)

Fuck the government.

GOOD. Thats what they get for protecting the state. Fuck um all.

DUHmericans when will you find the courage to do this?

Awesome. Fuck those police


This was in response to the Ferguson Missouri incident. In it they discussed the cop that did the shooting and his family in hiding.

Maybe to protect him and his family from morons who want unjustified revenge

you mean justified

here piggy piggy! get that pig!

did u see the parents of the murderd young man’s face what about them?, or are you one of those that think blacks are not human? he shoulda thought about his lil family when he pulled that trigger!! He did that to his own family!!

Ferguson pd is shielding him. They’ll hang a new guy to save their skin

So within a couple days we’ll hear that Willman was attacked in his home and shot an intruder and no actual facts will be released. Another victory for ‘innocent til proven guilty’.

Why should this coward be protected? He’s a murderer…

He shot him in the back.. He’s a coward. I hope he burns in hell!!
Why do you keep posting the same photo?? You are white trash… You disgust me!!

How can you call the protestors morons…when the cop shot an unarmed kid in the back. Please.

So you saying you want them to protect a murderer

it doesn’t matter what any past transgressions were, if any. The fact is that he was unarmed and no threat to the cop when he was shot. The cop is not judge, jury, and executioner.
What happened to “Protect and Serve” if that’s what “America” is about then call me “un-American” all you want. He killed that boy HOW IS IT NOT MURDER??

It’s a shame Michael Brown didn’t get that same “american” right, Ezio. He’s dead and the cop made him that way.

Justified revenge. No civil lawsuit can be filed, no criminal charges, No federal civil rights violation can be brought by the family without his identity. JUSTIFIABLE REVENGE.

Because they think they are above the law. Should be interesting court hearings coming up

Why should he be protected. He killed. He should be hung. If he is scared. Then he should of not shot him. A mother has a right to be angry. Eye for an eye.

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